In keeping with that which is new and different, I have a few choice images here which I have not seen anywhere else yet... that's not to say they WON'T be seen anywhere else now that they've cropped up here, but I leave that to others.  In so far as I know, these are HOS Exclusives and can only be found here.  This includes some images by myself which I have yet to post, and one or two which have come out looking really goofy when I tried to post to the NG.  If you have an image you'd like to include on this exclusive page, you know where to send, eh? 

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This page has been made with Netscape Composer and is especially Netscape-Communicator-friendly.  If you have problems seeing the title of the piece or the byline, I apologize.

Icon.  Cool, huh?Archive Seven:  Hall of Statuary Exclusives!

'Jenice' - Image Edit by ArgoForg'Stoned' - Image Creation by Kishin using Poser 3  (Get this program.  It ROCKS!)

And Now, A few "What-if?" Tomb Raider images...
Tomb Raider and Lara Croft are both Copyright 1994-1998 Eidos Entertainment and both are used, edited and referred to without permission.

'Lara2sta' - Image Edit by AnOnYmOuS'Lara3sta' - Image Edit by AnOnYmOuS'HandofMid' - Image Edit by ArgoForg - Missing'Lara1sta' - Image Edit by AnOnYmOuS

And now, some brand-new, hardly before seen stuff from Argo...
remember, he's not just the president of the HOS, he's also a client!

'Stoned59' - Image Manipulation by ArgoForg, scan from someone else.'Stoned65' - Image Manipulation by ArgoForg, Image taken from a Source I can't name.'Stoned57' - Image Manipulation by ArgoForg, Subject: Echo Johnson (much drool)'Stoned63' - Image Manipulation by ArgoForg, Image taken from a Source I can't name.'Stoned61' - Image Manipulation by ArgoForg, Subject: Echo Johnson (drool again!)

And three new ones from Mr. T!  (Thaaaaaaanks, T!)

'MirrorStone' - Image Manipulation by Mr. T.'furcuffsgold' - Image Manipulation by Mr. T.'models1stone' - Image Manipulation by Mr. T.

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You're already here. Pics sent Exclusively to the Hall of Statuary!

MISSING IMAGE (in order of non-appearance - complicated by the lack of a thumbnail): handofmid.jpg. Oh, well, only one missing image, on a page I wasn't even sure I could find to begin with, isn't bad going. --Leem

If I have mistakenly not given proper credit to the correct people with these images, please e-mail me and tell me so.  I have tried to keep the artist's name (and pen-names) intact through moving these pics to my new system and during downloads... considering the tremendous amount of images I receive in one week's time, it's not always easy keeping the names straight.  Any help, nudges, or benefits of the doubt you can give me would be appreciated.  :-)

Well, so far, the response on the new format for the image pages has been extremely good, so I think we'll keep it this way for a bit.  I now realize, after looking at ML's new setup, what a daunting task I have in front of me.  With any luck, we'll set up a few more pages here soon, including the newly revamped fiction archive, a "metal" concept art page, and the infamous "Your Assignment Images" page.  I know that these new pages can't come soon enough for you all, so I really appreciate the support you've given me and the fact that your e-mails have not been filled with death threats if I don't get anything done.  Till the next update, hopefully soon, see ya round!

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