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ARCHIVIST'S NOTE: I've posted a link to an alternative version of the missing guy image, and added a couple of matching found images to the third now second from left on the bottom row. Subsequently added a fourth and repositioned one of the other images. Also fixed a glitch where the bottom of the page wasn't centred in all browsers.--Leem, June-December 2012.

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Icon.  Cool, huh?Archive One:  Stone Pics and Transformations

'Medusa' - Image Edit by AnOnYmOuS'JLS-Bobbie' - Image Edit by JLSeagull 'Stoned50' - Image Edit by ArgoForg'3Stone' - Image Edit by BoB

'JLS-Pedestal' - Image Edit from Your Assignment Images! by JLSeagull'4Stone' - Image Edit by BoB'JLS-Sis' - Image Edit by JLSeagull'Amystone' - Image Edit by BoB'Ecada41s' - Image Edit by BoB

'Marble67' - Image Edit from Your Assignment Images! by AnOnYmOuS 'Pic15stone' - Motion Capture and Image Edit by BoB 'imb1209' - Image Edit by Jaye Stregyr 'gm10ohsht' - Image Edit by Jaye Stregyr - Missing
Alternative "before
and after" version

'4rdstone' - Image Edit by BoB'FemStatue' - Image Supplied by AnOnYmOuS'FemStatue 2''FemStatue 4''FemStatue 3'from 'Pet Rocks' pictoral in Penthouse Magazine.  All Copyrights by publisher Apply.

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MISSING IMAGE (in order of non-appearance): gm10ohsht.gif [I've asked the artist, Jaye Stregyr, but he can't presently access the original file] --Leem.

If I have mistakenly not given proper credit to the correct people with these images, please e-mail me and tell me so.  I have tried to keep the artist's name (and pen-names) intact through moving these pics to my new system and during downloads... considering the tremendous amount of images I receive in one week's time, it's not always easy keeping the names straight.  Any help, nudges, or benefits of the doubt you can give me would be appreciated.  :-)

For those of you wondering what happened to the original pictures on this page, or what happened to the images you have sent which have not yet found their way to this new art page, take heart... they have been relocated to my computer and will be seeped back into new pages as the space becomes available and I can find a decent image compression program.
I have cut down my art/image pages to this one, and new ones will be going up as I can get to them.  I plan on first off separating the pics by subject:  here is the first "stone" statue page, and soon, "gold", "freeze/ice" and "other" pages will follow.  Please be patient with me, as my online uploading time has been cut way down and my computer's Hard Drive space is fairly limited.  If you have other thoughts, ideas, concerns, or gripes, please mail me!  I value your support!  Thank you!  Exclamation Point!

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