In the heat of summer, we all need a little cooling off, eh?  Well, in here, it's a veritable Winter Wonderland!  I'm afraid I've had to skimp just a bit here, because the ice images don't come to me in nearly the degree the stone and metallic statue pics do.  (Hint, hint, ASFR artists!  Good Ice pics are in demand this time o' year!)  I've had a couple people ask me what happened to me over the past couple weeks.  The good news is, my computer has not been stolen.  The semi-bad is, I've been devoting some off-time to writing fiction for publication.  But the semi-good is I've also managed to pop Photoshop 5 on my computer, so maybe I can get some images in here, too!  Here's to hoping!

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Icon.  Cool, huh?Archive Three:  Freezes, Ices, and General Coldness

'Feature3' - Image Edit by AnOnYmOuS - Missing'Froze500' - From the Lair of Frozen Women.  Submitted by Arg
oForg, with thanks to Hypno.'Ummx_008' - B/W artwork by unknown artist.  Colorized and submitted by AnOnYmOuS'JLS-Ice' - Image edit by JLSeagull

'Teen300Frozen2' -  Image Edit by AnOnYmOuS'Froze7' - Image Edit from the Lair of Frozen Women.  Special Thanks to Hypno.'Froze6' - Image Edit from the Lair of Frozen Women.  Special Thanks to Hypno. - Missing'Frz' - Actual Cover to a pulp Horror magazine.  Submitted by Basilisk.

'Icebx1' -  Edited and Submitted by AnOnYmOuS - Missing'Nude67Frozenj' - from 'Your Assignment Images!'  Imag
e Edit by AnOnYmOuS'Froze360' - Image Edit from the Lair of Frozen Women.  Special Thanks to Hypno. 'Icebx4' - Edited and Submitted by AnOnYmOuS - Missing

'Angfreeze' - Edited and Submitted by AnOnYmOuS'14un_1' - Edited and Submitted by AnOnYmOuS - Missing'14un_2' - Edited and Submitted by AnOnYmOuS - Missing'CryoSleep' - edited and submitted by AnOnYmOuS

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MISSING IMAGES Many, many thanks to Pat for finding froze7.jpg. Still missing (in order of non-appearance) - unfortunately, this Gallery page still comes off worst in terms of missing images, with six out of sixteen AWOL: feature3.jpg, froze6.jpg, icebx1.jpg, icebx4.jpg, 14un_1.jpg, 14un_2.jpg [and incidentally, are there also an icebx2.jpg and icebx3.jpg out there anywhere?!] --Leem.

If I have mistakenly not given proper credit to the correct people with these images, please e-mail me and tell me so.  I have tried to keep the artist's name (and pen-names) intact through moving these pics to my new system and during downloads... considering the tremendous amount of images I receive in one week's time, it's not always easy keeping the names straight.  Any help, nudges, or benefits of the doubt you can give me would be appreciated.  :-)

Well, so far, the response on the new format for the image pages has been extremely good, so I think we'll keep it this way for a bit.  I now realize, after looking at ML's new setup, what a daunting task I have in front of me.  With any luck, we'll set up a few more pages here soon, including the newly revamped fiction archive, a "metal" concept art page, and the infamous "Your Assignment Images" page.  I know that these new pages can't come soon enough for you all, so I really appreciate the support you've given me and the fact that your e-mails have not been filled with death threats if I don't get anything done.  Till the next update, hopefully soon, see ya round!

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