One of the things I notice from a petri-phile's point of view is that there always seems to be a lot of images around that are just asking to be edited to look like statues.  In fact, in a lot of images, it looks like either the photographer, the model, or both, just agreed that they wanted to tease all of us with a perfectly statuesque pose so we would sit there and think what the model would look like with a gleaming coat of gold over him/her or a head of medusa in front of his/her eyes.
That's where Your Assignment Images! (YAI!) comes along.  If you have A) an image manipulation or editing program, such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Matisse or the like and B) an imagination, you now have the tools for creating your own frozen, petrified, gilded or other statue-type masterpieces!  Simply pull the images from this site into your own computer, and have at em!  Oh... don't forget to send a copy of the finished product to Leem, and he might well post them on an annex to this site some day...

So, what are you waiting for?  Pull them from the page!  Stone 'em, Gild 'em, Metallicize 'em, Freeze 'em, or... uhm... (whatever you call it when you turn them to wood.)... and send 'em back!  It's that easy!  :)
 All professional photos (you can pretty much guess which ones I'm talking about) have been taken from web sites on the 'net, where they already appeared without permission.   I'm just recycling them for personal use only, not for any sort of monetary gain.

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This page has been made with Netscape Composer and is especially Netscape-Communicator-friendly.  If you have problems seeing the title of the piece or the byline, I apologize.

New Icon!  Pretty snazzy, eh?Archive Five:  Your Assignment Images!

I might make a good statue!hmmmm... what could be happening in this one?This one has potential!!Has a good 'classical' look to it. - Missing

Buffy the Vampire Statue?Okay, who didn't envision a chance to make a statue of THIS one through childhood?Nice Pose!'What do you have in mind for me?'No Remark required.  ;-)

So she's here twice.  You knew it was bound to happen.  ;-)Reclining, to boot.  Do what you will.You probably recognize these folks!She's been here twice now, too. Doesn't mean she's not popular.  ;-)

Go to the Stone Statue Image PageGo to the gold statue images.This'll take you to the Freeze Images.  Go figure!This leads you to the Other Metals Images Page.Do you often lose track of where you already are?Omigod!  The 2nd Stone Archive?

Hall of Statuary Exclusives!

MISSING IMAGES (in order of non-appearance): ya12.jpg, ya10.jpg, ya6.jpg FOUND! Leaving just one missing from this page. --Leem.

If I have mistakenly not given proper credit to the correct people with these images, please e-mail me and tell me so.  I have tried to keep the artist's name (and pen-names) intact through moving these pics to my new system and during downloads... considering the tremendous amount of images I receive in one week's time, it's not always easy keeping the names straight.  Any help, nudges, or benefits of the doubt you can give me would be appreciated.  :-)

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