Total Immersion

An ASFR Shared Fiction Story

Map Section: AA - updated 01-Apr-99

Prolog to Total Immersion, explain concepts, etc. prior to getting into the adventure.  Keep exposition to a minimum and let the situations explain themselves for the most part.


Picture the ultimate D&D Game; now jump into the middle of the adventure.  A combination of Dream Park, Fantasy Island, and the Holodeck.  Only one catch; you're playing for keeps.  Odds are offered and risks taken, with vast wealth awaiting the victor and an altogether different kind of notoriety reserved for the defeated.  Into this web of intrigue comes Bob Paddington and his lady friend Gretchen Velasquez and a select band of other characters.
Bob has 'won a visit' to participate in a live-action scenario and invited her as accomplice.  Together they have been very much into FRP, SCA, and other role-playing fantasy games and in fact met that way.  'Total Immersion' has always been his ultimate challenge, Bob says, but he seems to know far too much about the dreampark and their upcoming adventure.


The adventure takes place in a specially-constructed arena which might be an actual island.  Some sets have been constructed, others are fakes or holograms (just light, unlike ST)  A 'Neural Impulse Modulator' allows the participants to 'see' some 3D effects, and can also affect them physically to advance the story.  Other characters seem to be actors, and can take a role in the action though they fall victim before the ending.  Tossed into this eclectic mix are a few actual automatons too, along with 'in-jokes' and genre references (e.g. Robby the Robot, Indy Jones) galore.

Sometimes the NPCs can 'let the mask drop' to interact with the players in amusing, sexual, or sinister ways.  Clearly there is more than meets the eye.  The managment of the dreampark also is keeping some secrets, even from their own employees.

The game begins, and it is a vibrant wondrous mixture of superb multimedia, stagecraft, and live action, like the best interactive ride the players have ever seen and then some. NPCs appear and interact with the adventurers.  Challenges are found or appear; both physical and mental with a healthy amount of athletic ability needed too.  Look for a rope swing or ladder across a chasm, rocketship battle across the sky (Flash! Ah-ahhh) and similar Pulp SF clichés.

Occasionally (well, often) things take a more ASFR turn as the perils result in the players being immobilized or transformed in some way - sometimes these victims are NPCs but at other times one of the party disappears only to be found later turned to stone or  subdued in some other manner (mind-control helmets; some robots are silvery-colored people who seem almost alive).

Scene AA0 - Teaser

Scene AA1 - Introduction

Scene AA2 - Arrival

[told in flashback by thoughts of Gretchen]

Scene AA3 - Spaceship Battle

Scene AA4 - Crash on Planet

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