An ASFR Shared Fiction Story

Character Sketches as of 02-Apr-99:

 Added sketches for NPCs: Crystal King, Concierge, Armorer, etc.
 Added links to 'world-line' scene list from character's name.
 Added sketch location for NPC: Artist

Robert S. (Bob) Paddington as "Commander Lepton"
Description:  32, 5'9" (in lifts), Male, not quite a nerd but far from a stud.  He has slightly thinning curly light-brown hair.  Think of a mix between Rege Barclay and Tom Paris, or Edward Norton type.
Costume: Leather, glass, and polished brass (think The Rocketeer) with khaki trousers having a red side-stripe.  Shirt to match, missing the top few buttons.
Traits: Tries to take charge, but sometimes has more ideas than ways to make them happen.  He's a leader without evident charisma, though GV believes in his abilites almost to a fault.  Not always truthful, even with her
Strengths: Never-say-die gumption, hidden courage, experience.
Weaknesses: Not very strong physically, not the smartest, nor fastest.  Compulsive gambler/risk-taker.
Backstory:  In charge of seeing Princess Flexia back to her home world of "Flexon" to be married, Lepton and she are secretly lovers.  Waylaid and pursued by the evil Emperor "Xog", he joins forces with ousted King Ramon to overthrow the emperor, restore the throne, and resume his journey.  A bit melodramatic, Lepton is in tireless in his quest for truth, justice, and the Flexion way.
History in RL: Has played here before, maybe even this same scenario. Knows more than he lets on, including the risks of failure.  Bob has a sizeable side-bet riding on the outcome of this adventure.  Asks Gretchen to play as a partner even though that means they must both win. Plays SCA/D&D games as 'Rasp' (from RSP, initials) who is normally a thief.  In RL is a middle manager in an insurance office.  Has dated GV for 6mo or so; they share an avid liking for movies, SF, and fantasy play.

Gretchen Velasquez as "Princess Flexia"
Description:  27, 5'8" (in heels) Female, your average woman on the make.  She jogs, and hang-glides but is not overly body-conscious though she has an excellent slim figure.  Very much into gaming though this is her first 'TI'-scale adventure.  Think of a Jennifer Lopez type, but with lighter hair color.
Costume: Skintight midnight-blue Lycra (what did you expect from a planet called 'Flexon'?) with silver boots and waist cincher (wide belt).  Wears a short but regal silvery cape that always gets snagged on things, getting her into trouble.  A tiara with rests in her hair at all times (sometimes she has to retrieve it).  Since she gets upset at losing her tiara, maybe have it contain some sort of special power, like untransform or such, that she can use only while wearing it? That way, if it gets stolen, the team has to work together to get it back.
Traits: High self-esteem, does not like to dither on decisions.
Strengths: Resourcefulness, creativity (good 'other half' to Bob).  Often the one to do something unexpected when given a dilemma.
Weaknesses: Sometimes too impulsive. Afraid of bugs, dark enclosed spaces.  Trusts Bob's judgement implicitly even though she would probably make a different choics on her own (maybe see this in a scene where they get separated).
Backstory:  Betrothed to Prince [xyz?] she is torn between her duty and her desire for Lepton.  Not content to be simply window-dressing, she is something of a tomboy though no one would mistake her for a man.  Not much into fighting though she knows which is the pointy end of a rapier.  Think of 'Princess Leia' from A New Hope.
History in RL: Works in same office as Bob, views him as a good catch for his stability (but she does not know about his dark side).  Met at an SCA tourney w/o expecting the other. Plays as Iphigenia of Brooklyn, a journeyman mage.

Art Junior (Jr.) as "Sub-commander Groot" (groat)
Description:  30, 5'10", Male, a good-looking fellow.  Medium brown hair which he has had frosted.  A bit full of himself.
Think of a Matt LeBlanc type.
Costume: Similar to Lepton's with less brass insignia.  Color matched stripe on pants.  Different enough to tell apart.
Traits: Bravado when faced with danger, puzzlement when faced with thinking.  Tends to be a babe-magnet.  Likes to show off; also feels he could lead better than Lepton. Mostly gonad-driven, he will follow any pretty face (& body) straight into hell.  Tends to hang around Sondra but she will have little to do with him after sex.
Strengths: Skill in running, throwing a ball (ex-quarterback in HS). 
Weaknesses: A bit gullible, he is not a seasoned gamer but knows enough about doing stupid things.  Victim of Frigia??  Fear of heights (a strange affliction for a spaceman).  Terrible shot w/ a ray gun.
Backstory:  Second-in-command and captin of the other ship, Groot was Lepton's friend in school and casual rival now.  Also fancies the Princess, Payne, and Regina; feels an odd attraction (gay) to Gordon.  Is always correcting people who mispronounce his name (Gruut, Grott, etc.)
History in RL: Successful entrepreneur, founder of an online condom shopping site.  Sharp and savvy, he is another one who paid for his entry fee in cash.  Sometimes has trouble playing 'dumb' to fit his character.  Is always telling people that his last name really IS Junior.

Jane Conrady as "Major Payne"
Description:  36, 5'6", Female.  Very fit, short and curvy. Dark hair with a few streaks of grey.  Think of a shorter Raquel Welch in her middle years.  Moves quietly, catlike.
Costume: Black Lycra bodysuit with a tasteful(?) mild corset which only accentuates her hourglass figure.  Black boots and gloves, gold insignia.
Traits: Brassy, with a been-there-done-that attitude that belies some doubts as things start to get tough. Plays the bodyguard/confidante to Flexia.  She does not trust Bob...
Strengths: Confidence, life experience, stamina, drop-dead looks.
Weaknesses: Inexperience in the game, does not like the water due to an almost-drowning as a child.  Obviously 'playing a part' and sometimes uncomfortable.
Backstory:  One brother away from being queen, she has asserted herself in the militia.  Part of the entourage escorting Flexia, she frequently thinks she could do a better job than that blowhard Lepton.  First name: Maxine (Max)
History in RL: Old money, so not very used to working a real job or taking orders.  Signed on to the game at a whim rather than taking a world cruise or a trip into orbit. Something of a spoiled dilettante.

Leslie Parks as "Lieutenant Gordon"
Description:  25, 5'8", appears as Male but is slightly androgynous.  Good reason; Leslie is a girl.  Slight enough not to show her breasts, she also has dirty-blonde hair cut in a short style which is also unisex
Costume: Similar to Groot's with even less brass insignia.  Color matched stripe on pants.  Different headgear style.
Traits: Very good natured and inquisitive, almost too outgoing.  Does a good job at the deception up until bedded by a soon to be surprised Athena (who keeps the secret).  Rebuffs Groot's advances.
Strengths: Curious, good with puzzles, athletic (gymanst) skills.
Weaknesses: Young and 'gee-whiz' naiivite, not very strong for size.
Backstory:  A 'redshirt' pilot on Groot's ship, he is one of the men who survives the landing only to succumb to a mid-level peril (alone or part of a small group).  When the rest of the adventurers come upon her nude, gilded, or stone form as a statue they do not recognize her at first.
History in RL: Shows a lot of pluck for pulling a 'Mulan' to go on an adventure with too many women in the party.  Casual friend of Art.J, she would like to get more serious with him and hopes the adventure will bring them together.

Sondra Bray (aka Amber Rose) as "Athena"
Description:  29, 6'1", Female, the most physically perfect of the group.  Unusual ethnic mix of Japanese, Apache, and Somalian blood, she posesses stunning beauty along with a caffe-au-lait complexion.  Her firm body has already been sculpted, both by training as well as the surgeon's laser knife.  Black hair streaked with blonde (almost zebra-lke) and deep-green eyes (which may be lenses).  Think of Pamela Anderson before she met Tommy, or Kimberly Paul, or Tylene Buck, or any of the other fitness goddesses for the hardbody physique.
Costume: Silver bikini, with accent straps.  Wide leather belt, leather sandals with long laces wrapped up her calves.  Only jewelry is a golden pendant with strange pictographic writing on it.  She carries a broadsword and likes to use it.  A bit of an anachronism but she does not care what others think.
Traits: Heroic presence (she thinks Xena is a wimp) with a great disdain for males.  Often disobeys Lepton and eventually ends up on display for it.  Openly bisexual, one of her unspoken goals is to bed each one of the adventurers (and as many NPCs as she can find) before the end of the game.  Her shapely form can be a distraction when she takes the lead in a foray.  Loves to pose to best display her body.
Strengths: Heroic courage, strength, agility.  Can crack walnuts on her buns (or breasts).
Weaknesses: Heroic brashness, inability to take (even good) advice from a man.  Out of place in the SF setting, she tries to solve most problems (even puzzles) by force.  When force fails, she tries sex.
Backstory:  Some sort of fellow-traveler to the party, possibly a friend (?) of Groot.  Maybe thrust upon the group at the last moment so there is no good reason why she is there.  Another wonderfully statuesque opportunity.
History in RL: An exotic dancer and sometime porn-star when not on the bodybuilding circuit, she was 'salted' into the TI game by the company wanting to feature her as an posable action figure - she is well known in the genre - when another player was forced to drop out after becoming ill (possible hints of foul play).  Kind of a bull-dyke who will swing either way if the scene is right.  Often wears silver bikinis with leather accents when NOT in an adventure.

Frederick D'Lio as "Ensign Cody"
Description:  28, 5'10", Male.  Another 'redshirt'.
Costume: Like Gordon's, same matching khaki stripe.
Traits: Quick smile, always joking around w/others. 
Strengths: Hale & hearty.  Looks very competant...
Weaknesses: ...but is not.  Finds the first trap as if by magic.
Backstory:  Pilot on Lepton's ship, he is an early victim in the subway or forest. May turn up as an NPC later in the game, taken over by the robots or some other clan.
History in RL: Another avid adventurer with a streak of bad luck, but a positive attitude. He plays a fair game with gusto, win or lose.  Possibly gay?

Tiffany Schmidt as "Tiffany"
Description:  17, 5'7", Female.  Waiflike figure which almost looks like a fashion-model's.  Dyed cinnamon hair and a cute face with a bit too much makeup for her age.  Carefully maincured fingernails with crimson polish.
Costume: Flowing veils, the least practical for adventuring, but chosen because they look 'groovy'.  High-heeled 'mules' that often fall off or become stuck in the ground.  White wrist-length gloves which she loses early on.
Traits: Extreme flightiness combines with a total lack of common sense.  She will almost fall into traps several times before getting caught (again) and stiffened.  Favorite phrase:  "Faar out!"  A perpetually wide-eyed ingenue who deliberately flirts with all of the guys, sometimes producing results.
Strengths: None known.  Oh, yeah: Too clueless to be afraid can be a strength...
Weaknesses: Not sure what she is doing.  Ever.
Backstory:  Played the Princess in a video version of the game, now not sure who she "is" though her character is a close friend of Flexia.  Mostly harmless, but pretty enough to make a good statue somewhere.  Use for comic relief or a 'victim of convenience'.
History in RL: She is a valley-girl player of the video version of the game and won her place in the real thing via a contest (pure luck on her part) She sort of knows what happens in the plot but be clueless about playing with real people in a RPG scenario.  Succumbs early on to a simple trap (like the 'swapping mannequins' in the Gift Shop) but is very eager to have a good time.  Absolutely in-lust with Gordon until his secret is revealed.

Kevin Jones as "Ensign Rogers"
Description:  44, 5'7", Male, a bit overweight.  Sandy-red hair and a large-boned body make him look fatter than he is; most of the bulk is muscles.  Wears glasses in RL, contacts here in the game.
Costume: Similar to Groot's with less insignia,  no stripe on pants.  Remembers to carry his sidearm after landing.
Traits: Thinks too long before acting, the result of many games in the 'big leagues'  Picks up known traps but can be surprised by a new one.  Loyal to Regina in game too.
Strengths: Experience, physical might, good memory for peoples' names, voices, and faces.
Weaknesses: Not very fast, difficulty climbing.  May forget that the game is a game.  Does not like to give up a fight.
Backstory:  Gunner on Lepton's ship, he survives until almost the end by a combination of wits and luck.  Has difficulty  masking his desire for Regina, who is 'royalty'.
History in RL: Spouse of Pamela, they play as a team and do not like to get separated.  Sponsored gamer, they may be seeded by a consortium looking to split the victory spoils.

Pamela Ross-Jones as "Lady Regina"
Description:  42, 5'6", Female, also a bit zaftig.  Dyed auburn hair w/ blonde accents tied into a loose bun while in court garb, falling free later on.  Very attractive for an older woman; carries herself well.  Hidden strengths, hidden mysteries.
Costume: Courtesan, lady-in-waiting. Long dress and veil/train or cape.  May find a more revealing costume after a peril.
Traits: Always defers to Flexia.  Is unaware of Roger's love for her until the very end (when it is too late).  Tends to take a passive-aggressive attitude when confronted.
Strengths: Level-headed, sizes up situations quickly.  Worldly.
Weaknesses: Prefers to let others make the decisions, then whines if things do not work out (strictly a 'played' trait).
Backstory:  Complements Rogers well, sometimes he bails her out too.  Trusted friend of the Princess, she feels a curious bond (mother-daughter?) with the young girl.  May have also been a past lover of Lepton's.
History in RL: Spouse of Kevin, they complement each other and do less well when separated.  She tends to be the one in charge in the family.  They have a daughter, 13, waiting to follow in her parent's gaming bootsteps.

 Summer Sanders as "Ginger Galaxy"  [from cmq]
Description:  Female, pretty, 5'8" fair skinned, dark Redhead, long curly locks to her shoulderblades, well toned body, moderate bosom, long legs, winning smile.
Costume: Shiny silver lame garter type 3 " heeled boots going above the knee to mid thigh, silver miniskirt with bare midriff, silver top with bare shoulders and forearms and ample cleavage showing, long opera style length silver gloves, black belt hanging loosely on her hips with attached holser and raygun, saturn-design earrings, purple lipstick.
Traits: Eager-to-please, willing to do anything to further her desires.
Strengths: Ready for action, will not hesitate to jump into the fray.
Weaknesses: Because she is 'playing a role' and wants to give a good 'performance' often does not think about the consequences of her actions until after the fact.
Backstory:  Searching for her twin sister, missing for some time due to hazy circumstances...
Planning on getting her group into the caverns where there will be that wax/starch spray thing, maybe another trap or two before they exit to the petrified forest or gilded valley...
History in RL: She's a model who wants to become an actress, so she is throwing herself into her 'role' as Ginger Galaxy...

Jaime & Joan Heath as "Phoboa & Deimoa, the 'Demonic Duo'[from Fool]
Description:  Two sisters, not twins but close in age nevertheless (21 and 20 respectively), both   5' 11" tall, thin, with long and thin brunette (brown) hair.  They are slim, athletic figures.  They move and dress alike, and this increases their resemblance to one another; many people will believe they are twins.  Picture two female college basketball players.
Costume: Both sisters wear a similar tunic with black sleeves, a gray torso, and a broad gray cuffed collar, with black form-fitting pants.  Both sport backpacks full of equipment.  Each wears their hair in a long ponytail.
Traits: Phoboa is a bit of a mouse . . . although the older of the two, she seems younger and less experienced than her sister.  She is somewhat overwhelmed by the scope of their adventure.  Deimoa, on the other hand, is a wide-eyed observer.  She has a great deal of curiosity, as well as, unfortunately, an arrogant streak a mile long coupled with a vicious outspokenness.  She is clearly the dominant half in the pair's relationship, and she tends to treat Phoboa as one would treat a brain-damaged child.  She is constantly insulting and is basically not a nice person to know.
Strengths: Phoboa has none.  She sticks too close to the shadows for any to be observed.  Deimoa is fast and strong, and if she gets into a fight she'll put up a good one.
Weaknesses: Deimoa's lack of charm will win her few friends, and in many ways this trait handicaps her sister almost as badly.  Phoboa would be a good person to know, but who wants to make the attempt while her bitchy sister is still hanging around? 
Backstory:  The "Demonic Duo" are a pair of militia agents assigned as back-up to Commander Lepton in escorting Flexia home.  There is a rumor that they were arrested a few weeks back in an aborted robbery and that the judge gave them the option of either taking on this dangerous mission for the crown or serving a long and brutal sentence.  One encounter with Deimoa and people will likely believe this rumor to be true.
History in RL: Jaime and Joan are not experienced roleplayers.  Like Tiffany Schmidt, Jaime (Phoboa) won a contest that allowed her participation in the game.  Joan (Demoia) found out about it, bullied her sister into taking her along, and has now dedicated herself to having fun at the expense of everybody else.  The two, especially Joan, will "break character" every now and then when something particularly interesting happens or is seen.

Non-Player-Characters (NPCs)

The 'hack actors' of any good adventure.  Lacking much of a personality, they tend to overact and "chew the scenery"  Write them colorfully.
Emperor Xog(aka 'Ming')
Description:  Male, 5'8", 57,about 30 lbs overweight, balding greasy black hair (covered, mostly), and mustaches.  He should be immediately recognizable as the 'alpha' villain. 
Costume: Comic-opera meets Canadian Mountie; he designed it himself, along with his campaign ribbons.  Think of the understated finery of 'Flash Gordon' (the 80's movie) for this one.  He may even have a jester...or a pet...
Traits: He prizes brute strength rather than brains but can be very crafty and cunning when the situation calls for it. He is fascinated by technology and uses it well, though he doesn't really understand how it works.  When cornered, some of his old fire can return.  Normally, he is a rather decadent being and enjoys the luxury of his station--fine wine, keeping a harem, etc. though his underlings are expected to behave otherwise.  A bit of a collector, he prefers to keep 'his' possessions, including his women, secured when he is not interested in them.
Strengths: Crafty and devious, he understands how to wage war and how to make people fear him.  Commands a huge army of living and mechanical (robot) warriors.
Weaknesses: A warrior gone to seed and sloth after a few too many victories, he is content to rule from afar and not realize when the tide of battle is growing close.
Backstory:  Originally sort of warlord, an Attila the Hun or Conan type character bent on looting and pillaging.  As his empire grew, so did a horde of barbarians at his command.  These forces are mobile, operating out of huge "landstrider"  4-legged tanks like the famous ones from the Star Wars movies. Xog commands from afar mostly, occasionally using a large, opulent, one as his base (mobile palace). Oblivious to the charms of Glacia.
Special Notes: n/a

Queen Glacia of Cryonia  [from Cobalt Jade]
Description:  Female, 5'5", slinky 1930s starlet type (think Jean Harlow.)  Has very pale skin and smooth, wavy white hair that looks marcelled. The parts of her body which are normally pink (lips, nipples, etc) are an icy blue, as are her eyes. Her flesh is painfully cold to the touch.
Costume: Silver diadem and a bias-cut white satin gown trimmed with ermine that exposes her midriff. Carries a scepter tipped with a snowflake.
Traits: Glacia presents an aloof but commanding presence, with a ringing voice. In spite of this she is fond of using seduction as a weapon, with lots of double entendres in her speech. As a NPC she acts as a complement and opposite to Xog, cultured where he is barbaric, subtle where he is obvious, etc. She is very ruthless and stops at nothing to achieve her goals. Often uses deceit and subterfuge to get her way.
Strengths: Freezes people and turns them into ice-coated statues with her kiss. They reanimate only under her command. She calls them her "Frost Whores."  ;-) Her sceptre performs a similar function on non-living or insentient objects. She is always surrounded by an elite guard of Cryoknights, the best fighters among her enchanted slaves.
Weaknesses: Fails to plan ahead, relies on her sex appeal too much. Heat and warmth cause her physical pain. She can't fight worth a damn.
Backstory:  Glacia's despotic rule has not endeared her to the common people of Cryonia, who would be glad to see her desposed. Cryonia itself lies on a high mountain peak and burrows beneath it in a series of ice caves. Glacia's palace occupies the largest cave. She has a special "crystalline radiometric device" that allows her to communicate with Xog. The two work amiably together, though Glacia would like to make their relationship into something deeper. So far Xog hasn't picked up the hint.
Special Notes: n/a

King Ramon  (not sure if he will be involved much)
Description:  Michael Caine on one of his better days, older and a bit hangdog-looking with very thin white hair. 
Costume: White satin w/lots of silver trim.  Liberace w/ testosterone (he is not gay, just very flamboyant)
Traits: Kind of a weak personality, but benevolent, he relies upon advisors and the strengths of his court.
Strengths: Charismatic, a deep-down good person, he CAN rally others to his cause even though it seems futile.
Weaknesses: Old and not very energetic, not prepared to lose to Xog again.  No apparent heir to his throne.
Backstory:  He came to power by being an only child, not thru political prowess.  Was not prepared for Xog's onslaught; now he is unsure of how to defeat him.  Now he is getting too old and tired; he would much rather have someone else fight his battles for him.  Exile is not comfortable for him, but he is living with it.
Special Notes: n/a

Centurion Xing (Xog's left-hand [more sinister that way] man)  [split off from Xog]
Description:  Male, 30-ish, with a prominent scar across his right cheek (a burn, not a cut).  Dark hair cut very short, scraggly close-cropped beard.  Pattonesque demeanor.
Costume: Same flashy style uniform as Xog, but a bit more practical with a weapons belt and shoulder-strap.  Knee-length black boots spit-polished to a dazzling shine.  Riding crop which doubles as a pain stick.
Traits: No-nonsense military commander, he has a bit of a sadistic streak.  Likes to play with his victims before consigning them to slavery or robotization.  A neat freak, has his own batbot to clean mud off his boots.
Strengths: Decisive, tactially proficient, excellent hand-to-hand fighter.
Weaknesses: Vengeful, headstrong.  Often ignores good advice from his troops.  Can be baited into bad decsions.
Backstory:  He's a sort of 2nd-generation warlord, protege of Xog's, with a horde of warriors and robots at his command. His forces are mobile, operating out of huge "landstrider"  4-legged tanks, and attacking with freeze guns and paralysis bombs. Still having fun creating mayhem, so no threat to Xog.  Yet.
Special Notes: It will be fun to defeat this fellow!

Scientist Xort [from Fool]
        (Another aide-de-camp for the Emperor Xog, but whereas Xing is the despot's military guy, Xort is his scientific advisor)
Description:  Male, 4' 9", about 40 or so, looks like he weighs about 100 lbs. soaking wet.  He is as bald as an egg; he doesn't even have eyebrows.  He looks smart, but smarmy too . . . just the kind of person you hate on first sight. 
He sweats a great deal. 
Costume: Outside of Xog's presence, Xort is always seen in a face-covering mask, black except for the eyeholes which are brilliant white.  He dresses in a black-colored uniform similar to Xog and Xing's but without the medals and finery, often with a black cape.  He likes the color black.  He takes off his mask in court, showing a pasty face.
Traits: He's a blatant sycophant, pure and simple.  He fawns, he flatters, he toadies . . . basically, he has no self-respect whatsoever.  Whatever Xog wants, Xort jumps to try and fulfill that desire.  Aside from his servility, he is a classic scientist type, always interested in furthering his knowledge.  He likes to perform experiments on people.
Strengths: Smart.  Whenever Xog or Xing want a new way to petrify or robotize somebody, or they just want someone to handle the controls while they gloat, Xort is their man.  He always has good ideas . . . but he makes sure the credit for them goes to the man in charge.  He always knows the way to nearest escape route.
Weaknesses: He is so self-effacing as to be totally disgusting.  Also, in spite of his intelligence, Xort can sometimes be very blind to the obvious.  He thinks everyone else is so much like himself that he simply cannot comprehend an unselfish motive.  He may also have a rivalry with Xing for Xog's attention.
Backstory:  Xort is the designer of many of Xog's petrifying weapons and equipment . . . or, perhaps, maybe he's just the thief who brought him the design specs in the first place.  He stays close to the court except specifically when on missions for his master.  He'll first be seen in the story wearing his mask and gleefully doing some evil thing (heh heh heh).  His next appearance will be close to Xog, and thereon he'll try to stay as constantly by the Emperor's side as possible.When threatened he can be very cowardly and swap allegiances without remorse.
Special Notes: The actor playing Xort is a perfectly nice guy, no bad habits at all.  His real name is Morton Kramer, and he is a recent employee of the dreampark.  He may have absolutely no idea that anything "really" sinister is going on at all . . . and he probably wouldn't believe it if told. 

Guide Kla'Tre  (a native of these parts)
Description:  Female, 25-something, not particularly pretty, with dirty dark blonde hair. Voice is low and extremely persuasive; her face is very expressive and mobile, with wide-set eyes and a large mouth.  Wears no makeup.
Costume: Short white fabric tunic, sandals. Silver wristlets. Carries a shoulder bag that she will not let anyone look into.
Traits: Kind of shifty-eyed, she does not seem very trustworthy on first impression.  Never seems to give a 'straight' answer to questions; always has an 'angle' whenever she suggests something. 
Strengths: Knows multiple languages and the layout of the Subway system, a few (but not all) of the perils in the caves.  Dextrous and agile, she can move very stealthily if required.  A natural con-artist and skilled cutpurse.
Weaknesses: Cannot be trusted; a bit of a klepto when left alone.  Cheats at 'cards' even when not necessary.
Backstory:  Very enthusiastic about offering her 'talents' to the adventurers in getting around, she appears suspiciously soon after the crash.  Not clear until much later who she is really "working for" (Xog).  One of Queen Glacia's subjects, she has no desire to return to her home valley.  In fact; just the oppsite is true since she is wanted for unspecified crimes and will be "kissed by the queen" (frozen solid) if caught there again.
Special Notes: Played previously with the Joneses, is a friend outside of her character.  May give away some game secrets.

Crystal King
Description:  Male, 65-ish, short, very heavyset.  White fringe of hair around a bald pate.  Bushy eyebrows and beard give him the impression of 'Santa Claus' gone bad. Whiny voice, bad breath (if you get close enough).
Costume: Ermine robes with lots of gems attached and dangling, silver 1/2 trousers, white leggings.  Crown also has a lot of dangling crystals, looking almost like a small chandelier.  Rings on his fingers with quartz crystal gems.
Traits: Your classic 'dirty old man'; he leers and ogles the women, takes great glee in transforming them into crystal statuary.  Like to talk to them as they stand immobilized inside their faceted prisons.  In cahoots with Xog.
Strengths: Has been at this a long time and knows every trick in the book as well as every hiding place within his cavernous reign.  Is a master at instant hypnosis, which he uses frequently on his victims.
Weaknesses: Old and fat, he cannot move very quickly.  Lost outside of his home cave.
Backstory:  Another pretender to the throne, perhaps evil brother of Ramon.  Isolation and rejection has driven him more than a little around the bend into a very dangerous mindset.  He does what he does quickly, without remorse.
Special Notes: Don't know if this matches 'Fool's description; change as necessary...

Description:  Female, 39, very handsome and attractive, with understated makeup.  Slim figure, oval face framed by elegantly styled dark-brown hair without a strand out of place; she looks almost too perfect to be real.
Freshly scrubbed, almost glowing complexion.  Demi Moore by way of the 'Stepford Wives'
Costume: Futuristic business dress; with tailored platinum jacket over white satin ruffled blouse, above-knee-length platinum skirt and matching 3" heels.  Dark hose.  Nametag reads "Ms. Appleby".  Wears an earphone.
Traits: Cheery but efficiently businesslike demeanor.  Seems to know everything that is going on in the 'hotel' and appears in the right place just a few seconds before someone needs her.  Says 'affirmative' instead of 'yes'
Strengths: Absolutely unflappable calmness, total control of her domain, commanding presence without raising voice.
Weaknesses: Does not appear to be able to leave the building, knows nothing of the Subway station nearby.
Backstory:  None; has always managed the hotel, leading to speculation by the players she really *is* an android.
Special Notes: A senior executive with Xanadu, she may be 'in' on some of the deeper secrets of the game, but would never say a word while in character.  Posesses a wicked sense of humor.

Description:  Male, 45 or so, carrying a bit of padding.  Face that has lost one too many barfights and gnarled grimy hands.  Greasy dark-brown thinning hair, medium height.  Country British (commoner) accent. 
Costume: Rough silver cloth over dark shirt.  Some rings etc. on hands. 
Traits: Seems out of place in a futuristic adventure; looks like he would be much more at home in the middle ages.  Gruff demeanor; not the sort of person anyone would want to insult.  Not used to being argued with.
Strengths: Knows his wares, their purposes and costs.  Friendly when there is money on the counter.
Weaknesses: Stubborn, short-tempered. 
Backstory:  Normally plays one of Xing's men, was 'drafted' into this role when the normal shopkeeper actor took  ill.
Special Notes: Played previously with the Joneses, is a friend outside of her character.  May give away some game secrets.

Description:  Female, 20-something, 5'9", absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in a supermodel sort of way.  Strawberry blonde curly hair set in a wavy style.  Long, slim neck and hands, deep blue eyes and a largish pouty mouth. Smallish breasts that do not require support, small waist and curvy hips.  Yasmeen Ghauri or Steph Seymour
Costume: Copper-colored zipper-front jumpsuit with flared legs and sleeves.  Normally worn over a bodystocking, but as a mannequin she is naked underneath.  High-heeled pumps exist to give her a regal stance in the display.
Traits: Able to turn male heads from a kilometer away, plays a very convincing motionless display figure.
Strengths: With the help of an NIM unit, can stand absolutely still for hours at a time, posed perfectly in her role.
Weaknesses: Not used more in the adventure (hint; maybe work her into the final battle or other statuary setting)
Backstory:  She could have been a player from a previous game, but has stood there as a mannequin long enough she has forgotten most of the details.  She, too, wanted to undress her predecessor.
Special Notes: n/a

NPC1  (an optional character if cmq needs one)
Description:  ?
Costume: ?
Strengths: ?
Weaknesses: ?
Backstory:  ?
Special Notes: n/a

Artist  (a character for Bas's scene)
Description:  ?
Costume: ?
Strengths: ?
Weaknesses: ?
Backstory:  ?
Special Notes: n/a

RedShirts 1-n  (aka generic victims)
Description:  Generally female, young, and usually beautiful.  Use a mixture of physiques and races.
Costume: Leather jacket (tightly fitted) over khaki shirt or turtleneck sweater, dark khaki leggings, black ankle-boots.  Same style as Lepton, Groot, but flattering to the soon-to-be-frozen figure.
Traits: No strong traits, just hanging around in the background until their time is up.  Some may react fearfully. 
Strengths: In the wrong place at the right time; occasionally sacrifices themselves for a player.
Weaknesses: n/a
Backstory:  Flexon tends to be rather matriarchal, so women are encouraged to serve in all branches of the military, including the Space Force.  Good lineage and a healthy lifestyle produce some very attractive soldiers.
Special Notes: Since they are going to be victims, only need to describe them just prior to their demise, they may not even get names unless they need to be interacted with.

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