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Melancholy nude women
Harold Parker - AriadneAlbert Toft - Spirit of ContemplationHarry Bates - Pandora

Australia Harold Parker
Biographical Information on the artist, courtesy of Bob Speel
Ariadne in Mythology: Encyclopedia Mythica

“Ariadne, the daughter of King Minos, after helping Theseus to escape from the labyrinth, was carried by him to the island of Naxos and was left there asleep, while the ungrateful Theseus pursued his way home without her. Ariadne, on waking and finding herself deserted, abandoned herself to grief [as portrayed here by Parker]. But Venus (Aphrodite) took pity on her, and consoled her with the promise that she should have an immortal lover, instead of the mortal one she had lost.”
--from Bulfinch’s Mythology

Ariadne by Harold Parker - right - vintage photoAriadne by Harold Parker - front right - vintage photoAriadne by Harold Parker - front right - vintage photo 2Ariadne by Harold Parker - back rightAriadne by Harold Parker - back left

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