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The list of stories below are linked to the stories themselves.  Click on the story title to view the file.  The icons on the right will give you an idea of the primary type of transformation dealt with in the story.  Note that some stories have more than one different type of transformation or deal with several different transformations.  In such cases, the icon represents the most-often used transformation or the transformation most central to the plot of the story.  In some stories, of course, this system doesn't always work... so in those cases, I have used the "other" icon.

If any information (such as author name, title, or editorial errors within the stories) is incorrect, please contact me as soon as possible so I can rectify them. Thank you!

This Fiction Page's Question:

Q:  When I write a story, what is the most important thing for me to remember about writing a statue transformation?

A: There's probably as many answers for this as there are people interested in statue stories.  Some people will tell you be creative with your description, or do something that hasn't been done before.  Others might say a certain pose is a must, or that dialogue is key.  I'll tell you what I tell most people:  No matter how, where, or when your transformation happens, don't compromise the story to fit a transformation into it.  It's point A-number-one of writing:  Tell a story using the words you need to-- to get from the beginning to the end-- and not a single one more.  The story itself should always take precedence over the statue scene.  That's my ten cents' worth.  Thanks for playing.

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FICTION ARCHIVE KEY:  (Icons indicate primary story transformation)
transformation into Stone transformed to Wax/Wax Coated
transformation into Gold or Other metal Plaster/Paint/Clear-Coated
transformation into Mannequin/Living Statue Timestop/Staunch Immobility
Iced-Over/Frozen/Turned to Crystal or Glass Other/More than One Different transformation type
Prisoner of Brass Cobalt Jade
Posing cmq
    -  Chapter One Cobalt Jade
    -  Chapter Two Cobalt Jade
    -  Chapter Three Cobalt Jade
    -  Chapter Four Cobalt Jade
    -  Chapter Five Cobalt Jade
    -  Chapter Six Cobalt Jade
    -  Chapter Seven Cobalt Jade
    -  Chapter Eight Cobalt Jade
    -  Chapter Nine Cobalt Jade
    -  Chapter Ten (conclusion) Cobalt Jade
    -  Part One  ArgoForg
    -  Part Two  ArgoForg
Sara's Self-Portrait  RM
NOTE: At the request of Cobalt Jade, Beauty is Iron, Honeyvine, The Gorgon's Kiss and Stasis have been removed from this site. Henceforth these stories will only be available from the Cobalt Jade website in the form of paid ebooks. In their place I have added Just Another Public Stoning, with the author's permission.
Just Another Public Stoning  Cobalt Jade
KEY: Stone Gold/Metal Mann/LS Ice/Glass/Crystal
  Wax Plaster/CoatImmobility Other
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