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The list of stories below are linked to the stories themselves.  Click on the story title to view the file.  The icons on the right will give you an idea of the primary type of transformation dealt with in the story.  Note that some stories have more than one different type of transformation or deal with several different transformations.  In such cases, the icon represents the most-often used transformation or the transformation most central to the plot of the story.  In some stories, of course, this system doesn't always work... so in those cases, I have used the "other" icon.

If any information (such as author name, title, or editorial errors within the stories) is incorrect, please contact me as soon as possible so I can rectify them. Thank you!

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Q: "I like the idea of creating my own statue fiction, but I'm worried about how well it will be received.  That or people will laugh at what a horrendous speller I am.  I'm also worried that I can't follow through with a story to the end."

A:  There are several ways around this.  If you have a statue-oriented story, first of all, never be afraid to submit it, either to the Newsgroup (, to ML's site, or to here.  Guaranteed, the ASFR folks are a lot more forgiving about spelling, grammar and punctuation than any publisher out in the real-life world.  Also, there are people who have been known to take a story and offered to edit it before it's submitted to a site.  Check in #asfr on Sandnet on IRC to see if anyone there would be willing to take a gander and perhaps edit it for you.  If you have problems finishing up a story or would like to see what other people would do with the beginning of your story, might I be so crass as to suggest starting up a shared-fiction story on my Message Board?  It's been done to good effect, if you remember that sometimes it takes a little time for a story to take off from there... not everyone likes to write "impromptu" message board chapters.

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FICTION ARCHIVE KEY:  (Icons indicate primary story transformation)
Transformation into Stone Transformed to Wax/Wax Coated
Transformation into Gold or Other metal Plaster/Paint/Clear-Coated
Transformation into Mannequin/Living Statue Timestop/Staunch Immobility
Iced-Over/Frozen/Turned to Crystal or Glass Other/More than One Different Transformation type
The Cabinet, Part 1 Fool
The Massage Parlor  (The Cabinet, Part 2) Fool
The Arrangement Dmuk
An Ancient Art Rotwang 
Merchandiser 5.0 Unknown
Crystal Clear Rotwang
The Mannequin Corset RSmkn 
Wonderful Games Winc 
Gilda the Golden Genie Goldlover 
Something Funny Happened on the Forum Rotwang 
Golden Paradise (Shared Fiction) Various
Just Another Hard Day at Work CMQ
The Merchandise Fool
(I realize these aren't exactly statue-oriented stories, but Nova has done some of the best bar-none ASFR stories out there.  I highly suggest you read them, if only for Sci-Fi's sake.)
WARNING: Most of these stories contain graphic violence as well as sexual content.
    -  A Long Sleep Nova
    -  The Vengeance of the Slave  Nova
    -  The Robo-Lover Nova
    -  Androids at War Nova
    -  Death Nova
    -  Rebirth Nova
    -  Nova's First Job Nova
    -  The Vile Collector Nova
    -  NVA Showdown Nova
    -  The Mourning After  Nova
    -  The House of the Dead Nova
    -  An Unexpected Guest Nova
    -  Voice of the Void Nova
    -  Garbage Nova
    -  Fangs of Steel Nova
    -  Killers Nova
    -  Fate Nova
    -  Berserker Nova
KEY: Stone Gold/Metal Mann/LS Ice/Glass/Crystal
  Wax Plaster/CoatImmobility Other
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