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The list of stories below are linked to the stories themselves.  Click on the story title to view the file.  The icons on the right will give you an idea of the primary type of transformation dealt with in the story.  Note that some stories have more than one different type of transformation or deal with several different transformations.  In such cases, the icon represents the most-often used transformation or the transformation most central to the plot of the story.  In some stories, of course, this system doesn't always work... so in those cases, I have used the "other" icon.

If any information (such as author name, title, or editorial errors within the stories) is incorrect, please contact me as soon as possible so I can rectify them. Thank you!

This Page's Question:
Q: "Argo, what is the difference between a Living Statue and a Stone one or a Wax one?  Why are Living Statues bunched with Mannequins in your site instead of the other statue types?"
A: Other people may feel free to rail against my assessment, of course, but my considered opinion is that a Living Statue transformation is more closely related to a Mannequin one in that both retain their original color and tones-- at least to a degree, and in the Fiction Archives, I've kept with that assumption.  The simplest way to gauge in a story you may be submitting or looking at is, if the person's body keeps its normal appearance and only to the touch can be found to be a statue, I tend to consider it a Living Statue.  Even if at the touch the body feels as though it's turned to stone, I usually file that under Living Statues and Mannequins on this Archive.  If there is an actual coloration change to a 'stony' hue, then I file it with the Stone Transformations.  Wax is a little different, but then again, I have so many stories centered around wax museums and the like that there just seemed to be a need for a way to separate them.  Ergo the Wax Transformation icon.  :)

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FICTION ARCHIVE KEY:  (Icons indicate primary story transformation)
Transformation into Stone Transformed to Wax/Wax Coated
Transformation into Gold or Other metal Plaster/Paint/Clear-Coated
Transformation into Mannequin/Living Statue Timestop/Staunch Immobility
Iced-Over/Frozen/Turned to Crystal or Glass Other/More than One Different Transformation type
Agalmatophiliacs Anonymous CMQ
Artful Crime Deirdre Hanson
The Collection Dexter Herron
The Gallery's Secret Dmuk
Support Your Local Plumber The Gripper
A Stiff Penalty Dmuk
House of Wax Part 1 ZAgnut
House of Wax Part 2 ZAgnut
Loren Stands In Dmuk
Doctor Dantos and the Wax Works MP
A New Form of Slavery Steve
Posing: A New Form of Slavery, Part 2 cmq
A Simple Quest, Easily Fufilled ArgoForg
The Touch ASL
Confessions of a Xerox Repairman-
Part One: Discovery
Living Statues:
Prologue - Chapter 6
Dr. Cuffs, Dmuk and
Bill Shakespeare
Living Statues: The Revenge IFreezeU
Living Statues: Red Mafia, Part 1 Unknown
Living Statues: Red Mafia, Part 2 Unknown
HeavyWorld WK
To Protect and To Serve Anonyma
Star Trek ASFR FanFic:
Immortality for Deanna
Unknown / Edited by Dmuk
Star Trek ASFR FanFic, Part 2:
Illnesses, Cures and Criminal Behavior on DS9
Star Trek ASFR FanFic, Part 3:
Illnesses, Cures and Criminal Behavior on DS9, Continued
A Good Job is Hard to Find, Part 1 Living Statue / Panicman
A Good Job is Hard to Find, Part 2  Lving Statue / Panicman
The Candle Cottage Vincent Jarrod
KEY:Stone Gold/Metal Mann/LS Ice/Glass/Crystal
  Wax Plaster/CoatImmobilityOther
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