All Under Control!

EHY and conscious_object - Session 5


conscious_object: so i'm on the second floor where you are, i think...are there any other doors up here other than to the bathroom and the computer room?

ehy_1: Master bedroom... pantry closet.

conscious_object: if i open the closet, do i see anything relevant in there?

ehy_1: Not really. No need to RP the details of you looking around, I think, unless you think there's something interesting you're going to do along the way. (My purpose is so you-the-bot know the layout of the house, and to have some time pass.)

conscious_object: okies

conscious_object: so i head downstairs...what've we got there?

ehy_1: oh... foyer, kitchen, living room, small bathroom, your bedroom. Big glass doors in the living room looking out onto a deck, woodsy backyards beyond it. Around that time...

ehy_1: notice your body's starting to become harder to move.

conscious_object: oh...?

ehy_1: Sort of like you're trying to push through water as you move - you have to work hard just to make your muscles move. It starts so gradually you don't even notice it right away.

conscious_object: hmm

conscious_object: well, i continue to try and walk wherever i was going...perhaps to my room

ehy_1: Okay. You still can. It's building slowly... a little harder to move by the time you get to your room than when you noticed it start.

conscious_object: so it's not like i'm inching along's just somewhat hard to move

ehy_1: Correct... though if it keeps going this way it'll get there.

conscious_object: hmm

conscious_object: is there a basement as well?

ehy_1: There was a closed door that might lead to one, near the kitchen.

conscious_object: well, if i'm only "slowed down a little" and not actually fighting to move, i might try checking out that door

conscious_object: while at the same time trying to stretch out a little or whatever i can, to see if that helps with the stiffness

ehy_1: Stretching out doesn't help. You do feel an urge as you pass through the kitchen again to stop here and search it - there are probably a lot of things here you'll be called upon to find at some point, and you've been ordered to know where they are. But you can delay doing that to check out that door if you want.

conscious_object: if i feel compelled to search the kitchen first, i can do that

ehy_1: Not quite compelled, but urged. But you have no particular reason to resist the urging that I know of.

ehy_1: So let's say you do start searching the kitchen.

ehy_1: It's functional, but messy, and there's a lot of fairly old food and such.

ehy_1: As time continues to pass your movements become even stiffer.

ehy_1: You're kneeling (?) on the floor checking out a cabinet under the counter, and when you finish you find yourself unable to stand up.

conscious_object: hmm...ok

conscious_object: my upper body can still move tho?

ehy_1: Slowly and stiffly, yes. You can move your legs a little too, but they won't stand you up.

conscious_object: if i try to use my arms to move me up a little...?

ehy_1: Yes, that helps, you can sort of pull yourself up using the countertop. Very slowly.

ehy_1: If something doesn't change, it seems like you're going to freeze in place in a few minutes.

conscious_object: so at this point, i'm starting to be more worried about not knowing what's going on with i'll start moving towards the stairs, and calling for you

ehy_1: Your voice isn't as loud as you expected it to be.

ehy_1: Doing your best to yell at the top of your lungs produces about a conversational volume.

ehy_1: You get about halfway across the kitchen before your legs freeze up.

ehy_1: Your upper body stays mobile, with difficulty, for a few minutes longer, though your vocal volume keeps dropping till the loudest you can manage is a murmur.

conscious_object: ok

ehy_1: Your fingers and eyes are the last things you can still move.

ehy_1: and you can murmur softly, but only slurrily since you can barely move your lips and tongue to form words...

ehy_1: ...when you hear me calling. "Julie?"

ehy_1: "Julie!"

conscious_object: she's very nervous and confused, isn't sure if this is "normal" or not (considering the circumstances), feeling helpless and wondering what's going to happen next

ehy_1: You hear me coming down the stairs.

ehy_1: I enter the kitchen and see you frozen there.

ehy_1: "What's the matter, Julie?"

conscious_object: i try to speak

ehy_1: "What's that?" I come closer, trying to hear what you're murmuring.

conscious_object: i'm trying to say something like "i'm frozen"

ehy_1: "Oh, crap. Of course."

ehy_1: I sigh, as though I should have seen it coming.

ehy_1: I bend down and pick up your frozen body, and carry you into your bedroom.

conscious_object: (am i completely stiff? like a mannequin or something?)

ehy_1: I plunk you down on your back on the bed.

ehy_1: (Yes, completely stiff.)

ehy_1: I pull your shirt up to expose your stomach. "Hm, you should see this," I decide, so I tip your head "down" so you can see what I'm doing.

conscious_object: (are my legs and arms still positioned like they were when i was standing? lol)

ehy_1: (Yes. )

ehy_1: Then I pull out your remote control and press a button on it.

ehy_1: A panel appears in your stomach - about 5 inches square. It pops outward on a hinge so that it swings out to the left.

conscious_object: i'm freaking out just a little lol

conscious_object: like over my navel?

ehy_1: Yeah, about there.

conscious_object: so what's inside? hollow? (and what's the back-panel of the door look like? lol)

ehy_1: "This is your battery compartment," I tell you. "Apparently your low power warning isn't working - I'll fix that later. For now I'll replace your battery. Fortunately I've got two charged spares."

ehy_1: I go over to the opposite wall, where there's a charger sitting on the floor (you hadn't noticed it before). I take out the battery from it and bring it over to you.

ehy_1: It's a little smaller than the hole I just opened.

conscious_object: (like what size battery?)

ehy_1: (about a 4 inch cube, more or less.)

conscious_object: (ok)

conscious_object: my character is thinking "a battery...omg omg omg..."

ehy_1: "You've got a capacitor that stores about a 20 second reserve of power. So if you need to change your batteries on your own, you have 20 seconds from the time you pull out the old one..."

ehy_1: I reach into the compartment, disconnect the old battery, and remove it.

ehy_1: Warning. Battery removed. 20 second reserve charge. (that's the voice in your head.)

ehy_1: "... till the new one is plugged in. After that your power fails and you'll shut down."

conscious_object: she's just a little disturbed at this turn of events

ehy_1: "Of course, then you won't be able to finish plugging in the new one, so you don't want to let that happen."

ehy_1: 10 second reserve charge.

ehy_1: I put the old battery down on the bed next to you, and put the new one inside you.

ehy_1: 5 second reserve charge.

ehy_1: I connect the cable to it.

conscious_object: nervous, lol

ehy_1: Power restored. 99% charge.

ehy_1: You can move now - no more slowness or stiffness.

conscious_object: i say "what...what the hell....a battery...."

conscious_object: i go to inspect my stomach, to take a look for myself

ehy_1: Yep. It's a battery compartment. The battery I brought over is inside it, plugged in with a cable that snakes into an inner panel. It's not a long cable.

ehy_1: "I told you you don't eat anymore, but you still need to get energy somehow," I say.

ehy_1: I hand you the old battery. "Put this on the charger so it's ready for you next time."

conscious_object: what's the compartment look like inside? like is it all hollow? like metal or something around it that the battery sits in? or nothing specific?

conscious_object: "yes sir"

ehy_1: Hm... looks like a big plastic casing, rectangular... sort of like the battery compartment of any sort of consumer toy, but bigger to accommodate the bigger battery. No labels you can see from your angle.

ehy_1: The panel is a stiff but flexible pane that looks and feels like your skin on the outside, but is more of a basic matte plastic on the inside.

ehy_1: Around the rim of the compartment is something that looks sort of like a rubber seal, but not very much so.

conscious_object: as i put the battery in the charger, and just kinda stare in disbelief, saying quitely to myself "i'm not a toy...i'm not a toy...i'm not a toy..."

ehy_1: "Close yourself up."

conscious_object: "yes sir"

ehy_1: When you swing the panel closed, the seam around the outside seems to fade into invisibility.

ehy_1: "Open your battery compartment."

conscious_object: "yes sir"

ehy_1: The seam reappears, and the panel pops open again.

ehy_1: "Good. If I'm not around when you start running out of power, open your battery compartment and replace your battery with a charged one."

ehy_1: "Keep it closed otherwise."

conscious_object: "yes sir"

ehy_1: I wait to see what you do now, if anything.

conscious_object: i just seem generally defeated

conscious_object: dunno if there's still happy on top of that tho

ehy_1: Yes, there is.

conscious_object: but yeah...defeated happy lol

conscious_object: that little thing there really hit home that she's no longer as human as she'd like to think

ehy_1: Indeed not.

conscious_object: so maybe she has a smile on her face, but still a tear rolling mixed emotions

ehy_1: "Anyway, I was going to have you make lunch for me. Enter service mode."

ehy_1: (in case you've forgotten: When in service mode, I will feel the desire to serve and please my master and behave accordingly.)

conscious_object: (thanks for the reminder)

conscious_object: so i stand up straight, and...i'm not sure?

ehy_1: (Well, you want to serve and please me, and you're happy. Now that I think of it, though, you're still supposed to look around and find things... I haven't actually changed that order, I think.)

conscious_object: (so i'm still thinking as usual...just with some serving and pleasing on my mind on top of it?)

ehy_1: (more than "some," that's pretty much your primary desire now. The others are still there but definitely less important.)

conscious_object: (ok)

conscious_object: so you haven't given me an order yet? if i'm still following that previous one, i suppose i head back to the kitchen to continue off where i was

conscious_object: still a little stunned tho...but muted some (i assume) by dominant thoughts of serving

ehy_1: Sounds right. I did just express a desire for lunch, though I haven't ordered you to do anything about it.

conscious_object: so i go to scope out that door

ehy_1: Okay. It's a door, on the far side of the kitchen. You can open it. I follow you out into the kitchen.

conscious_object: ok

conscious_object: i open it

ehy_1: Dark beyond, a staircase down. "Where are you going, Julie?"

conscious_object: "i'm exploring the house, sir..."

ehy_1: "Don't move." (where are you when that order hits?)

ehy_1: "Describe your thoughts of the last minute."

conscious_object: one hand on the door, the other at my side, head turned to you (having just spoken), about to take a step forward

conscious_object: i ask "what?" (if i can speak)

ehy_1: (You can, especially if you need to ask to clarify an order.)

ehy_1: "Describe the thoughts that passed through your mind in the last... ninety seconds." (about since I put you in service mode.)

conscious_object: (hmmm)

conscious_object: i assume something to the effect of..."serve and please...must explore house...serve and please...must explore...battery...serve and please...explore..."

ehy_1: "Do you want to please me, Julie?"

conscious_object: "yes sir"

ehy_1: "What do you believe I want now, Julie?"

conscious_object: "to be pleased...?"

ehy_1: "What was the last thing I said to you before placing you in service mode?"

conscious_object: "anyway, i was going to have you make lunch for me"

ehy_1: "Correct. Did it occur to you to make lunch for me?"

conscious_object: i'm gonna say.... "no,sir...would you like me to?"

ehy_1: "I would."

conscious_object: "is there anything in particular you'd like, sir?"

ehy_1: "What do you want to make for me?"

conscious_object: "whatever you'd like, sir"

ehy_1: I smile. "Good. See what you can find and make whatever you think will be good."

ehy_1: (nicely played. That was sort of mean of me.)

conscious_object: (lol...purposeful mean?or accidental mean? ;-P)

conscious_object: (i tried my best, hehe)

ehy_1: (started out accidental, and then I couldn't figure out how to get out of it.)

conscious_object: (hahaha, ok)

ehy_1: I wander into the living room, sit down, and turn on the TV

conscious_object: (i have no idea what she's going to make, btw)

ehy_1: (me either. Let's assume she finds something and makes it.)

ehy_1: Okay. Let's say you find the makings for a good hot sandwich - something that was near to expiring but still good so should be used while it still can, so you decide to do that.

conscious_object: (so you don't do shopping much? lol)

ehy_1: (apparently not.)

conscious_object: so i make the sandwich, and bring it to you when i'm finished

conscious_object: "here you go, sir"

ehy_1: "Glass of water too," I say, not reaching for the plate.

conscious_object: i turn back, and return with a glass of water and the plate

ehy_1: "Be my table, and hold them conveniently for me."

conscious_object: hmm...

conscious_object: (i have to think what would be the best way to do this lol)

ehy_1: (okay.)

conscious_object: (i'm thinking...i could be crouching on all fours, holding them on my back? or i could be lazy and just sit there holding them in my hands)

ehy_1: (either of those would satisfy the order.)

conscious_object: (i think i'll go with the former, lol)

conscious_object: (except i'm unsure how to get the plate and glass on my back)

ehy_1: (me too...)

conscious_object: (hmm...*thinking*)

ehy_1: (you might need to do the latter until you come up with a way to do the former...)

conscious_object: if i hand you the glass, do you take it? lol

ehy_1: Not right now, I don't. I reach toward the plate.

conscious_object: ok?

conscious_object: i'll be kneeled at this point

ehy_1: Assuming you're holding it close enough, I pick up half the sandwich and begin eating. I'm pretty much ignoring you, watching TV. (Don't ask what I'm watching; I have no idea.)

conscious_object: how about i'm just kneeling there for now, glass in one hand, plate in the other...and just looking at you

ehy_1: After a few minutes I put some sandwich back on the plate and reach for the water.

ehy_1: Which I take from your hand.

ehy_1: Drink...

ehy_1: ...and put back in your hand.

conscious_object: i just sit there, happy to be serving i guess, lol

conscious_object: and watching you

ehy_1: When a commercial strikes, I take the sandwich again and look at you. "Smile a little more... and hold the plate a little lower, and a little closer to me."

conscious_object: "yes sir"

ehy_1: "And next time make sure your hair is all behind your shoulders. I don't want it in my food."

conscious_object: "yes sir"

ehy_1: I take the glass from your hand again, watching to see what you do with your hand.

conscious_object: it just stays there

ehy_1: I nod approvingly and move the glass back toward your hand.

conscious_object: toward but not in?

ehy_1: Not quite in. I sort of bang it against your thumb.

conscious_object: i grab it

ehy_1: I let go.

ehy_1: "Excellent," I say. "This is how you're to serve me when I eat in here, unless I tell you otherwise. You're not to speak of your own accord while serving me like this, either. Understand?"

conscious_object: "yes sir"

ehy_1: "Good. When I'm finished, take the dishes away and clean up the kitchen. In the middle use your best judgement as to what I want, and do that."

ehy_1: "I mean, while you're serving me food here."

conscious_object: "yes sir"

ehy_1: The commercial ends, and I go back to ignoring you, watching TV, and eating.

conscious_object: in between thoughts of serving, are little thoughts of "why am i doing this?" and "what have i become?" etc.

conscious_object: but just sitting there silently, watching your face

ehy_1: Around the next commercial, I finish the sandwich. There's still some water left.

conscious_object: "would you like more water, sir?"

ehy_1: I ignore what you said, but take thewater and finish it, and hand the glass back to you.

conscious_object: i head back to the kitchen

ehy_1: I nod approvingly after you.

conscious_object: and i clean up and whatnot

ehy_1: The kitchen clearly hasn't been cleaned well in some time... there's dirty dishes piled in the sink and such like. And breakfast hasn't been cleaned up yet either, I think.

ehy_1: But before you get very far on that, I press the "call" button on your remote. You sense that as, Remote call activated, and you start walking toward me.

conscious_object: without even consciously thinking about it hm?

ehy_1: Right.

ehy_1: "Go change into something... something less. It should leave lots of your skin exposed, including your legs."

ehy_1: "Then come back here."

conscious_object: ok, i walk to my room

conscious_object: (not sure what she should put on)

conscious_object: (anything you'd like to see?)

ehy_1: (short skirts are nice... you could decide to go for lingerie...)

conscious_object: (my character probably wouldn't go for the lingerie...well wait...maybe if she thinks that's what you'd like...i dunno)

ehy_1: (your choice. She's still learning my tastes, so she'll have to guess - she wants to please me, but she doesn't automatically know how. She could ask before she leaves.)

conscious_object: (we'll say she goes for the lingerie, since she's of a mind to please you)

ehy_1: (okay.)

conscious_object: so she changes into some lingerie...and returns

ehy_1: I'm watching the screen again and don't seem to notice you've returned.

conscious_object: "would you like anything else, sir?"

ehy_1: I glance over at you - just for a moment, but I look pleased. "Come here." My gestures indicate I want you to sit next to me.

conscious_object: i sit next to you

ehy_1: I put my arm out so when you sit my arm goes around you, and I pull you close against me, like a lover.

conscious_object: i'm a bit uncomfortable, but it's muted by the happiness of pleasing you

ehy_1: I keep my arm around you, caressing you lightly from time to time. "Comfortable?" I ask, during a lull.

conscious_object: hmmm

conscious_object: conflicting things going on in her brain here, lol

conscious_object: maybe she says "yes and no"

ehy_1: I don't ask for elaboration. But a moment later I move one of your hands to my chest.

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