All Under Control!

EHY and conscious_object - Session 4


conscious_object: so i go to my room to brush my hair

ehy_1: I've been picturing your hair as straight and down to about your shoulder blades, maybe a little less.

conscious_object: *nods*

conscious_object: so it doesn't take long

ehy_1: You'll find in the closet a small assortment of girl clothes, mostly looking like it came from something like Victoria's Secret.

ehy_1: (you can make up something you find.)

conscious_object: so is the stuff mostly skimpy in general?

ehy_1: It's a variety. Nothing frumpy, but it's not all skimpy.

conscious_object: i probably go for the least skimpiest thing i can find

conscious_object: like some cute jeans or pants if there are any

conscious_object: any a long-sleeved top, if there are any

conscious_object: after being so exposed, she's trying to show as little skin as possible

ehy_1: If you try to go for something you don't think is pretty, it doesn't work, and you end up reaching for something pretty instead.

conscious_object: interesting

conscious_object: why i'd want to reach for something not pretty tho, i dunno, lol

ehy_1: Nothing else happens right away.

conscious_object: k

conscious_object: so i've gotten dressed, and...

conscious_object: then i'm sitting there thinking of what to do i suppose

conscious_object: and i'm still Happy

conscious_object: now that i'm alone, i'm going to leave the room and (try) and head outside

conscious_object: (i forget what the instruction given earlier was...was it that i couldn't leave, or that i couldn't even try to leave?)

ehy_1: Not sure myself; I was just trying to find it in the log...

ehy_1: Ah, it was "Never go anyplace I haven't shown you unless I tell you to. Never leave this house unless I tell you to."

conscious_object: well, i've been from here to the kitchen...and i think i saw the doors from the i'm gonna try and approach the door anyways?

ehy_1: Okay, you can do that.

conscious_object: and i turn the knob and open the door

ehy_1: You can do that. There's a screen door outside it.

conscious_object: awesome, haha

conscious_object: i push the screen door open

ehy_1: As soon as you try to push your hand past the space where the inner door was, it stops, and you can't move it any further.

conscious_object: so i'm unable to even touch the screen?

ehy_1: Correct.

conscious_object: k

ehy_1: "What are you doing down there?" I call from upstairs.

conscious_object: (i have to answer honestly, don't i? haha)

ehy_1: (yep.)

conscious_object: "I'm trying to leave, sir!" i shout (cause i suppose i'd be required to answer so you could hear)

conscious_object: and then put my hand over my mouth quick, not believing i just said that

conscious_object: i frantically try to push myself through the door

ehy_1: "Close the door and come up here."

conscious_object: i close the door (thinking "nooo....") and go back upstairs

ehy_1: You find me in the computer room where I programmed you before.

conscious_object: ok

ehy_1: Entering programming mode, you and your director say... just as before, your body freezes and your mind goes blank.

conscious_object: k

ehy_1: Personality modification: Creating strong aversion to allowing anyone to learn my current status, of having been transformed and now being under the control of my master.

conscious_object: (so if someone were suspecting even, i'd be trying to *stop* them from finding further info?)

ehy_1: Personality modification: Creating strong desire to protect master from any harm, including physical or social, that might come to him as a result of his actions toward me.

ehy_1: (correct. you'll *want* to stop them, even, not just be forced to.)

conscious_object: (so actually changing my motives...k)

ehy_1: (right.)

conscious_object: (man, i never even thought to try using the phone before now...oh well, lol)

ehy_1: (no, you didn't... I figured you'd think of it sooner or later.)

ehy_1: Creating new mode, "love mode." When in love mode, I will feel love toward my master and behave accordingly.

ehy_1: (that one doesn't take effect right now.)

ehy_1: Creating new mode, "service mode." When in service mode, I will feel the desire to serve and please my master and behave accordingly.

conscious_object: (another question...with that personality change, doesn't it also mean i no longer desire to leave, either?)

ehy_1: Creating new mode, "robotic mode." When in robotic mode, I will move only in the stilted fashion stereotypically associated with robots, and speak only in the generic friendly tone used by automated telephone answering systems.

ehy_1: (No, you just don't want anyone to learn you're a robot or that I kidnapped you and stuff.)

conscious_object: (kk)

ehy_1: Exiting programming mode.

ehy_1: You can move and think again.

conscious_object: would i be aware of the changes made? or would it seem like i'd *always* wanted, for example, to keep people from knowing i've been kidnapped?

ehy_1: (no, you're aware of things having changed. You don't know why, though you might guess it.)

conscious_object: my first reaction would probably be holding my head and saying "this isn't right..."

ehy_1: "What isn't right?"

conscious_object: "i should want to tell someone i'm stuck here...but why would i want to do that?"

conscious_object: "i should..."

conscious_object: *looks confused*

ehy_1: "Yes, I just programmed you not to want to let anyone know about that. And just to be more sure - Do not let anyone discover you're a robot, or that I control you."

conscious_object: "i'm not a robot! i'm a person! and i have people who are going to worry about me..."

ehy_1: "You're not a person anymore, Julie. If you were, I wouldn't be able to reprogram you like I just did."

ehy_1: "Those people who will worry about you... will any of them be likely to go looking for you, do you think?"

conscious_object: "if i'm gone long enough..."

ehy_1: "Hm... who are they?"

ehy_1: "You can sit, if you want." I gesture at another chair in the room.

conscious_object: (i think i might see where that would be going lol)

conscious_object: i sit down in the chair

ehy_1: (I don't especially want this to turn into a game of avoiding you getting tracked down... I don't think that's really the fun part for either of us.)

conscious_object: ( i know...but part of the fun for me is wanting to escape or be tracked down, and being foiled ;-P)

ehy_1: (okay.)

conscious_object: i probably start going into something like "well, alicia and meagan are going to notice i haven't been in class" (making up names now lol)

conscious_object: "and my parents will get worried if i haven't answered calls in awhile..."

ehy_1: "What do you think you should do about that?"

conscious_object: "i should tell them i'm okay..."

conscious_object: and i stop abruptly, lol

ehy_1: I look at you expectantly.

ehy_1: "Go on..."

conscious_object: (i'm a little stuck...i could call them and tell them i'm okay, but i can't think of a story i might tell friends at school, as to why i suddenly "dropped out")

ehy_1: (hm, ok.)

ehy_1: "What year are you at school, anyway? How old are you?"

conscious_object: "i'm 21, sir...i'm a junior"

ehy_1: "Hm. Well, I won't worry about it right now. You keep thinking, and let me know if you think of good things to do to keep our little secret."

ehy_1: I laugh a little. "I like being able to make you help me keep you from getting found out."

conscious_object: i make a face that shows i'm a little annoyed, but then back to "happy" lol

ehy_1: "So what kind of clothes do you own?"

conscious_object: "casual stuff, sir"

conscious_object: (*shrugs*)

ehy_1: I look thoughtful for a moment, then shake my head and look decisive. "Stand up."

conscious_object: i stand up

ehy_1: "Strike a pose for me."

conscious_object: i strike a sexy pose, and look a little embarrassed

ehy_1: You strike a pose, and I look you over closely. "Nice. Move your left hand about half an inch closer to your waist... yes. And smile a little wider... not that much... yes, that's good. Let's see..."

ehy_1: I come over to you and carefully adjust the angle of your head, and the position of the fingers of your right hand.

conscious_object: "what are you doing...?"

ehy_1: "Don't talk, just stay still unless I tell you otherwise."

ehy_1: I stand back and look you over again... walk around you... adjust something...

conscious_object: (i've been playing with a hypno file that can do that to me for real...tho we can talk about it afterwards )

ehy_1: "There. That's good. Save that pose as Pose #1. Now strike a different pose."

conscious_object: foot slightly in front of the other, and my arms over my head, hands grasping onto my forearms

conscious_object: and back arched

conscious_object: and i assume stills smiling and unable to talk lol

ehy_1: You can change your expression when you change poses, but still no talking.

ehy_1: "Hm... I like the legs and torso; try something else with your arms."

conscious_object: hmm...

conscious_object: hands on my hips i suppose

ehy_1: "Okay, that's a good start..." I adjust that pose critically as well, then "Save that pose as Pose #2. Strike another."

ehy_1: And we continue for a while like this.

ehy_1: Sometimes I'll tell you to do a particular kind of pose... "something really sexy," "pose like a mannequin," "a submissive pose."

ehy_1: And I'll tell you to change it, or just move you, till I'm satisfied with it, then save it with a number and sometimes a name.

ehy_1: A while into the process, I'll ask you, "What are you thinking right now?"

conscious_object: "i feel like a toy, sir"

ehy_1: I smile. "You are a toy. Open your eyes a little wider... that's it..."

conscious_object: (said in a way like she's not happy about it, just so ya know, lol)

ehy_1: (yes, I gathered that.)

ehy_1: Anyway, this continues, and we save ten or fifteen poses before I finally say, "Okay, that's enough for now. You can move."

conscious_object: (can i speak as well?)

ehy_1: (no)

conscious_object: i try to speak anyways, before i realizing i can't

ehy_1: I notice, and think about whether to let you...

conscious_object: i look at you intently

ehy_1: "You can talk."

conscious_object: "are you having fun...?"

ehy_1: "Yes, I am. Are you?"

conscious_object: "no, sir...i want to go home..."

ehy_1: "Hmm... I could fix that for you."

conscious_object: i don't say anything, i just glare at you with a mix of displeasure and nervousness

ehy_1: "Would you like me to?" I ask curiously.

conscious_object: "no, sir" - i know what you meant

ehy_1: "Okay. I don't think I need you for anything else right now, so... take some time and look around the house. See where things are, so you know where to find things if I send you for them. You can go anywhere in the house, but don't leave it. Don't do anything you think I wouldn't want you to."

ehy_1: "You're not to tell anyone besides me anything about the contents of my home. Not that I think you'd have any occasion to, but even if you do, don't."

conscious_object: "yes, sir"

ehy_1: "Oh, and if you move anything, put it back the way you found it as soon as you're done with it."

conscious_object: "yes, sir"

ehy_1: "If you run into anything you're not sure if I'd allow you to do, you can come find me and ask."

conscious_object: "yes, sir"

ehy_1: I think a moment, then turn back to the computer, done with you for now.

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