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EHY and conscious_object - Session 3

ehy_1: "Have you ever shared a shower with a man before?" I ask.

conscious_object: "no... sir..."

ehy_1: I pull you close to me, under the water.

ehy_1: "Wash me."

conscious_object: (does my programming automatically know what to do?)

conscious_object: (cause my character, she's a little unsure what to do)

ehy_1: (might be more fun if it doesn't.)

conscious_object: (is there soap or something around?)

ehy_1: (yep, soap and shampoo.)

conscious_object: she clumsily (?) picks up the soap and asks "um...where do i start, sir?"

ehy_1: (no, not clumsily, I think.)

conscious_object: (okies)

ehy_1: "Where do you start when you shower?"

ehy_1: Meanwhile I'm making sure both of us have gotten time under the spray to get thoroughly wet.

conscious_object: i'm gonna start rubbing his chest with the soap i guess, still not quite sure what i'm doing

conscious_object: and since it's right in front of me

ehy_1: (it was semi-rhetorical, but I *did* ask you a question you have to answer.)

ehy_1: (your programming noticed even if you didn't.)

conscious_object: (oh...hmm...)

conscious_object: "i start with my hair, sir"

ehy_1: "Well, then, start with mine."

conscious_object: she picks up the shampoo and starts massaging his scalp

conscious_object: (maybe standing on her toes, i'm not sure how much taller this guy might be)

ehy_1: "Mm... slower."

ehy_1: (he's a little taller than you, but you don't need to strain to reach him.)

conscious_object: (sounds good)

ehy_1: I turn my back to you, and tip my head backwards.

ehy_1: "Do you find me attractive, Julie?"

conscious_object: (she hasn't been programmed to automatically find him attractive, right? )

ehy_1: (nope. not yet, anyway...)

conscious_object: "no, sir." her eyes go a little wide

ehy_1: "Do your best to make me feel good," I order. "Be sensual when you touch me. Slow and soft and sexy."

conscious_object: "Yes, sir."

conscious_object: she kind of cringes as she finds herself rubbing you more sensually

conscious_object: but overall is feeling happy still

ehy_1: I turn around toward you and reach for the soap.

ehy_1: Very close to you, you feel something brush against your stomach.

conscious_object: (eep, lol)

conscious_object: actually, her mental reaction is probably "eep"

conscious_object: (trying to think of what her outward reaction might be)

conscious_object: her eyes widen, and her first impulse is to take a step back, as she looks down

ehy_1: I'm quite erect down there.

ehy_1: I lather up my hands and begin washing you, slow and sensual, starting at your shoulders and quickly moving down toward your breasts.

conscious_object: if her body allows, she's trying to inch her way backwards, as just a natural reaction

conscious_object: away from you i mean...not sure if that's backwards or forewards

ehy_1: So far she just has to wash me. I haven't told her anything about where to stand.

ehy_1: We're facing each other at the moment, you closer to the showerhead.

conscious_object: ok

conscious_object: she keeps trying to creep away backwards, seeing that erection and uncomfortable with you touching her

conscious_object: until i assume she's against the wall

ehy_1: "Where are you going?" I ask, smiling alittle.

ehy_1: I don't follow after her.

conscious_object: "i need to leave, sir"

ehy_1: "No, you don't."

conscious_object: "yes i do, sir" she gets out of the shower (if she can)

ehy_1: As she starts to, I say, "Freeze."

conscious_object: after i have one foot out of the shower maybe?

ehy_1: Sure.

conscious_object: (how frozen is she? just her body, or her face as well?)

ehy_1: (completely; can't move a muscle.)

conscious_object: (okies)

conscious_object: she struggles to move and is freaked out

ehy_1: "Come back here," I order. (She does what she's told, and can influence how she does it, but can't move any part of her except to obey the order.)

conscious_object: she struggles to disobey

ehy_1: She can fight the order a little, slow it down.

ehy_1: But not much.

conscious_object: now she's standing in front of you, motionless

ehy_1: "You may speak if you want."

conscious_object: "please, let me go..."

ehy_1: I continue soaping your body, paying lots of attention to your breasts. "Does this feel good?" I ask.

conscious_object: "a...little, sir"

ehy_1: I pull myself closer to you. "Look up at me."

ehy_1: I stroke your face with my soapy hand, pushing some hair out of the way.

conscious_object: "please, sir, i want to leave"

ehy_1: I kiss your lips.

conscious_object: she makes a noise like "ugh" as she tries to concentrate hard on moving

ehy_1: Then I order you to "Kiss me."

conscious_object: she tries to stop it, but kisses you

ehy_1: I hold you close to me, prolonging the kiss... you find you can't break away from it until I'm ready for you to.

conscious_object: she's frustrated

ehy_1: My tongue probes inside your mouth... not excessively rudely aside from the fact that I wasn't invited in the first place.

ehy_1: Eventually - it probably feels like a long time to you - I draw back.

ehy_1: Your face stays turned up and your lips stay a little parted, since you're still frozen after the kiss.

conscious_object: in her head she's yelling and trying to run away

ehy_1: "Unfreeze, but don't leave. Continue washing me. Time to rinse my hair."

ehy_1: I turn my back to you again.

conscious_object: i sigh and continue washing

ehy_1: When you're done with that, I say, "Soap your hands and wash the rest of me. My whole body."

ehy_1: The order about being sensual, you'll discover, still applies.

conscious_object: she winces as she starts doing this

ehy_1: I close my eyes and enjoy your touch. I probably guide you... "a little softer... not so fast... stay there a little longer..."

conscious_object: i continue thinking how i don't want to be here,

ehy_1: I suspect that eventually you've washed every part of me except one or two...

conscious_object: at some point, i'm going to be crouching down to wash your legs and feet...and trying to not look at the thing that is probably about at face level to me now

ehy_1: I wait for you to reach it, knowing you probably don't want anything to do with it but that my orders don't allow you to avoid it.

conscious_object: y'mean wait until that's the last part i haven't covered?

ehy_1: Unless it isn't the last part. You are able to put off touching it for a while if you choose, by washing other parts of me.

conscious_object: i put it off as long as i possibly can, maybe even going over parts i've already covered

conscious_object: and asking "how much longer until i'm done?"

ehy_1: asking out loud?

conscious_object: yeah...i'm assuming (or hoping) you'll eventually say "that's enough"...i maybe don't realize you're waiting for me to do "everything"

ehy_1: Oh, I see.

conscious_object: wishful thinking perhaps

ehy_1: "Seems to me you've only missed one part," I say. "You can't have not noticed it."

conscious_object: "is that really necessary...?"

ehy_1: "It is for you."

conscious_object: i hesitate, not sure what to do next

ehy_1: Your hands begin moving toward my cock.

conscious_object: i'm thinking "no, no, no..."

ehy_1: "It won't hurt you," I point out. "Why so afraid?"

conscious_object: with that, i give in, and try to just get it overwith as fast as i possibly can

ehy_1: Fat chance. "Slower," I say.

conscious_object: (haha)

ehy_1: "Yes, that feels nice."

conscious_object: maybe i try to pull away, and find i can't

ehy_1: "Soap your hands again, Julie."

conscious_object: "again...?"

ehy_1: I don't reply to that.

conscious_object: i'm annoyed at your ignoring me, but find myself soaping up anyways

ehy_1: "Now make me cum, Julie."

conscious_object: "you can't mean that..."

ehy_1: "Of course I can. And look like you're enjoying it."

conscious_object: she finds she can't wipe the smile off her face as she's doing this

ehy_1: I brace myself against the wall as you work (with your hands, I assume, though I didn't tell you you couldn't do it another way).

conscious_object: (with hands, yes ;-P)

ehy_1: "Mmm, nice... keep going..."

ehy_1: Eventually I cum in your hands.

conscious_object: i'm grossed out, and try to rinse off my soapy cummy hands

ehy_1: I don't stop you from doing that.

ehy_1: "You'd better wash it again now," I point out.

conscious_object: i make a defeated sound like and go back to washing

ehy_1: This time I don't interfere, and you're able to do it pretty fast.

conscious_object: she's very glad at this lol

ehy_1: I sigh contentedly.

ehy_1: "Okay... go dry yourself off quick, then get ready to dry me."

conscious_object: i rummage for the towels...dripping water all over i assume

ehy_1: Towels are pretty obvious.

conscious_object: right on a rack perhaps, rather than in the closet? or in the closet, it doesn't even matter...i'm just being overly specific haha

ehy_1: sure. Anyway, you find them and start drying off.

ehy_1: I turn off the shower.

conscious_object: and then i dry you off once i'm done i assume

ehy_1: Yes, you do.

ehy_1: Still being sensual about it.

conscious_object: i might roll my eyes a bit

ehy_1: And thorough.

ehy_1: "Good." I take the towel from you after a while. "Wait in my bedroom," I say, turning to the toilet.

conscious_object: i walk over into the bedroom

ehy_1: A few minutes later I come in as well, and basically toss the towel over your head as I go to get dressed.

conscious_object: over my head?

ehy_1: Yep.

conscious_object: like it lands on my head?

conscious_object: or you just tossed it over me?

ehy_1: like it lands on your head.

conscious_object: haha

conscious_object: like, i should reach up and take it off

conscious_object: and look at you annoyed

ehy_1: I'm not especially paying attention, but I do turn to you as you pull it off and grin a little.

conscious_object: lol

ehy_1: "I don't think I need you for a bit... go down to your room and brush your hair nice, then put on something pretty."

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