All Under Control!

EHY and conscious_object - Session 2

ehy_1: You're lying there helpless for what feels like a very long time. After a while, you start to feel very weird... like something is going on inside your body. Almost as if there were little *things* moving around in you. It's not exactly painful, except for an occasional pinch; more like itchy, but inside where you couldn't reach it even if you could move.

ehy_1: After a good long while of that, you start to hear/feel that whisper in your head again. Eventually it gets loud enough that you can make out words: "Phase seven under way... Phase seven under way... Phase seven under way..." It gets just loud enough that you can "hear" it clearly, then stops. A couple of minutes later, it says, "Integration with host mind established. Internal bidirectional verbal communication now enabled. Phase seven complete. Phase eight commencing."

ehy_1: "You may refer to the source of this communication as the director. The director now controls all activity of this body. The director has no free will. The director will respond to the master's programming and orders. The director will respond to the host mind's will, subject to limitations imposed by programming or by instructions from the master."

conscious_object: (what does this voice sound like? is it just a generic mechanical voice?)

conscious_object: (or it might be even creepier if it now sounded like my voice? hehe)

ehy_1: It doesn't really "sound" like anything at all. It's like the words are just appearing in your mind - rather as if you were thinking about saying them yourself, but you know they don't come from you.

conscious_object: so it does "sound" like my internal monologue a bit

conscious_object: like words just appearing in my head

ehy_1: Yes, exactly.

conscious_object: k

ehy_1: The voice doesn't say anything else for now unless you "talk" to it.

conscious_object: oh...i can talk to it

conscious_object: i'm not sure i'd think to do that right internal monolgue would be saying "omg...what is this...?"

ehy_1: (going to use italics now for that voice, which now answers...)

ehy_1: You may refer to the source of this communication as the director.

conscious_object: "the said you will respond to my will...?"

ehy_1: Correct.

conscious_object: "can you wake my body up?"

ehy_1: Yes.

conscious_object: "wake it up , please"

ehy_1: Access denied.

conscious_object: "no..."

ehy_1: that itching/pinching feeling in your body has been shifting around some more... it's less *inside* you now, and moving more to your outside now, especially your face, breasts, hands, and sex.

conscious_object: i squirm in my brain lol

ehy_1: More time passes...

ehy_1: ...and the itching finally begins to subside.

ehy_1: Phase eight complete. Phase nine commencing.

ehy_1: No more itching... nothing seems to be happening that you're aware of. Just time passing.

conscious_object: depending how long it's been, my mind might actually feel a little sleepy i think

conscious_object: whether or not i actually manage to fall asleep or not is up to you though, i suppose...i'm not sure if the body allows that

ehy_1: It does, and I think at this point you do fall asleep naturally.

ehy_1: You wake up very suddenly, though, and discover you can move again.

ehy_1: you're still lying on your back on the bed.

conscious_object: so my eyes snap open...i probably move my first, seeing that i can move, and then sit up

ehy_1: I'm in the room with you, wearing boxers and a t-shirt and holding your remote.

conscious_object: and look around, rubbing my hands

ehy_1: Morning light coming through the windows.

ehy_1: Your hands... they don't look quite as you expect...

conscious_object: oh...?

ehy_1: Smoother... your cuticles smoothed out, nails perfectly cut.

conscious_object: if i look down, does the rest of my body look different?

ehy_1: Yes, much the same way. All the imperfections in your skin are gone, and it's now smooth and even - no wrinkles or anything.

ehy_1: Your breasts look different too -

conscious_object: i think the first thing i say when i see you is "hi."

ehy_1: - a little bigger, perhaps, and firmer.

ehy_1: "Good morning. Is the process complete?"

ehy_1: and you say, "Yes."

conscious_object: i wrap a blanket around me, and ask where my clothes are (i assume there's a blanket on the bed?)

ehy_1: There is; you were lying on top of it.

conscious_object: or maybe not even a blanket, if it's tucked into the bed

conscious_object: maybe i just cover my breasts with my arms

ehy_1: yes, it's tucked in.

conscious_object: and bring my knees up

conscious_object: so i'm curled up a little, sitting up

ehy_1: "That doesn't matter. How do you feel?" I walk over to the closet and open it.

ehy_1: There are womens' clothes inside.

ehy_1: (physically, you feel fine - energetic and healthy.)

conscious_object: i say i'm "alright, considering..."

conscious_object: (if you step away from the closet, i probably dart over there and start looking for some clothes)

ehy_1: I don't just yet.

conscious_object: k

conscious_object: i watch attentively waiting for you to tho, lol

ehy_1: I pull out a very short, pretty pink wrap and toss it to you. "You can put this on if you want."

conscious_object: naturally, i put it on

ehy_1: Once you start dressing, I close the closet door. "Make me some eggs for breakfast. Two, over easy. With toast."

conscious_object: (do i just start doing this automatically, or do i just stare blankly at him?)

conscious_object: (or i should say, is this voluntary or involuntary)

ehy_1: (you aren't immediately forced to start, but if you delay for a few seconds, you start to feel a nudge, which quickly gets stronger until you're obeying.)

ehy_1: (in other words, you can do it voluntarily, but if you don't, you do it involuntarily.)

conscious_object: ok...well, i pause until it becomes involuntary

ehy_1: Then it does.

ehy_1: I follow you out into the kitchen and watch you.

conscious_object: and i probably give him a look of disbelief while i paused, surprised at the suddeness of this "random" command

conscious_object: do i see any other doors around, other than the garage one near the kitchen?

ehy_1: Yes, there are other exits from the kitchen, though you don't seem to have the option of using them just now as your body bustles around the kitchen doing cooking things.

ehy_1: You're free to do anything that doesn't get in the way of cooking,

ehy_1: and even a little that does as long as it doesn't slow you down much.

conscious_object: i'm more concentrating on getting the cooking done then...and trying to make a break for the door first chance i get

ehy_1: Okay.

ehy_1: Somewhere along the way you probably notice you're not wearing your glasses...

conscious_object: like, once the eggs and toast are i put them on a plate i assume...and then what...?

ehy_1: but you can see just fine anyway.

conscious_object: oh...

conscious_object: i make a note of that, but don't comment

ehy_1: "Bring them over," I say. "And get me a glass of orange juice."

conscious_object: say, how much older is this person than me? are they my age?

ehy_1: He's noticeably older than you, probably around thirty.

conscious_object: maybe a teacher then?

ehy_1: Could be. Or a grad student.

conscious_object: k

ehy_1: "Oh, um, bring silverware first," I say once you set down the plate.

conscious_object: do i automatically "know" where it is?

conscious_object: or do i have to search a little to find it?

ehy_1: You start to search, but I add, "It's in the drawer next to the sink."

ehy_1: You did have to search a little while cooking, to find the pan and spatula and such.

conscious_object: *nods*

ehy_1: I let you search when you were cooking, but now I don't want to wait for you to search so I tell you where to go, and you do.

conscious_object: hey, would i be hungry at all, or does my body keep me from being hungry at this point?

ehy_1: Nope, you don't feel hungry at all.

ehy_1: or any of the other things you'd normally feel first thing in the morning.

conscious_object: well, as soon as i pour the OJ and put it down, i'll probably try wandering out of the room

ehy_1: "Stay here," I say casually.

ehy_1: as I see you start to go.

conscious_object: i silently grumble

ehy_1: The remote control is on the table next to me, by the way. "What are you thinking now, Jamie?"

ehy_1: I think you probably saw it earlier and I just didn't think to mention it.

conscious_object: is it voluntary or involuntary that i have to tell him what i'm actually thinking?

ehy_1: Just as before - you have a chance to do it voluntarily. If you don't, you answer anyway after a few seconds, involuntarily, truthfully and precisely.

conscious_object: i'd be thinking "i need to get out of here"

conscious_object: my hands dart over my mouth the moment the words escape my lips, with a startled look on my face

ehy_1: I laugh at your reaction.

ehy_1: "You don't, really." In a more commanding tone: "Never go anyplace I haven't shown you unless I tell you to. Never leave this house unless I tell you to."

conscious_object: at this point i might be starting to tear up

ehy_1: I think about whether to stop you, while finishing a bite of eggs.

ehy_1: I decide not to, just yet at least.

conscious_object: the more i think about what's happened so far, and about my dorm, and how i'm supposed to be in class, i feel overwhelmed and start to sob a little

ehy_1: I decide to try out some of your other features. I look at the remote, think a moment, and press a couple of buttons...

ehy_1: you feel something happening inside your mind...

ehy_1: you're beginning to feel... happy.

ehy_1: You still know what's happening, but despite it, you're beginning to feel happy.

conscious_object: i hold my head in my hands and say "stop it..."

ehy_1: The happy seems to push against your resistance.

conscious_object: so do i start to feel like i'm actually happy to be here, or is it like just a general happy feeling even while i don't want to be there?

ehy_1: The latter. It's just out of nowhere and in response to nothing. You might try to rationalize it, but nothing's doing that for you.

conscious_object: gotcha

ehy_1: Like something's just turing a knob marked "happiness."

ehy_1: Turning it up to about 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, though, it takes some time to get there if you're fighting it.

conscious_object: i continue to try and remind myself that i'm unhappy, saying "i'm supposed to be in class today...people are going to notice i'm gone..."

ehy_1: Yeah, but... happy!

conscious_object: haha

conscious_object: eventually i give in

ehy_1: "There, that's a nice smile!"

conscious_object: when i say that, i try to stop smiling, annoyed

ehy_1: You can stop smiling, but you still feel happy, even over the annoyance.

conscious_object: and i suppose if i'm not concentrating on the face i'm making, it goes right back to a smile, cause i'm feeling so nice

ehy_1: Pretty much, yeah.

conscious_object: eventually that might start to mess with me, where i start to think i really am happy, lol

ehy_1: I go back to finishing my breakfast, but keeping my eyes on you.

conscious_object: worries about school and my social life back at school begin to fade, the longer i'm feeling nice and happy

conscious_object: well, you've still told me to "stay here", so i'm not really going anywhere

conscious_object: so maybe i decide to sit down at the table with you

ehy_1: You can do that.

ehy_1: Do you do anything else interesting before I finish eating?

conscious_object: well, if i get kinda bored watching you eat, i probably...let's see, i think i'd get up and make myself something

conscious_object: even if i'm not all that hungry

ehy_1: "What are you doing?" I ask when you get up.

ehy_1: Not upset, just curious.

conscious_object: "i wanted to eat something..."

ehy_1: I laugh. "Didn't I tell you? You don't eat anymore."

conscious_object: "i don't need to at all? what if i just want a little something to snack on? those eggs look like they'd taste good"

ehy_1: "They are good. Were you a good cook?"

conscious_object: "not particularly."

conscious_object: (i'm gonna keep going for the food, lol)

ehy_1: "Well, you're pretty good now. Stop that. Your programming includes a bunch of skills you might not have had yesterday."

conscious_object: "skills? like what...?"

ehy_1: "Oh, you'll find out."

conscious_object: i try going for the food again, but no use

ehy_1: I finish eating around now.

conscious_object: "just a little taste...?"

ehy_1: "No. Don't waste my food. Hm... would you prefer I remove your desire to eat?"

conscious_object: "i...dunno...i just love the taste of food...i don't want to give it up"

ehy_1: "Well, it's not your choice now." I stand up from the table. "Come with me."

conscious_object: i follow you

ehy_1: I lead you upstairs and point out the master bathroom. "Get the water running for a shower."

ehy_1: "No, wait..."

conscious_object: i stop

ehy_1: "Come in here. Let me fix this first, it's been nagging me."

conscious_object: i look at you inquisitively as i walk over

ehy_1: I lead you into a study, with a computer. "You're not to touch anything in here unless I tell you to."

ehy_1: I sit down and start working. "Were you skilled with computers?" I ask curiously.

conscious_object: "i was capable, but no expert"

ehy_1: "Okay." I press a button on the remote...

ehy_1: Entering programming mode, says the director in your head, and you say the same thing aloud in a rather mechanical tone - not monotone, but more like a phone drone saying "Hello, this is so-and-so, how may I help you?"

ehy_1: Your body freezes in place...

ehy_1: ... and your mind goes completely blank except to listen carefully to me.

conscious_object: ok

ehy_1: I don't say anything at first, but type at the computer, and you feel it connecting somehow to your mind...

conscious_object: (ooo, wireless...hehe)

ehy_1: Name change. New name: Julie.

ehy_1: Change confirmed.

conscious_object: (is this stuff i'm saying out loud?)

ehy_1: (hearing and speaking, yes)

conscious_object: (ok)

ehy_1: New command: Address master as "sir" at all times.

ehy_1: New command: Acknowledge commands not acted on immediately once accepted.

ehy_1: I sit back and think about whether I want to make any other program changes now.

ehy_1: Exit programming mode.

ehy_1: Your mind wakes up again, and you can move. You remember that something happened, but you don't remember the program changes although they take effect. You remember that your name used to be Jamie, but now you know your name is Julie.

conscious_object: hmm

conscious_object: if i remembered those two things tho, i don't think my character would be very happy about it (even if she's happy, haha)

conscious_object: "you...changed my name...?"

ehy_1: "Mm-hmm. I never thought Jamie was a very pretty name."

conscious_object: "but it's my can you just change it...?"

ehy_1: "You're a machine now. I can change almost anything about you."

conscious_object: i have no response

ehy_1: "Now go get the shower ready, Julie."

conscious_object: i hesitate for a moment and then go to the shower

conscious_object: (i think something is supposed to happen when i do that, but not sure what)

ehy_1: At minimum, you turn the shower on and adjust it to what seems a comfortable temperature.

conscious_object: (i mean the hesitation..."acknowledge commands not acted on immediately" or whatever...i'm not sure what that means)

ehy_1: Oh. Means if I tell you to do something that doesn't send you off obeying right away, like "don't waste my food," you say something like "Yes, sir."

ehy_1: You don't have to now, since the order involves going right away to do it.

conscious_object: ohhh

conscious_object: now i understand

conscious_object: well, i assume your in the other room while i do the shower? i'm going to be talking to myself a little, trying to "fix" my brain

conscious_object: "my name is jjj--"

ehy_1: I thought that was a little unclear but I figured you'd ask if you were confused.

conscious_object: "my name is jjjjjjjjulie"

ehy_1: I meet you there shortly, naked. "Undress," I say.

conscious_object: i take my little wrap off

ehy_1: I check the water temperature and adjust it a little, then get in. "Come on in with me."

conscious_object: i hesitate for the moment again and get in

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