All Under Control!

EHY and conscious_object - Session 1

ehy_1: It's the end of a big lecture, and everyone's packing up and leaving, when you feel a sharp pinch in the side of your neck.

conscious_object: ow *i turn to look?*

ehy_1: People going by... nothing out of the ordinary. And nothing seems to come of it - there's a little drop of blood but nothing more. Perhaps it was an insect bite.

conscious_object: hm

conscious_object: i rub my neck and continue walking

ehy_1: Later that evening, though... you're home studying...

ehy_1: You start to feel strange. A little light-headed, and it's hard to concentrate.

conscious_object: i'm going to get up and get something to drink, hoping that'll help

ehy_1: Okay, you do that.

ehy_1: It doesn't seem to help, but it doesn't get worse either. But it feels... almost like the light-headedness is *moving*, inside your head.

conscious_object: moving? hm

conscious_object: i'm going to ignore it and keep studying

ehy_1: Okay. It's a little hard to concentrate, but you're able to continue.

ehy_1: After about an hour... (unless you do something interesting before that?)

conscious_object: (i can't think of anything, lol)

ehy_1: start to become aware of a sound, like a very quiet whisper you can't quite make out.

conscious_object: i stop studying for a moment and turn my head, to see if i can tell which direction it's coming from

ehy_1: It sounds the same no matter which way you turn.

conscious_object: what's it sound like?

conscious_object: just an indecipherable whisper?

ehy_1: Whispering. It's starting to take a little bit of shape, though.

ehy_1: A few seconds of whispery sound, then maybe half a minute of silence.

ehy_1: Then it repeats.

conscious_object: i get up and go in the other room to see if i can find where it's coming from

ehy_1: It keeps repeating, just the same - it's neither louder nor softer in the other room. Although...

ehy_1: you realize it *is* actually getting just a little bit louder.

ehy_1: There are words there... you can't quite distinguish them yet, but if it keeps getting louder you will soon.

conscious_object: i ask out loud "is someone there?" wondering if someone is hiding somewhere

ehy_1: Nothing answers... but after a few minutes you can start to make out what the whisper is saying:

ehy_1: "Go to the back door of the college library," it says.

conscious_object: i shout "who's there? where are you?"

ehy_1: Again, a little while later: "Go to the back door of the college library."

conscious_object: i shout "why?" before hearing it a few more times and giving up on that

conscious_object: then i do a search of the house, before growing tired of it and deciding to go

conscious_object: just to get it to stop maybe? lol

ehy_1: Even as it gets louder, it doesn't seem to be coming *from* anyplace in particular.

conscious_object: it just keeps getting louder, right?

ehy_1: Yes, very gradually but definitely.

conscious_object: i don't know what else to do, and i'm getting creeped out

conscious_object: so i go

ehy_1: Okay.

ehy_1: It just keeps getting louder till you decide to give in and go... and in fact until you get there.

conscious_object: so i'm more and more creeped out once i leave my room and still hear it

ehy_1: As you approach the door, the voice finally stops.

ehy_1: It's dark, but not too late, so there are some people around, going from place to place.

ehy_1: One of them walks up to you casually. It's a man, a little older than you, average build, dark hair, fairly nondescript, especially in the dark. He says...

ehy_1: "You got my call, I see. Walk with me, calmly."

conscious_object: i ask who he is, what's going on?

ehy_1: You also feel a strong compulsion to walk with him, as he continues walking past you. It's almost as if your legs are trying to move on their own.

conscious_object: a

conscious_object: well, i fight it as i'm asking him

conscious_object: and ask "why should i follow you?"

ehy_1: "Because I told you to," he says calmly.

conscious_object: does he say anything when i'm all like "who are you? what's going on?" and such?

ehy_1: No - I'm assuming you asked why you should follow pretty quickly, as you noticed the compulsion, and of the three questions that's the only one he's answered.

conscious_object: let's say the compulsion grows a little, or i become tired or something, and give in

ehy_1: Holding out against it is difficult, in fact.

conscious_object: and as i'm walking, "i don't know why i'm following you, but fine"

ehy_1: As he notices you give in, the man begins walking with you.

ehy_1: He smiles. "Of course. What's your name?"

conscious_object: "jamie...who are you?"

ehy_1: "My name is Sebastian," he says.

conscious_object: have i seen him before anywhere? or is he a total stranger?

ehy_1: Now that you think of it, he does look familiar. You don't know him, but maybe you've seen him around campus.

conscious_object: ok

ehy_1: He's leading you towards a parking lot.

conscious_object: i don't know what else to ask, so i'm going to assume he just keeps talking lol

conscious_object: i'll ask him where we're going

ehy_1: Actually he doesn't - he seems to just assume you'll keep following him.

ehy_1: "For now, to my car. The white one on the end," he points it out to you. "Get into the passenger seat."

conscious_object: what happens if i try to stop walking, or if i try to run in the other direction?

ehy_1: Your legs really want to keep following him. It's hard even to slow down, and it feels like lifting heavy weights to stop. Running in the other direction is out of the question.

conscious_object: ok

ehy_1: He looks when he notices you've fallen behind, but he doesn't stop.

conscious_object: so after he says the car thing

conscious_object: i'm going to say "i don't want to get in their with you..." as my body continues to do so regardless

ehy_1: He walks around the car and gets into the driver's seat. "No, I didn't really think you would," he says as he starts the car. Once you're in he tells you to "Close the door and buckle up."

conscious_object: i try my best to get out and run, or at the very least to stop myself from doing what he says

ehy_1: As hard as it was to disobey him before, it's getting even harder. He just waits while you try to fight.

conscious_object: i maybe sit there motionless making a face for a moment like i'm struggling, and then end up closing the door and buckling up

ehy_1: As you're doing that, I pull a remote control gadget out of my pocket and point it in your general direction.

conscious_object: if i notice it, i might ask "what's that...?"

ehy_1: As you notice it, I press a button on it. Instantly, your body from the neck down becomes complely motionless - you can't move at all. It's like it isn't even connected to your mind anymore.

ehy_1: "Your remote control," I answer.

conscious_object: i exclaim in astonishment (with an element of confusion and fear), "remote control??"

conscious_object: and then try really hard to move

conscious_object: or try really hard to "remember" how to move, since it doesn't seem like it's connected to my brain

conscious_object: and just stare at my motionless body in frustration

ehy_1: I drop the device in your lap. "Don't all machines have remote controls these days?"

ehy_1: I pull the car out of the lot and begin driving.

conscious_object: i cry "i am not a machine!" as i concentrate really hard on the remote, trying to move my hand to grab it

ehy_1: Your efforts to move are futile. Above the neck you have no problem moving; below the neck you can't even twitch a finger.

ehy_1: "You are now. Or at least, you will be soon. Your transformation is happening even as we speak."

conscious_object: i ask what's going on, why he's doing this

ehy_1: "Because you're beautiful, and I want you. Even now my nanites are working inside you. They're active in your brain and spine so far, taking control of your nervous system."

ehy_1: "That's how I can control you."

ehy_1: "They haven't got complete control yet, which is why you were able to resist my orders some. But they will."

conscious_object: i shout something to the effect of "i'm not yours to control" and "let me go!"

ehy_1: "Don't yell," I say.

conscious_object: and i suppose i can't now?

ehy_1: you got it.

conscious_object: i try to yell "let me go!" again, but all that happens is...i say it quieter?

ehy_1: Yes - you can speak it, but not yell.

conscious_object: or maybe if i yell, nothing comes out, and i can only speak if i talk quieter?

ehy_1: "Maybe later, if I feel like it. But you're mine till I choose to let you go."

ehy_1: (sure, I like that.)

conscious_object: (i like that too )

conscious_object: "what are you going to do with me?"

ehy_1: "Oh, I don't know just yet. Whatever I feel like. You won't have much say in it."

ehy_1: I reach over and take your hand. I pull it toward me - and it moves fairly easily for me, though you have no control over it, not even enough to resist my pull.

ehy_1: I straighten out your fingers and place your hand on my thigh.

ehy_1: "Oh, close your eyes," I order casually.

conscious_object: if i struggle, does it even keep them from closing? or at this point do they just close before the thought even enters my head to resist?

ehy_1: No, you can still resist.

conscious_object: probably not for very long, i assume they close

ehy_1: I look to see if they have.

conscious_object: i might move my head around a bit trying to open them again lol

ehy_1: Once I see your eyes are closed, I reach into your lap and press another button on the remote control. Now your face is frozen too. You can't move or speak at all.

conscious_object: "don't, what are you--" and cut off

ehy_1: "I wouldn't want you to watch to see where we're going," I comment. "Once the process is complete I'd just be able to turn you off completely, but for now this is the best I can do. I suppose this might be a boring trip for you."

conscious_object: i'm generally freaked out, but can't do much

conscious_object: i can still feel things, right?

ehy_1: Yes, you still have all your senses (except sight, of course) and your mind is fully alert.

conscious_object: has my head gone limp, or is it kinda frozen facing forward?

ehy_1: Frozen facing wherever it was when I pressed the button. As the rest of your body is frozen wherever it was after you buckled your seatbelt, except for your left hand.

conscious_object: my right arm would be in mid-air then i think, sitting out in front of me

conscious_object: i'm just sitting, i guess very attentive of sounds going on around me, like the car, and noises from the road...and hyperaware of the position my body is in

conscious_object: my head was probably facing you then when it was frozen too

ehy_1: I turn and look at you when I can spare attention from the road, not that you know about it.

ehy_1: At one point, I reach out and touch your face gently, caressing your cheek.

conscious_object: i'm startled, and feel like i should've jolted back, but don't move

ehy_1: Eventually, the car stops and I shut it off.

ehy_1: I pick up the remote control from your lap, and you can move again.

conscious_object: ok...i open my eyes and look around

ehy_1: We're parked inside a small garage.

ehy_1: I get out of the car, saying "Get out and come inside."

conscious_object: i get out and try to run out?

ehy_1: Well, you get out, anyway.

ehy_1: That feeling of constraint is still there, though... your body wants to follow me inside.

ehy_1: I press a button that closes the garage door, and open the door to the house.

ehy_1: I stand in the doorway waiting for you to follow me.

conscious_object: i probably just stand there at first, as the door goes down, wanting to run off...but after a few seconds start following you in

ehy_1: I wait a moment for you, until you come.

ehy_1: Beyond the door is the kitchen of what looks like a modest home, not especially well decorated or cared for.

ehy_1: I close the door behind you.

conscious_object: i stand there and look appears i can't exactly run off by myself, so i have to kind of wait for you

conscious_object: "how long do you plan to keep me...?"

ehy_1: "Oh, I don't know. Hadn't really thought about it that far. What's your name again?"

conscious_object: "jamie..."

ehy_1: "Jamie, right. Hm. What stage have you reached now?"

ehy_1: Without your intending it, your mouth opens and you say, "Stage five."

ehy_1: ...and proceeding from there.

conscious_object: ah, okies

conscious_object: so she says "stage five"

ehy_1: "Stage five, that's good. Looks like everything's still going well."

conscious_object: and then a look of shock, and "what was that...??"

ehy_1: I ignore that. "So this should be working now..." I press a button...

ehy_1: Then operate another control, and you find you're slowly walking forward.

ehy_1: Turning, walking, stopping.

ehy_1: Turning again, walking faster, as I operate you with the remote control.

ehy_1: Your legs are walking but the rest of you is free to do as you choose.

ehy_1: ...for now, at least...

conscious_object: like if i try resisting walking, what does that feel like?

ehy_1: Nothing at all - you can't even slow yourself down now.

conscious_object: or is it just like, my brain doesn't seem to connect with it?

ehy_1: Exactly.

ehy_1: You're not completely disconnected from your legs, like you were before, but you've no control over your walking.

ehy_1: You almost walk into a wall, before I stop you and back you up...

conscious_object: i lean over, and grab one of my legs with both hands, trying to keep it from moving, and say "stop it!"

ehy_1: That actually does slow you down some...

ehy_1: you can pull your leg with your hands.

ehy_1: Your leg is probably stronger than your hands, but you do have an effect that way.

conscious_object: *nods*

ehy_1: I grin at your efforts.

conscious_object: so i can't actually control the speed of my walking through my legs or anything...can i do anything with my legs at this point, or are they on autopilot?

ehy_1: You find you can twist your foot, while it's in the air, for example. It straightens out to come down, though.

ehy_1: I turn you and steer you out of the kitchen...

conscious_object: if i pass a chair or something else, i'm going to try and grab onto that, continuing to be like "stop!"

ehy_1: You drag it behind you a bit before I say, "Let go of that."

conscious_object: and i let go

conscious_object: so where am i walking now?

ehy_1: I steer you into another room - it looks like a guest bedroom, very spare, just a bed, dresser, little table, an uncomfortable- but nice-looking chair, closed door that looks like a closet, and full-length mirror.

ehy_1: I move you to the middle of it, turn you to face me, and stop you there.

ehy_1: I press another button.

ehy_1: Now your arms start to work without checking your brain for permission... but they don't seem to be accomplishing anything. Sort of flailing near your waist.

conscious_object: flailing...?

ehy_1: sort of pawing at the bottom of your shirt.

ehy_1: (I'm having trouble describing it, so I'll tell you what it was -

ehy_1: that was the "undress" control, but the nanites haven't infiltrated your nervous system enough to have such fine control of your hands to actually make it happen automatically.)

ehy_1: (but nobody tells you this.)

ehy_1: "Hm," I say. "Guess you're not that advanced yet."

ehy_1: I press a button, and control of your arms is returned to you.

ehy_1: So I do it the other way. "Get undressed, Jamie."

conscious_object: i try reaally hard to resist

conscious_object: maybe i make some "mff" noises, like i'm concentrating really hard, and feeling exhausted from the struggle

ehy_1: Assuming this is something you feel really strongly about, you actually can hold this back some... especially if it occurs to you to... hm, let's see if it occurs to you.

conscious_object: at this point i think the only things that would be in my mind

conscious_object: would be trying to resist really hard...and if my arms started undressing me regardless, i'd be saying "no, no, no, no, no..."

conscious_object: how much movement of the fingers do i have?

conscious_object: is it just like, i close my fingers together before they reach the button, and thus they cannot grab the button?

ehy_1: Not a lot... the machine definitely has control of them, but you can fight it. Your description sounds good.

ehy_1: I watch you for a little while, but you're holding it off long enough that I get frustrated.

ehy_1: I use the remote to freeze your body, as I did in the car. I put it down and walk over to you.

conscious_object: where in undress was i at that point...?

ehy_1: (let's say you got your shirt and shoes off before you figured out how to stall. You wearing a bra?)

conscious_object: (yeah)

ehy_1: (so you were working at your pants button.)

conscious_object: (okies)

ehy_1: I move your arms out to your sides, and walk around behind you.

conscious_object: so my arms are at my heads maybe shifting kinda frantically for a few seconds, trying to will the rest of me to move

conscious_object: then i look at you...and i say "why are you doing this?"

ehy_1: As you look at me I walk around behind you, and you can only turn your head so far.

ehy_1: I reach around you and unfasten your pants. "I want to see what my new toy looks like," I answer.

conscious_object: "i'm not your toy...leave me alone!"

ehy_1: "You're my toy now," I say, as I lower your jeans over your hips and down your thighs.

conscious_object: "no...stop it!"

conscious_object: i try to wiggle or anything, but nothing

ehy_1: Then I slide your panties down too. My hands slide down the skin of your thighs.

ehy_1: Nope, you can't react below the neck at all.

conscious_object: i make a noise like a breath in through my i'm uncomfortable...when you touch me

ehy_1: (I bet you are.) With some difficulty, I unfasten your bra.

conscious_object: (haha, some difficulty...that's great)

conscious_object: (my character would've laughed if she weren't terrified ;-P)

ehy_1: (I've had some experience unfastening bras... never have managed to figure out the trick.)

ehy_1: Anyway, I slide it off your shoulders, moving your arms as needed to remove it.

conscious_object: i'm like "nnh...let me go...!"

ehy_1: Then I begin running my hands along the skin of your shoulders, your back, your arms... just enjoying the feel of female flesh.

ehy_1: "Do you have a boyfriend?" I ask from behind you?

conscious_object: i feel like i'm squirming in my brain as you do this

conscious_object: i answer "no..."

ehy_1: "Girlfriend?"

conscious_object: she says "no," slightly annoyed

ehy_1: "When was the last time you had sex?" My hands roam around in front of you, over your stomach.

conscious_object: "why do you need to know?"

ehy_1: "I don't, but I'm curious. Tell me."

ehy_1: My hands up to your breasts... lightly caressing...

conscious_object: you can almost hear the squirming in my voice as i answer "i haven't"

ehy_1: "Really? Pretty girl like you?"

ehy_1: I take my hands off you, and come back around in front of you.

ehy_1: I reach up to your face and remove your glasses.

ehy_1: I go over to the remote control, and use it to walk you backwards a few steps.

ehy_1: Small steps, since your pants are around your legs.

conscious_object: hm

ehy_1: Then I stop you, come back over, and tip you backwards...

ehy_1: ...onto the bed.

conscious_object: are my arms still outwards?

ehy_1: Yes, hands probably six or ten inches away from your waist. Bent a little forward, so your arms aren't resting on the bed.

conscious_object: when you tip me back i make a little "mmph" noise maybe

ehy_1: I push you back on the bed so you're not falling off it.

ehy_1: Now that your feet are off the floor, I pull your pants and panties off.

conscious_object: do my arms get uncomfortable when they're sticking out not resting on anything? like, do my muscles tire when they being controlled?

ehy_1: Now that you think of it, they do a little, but not as much as you would expect them to.

conscious_object: and it's not like i can relax them anyways

ehy_1: Nope.

conscious_object: as you're taking off the rest of my clothes, i'm probably continuing to say variations of "stop" and "don't," and you probably continue to ignore me

ehy_1: Once you're naked, I stand at your feet and look at you carefully.

conscious_object: i might whimper...or say "please don't..."

ehy_1: "Stop whimpering," I order.

ehy_1: "You look as good as I thought you would," I say, sort of generally - not really to you.

ehy_1: "Not that there isn't some room for improvement, but the transformation will take care of a lot of that automatically."

conscious_object: "what are you going to do...?"

ehy_1: "For now, I'm going to leave you here overnight to let the transformation complete. Keeping your body shut down will speed that along, and should forestall any problems."

ehy_1: I go pick up the remote.

conscious_object: "transformation? shut down...? wait--"

ehy_1: "Hmm?" I decide to wait, and stand next to the bed holding the remote lightly.

ehy_1: Not particularly pointing it at you.

conscious_object: "what transformation? what's going on...?"

ehy_1: "The nanites need time to finish turning you into the toy I want. Once they're done, you won't get tired, or need to eat or use the bathroom... and it'll integrate further with your brain and body."

ehy_1: "You'll be more robot than human. Just as beautiful, but all mine."

conscious_object: "why are you doing this to me...?" *starts to sob*

ehy_1: Now I use the remote...

ehy_1: ...and your body goes completely limp. Your arms thump onto the bed, your eyes close.

ehy_1: Under other circumstances it might even feel nice... you're almost totally relaxed, physically.

conscious_object: but still awake mentally?

ehy_1: Yes.

ehy_1: I put the remote down on the bed. "See you in the morning," I say, and leave the room.

ehy_1: You might even fall asleep, eventually.

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