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IPM Female DP Owner's Guide

Note: This is a draft intended for circulation only among authorized IPM staff members.

The Android's Body

General Abilities

While the precise specifications of each android model differ, in general most androids are about as strong, fast, and able as a human being of her appearance would be. The optional enhanced motor system provides the possibility of short bursts of extra strength or speed when she is ordered to provide it, but she can never use this added capability on her own initiative.

Your android's joints have roughly the same freedom and limitations as a human's (e.g. her elbows do not bend backwards, her shoulders rotate only so far), with a few exceptions. Her face is not quite as versatile in expression, and her toes do not move independently.

Your android's director has near-precise control of her body's position. She can assume any desired pose, resume a previous pose, or hold a pose precisely, upon your order.

Your android will normally expand and contract her chest to simulate breathing, as well as using breath-related expressions such as sighs. This is primarily cosmetic, although it does enhance the operation of her cooling system, and may be stopped without harm. However, blocking your android's mouth and nostrils while she is active is not recommended, as this will interfere with her cooling system.

Although she will normally breathe and move her lips and mouth in synchronization with her speech, your android's voice is generated using a speaker located inside her mouth, and as such can be used without moving her mouth or breathing.

** Your android is capable of consuming a small amount of food and drink (about 2 cups) should you desire her to do so. This is stored in a bladder inside her torso, and will be ejected through her anus at a convenient time. The food is of course not digested. The food tract and storage bladder can become clogged or smelly if used frequently or not emptied promptly. It is recommended that the storage bladder be replaced monthly if it is being used.

** Your android has a water reservoir capable of storing 0.6 gallons of water. This is used to moisten her eyes, mouth, and sexual area, as well as to clean these areas and her food tract. The reservoir is filled by drinking ordinary tap water. (If your tap water is particularly hard, you may want to add softening agent periodically, which can be obtained at your IPM dealer.)

** Her chassis, with all ports and joints sealed, is water resistant to 20M. She can shower, bathe, or stand in rain without danger, and can even swim in clean water. Submersion in salty, chlorinated, or acidic water is not recommended.

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