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IPM Female DP Owner's Guide

Note: This is a draft intended for circulation only among authorized IPM staff members.


Your android's distance vision is not quite as acute as a typical human's, nor her color perception, but her ability to see small changes is somewhat greater than a human's.

She can hear slightly quieter sounds than a human, but cannot distinguish pitch as accurately (unless she is equipped with an optional enhanced hearing package.) In noisy environments, she may have difficulty distinguishing and understanding individual voices.

Her skin is considerably less sensitive to touch than a human's in many areas, although she can simulate responses such as ticklishness and sexual pleasure.

At all times, she is aware of the precise position of her own body. Her sense of balance is near perfect, though her ability to balance herself may be limited.

Her built-in thermometer allows her to distinguish temperatures to within 0.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

She does not have senses of taste or smell.

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