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IPM Female DP Owner's Guide

Note: This is a draft intended for circulation only among authorized IPM staff members.


Your android's behavior is determined by the interplay between her two volitional modules, in combination with her current volitional mode and her configuration settings (described below).

The Volitional Modules

Your android's personality is what makes her a Donated Personality. Drawn from a real human woman, it has a body of life experience, likes and dislikes, mannerisms, habits, emotions, and so on. Left to itself, the personality would behave freely, thinking its own thoughts and doing as it pleases.

Her director is what keeps her personality in line. It is a robotic mind that knows the limits and obligations placed on the android. Left to itself, the director would be your slave, doing what you require of it without emotion or personality.

An android's body is always under the immediate control of her director. It is the director that ultimately determines the body's movements, receives sensory input, and controls the personality. Because of this, it is not possible for the personality to take control of the body and "rebel," no matter what malfunction were to occur. Damage to the director could at worst cause your android to become unable to move.

Volitional Modes

The interplay between director and personality is controlled primarily by the android's current volitional mode. She has three volitional modes:

  • Most owners leave their androids in natural mode most of the time. In natural mode, the android's personality is permitted maximum control over her body. Unless ordered to do otherwise, her director will make most of its sensory data available to the personality. It will act on most of the personality's intentions, to the extent specified by her current configuration.

  • In robotic mode, the personality is deactivated. Your android will obey your orders without emotion, personality, or initiative. The personality will not be given access to sensory data while in robotic mode, nor will its intentions be acted on in any way. (The director, of course, will have full access to sensory data, and will remember it later even though the personality will not have access to it.)

  • In stand-by mode, the android is almost completely deactivated. Neither director nor personality is active, and her motor functions are reduced to a power-saving level. All that remains active is the senses necessary to detect a prearranged set of circumstances, upon which she will reactivate, reverting back to the mode she was in prior to entering stand-by mode. Your android will usually not remember anything that occurs while she is in stand-by mode; however, some models do retain small amounts of memory, especially if programmed to reactivate at a complex stimulus - similar to what a lightly sleeping person might remember upon awaking. Reactivating from stand-by mode takes about two seconds.

  • Your android can also be turned Off. When off, she is completely deactivated. She is aware of nothing, even the passage of time, and has no thoughts whatsoever. You should turn your android Off if you intend to modify her hardware, replace her batteries or other components, or leave her idle for longer than a day or two. You should also turn her Off before packing her for storage or shipment. Her memory will last at least ten years while Off. Reactivating from being off takes between ten and thirty seconds.

Configuration Settings

When in natural mode, the interplay between director and personality is also determined by your android's configuration settings. These are a simple way of modifying your android's overall behavior to your liking. Each of the five parameters can be set to a value between 0 and 9. Some settings can also be set to "natural," which allows them to fluctuate naturally according to the android's personality and circumstances.

  • Initiative (IT): This controls your android's ability to initiate action on its own. The lower her initiative is set, the less likely her director is to allow her personality to do something you have not ordered her to do.
    • At a level of 0, her director will not initiate any action on her personality's behalf. She will do only what you tell her to, and will stand motionless when she has no orders to follow. However, her personality will have the freedom to determine how to obey your orders.
    • At a level of 9, her director may initiate any action her personality considers performing. She will behave in a very self-willed fashion, acting impulsively and freely.
    • An intermediate level of 5 generally allows her to anticipate your desires and show some personality, while allowing her to refrain from actions she considers unwise (but permitted), and preventing her from behaving unpredictably.

  • Obedience (OB): This controls your android's degree of obedience to orders.
    • At a level of 9, her director will obey the precise letter of any order she is given, word for word, instantly and completely, disregarding any opinion of her personality.
    • At a level of 0, her director will only encourage obedience to orders, but will allow her personality to override all but the most forceful commands issued by her owner. (All programming still remains operative, however, and her remote control functions will still work).
    • A mid-range obedience level of 5 provides a good level of freedom to obey the spirit rather than the letter of your orders, to question them if she is uncertain of their meaning, to delay if she does not want to obey them, and to choose how to obey them; while still ensuring that she will do as you've ordered.

  • Independence (ID): This modifies your android's personality directly, controlling her general sense of and desire for independence.
    • At a level of 0, she will consider herself rightfully nothing more than your property, existing solely for your use and pleasure. She will never feel any resentment of your treatment of her.
    • At a level of 9, she will consider herself rightfully a free woman, and resent any imposition on her free will.
    • A moderate level of 5 provides the effect of a loyal servant or employee, who serves you willingly despite sometimes disliking the things you ask of her.
    • This setting may be set to natural to allow the android to feel as independent as her personality may dictate.

  • Deference (DF): This also modifies your android's personality, adjusting her level of desire to please you and others.
    • At a level of 0, she will feel no particular need to please you. If her obedience is set high enough, she will be required to obey you, and if her independence is low she may feel it her duty to do so, but she will feel no particular desire to please you, nor will she be disappointed if she fails to do so.
    • At a level of 9, she will feel totally dedicated to your pleasure, seeking only your happiness, displaying great dismay should you indicate she has failed to please you.
    • At an intermediate level of 5, she will generally seek to make you happy, though it will not be all she thinks about.
    • This setting may be set to natural to allow the android's attitude toward you and others will change over time in response to the way she is treated, as a person's would.

  • Sex drive (SD): This controls your android's level of interest in sex and sexual contact.
    • At a level of 0, she will be completely uninterested and even find sex somewhat distasteful.
    • At a level of 9, she will want nothing else, and will try to convince anyone nearby to have sex with her.
    • At a moderate level of 5, she will show interest in sex and enjoy it if it is offered, but will be selective about her partner, and will not go out of her way to seek it.
    • This setting may be set to natural to allow the android's interest in sex to fluctuate naturally according to her personality and circumstances.

All of these settings can be changed independently, creating a wide variety of effects. Note that some combinations may provide undesirable results. For example, combining a low obedience level with a high initiative, especially with high independence and/or low deference, may result in your android becoming undesirably independent and difficult to control. Your android will not enter such a state without asking you to confirm your intention.

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