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4.0  NOW, A WARNING???

     Okay folks. This rates a second disclaimer.  It must be said first, that this is a deeply exciting fetish once you look into it. I did NOT put this last because I prefer it least. It's RIGHT up there with Technosexuality for me.  That said, this can also be a deeply SCARY and dark place.  This can be a really beautiful place too. But it cannot be denied that the dark side of this fetish is blacker than Darth Vader's colon in a coal mine at the bottom of a black hole.

     If you're looking to do anything to do with this fetish to someone against his or her will, or hurt someone's mind or personality through ritual or applied psychological abuse, this is NOT for you. THERAPY is for you.  Lots and lots of therapy is for you.  As well as proceedings to have your children taken care of by people they'll be safe with until you've worked out your problems.  And if you disagree, perhaps a chemical castration and a nice regular dosage of thorazine is in order.

     THAT SAID...  Welcome.  I knew you were coming. Don't ask me how.  We'll get into that in a little.


     You're darn straight it is. It has been said in the previous sections that there's a lot to do with Dominance and Submission play in the gathered group of fetishes in this FAQ.  Mind Control Fetishism likely delves into that a little bit more than any other fetish I've ever heard tell of. What it is, in a nutshell... Okay, scratch that. It wouldn't fit in a nutshell. It wouldn't fit in an anti-aircraft shell for that matter. But let's give a go at trying to define it.

     Fetish Mind Control has to do with achieving arousal from the practice, or perceived practice of altering the way the mind works, thinks, or perceives.

     I bet you thought the definition was going to be longer than that.  Trust me. Those 25 words mean a LOT more than that. (Stop counting.  Yup.  I knew you were doing that too. Nope, don't ask how yet. I said we'd get into that in a little while.) It's been around for a while. It's held the attention of man for several hundred years, and perhaps several thousand.  And it fits into no one category.  It overlaps into all manner of other fetishes, and not just the ones that come before these words in this FAQ. So.  You're already going HUH??  Hundreds of years?  Bulldink! I knew you were going to say that too. Bear with me.  Like the man said, eventually this will all make sense.


     Oh you want a history? You want examples? Picky aren't you?  I've got one for you. How about one from the Bard himself? You need look no further than William Shakespeare’s play, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. What, you people don't read? Relax, I'm kidding.  For those of you unfamiliar, the characters of Lysander, Demetrius, and Titania, Queen of Faerie are enchanted with magic love spells by King Oberon and Robin Goodfellow to fall madly and passionately in love with the most unlikely of people whilst in the woods.

     And then, the legends of love spells and people being bewitched had to come from somewhere didn't they? Of course quite a lot of those stories were likely excuses to cover up for licentious, unruly, or just plain bad or evil behaviours.  At least ones proscribed as bad by the reigning religion at the time. How old is the saying, 'The Devil Made Me Do It?', or some variation thereof? (And if you're interested in that kind of thing, there's fiction concerning being bewitched or diabolically manipulated too.) Legends of sorcerous sway or possession of the soul go back as far as any historical document is likely to remember.  They’re as old as the idea of a love spell, or the need to not have to account for one's own actions.  The CONCEPT of Mind Control is ancient.

     In more modern days, who can tell when it arose again?  For my own part, it's largely conjecture.  Perhaps with the rise of modern psychology, when we began to scientifically try to understand the way our minds work. And the first time some mesmerist somewhere made someone quack like a duck or behave in an odd or inconsistent way? I'll lay you millions of the currency of your choice that some onlooker witnessed it and wondered how it might be applied to their sex life. The fetishist apple didn't fall far from the tree when Hypnosis bloomed into the consciousness of the world.  And it was likely eaten with a lot less hesitation than Eve did in her story.  And the knowledge was just as seductive and impossible to unlearn.

     It likely started in its VERY modern form in the late 1800's and early 1900's, with the tales of villains and heroes and the damsel in distress. I’m told that one should certainly look up the book that gave the term Svengali to the english language.  George Du Maurier’s 1894 bestselling book ‘Trilby’. (One I have not read as of this writing!  GASP!)  Who else knew how to cloud the minds of men? Who knew the evil that dwelt in their hearts?  The Shadow knew.  As soon as there was the concept of a villain in fiction, comics, film or radio, there was one that capitalized on his or her evil genius to control the minds of men or women. Prurient interest in the way super villains mesmerized poor innocent victims into doing their will has probably been just as annoying to the writers of those old stories as the parlour tricks that have dogged and undermined the credibility of hypnosis to genuine practitioners.  (And if you're interested in THAT kind of story, there's plenty of those too.)  Did it ever go away? Oh no...

     If anything, with the advent of pulp fiction, spy stories, science fiction in its silver age, and even later, reports of drug and government experimentation in brainwashing, cults, and the like, the ideas of erotic mind control became only more and more plausible.  And if you do the research, for every legitimate psychologist that's crying out that you cannot be hypnotized against your will, there's probably some government spook that will tell you, 'Give me someone's mind, and I'll make it obey.'  Documented and easily researched accounts of the horrors inflicted by the U.S. government in the name of mind control exist.  And believe me folks it IS horrifying reading.  And it's certainly not the X-Files. If you choose to research the documented effects of pleasure/pain/drug mental conditioning as found in government experimentation, you'll wish it WAS the X-Files. The X-Files at least has the benefit of being outright fiction.

     So is it any wonder that with science fact and science fiction avidly looking into the areas of mind control, that the linkage between sex and mind control was far behind?  Suddenly sexy women were finding their way into movie screens and being mesmerized out of their minds by personages like Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi. Spy shows showed people under the influence of psychedelic drug or device produced mind control. (And lucky you. If those kinds of concepts really float your boat, there's erotic fiction about those too!) More common examples might include folks like Emma Peel from The Avengers, or Batgirl, in Batman, or any number of Dr. Who episodes or Sidney Sheldon sitcoms.  Or maybe in one of the most infamous moments in television history in the 60's, the first televised interracial kiss.  And of course, it had to be Star Trek didn't it?

     In the classic episode, 'Plato’s Stepchildren" Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) are under the telekinetic influence of some roman-esque bullies. They’re perfectly aware of their situation and aren’t thinking any differently than they normally would.  Control of their bodies however has been taken completely away from them. Parmen, totally to satisfy his whim, and humiliate our heroes, has Kirk embrace Uhura and kiss passionately.  It has been said that the element of mind control was introduced into the scene in order to justify the kiss between a black woman and a white man at the time. (Perhaps believable since producer, Gene

 Roddenberry had kissed Miss Nichols too.) Because it was forced upon them, the kiss became acceptable to network censors. Some viewers received the kiss as happily as it rejected by others at the time.  I find it quite ironic that in this instance, while the element of mind control was introduced to make the kiss acceptable to the masses, it also in turn eroticised the mind control itself.  Later still, there was the episode, “Dagger of the Mind”. Kirk is put into a sort of conditioning machine and conditioned mentally to love someone against his will.

     In the 70's and 80's, alternative therapies and books on Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis made available to the public brought even more experimentation and fascination with the idea. Meditative and introspective therapies made their way into the mainstream. And Hypnosis, while still retaining it's mystique, and questionable credibility, was a lot more understood by the masses.  No longer was the practice some mysterious tool of quacks and villains from Republic serials.  It was a tool for exploring the inner self and subconscious.  It was a way to kick annoying habits like smoking or probe the neuroses that cause us pain.

     Does that mean that this new understanding precluded thinking about taking control of the mind in a sexual way?  Oh HELL no. It meant that we could now attempt to disarm all the puritan hang-ups and sexual dysfunctions in the mind by probing the sources of the guilt and shame associated with sexual enjoyment.  And we knew there WERE some too.  We also became aware through books like 'My Secret Garden' by Nancy Friday, that women had JUST as many prurient sexual fantasies as the men folk. And we had ideas on how to start exploring those fantasies in one another with roleplaying and kinky sex play.  The S&M people had been doing that for years.  The D&S people were also doing it.  And of course, the idea of Dominance and Submission and Hypnotic exploration and roleplay?  To see the way the two fit so neatly together, it's enough to make someone believe in fate.  (And OH are you on a roll!  There's fiction about this kind of mind control play as well!)

     As with Technosexuality, now we get the advent of the Internet. And people that had been writing their fantasies into nice erotic bits of fiction all this time began sharing them with one another on bulletin boards and the usenet group, Alt.Sex.Stories.  And inevitably, as people on the internet will do when they find something that interests them, the Mind Control oriented stories were collected on a homepage and shared. Unlike the rise and fall of the techno or statue fetish pages on the net, the one repository of Mind Control Fetish fiction online has remained constant. It's gone dark once or twice.  But Simon Bar Sinister's 'Erotic Mind Control Story Archive' has been around for 8 plus years as of this writing.  And it's still updating every week. And the writers there show no sign of stopping.  They're producing more and more.  And if you enjoy or want to support the page staying online, donations are always being accepted.

     As a side note, the esteemed author, Boris Ludmenkov used to have an essay on the nature of mind control erotica on the EMCSA that comes as close to anything I've seen to a FAQ for the subject. He was gracious enough to share a copy with me from the deepest darkest recesses of his computer's hard drive.

     Soon enough, as more and more pictures were scanned and the internet porn culture established itself online, people started to collect pics that looked like mind control stuff; in some instances, themed pictorials from magazines about just that.  And when image-editing software like Paint Shop and Photoshop made it to the public?  People started converting their favourite pictures or pics of their favourite celebrities into mind control pics of all sorts. There are even pages of the free and subscription sort that have been around nearly as long as Simon's EMCSA, devoted to nothing but the preservation and exhibition of Mind Control digital photo manipulation work.

     And now that free and easily made BBS's and clubs and user groups have made their way to people online, there's places where people as avid as any fetish community share information about ideas, methods, safe and sane fetish hypnosis practices, and instances of any related material in the mainstream media.  And surprise, surprise, who knew there was so much down through the years?

     The people into it did.


     One word. Power.

     Plain and simple power ladies and gents; its exchange and use to satisfy yourself or another. And sexual gratification is all about satisfaction isn't it? And control is power, folks. It's who's in control or what that control means that isn't the plain and simple part.

     Is there REALLY any need to try to explain why a dominant kind of person might be into this?  Actually yes. It can go without saying how natural the combination of dominant sex play and mind control themes go together like chocolate and caramel.  (Sweetly.) But the fantasy can do more than just provide an outlet to be ruthless and controlling in all the ways we can't be in real life. It provides a safe framework for indulging in those fantasies without guilt or repercussion.  It IS a form of what's referred to as edge play, where boundaries are tested and what's considered safe can be pushed.  The dominant person is actually EXPECTED in this case to be the Evil Scientist or Villain that we can't be in polite society. Everyone knows the archetype. It goes back to old villains like..  Well, all the ones we were first accquainted with as children. Snidely Whiplash, Oilcan Harry, ...  Simon Bar Sinister, or any number of classic cartoon villains that you ever heard say, "Aha, my pretty, now you're IN MY POWER!!! BWAAAHAHAHA!!!!"

     Does that mean it's all about villains taking power from another? Not hardly.  It can be a very loving and EMPOWERING experience where the dominant can be not only an authority figure, but a healer and a force for positive change or intensely pleasurable sensation. There's all sorts of positive overtones that can come with dominance as well as negative.  And the potential for good and romantic overtones in the realm of Mind Control?  There's every bit as much possibility for the hypno hero and saviour as the villain and corruptor.

     Just as well, there's reasons beyond the obvious for submissives to be into Mind Control. And they run akin to the ones up in Technosexuality. Here's a guilt free way to give up control in every last way to your dominant.  For every sensitive dominant out there that felt slightly bad about taking the power away from their sub, no matter how consensual it was, there's a strong willed sub that feels JUST WRETCHED because they just GAVE their power away, or didn't feel they were submissive enough to satisfy.  There's that word again.  Satisfaction.

     In the Mind Control fantasy, the controlled submissive doesn't have to feel guilt.  They don't have to feel the slightest bit bad or nervous that they didn't satisfy.  They don't have to FEEL period if the fantasy doesn't call for it.  They have no will to feel bad about giving away.  They have no will beyond that of the person in control.  They are THAT completely in the thrall of the dominant.  The Mind Control fetish can be a key for any submissive to REALLY dig deep and be COMPLETELY DOMINATED at last.  Free at last, free at last. To be enslaved as they wanna be.

     And again, like with Technosexuality, the exchange of power is happening on more than just that level. The controlled person is sustaining the fantasy for a large part for the dominant.  And vice versa. However UNlike the other forms of fantasy-based sexuality in this FAQ, a talented individual can actually DO this to some degree.  Hypnotism can be learned. Someone can learn to be a good hypnotic subject. And considering the inherent consensuality involved in healthy hypnosis, there's a huge amount of symbiosis happening here. “But wait!”, I hear you saying...


     Okay. This is an argument that’s still raging today. Is the reality of mind control consensual or not? There are camps on either side of the debate that are completely convinced of their argument's validity.  For my own part, having researched the matter a little, I see it this way.

     Healthy hypnosis is, by its nature, consensual, otherwise it doesn't really happen or work.  Now back up a second before all you people that believe in hypnotic rape gang up on me.  Read what I typed. HEALTHY Hypnosis.  IE: Hypnosis or mind control techniques employed by two consenting adults. Because they ARE consenting adults where one trusts another enough to give them access to their mind, the subject cannot be hypnotized to do something like go out and kill someone, or do something fundamentally against their nature.  Usually if such is attempted, the mind's natural defense mechanisms knock the subject RIGHT out of hypnosis. (The technical term for this is referred to as an Abreaction.) And then it's time for a talk, as with ANY situation between partners that have hit a snag. BDSM people might rightly see this as the mind exercising its right to call a safe-word to protect itself. 

     For those of you that aren't aware of the meaning of safe-word, people that indulge in S&M often agree in negotiations beforehand on a signal or word that means they're REALLY not enjoying the pain they're experiencing.  Or have become frightened or worse, are having a more severe emotional reaction than they can cope with. Essentially it always means "OKAY STOP.  I REALLY MEAN IT. I'M IN TROUBLE AND I NEED HELP.  WE NEED TO TALK OR YOU NEED TO ATTEND TO MY HURTS NOW."

     Those that believe that you can indeed be conditioned to behave against your will can point to the examples of Mind Control Experimentation by intelligence organizations, cults, and abusers all over the world.  And yes there's recorded scientific documentation of the techniques employed by these TRULY ruthless and evil people that substantiate that claim. But again, consider. This is FAR from healthy hypnosis. In many instances, it's merely classical conditioning crossed with alternating pleasure/pain torture methodology, often combined with altered metabolic or neurological states produced through sensory or sustenance deprivation, or the application of Psychedelic, Psychotropic, or Soporific drugs. And all of that's meant to bypass the mind's ability to protect itself.  Does that sound healthy to you?  If it does, stop reading and go re-read the second paragraph of section 4.0. Then go seek help before you destroy someone's life.  What are you doing still reading? Be off with you!

     As for Rape fantasy… The idea of rape fantasy as a means to explore one’s shadow self is not at all uncommon. Indeed, if one looks into more psychological studies and books written on the subject of erotic fantasy, the rape fantasy seems to be one of the more common themes among women. Does that mean they all want it? Umm, if you just asked that, I suggest that you didn’t stop reading and go to get help for yourself when I told you to.  If you are that person GIT!  VAMOOSE!

     That said, NO ‘they don’t all want it’. But all the same sometimes it’s a safe way for people or couples to explore their darker sides in a safe way that can be STOPPED when they need to.  For some the rape fantasy can even be a way of lessening the impact of an actual rape in their lives. It can be a sort of elimination therapy where the horrific event is re-enacted, but control is retained by the victim, kind of like counteracting a disease with a weakened version of that same malady. One could go on and on.  But that’s not why we’re here. 

     How does that fantasy play on Fetish Mind Control? Jeez, you have to ask? In a lot of stories, pictures and fantasies, the concept is all about perceived nonconsensual eroticism? The controlled is helpless and unable to do a single thing about it. They’re at the mercy of their captor/hypnotist/villain/whatever. Forced to do things they’d ‘NEVER EVER’ do in real life. And of course the controller can indulge just as much. Hopefully none of us would EVER go out and do some of the more horrible rape fantasy things that can be found in Fetish Mind Control themes from time to time. But so long as you harm none, there’s no harm indulging safe fantasy is there? Relax folks. HOPEFULLY it’s all in good fun.  If it isn’t, it bears repeating like the waves hitting the beach from the ocean. Go get help before you escalate into the real.


     What forms can Mind Control fetishism take? How many can you imagine?  The proper answer there is more than you or I could think of or list here.  For the sake of convenience however, I’m breaking it down into the most readily find-a-ble forms.  First, we’ll have a look at…

PICTURES: As with the other subjects in this FAQ, Mind Control fetishism has been around a long time in images. From the plays our ancestors watched onstage, to the movies and comics and cartoons and television shows our parents watched and all unwittingly, exposed us to.  Like with Technosexuality, the play in the media it gets is unmercifully brief. You’ll have to be handy with a VCR and the like to get that moment of possession, hypnotized heroine in peril, or whatever it is that grabs you and mesmerizes you in front of your screen. 

     However, porn-wise, Mind Control fetishists are a little better off than the other fetishes in this FAQ.  There’s lots more Mind Control porn-movies out there than one might initially think. They’re easier to find too.  An added bonus to this one being that it doesn’t have to be some poorly scripted thing where the dialogue is gotten out of the way as quickly as possible before people start ramming things into one another. Because of its very nature, there’s a little more plot required to make the situation believable. It can still be pretty spare too though, so be warned.

     Another added bonus to this one is that since this is a fetish you can actually try to indulge in for real, as opposed to not actually being able to turn into a robot (yet) or a statue or have relations with either (yet), there are videos out there where the mind control you’re seeing is supposed to be REAL. Whether it’s actually real or not I’ll leave up to the opinion of the viewer.  But the possibility exists for you, dear reader, to go right on over to some page or other that sells videos of stage hypnosis, or just plain erotic hypnosis and have something in the mail on its way to you in less than an hour.

     Nowadays, with the advent of image-altering software, like with the other fetishes in the FAQ, people have also jumped onto the idea of creating all the mind-control images they can whim. (Like the one to the right by yours truly.) I’ll get into what sorts of things they do in those images in a little bit.  Why?  Because, my dear reader, quite a few of those concepts are also covered in…

FICTIONThere is a lot of this.  OH is there a lot of this.  Before the esteemed Simon Bar Sinister started up the best archive on the net for this, there were stories coming down through the newsgroup, Alt.Sex.Stories pretty regularly. Sometimes people would collect them and post them all in a bunch.  If you go to any fetishist kind of fiction archive, be it Latex or Trans-gendered in theme, you’ll likely always find a sub-category of Mind Control that you can search out stories by. For that matter, you’ll find sub-categories for the other subjects covered in this FAQ as well more often than not.

     Nowadays, you can go to the online repository for Alt.Sex.Stories (And leave a donation.  Just like Public TV!) and search out a fraction of how much there is out there.  Likely, you’ll find yourself directed to Simon Bar Sinister’s Erotic Mind Control Story Archive.  This is NOT because there isn’t a wealth of subject matter on the topic. It’s because Simon’s site is pretty much THAT comprehensive. There have been some writers that have asked that their stories be removed from his site.  (Who knows why?)  And some years ago, he made the decision to remove all the stories that involved Transsexuals or Transgenderism. Is that a problem? Oh no.  What you don’t find on those two issues on Simon’s site, you’ll find on the home pages of the authors that had their stories taken down. If you were really hoping for the trans-stories, you’ll want to go to the Fictionmania archive.  That’s nothing BUT trans stories for the larger part.  And they do have a searchable category for Mind Control.

     When you go looking, as with looking for music on mp3 sites, you’ll find fiction that ranges from the extraordinarily talented to abysmally inept.  You’ll find some that perhaps run a page and a half, to long and continued series that run into the hundreds of pages.  So be careful before you decide you’re going to make hard copies of everything you find. There’s nothing quite like the shock of printing out a story and seeing that good old popup window tell you, ‘NOW PRINTING PAGE 1 of 194’

   Some of these stories are very much like the no-nonsense Flim-Flam-Trance-You-Ma’am sex stories you might find in a Penthouse Variations letter. There could be token bit of watch-waving or subliminally laced videotape and suddenly lots of sex and nothing else.  On the other side of the coin, you can also find near novel length stories where the emphasis is clearly on the mental transformation of the characters involved, with lots of situational and interpersonal development. And the very occasional bit of whoopee.  Or any mix of the two extremes for that matter.

REALITY:  Like I said, this one can actually be performed on your willing participant to a large degree.  There needn’t be any kind of special effects. No props like Metronomes, Watches, Candles, Crystal Pendants or what have you. All there really has to be is a consenting adult.  (There doesn’t even have to be two. Self-Hypnosis is right up there with the possibilities.)

     In the video side of things, like I said, there’s all kinds of videos you can get where erotic hypnosis is the theme. The difference being that in the reality-based videos, the hypnosis you see is presented as being real.  Also, like I said, it’s up to you to decide whether the subject is really under of just acting that way.  But for some, the realistically presented illusion of the idea is quite enough.

     On the literary side of the reality coin, there’s all kinds of books out there recounting the experiences of those that have tried erotic hypnosis in real life. For that matter, there’s all manner of books out there that are meant to teach you how to introduce it into your life or relationships for self-improvement, healing, or just plain adding spice to your sex-life.  Try a search for ‘Erotic Hypnosis’ on a major online book store’s site.  You might be surprised at what you find.

     There’s another aspect you might want to know about. The online aspect. With the advances in audio and visual presentation technologies and DSL, the possibilities exist for flash-animated websites meant to encourage hypnotic states. There’s sites out there like that offer MP3 files for free on all manner of erotic hypnosis inductions.  If you find the right sorts of online groups out there, you might find weekly online chat sessions that support audio; ones that do inductions in real-time, live, online. 

     And finally, there’s the realm of the online Hypnoteuse. These hypnotically dominant women can range from the very caring mind expanding experience-giving sort to the very acquisitively abusive and harsh type.  But they all seem to offer, for a price, recorded sessions of hypnosis on CD or MP3.  Some of them go as far as offering for a price, telephone sessions in real time, or custom recorded inductions for a specific listener.

     It should go without saying here, that hypnosis in its healthy form could still be abused.  Extreme caution should be taken when entrusting your mind to someone online. More so than anything else in your life.  No you’re not likely to be brainwashed into going out and killing someone, but pleasurable feelings can be post-hypnotically assigned to obedience.  And over time and repetition, for a person that gains pleasure from submission anyway, that kind of obedience can be abused in all sorts of ways that wouldn’t trip someone’s inner defense mechanisms.  This isn’t to try and put you off the online aspects of hypnosis, but it’s meant as a reminder that you should look out for yourself as you would with anyone on the other side of the wires. There are good people out there. And there’s also creeps. And with your mind literally on the lines, you’d want to be THAT much more careful.

     And I WILL say it again.  If you’re considering taking advantage of someone hypnotically, stop reading.  Get help. You really need it as badly as someone doesn’t need to be taken advantage of by you. Go now.



     Yeah, I did go on a bit.  The previous section was mostly about the three main forms you’re likely to find.  If you’re into this already, you already have a fairly good idea what entrances you and leaves you spellbound. But if you’re not, or are perhaps just getting into this, this section is meant to point out the elements you’d be looking for in a story or picture or whatever to be able to point at it and go, “OH!  Okay. Yeah.  Herbie the Mind Control Guy will really get his rocks off when he sees/reads/hears this.”  Jumping right in, we come to…

INDUCTION/TAKEDOWN: And yeah, there’s even sub-categories to this. And likely I’m not even getting them all. I’m just trying to sort things out into as general and all-inclusive terms as I can.  But in general, Induction/Takedown refers to the manner in which the Controller initiates control of the Controlled.  Like I said, it takes as many forms as you might imagine. But in the erotic sense, it seems to fall in these categories:

1. Realistic: Mind Control of this sort is exactly what you might expect.  Methodologies of Hypnosis, Classical Conditioning, Torture, or basically, any technique that could realistically (or at least believably) be duplicated in the real world are what you’ll find here. The pictures of such things usually involve all the ubiquitous props of the hypnotist; Metronomes, Crystal Pendants, Swinging Pocket Watches, and lots of long and involved induction speech or text.

2. Fantasy: Here you’ll find all manner of magic crystals, spells, and magical doodads and personages magically controlling the person or persons of their choice, causing mental and physical transformations that go far beyond what you might consider reality. You might also find spiritual possession or corruption to be prevalent themes.

3. Technological: In this kind of thing, you’ll find more sci-fi aspects of the idea.  Strapping helpless people into brain altering devices or implanting them with all kinds of things that change them physically or mentally into the dominated servant the controller craves. Nanotechnology and lots of Technosexual aspects tend to overlap into this area. This needn’t be entirely unbelievable, however. You might include top-secret brain altering drug injections into this mix too. Or perhaps pheremones.  Or aliens…

4. Psychic: This deserves its own sub-category cos there’s just so darned much of it. It could be seen as a mix of the previous three really.  Not exactly fantasy or science fiction, yet a little of both.  And possibly realistic, that is, if you believe in psychic phenomena. In this category, you’ll find people/creatures with advanced telepathic prowess reaching out and psychically altering their subject’s thoughts or personality or behaviour with just the thoughts in their heads. .

5. Squick: This one was added at the suggestion of an artist I’m rather a fan of. Rather rightfully too since it occurs both in fiction and in manipulations and comics and this and that and... well, you get the idea.  Squick, seems to be the term used for something that’s just ICKY! It can occur in the above categories in the form of all kinds of yucky methodologies.  Parasite bioforms, Non-human Form Creatures,  Mind control plants, or pantyhose or tentacles or invasive borg-like implants...  You get the idea.  Oh yeah.  EWW! EWW! EWW! ^_^

And if I’ve left something out here that you think deserves its own sub category, let me know. I’m certainly (AHEM) open to suggestion on the matter

APPEARANCEOkay, with the other fetishes in this FAQ, you usually get pretty clear indicators of the person involved being mechanical, dolly-fied, or petrified or what have you. But Mind Control is quite often, a mental state only.  How does one visually simulate the idea?

     A lot of times, the eyes again are key indicators.  In more realistic erotica, the blank look, glazed stare, sleepy eyes, dilated or constricted eyes, or eyes rolled up into the upper eyelids can be sure signs of mind control. That’s an idea that goes back to your childhood if you read comics.  Remember that?  Any time you ever saw someone getting their mind controlled, their eyes seemed to go blank white? Blank black eyes are being used that way nowadays as well. The terms for these seem to have defaulted to ‘Whitewashed and Blackwashed’

     It needn’t just be the eyes either. Said person could be sporting implants.  Cables trailing from them to computers.  A bit of hanging drool from the mouth.  Attatched devices, rings, pendants, jewelry, held props or whatever. Basically, any external sort of evidence, object, device, doodad, or trinket that you can see with the subject that helps you suspend your disbelief and mentally see a person as entranced can be included here.

     Posture can denote a hypnotic state.  The old pose of standing stiffly at attention can be indicative of Hypnotic Catalepsy.  Or perhaps the person looks so relaxed they’re asleep.  Or perhaps someone that just looks drunk or tired or fatigued could be seen to be entranced.  Posture-wise, what makes someone look as though they’re hypnotized is really going to be relative to the viewer.  Luckily enough, there’s enough instances of the idea that you’re GOING to be able to find what moves you. Even in mainstream erotica or media that wasn’t intended to be that way. Have fun!

BEHAVIOURYou and I both know it.  But I’ll say it anyway. Someone under mind control doesn’t act the way they normally would. Otherwise, why would someone be exercising that control over them to affect that behaviour?  In this case however, you get the full range of behaviour, depending on what the beholder perceives hypnotic behaviour to be like.

     One person might enjoy the idea of their subject acting as they normally would within the limits of a post-hypnotic suggestion.  IE: Unable to remember their name, or perceive that they have no clothes on.  Another person might want the old wide eyed blank stare, monotone voice, and walking around with their arms out in front of them ‘Yes Master’ kind of thing going on.  Or perhaps a drugged, sleepy kind of behaviour with a whispery innocent sounding voice… Or anything else your mind may crave to excite itself with.

HUMILIATIONOkay, this one is admittedly not my biggest cup of tea, but never-the-less, it IS a prevalent theme. The idea of making someone or being made to do something entirely mortifying is a big turn-on to some. In this one area, I feel really ill-equipped to write at length. There’s all sorts of literature out there on the operative psychology of erotic humiliation.  Go find some. Or if you’d like, I encourage you to submit to this FAQ a more detailed explanation of the idea. But if you can’t see the potential in Mind Control fantasy to inflict humiliation on a subject, there’s really not much I can say to explain it.

CELEBRITY:  This one wouldn’t be as obvious from the get-go, but the idea is very much there. In the fantasy sense, there’s a desire by a great many to subjugate or be subjugated by a celebrity, supermodel, fictional character, or famous whatever.  There’s all sorts of fiction out there concerning the control of celebrities or superheroes or public figures or what have you. There’s entire groups out there devoted to nothing but the photomanipulation of celebrities or fictional characters or genres of media, or specific races of human being.


     Well firstly, I’m not old yet.  Secondly, where you get some is up to you.  If you mean where can you get some Mind Control Erotica, I can be of some assistance there.  Here are some pages to get you started. 

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     There.  That ought to pretty much take you to places that will bounce you all over the place for more MC content, if you aren’t completely blitzed already by all these folks have to offer you. If there’s a place you think should have been mentioned that hasn’t, I urge you to let me know.  I’ll see what I can do about getting into the next revision of this FAQ.  And certainly let me know if you’d like to be credited for your suggestion.  Thanks in advance!  Oh. You wanted to know how I knew all those things at the beginning of the MC part of the FAQ? That was humour, gentle reader.  No need to fear…

Or was it?

I knew you’d be wondering that too.  -_o

     That’s the end of the Mind Control section of this great honking FAQ.  If you have any questions I didn’t answer, or would like to submit some facts of your own, E-Mail me at If you’d like to know about some of the other facets of sexuality in this group of fetishes I’ve written about, please do follow the links below.





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