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Have I touched on everything here? Not by a long shot.  The things folks are aroused by are only limited by their imaginations, basically meaning there IS no limit. There's the Superhero Fetish.  The Sleepy Fetish.  And all SORTS of more well known kink that the above interests cross over into. As with anything, follow your nose and find what you're interested in. If you want to look into some of these other kinds of thing, Here's a few links to start your explorations with...

The Alt Sex Stories Text Repository The Society for Human Sexuality

You likely have anyway if you're already familiar with the internet. If you're not, I hope you enjoy your trip. And I hope I've helped.

People who were nice enough to contribute their opinions, questions and answers

"I'd like to thank the academy..."
                                       -Tyler Durden, 'Fight Club'

     You really can't have a Frequently Asked Questions unless people actually ASK questions.  And like the Baz Luhrman song goes, the rest was the thoughts and opinions based on my own rambling experience. When composing this document, I consulted the original ASFR FAQ first. So of course the first person that I need to thank here is Robotdoll.  Without his efforts to drag Technosexuality kicking and screaming into the daylight (or is that klanking and screeching?), so many of us would still be out in the cold, and we certainly might not be the community we are today. 

     Boris Ludmenkov needs to be thanked for the contribution of his fine essay, 'Mind Control:  An Essay' to get an idea of the sorts of thing I ought to mention. His work on that essay was as inspiring and impressive today as it was back in the day.

As well, the past efforts of Mannequin Lover, and the continued efforts of people like Simon Bar Sinister, Robo-Lover, D.Muk, Href, Noidguy, Dosman, Voyer, Monza, Vengeance, KingJeremy, Brad Poe, Android69, Keraptis, and yes, you too Kishin.  ^_^

     ...And especially Silver Karakuri, Flambeau and my favorite kitty, Hepzibah.  My faith in my fellow beings was restored by you three. 

Where the pictures came from
and who made them.

     In an attempt to be honest about the fair use of the images contained within this document, I have tried to make the effort to credit their creators, or at least the pages I downloaded them from before I used them in this document.  It's not ALWAYS possible however. It needs to be said that no profit is being realized from the dissemenation of this document. If you got it on a page that charged you money for access to it, the people running that page are stealing from you, me and the person that made these images in the first place.  And I'd quite appreciate the URL of the page so I can tell them to cease and desist and get my cut of the money they made from my writing and research. 

     All photomanipulations by Edward Gore are protected by parody statutes put forth by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. No profit has been, or will be made from this image by the altering artist. This image is not an attempt to profit from, or infer defamation of the persons, artistic intent, or depicted situations contained within the original image.  Neither have the images been presented in any attempt to dilute existing trademarks to whom said original images belonged to. The images are intended as fiction and should not be seen by anyone as a depiction or inferrence as to the character of the persons depicted within said images. Any image by Edward Gore MUST be distributed with this disclaimer attached. Copyright 2003, Edward Gore. All Rights Reserved. Support Freedom of Expression!

(Note, Page numbers listed here refer to the .doc version of the FAQ,
Downloadable from the main page, or from this here handy little link...)

  • Page 1:  The ASFR FAQ Cover, by Edward Gore © 2002-12-02
  • Page 4:  ‘Head Trip’ by Hajime Sorayama
  • Page 5:  'Pygmalion & Galatea' is from the online edition of © Bulfinch's Mythology
  • Page 6:  ‘Rotwang, Maria and Hel’ from Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’
  • Page 6:  ‘Jean Marsh as Alicia’ from ‘The Twilight Zone: The Lonely’
  • Page 6:  ‘Katherine Ross as Joanna’s Robot Replacement’ from ‘The Stepford Wives’
  • Page 7:  ‘Darryl Hannah as Priss’ from ‘Blade Runner’
  • Page 7:  ‘Denise Crosby & Brent Spiner as Yar & Data’ from ‘Star Trek: The Next
                 Generation – The Naked Now’
  • Page 7:  The Robot and Verna, from ‘Lost in Space’
  • Page 9:  Dick Van Dyke & Sally Ann Howes in ‘Doll On A Music Box’ from
                   ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’
  • Page 10: Pamela Gidley as Cherry 2000 from the movie, ‘Cherry 2000’
  • Page 11: Emma Williams as Truly Scrumptious in ‘Doll On A Music Box’ from the
                   stage production of  ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’.
  • Page 11: Shields & Yarnell as ‘The Klanks’ from a Press Photo
  • Page 12: Exploding Vanessa from ‘Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me’
  • Page 12: Lexa Doig as ‘Andromeda Ascendant’ from ‘Gene Roddenberry’s
  •               Andromeda’
  • Page 12: Ashley Scott & Jude Law as Mechanical Prostitutes from Stanley Kubrick
                   and Steven Spielberg’s ‘AI: Artificial Intelligence’
  • Page 13: Unknown Actress from ‘Extreme Sex 3’.
  • Page 13: ‘Starstruck’ style Fembot, by Edward Gore © 2001-2002
  • Page 18: Nano Guitar, found online in a press clipping. Link provided w/picture.
  • Page 20: Mai series Realdoll, by Abyss Productions.
  • Page 21: ‘Coppelia’, from the BalletMet production poster for the opera ‘Coppelia’.
  • Page 22. Sexy Doll Costume found on some Halloween site.  Unknown Location.
  • Page 22. Dita Von Teese as a Bondage Marionette.
  • Page 23. Miranda as a timestopped doll, Hotmoon Productions
  • Page 24. Jenny series Realdoll, by Abyss Productions.
  • Page 26: Granite Looking Male and Female, Unknown Source
  • Page 27: Changing Skin Tone to Matte, by JLS
  • Page 29: Sophie Ellis Bextor, from her music video, ‘Get Over You’
  • Page 30: Scenes from ‘Our Man in Leotards’ from the series, ‘Get Smart’
  • Page 30: Greek Nude Living Statue.  Unknown source, suspected Sports Illustrated.
  • Page 32: Some Pictures Don’t Need a Caption, by Edward Gore © 2001-2002
  • Page 33: Kevin Kline & Michelle Pfeiffer as Bottom and Titania from ‘A
                   Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare’ (1999)
  • Page 34: The New Number 69, by Edward Gore © 2001-2003
  • Page 34: William Shatner & Nichelle Nichols in ‘Star Trek:  Who Mourns for Adonais?’
  • Page 38: Electrotorture Fetish Pic culled from the Usenet.  Unknown Source
  • Page 39: Miao-Yen goes Surfing 01,  by Edward Gore © 2001-2002
  • Page 40: Bronwyn’s Live Feed, by Edward Gore © 2001-2002
  • Page 41: A hypnotized girl from a page that scammed a lot of people.  Nameless
  •               here a’purpose.
  • Page 41: Suzee Pai as Mystically Mesmerized Miao-Yin, from
                   ‘Big Trouble in Little China’
  • Page 42: Arundsen’s Device, based on a Story by Tabico, by Edward Gore © 2002
  • Page 42: Alien Abduction, by Edward Gore © 2001-2002
  • Page 45: Pleasure Drone Conversion Generator, by Edward Gore © 2000
  • Page 48: The WinterRose Photomanipulation 2002, Edward Gore © 2002

         More thanks go to my favorite Kitty, Hepzibah, who was nice enough to vidcap some of these for me. Scritches and lots of em for you!

Who is this WinterRose person anyway?

     WinterRose (originally WinterMute) became aware of the Technosexual, Mind Control, Pygmalionist and Doller communities in 1994 or 1995, such as they were, and contributed to the original ASFR FAQ by Robotdoll and Leem under the name 'Innocent'. He lurked for a while when he had no computer to call his own between 1996 and 1998, then started producing his own photomanipulations, writings and roleplay based technosexual characterizations in the #ASFR chatroom on IRC.  As he became more active in related ASFR and MC bulletin boards, he decided to become more prolific, or at least as productive as he could whilst trying to survive, and give back images and feedback to the community that had provided so much for him. 

     On, he contributed the bulk of his MC related Photoshop work.  Later he opened up a few Lycos clubs to fill the need for props for other photomanipuators to use in fetish image-alters, as well as an escape hatch for people in the related Yahoo groups to congregate at, should those groups suddenly vanish without trace.  There he provided reviews for new ASFR and MC fiction for a while. He has since worked on what inspiration calls him to do at any given moment. His more recent projects have been The Bestiary, a personal page based on his online persona, WinterRose the Gynoid.  More recently still he's worked on what promises to be a small novel length ASFR story, the FAQ you're reading now, and a page devoted to the production and free dissemination of MP3 readings of popular Technosexual and Mind Control fiction.  Even more recently, he was hypnotized out of his gourd by Fonteneau, in an erotic hypnosis show at the Fantasm 2003 convention in Atlanta. As of this writing, the rug burns are almost completely healed. Don’t ask. You really had to see it.

     WinterRose is a 31 year old caucasian male. He considers himself 98.5% heterosexual with an open mind to the remainder. He is active in his local BDSM community and identifies as a switch.  He has in his time been an actor, an author, a poet, an artist, an animator, an audio-performer, an editor, amateur hypnotist and hypnotic subject, and any number of other things one would think a person trying to find and focus their creativity might try their hand at. He maintains that more than 12 hours a day of Television, Porn, Cartoons and Japanese Animation, Comics, Alternative and Subversive Music, Videogames, Junk Food. Roleplaying, Movies, staring at a computer for most of his free time, and other things that most moral types say is bad for you can be destructive to personality and the imagination and offers himself as an example.

                                                       -WinterRose, 5-4-2003







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