Welcome to THE PYGMALION SYNDROME. I’m Leem, and this site showcases my fetish for erotic immobility. It is not about having sex with statues! It’s about becoming immobile or rigid, and being sexually aroused by the sens-
ations of helplessness and total loss of control.
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Blowed Up Good
Blowed Up Good
LATEST:I’ve been going over some of the cached sites, partly looking for material I can repost on Tumblr and partly looking for ways to improve them. The Statue Lovers’ Guide to Comics includes lots of page thumbnails, many of which I’ve now found bigger images for, and I’m still looking. Checking the Links page, I see that The ASFR Master List is now down, but I have all the cached pages and I’d like to repost them. Keep checking back.Walking
Started Tumblr site at https://leem-asfr.tumblr.com/.
New story: Walking  (760 words, PG) robotic. Short and melancholy... arguably.
4-page strip Blowed Up Good now blowed up even bigger with Waifu2x
Revised and added images to the female story Thirsty Goddess (3,700 words, PG) Living Statue.

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Lend Some Support
by Leem
When they asked me to lend some support to their dinner party I never imagined they meant for me to become part of the table!
Lend Some Support: photo and caption by Leem, Creative Commons licence.
Photographed in the window of a now-defunct Las Vegas art repro shop, June 2011.
I believe it may be based on a piece by Falconet, but I haven’t been able to confirm this.

The Endless Circle
by Leem
Neverending hula gyrations
Mental Notes by Professor Helena Vincent, July 23 2035
3:33 PM: Commencing test of new H.U.L.A. gyratory time machine. At 3:37 I will attempt to travel forward by five minutes.
3:36 PM: Discover unexpected side effect: a powerful orgasm! Making it hard to think clearly. Must focus on programming.
3:37 PM: Climax intensifying, more and more. Incredible sensation, but try to concentrate. Time shift commencing... now.
3:37 PM: Programming error. Jumped back five seconds! Helplessly repeating gyrations. Can’t stop. Unbelievable climaxes.
3:37 PM: Climax after stunning climax, every one identical. Sun frozen in the sky. Body won’t respond. Impossible to escape.
3:37 PM: It’s been 3:37 PM for a million years. Endless gyration. Endless orgasm. Oh, dear god, what a way to spend eternity.

Dance of Ecstasy
by Leem
Dance of Ecstasy
The Vine by Harriet Whitney Frishmuth, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York,
photo by Leem, Creative Commons licence; posed by Desha Delteil, historic photo