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IPM Female DP Owner's Guide

Note: This is a draft intended for circulation only among authorized IPM staff members.


Congratulations on your purchase of an IPM Home Companion Android! We're sure you're anxious to open the box, turn it on, and start enjoying the pleasures of owning your own personal android, and we don't want to get in your way. But when you have a chance, we recommend you peruse this manual. It will help you to understand your new android, enabling you to gain the most from your purchase.

But if you'd like to read a little further, we can tell you a little more about her, and answer some of your questions before you need to ask them:

1. What is an IPM Companion Android?

An IPM Companion Android is a robot designed to look and behave just like a human being.

Your android's body has been built from the latest polymers, alloys, and biomaterials, in order to give it the strength, and texture of a human body. Beneath its synthetic skin, servofibers act as muscles, giving it the smooth graceful movement of which human beings are capable.

This body is controlled by a complex computer system programmed to emulate the behavior of a human being. It has a full grasp of the English language, and can converse naturally, understanding the meaning of your words and actions and responding to you just as another person might.

Unless you configure it to do otherwise, your IPM Companion Android will always obey your orders to the best of its ability.

2. What is a Donated Personality?

In order to make your IPM Companion Android's behavior even more natural, it has been provided with the personality of an actual human donor. Much of the knowledge, memory, and desires of the donor have been programmed into the android's system, enough to give it the ability to behave almost exactly like that person might behave in the same circumstances. It can even be said to believe that it is that person, transplanted into an android body.

All personality donors used by IPM are volunteers.

3. What will my IPM Companion Android do?

Essentially, whatever you want it to. Think of it as you would a perfect servant - an utterly trustworthy servant who will do any task you ask of it. Your IPM Companion Android can: do housework, cook, entertain, watch children, converse, give massages, dance, drive, take dictation, remember facts, answer your phone, do your shopping... the list is endless.

4. What if my android malfunctions?

IPM Companion Androids very rarely malfunction. When they do, the most common problem is a faulty component. This may result in part of the android's body being paralyzed, or in the entire android shutting down. The android will usually give a report on what the problem is. All problems of this nature, unless caused by willful neglect or abuse of the android, are covered under IPM's limited 3-year warranty. Simply call your nearest IPM dealer or authorized repair center, and arrange for the necessary repair or replacement at our expense.

It is not possible for a hardware or software malfunction to result in your android "escaping" or "turning on you." The android's pre-programmed software will detect any fault that could result in failure to follow orders, and shut the android down before any such failure can occur. While such problems are extremely rare, they are covered under IPM's limited lifetime warranty. Simply call your nearest IPM dealer or authorized repair center, and arrange for the necessary repair or replacement at our expense.

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