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The 1950s comic book adaptations

On these pages you can read the Dell Four-Color comics based on stories from The Jungle Books, originally published between 1953 and 1955. You’ll find my notes at the foot of selected pages. The artwork has been cleaned up a little to remove the printing dots and adjust the colour and contrast of the faded pages, although given the general state of comic book printing in the 1950s you shouldn’t be too surprised to find that the colours are often off-register. It’s interesting to speculate on what Kipling might have made of these comics. Whatever his opinion, I’m pretty sure he would have preferred them to the Disney cartoon!

Dell Comics # 487, 1953Dell Comics # 582, 1954Dell Comics # 620, 1955
Dell Comics #487, 1953Dell Comics #582, 1954Dell Comics #620, 1955

Wild at HeartThe Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling

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