Robot Therapy

by Hermie

Punctual as usual, Sean arrived at the Doctor's office precisely at 7:00 P.M.. It was his regular weekly therapy session and he was always on time. No, he HAD to be there on time. Funny, it wasn't like he had to keep coming. When he first started his treatment it was for weight-loss. He was about thirty pounds overweight and for some reason, he just couldn't lose it. He had read about hypnotherapy and decided to try it.

Dr. Andrea Wilson was a very successful therapist who worked out of an office in her home. She was an attractive 40ish woman who after an initial session, agreed that Sean could be able to lose his unneeded extra weight...and help him in other ways too.

Dr. Wilson had first treated Sean about a year ago. True to her word, he not only lost weight, but he began to develop himself physically too. Before Dr. Wilson, Sean thought of exercise as a big chore. In one year, he had not only begun to like working out, but he made it a point to work on whatever Dr. Wilson would suggest he concentrate on developing. No, he wasn't a huge bodybuilder type, but he was now in very good shape.

Even after he reached his goal, Sean wanted to see Dr. Wilson. Why? He suspected that he had a crush on her. She was a beautiful, intelligent woman. It was a pity that her ex-husband left her. Even though in the divorce she took him for everything he had, she was still bitter about being dumped for another woman. Sean knew though that she couldn't overstep her professional ethics and become more personal with her patients. After all, even after his success she continued to treat him.

Yet, Sean couldn't help but feel that she took more interest in him than her other patients. Often, his cock would become hard while they had their therapy sessions. He was embarrassed at what happened, but Dr Wilson never appeared to notice.

Dr. Wilson usually made Sean her last appointment of the day. When he first started, his appointments were at 3:00 on Wednesdays. Dr. Wilson suggested that they change it to 7:00. Although it was not very convenient, Sean agreed. Why he did agree was still a mystery to him.

Sean entered the office waiting room and as usual, locked the door behind him. He remembered the one time that he arrived and saw an open package on the doctor's coffee table. In the package were several erotic books and magazines. He looked at them (guiltily) and chose one that kept his attention the most - a magazine with a picture of a male robot on the front. The magazine was totally devoted to people, especially men, being transformed into robot sex slaves.

Sean was influenced by films, where a robot becomes a sex object. He would fantasize about becoming an obedient robot, serving its Master, or in Sean's case - Mistress. He had never told anyone about these fantasys, but after that incident at the Dr's office, he began thinking about them more often. In fact, all his sexual dreams were robot slave ones. He couldn't think of anything else whenever he had an erotic thought. He wanted to tell Dr. Wilson to see if she could help him explain it, but he was uncomfortable with telling her that he looked at her magazines.

Sean opened the closet door and undressed. He started doing this maybe six months ago. He wasn't even thinking about it, it was as natural as taking a shower. Then he took from the hangar, the silver rubber catsuit. It was made in one piece, with the only openings being a mouth hole, eyeholes, and a backbone-length slit in the rear. He pulled the tight latex over his freshly shaven body; another of the Doctor's suggestions; smoothing it as he pulled it up over his legs, his ass, his waist, his chest, his hands and arms. Finally, the last bit of rubber went over his head and face.His balls fit into a thick rubber codpiece and his cock into a sheath. The rubber grasped them so tight that his balls prominently appeared in front of his body. His cock, even though it was already hard, stood rigidly at attention because of a built-in rubber cock ring.

An extremely large rubber dildo sank deeply into his waiting rear hole. At the Doctor's suggestion, Sean began wearing butt plugs for several months; the size getting ever larger over time. At first, he began wearing them for one or two hours at a time. Then eventually he started wearing them all the time, except when going to the bathroom, and bathing.

Carefully, he reached behind him with a long-handled tool, resembling a back scratcher. He took the tool and began to press the two sides of the catsuit's backslit together. The two sides had a velcro-like material that took immediate hold. The slit soon disappeared as Sean worked the tool up his backbone and finally sealing the catsuit at the back of his neck. The slit itself fit together so perfectly that it was nearly invisible once the suit was closed.

Once sealed, Sean could not get out of the catsuit. That is, if he wanted to get out. He accepted wearing the suit for long periods of time. Besides, a second tool was needed to release Sean from the suit, as separating the two sides of the slit needed a great deal of strength and leverage-- neither of which Sean possessed once he was inside the closed catsuit.

Now Sean was encased from head to toe in silver latex. He dropped to his knees in front of the door to Dr Wilson's inner office. He placed his forehead to the floor and waited.

After nearly an hour, Dr Wilson opened the door. "Sean, you may rise and seat yourself on the couch."

"Yes Doctor." Sean responded, and sat on the leather covered sofa.

Dr Wilson continued. "Look at the green dot on the floor. You are falling into a deep sleep. A sleep a thousand times deeper than you ever slept before. All you can hear is the sound of my voice. You will drop your head, resting your chin on your chest. You will drop your shoulders an inch, falling even deeper to sleep."

Sean's latex covered head and shoulders then dropped as the Doctor ordered.

She then gave the order that she had given Sean countless times before: "Metropolis...Tobor...Robot ON."

Sean instantly sat upright, his back absoutely straight. His cock, already erect inside the rubber sheath, now became as hard as a rock. His eyes opened, staring blankly ahead. "What" he said in a robotic voice.

She was pleased with his progress. When he first came to him she was amazed at just how suseptable to hypnosis he was. He had a VERY plyable will. He was perfect for what she wanted, and when she deliberately left the magazines in the office for him to read she KNEW. You can't force a person to do something he doesn't want to do, even under hypnosis. But someone who has a willingness deep inside his subconcious can, given the right condtions and with a long series of treatments.

She began by getting him to undress in her office. She did this by making him believe that he was at home taking a shower. From there, she got him to make it a regular habit, abandoning the pretense of the shower. Three weeks of sessions resulted where he would be completely nude, yet he would not act any different. He accepted it as normal, and with her hypnotic orders, he completely forgot about what he did after the treatment sessions. Within only four months, she had him believing he was a robot, and shortly thereafter, a sex slave. Their "sessions" would be much more interesting after that.

While he was Robot, he would always be available for sex. Under her hypnotic orders, his cock would never go soft even after several hours. This meant of course whenever and wherever she was in the mood, Robot was always available and ready to obey her commands for pleasure. She trained him to service her orally as well; bringing her to multiple orgasms each and every time she desired.

Dr. Wilson needed to reinforce Sean's belief that he was a robot. She had tried covering him head to toe in silver body makeup, but it rubbed off too easily and it could not be worn for long periods of time. Then she purchased the silver latex catsuit. Unlike other rubber outfits, this one was made of a special material. It could be worn almost indefinitely, while allowing the wearer's skin to breathe. The tight fitting rubber restricted his muscles to give him the feeling of mechanical movements, while the silver color gave the illusion of being metal.

By wearing this catsuit, his identity as a human being was obscured. She would have him wear the suit for all their sessions, and she would even take it farther: Over several weekends she would have him become the Robot, and serve her. When the weekend was over, Sean would not recall anything that happened. As a final test of how long he could stay a robot slave, she arranged for a two-week vacation for them together. Sean never appeared to deviate from the Robot persona. Just to make sure, she gave him a "memory" of being in the Bahamas during that time.

Now she was on the last phase of his 'treatment'. Long ago, she stopped charging him for his visits. After all, what she would be doing would be very unethical if she was doing this to an actual patient. But since he wasn't paying, if anything went wrong she wouldn't be in any trouble. It would be impossible for anyone to prove that he was not a willing party.

"Are you ready for your complete transformation?" she asked Sean.

"Yes...Mistress" he replied.

"You have two sets of thoughts..two beings within you. One is Sean, the human being. The other is Robot. You will push the thoughts of Sean far back into your mind. Only Robot will speak, feel or move. Sean will remain in a deep, deep sleep and unaware of what is happening. Only Robot exists while Sean stays far away, unable to come out except when I command."


"Follow me to my car."


Dr. Wilson went to her garage and opened the trunk of her Lexus.

"Get in the trunk"

Robot crawled into the Lexus' trunk, although as a "machine" his movements were stiff and his dexterity was not as good as a human being's. She then closed the trunk, got into the car and opened the garage door.

She drove for over an hour until she reached the industrial section of town. She proceeded to a chemical plant and drove through the already open gate. She drove over to the loading dock, backed up the Lexus, and popped open the trunk.

"Out, Robot" she commanded and Robot extracted itself from the car.

"Follow me."

"Yes...Mistress" it responded.

They continued through the factory until they were met by a woman.

"Wow! You really did it." exclaimed the woman.

"You didn't think I could?"

"It's pretty hard to believe. Now, do you actually want to go through with this? I mean once its done...that's it."

"Absolutely positive."

"What about him?"

Dr. Wilson looked at Robot. "Are you ready?"

"I ...obey...Mistress." came the reply.

"I think that means yes." Dr. Wilson told the woman, and handed her the tool to open the rear of the catsuit.

"O.K., I 'll need to get him started."

Dr. Wilson looked at Robot. "Robot you will obey this woman and follow every order she gives. You will not resist."


The woman took Robot to a small, white tiled room. The room had three valves with rubber hoses on the wall. A small drain was in the floor.

"I need you to take off the suit." the woman said.

The woman took the special tool and opened the slit in the rear of the suit. Robot instantly removed the silver latex catsuit, and let it fall to the floor.

"Go over to that wall and spread your arms and legs." Robot complied.

The woman took one of the hoses and opened the valve. A yellowish liquid came out of the end and the woman proceeded to spray Robot completely. In a few seconds, the last remaining vistage of hair fell off Robot's body where it went down the floor drain. After several minutes, Robot was completely smooth.

"It's quite permanent. The chemical completely destroys the roots and folicles. Oh, I guess that really doesn't matter. You won't miss them anyway."

Now the woman opened up the second valve and sprayed Robot with a cleaning solution. On a person, the solution would painfully sting the skin and eyes, but on Robot no reaction could be seen.

Finally, Robot was sprayed with the final chemical. Unlike the first two liquids which were warm, this one was like a thickened ice water. The woman was careful to get every millimeter of skin and to ensure that nothing was left uncovered. She brought the hose to Robot's ass.

"Open up." she said. Robot bent down and pulled his asscheeks apart. She then sprayed the icy-cold liquid between them and pushed the hose up inside as well. She pulled out the hose and a slurping noise could be heard as it came out of his partically-filled anus. She then moved to Robot's mouth where she ordered him to open it and then coated the inside of it with an emphasis on his teeth and tongue. Once she was confident he was completely covered, she closed the valve and hung up the hose. The liquid quickly dried to a glossy blue finish.

"Follow me" said the woman. Robot was right behind her.

They arrived at the very heart of the factory. Large tanks of chemicals and machines dwarfed the two as the woman and Robot came to a doorway. Dr Wilson was waiting for them.

"Last chance Andrea." said the woman "You know, this stuff was originally designed as an artificial skin for short term use on burn victims. With these extra ingredients, it will form an irreversable molecular bond with his real skin. I don't have an antidote."

"He won't need it." said Dr Wilson.

The woman opened Robot's mouth and placed inside, a plastic device which covered his teeth and tongue. It had a thin, but inpenetrable, gel-filled lining which simulated a human mouth, but stayed the same shape; keeping it in a permanently open position. A small opening in the back would allow for liquids and air to pass through. Robot's jaw was then forced closed as much as the mouthpiece would allow.

A liquid lining the mouthpiece reacted to the blue coating, forming a thick silicone-based adhesive. It quickly took hold, permanently cementing the plastic mouthpiece inside. Robot's mouth was now forever open to all who wanted to use it. His tongue was the only thing that could move, but nobody would be able to detect that it was real underneith the covering. A temporary plug was placed over the mouth opening so that nothing could enter.

On Robot's throat, right over his vocal chords, Dr. Wilson placed a small disk-shaped object. Then she took a small bottle of an adhesive and glued the disk to Robot's voicebox.

"Once he is finally sealed, this artificial larynx will take over and allow him to speak only when desired.", She said to the woman.

Next, silver lenses were placed over his eyeballs. These would keep them moist, yet no one could see through them; like security mirrors. Over the edges of the eyelids, the woman placed a thin coating of a jelly-like substance. She coated a small rubber plug and placed it in the opening in his cock as well. Plugs coated in the jelly, were placed into his ears. Tubes went into his nostrils and air began to enter, allowing him to breathe.

Finally, an extra-large plastic tube surrounded by gel-filled bladder was inserted into his asshole. If Sean was awake, he most likely would have felt intense pain as the intruder nearly ripped open his anus. Luckily, Dr. Wilson had previously trained Robot into accepting lage objects up his ass.

Then the woman connected a hose to the end of the tube. Then she opened a valve to a device near the wall. A liquid began to enter the opening filling the tube. Then the tube began to expand. It increased in size rapidly, pushing the bladder wider and wider inside Robot's ass. After several seconds, the opening in the tube was disconnected and the liquid gushed out. Like the mouthpiece, the bladder retained its shape and size. The tube was removed leaving Robot's rear hole permanently held open; large enough for even the biggest of Dr Wilson's strap-on dildos to penetrate.

Like the mouthpiece, the tough gel-filled liner surrounded the opening; simulating flesh, but never enough that anyone would believe it was real. Like his mouth, a temporary cover was then placed over the opening.

Dr Wilson then spoke "Your Robot persona will control everything you do. However, for the next few minutes your Sean personality will become aware of everything around you. It cannot do anything but watch.... Now."

Sean was instantly aware that he was completely naked but covered in something. He felt the intense pain of the bladders inside him, but he couldn't even move to pull it out. He wanted to speak but something prevented him from uttering a word.

"Robot. Go into the chamber, stand in the middle, and close your eyes." commanded Dr Wilson.

"Yes ...Mistress" Robot responded. The sound no longer came from Robot's lips, thanks to the mouthpiece. Instead the sound came from the disk glued to his throat. Sean tried to stop from moving, but it was of no use. Robot walked mechanically into the chamber and the woman shut the door.

"What's happening to me!?" Sean thought as he began to hear machinery moving and pumps starting.

In seconds, hot silvery liquid began to spray him from all sides. Sean wanted to scream; to move; to escape, but Robot was in control and didn't move.

Robot was ordered to move around so that the sprays could coat every inch of its body. Then after a minute or two, The spraying stopped. Sean was relieved but then a second coating was applied. Then a third...then a fourth. In all, ten coatings were applied. The jelly that coated his eyelids and plugs prevented then from being sealed shut inside the rubbery liquid.

When the last coating had dried, the door to the chamber opened.

"Robot, leave the chamber." commanded Dr. Wilson. Robot complied.

Dr. Wilson looked at Robot and pulled out a hand mirror. She placed the mirror in front of Robot's face. "Open your eyes." she commanded.

Sean could see a silver face in the mirror. Unlike his own, there were no blemishes, no features that could distinguish him from what he once was.

"This is just what I wanted." she cried in delight. "A perfect, obedient sex slave. I wanted Sean to see this because it is what he always dreamed of becoming. Now for the final phase."

She looked at Sean/Robot. "Sean is now going away. With each second that passes, the person that was Sean will go further and further back into the mind until it no longer can get out. Sean will not be able to see or hear or speak ever again. Sean will never return. Only Robot will remain."

Sean began to feel as if he was fading away....he was no longer able to see anything, all around him was silence. He was .........


The man and woman were hesitant about what they wanted to reveal to their therapist. But they wanted to save their marriage so, they told her.

Dr Wilson was non plussed. "So you wanted to have a threesome. That is a normal fantasy."

"But.." the woman said softly "'s me and two men. "

"Is that what you want Mike?" the Doctor asked the man.

"I...I'm afraid to even think about it."

"You are afraid of your bisexual feelings?"

"Yes, I am...I want to save our marriage but I don't want some stranger joining us, and I don't want to bring an unwilling friend into it."

"I do have a solution." Dr Wilson said.


"I have a device that for that last three years, I have used for my patients who have feelings such as yours; but are too apprehensive to engage in such acts. It also aids my patients who suffer from sexual dysfunction. Would you like to try it?"

"I don't know" said the woman patient. "A machine?"

"It is the perfect surrogate. It's obedient and will never talk to strangers, no matter what is done with it." The Doctor smiled and led the couple to a door leading to a special room she had built.

The couple opened the door and looked inside. There, standing in the center of the room was a silver robot with a large metal erection. Its mouth and rear open wide, ready to accept the man's cock.

" How...may...I " spoke the Robot in a mechanical voice.

Dr Wilson smiled. " Try it out. You will find it extremely satisfying, I do....every day"

The couple smiled, entered the room and closed the door behind them.

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