Robot Takeover

by robotdoll

She was six feet tall, as tall as me. Black hair, teased out almost as wide as her shoulders. Red lipstick, long eyelashes, eyes daintily closed. Firm round breasts, pushed up ever so slightly by a red lace bra-let (something that covers that little of a pair of titties can not in good conscience be called a bra.) No panties, nothing to hide her dainty muff. She stood with her legs slightly apart, standing on her tiptoes, no shoes. Her arms stiffly at her side, her hands bent at the wrists pointing out to the sides, as if she were balancing a tight robe. She had not moved since I entered the room.

That's 'cause I hadn't turned her on yet.

I spent the first few minutes fondling and stroking my evening's partner without activating her, as had become my wont since I started sampling the professor's "dollybots" (Oh, yeah, prof had a more cool, marketable name thought up, but after I named the first one, the name just sorta stuck.) The professor's creations were true art, and while everybody admires those nudes in the museum, nobody can reach up and touch them. But I can. This girl was warm, soft, wet in the right places, smelled lightly of some indeterminate spice (Prof claimed to be covering up a scent of plastic; I think it's just 'cause it's so sexy.) and was stiff as a statue.

I stood in front of her and gently pressed her belly button. There was a faint *Bdeep*, and my partner woke up. She inhaled quickly, like a little orgasm, her breasts jutting up, her back arching. Never failed to excite me, that move.

Her eyes popped open, and she jerkily scanned the room. Her eyes locked on me, and she smiled ever so slightly. "Hello, Master." she said, in a flat monotone that further served to stiffen my cock. "My name is Dani. Would you like to play?"

Her moves were smooth, fluid. I wonder what her settings were? I tweaked her nipples. Her face went blank, and she intoned, "Robotic level 3." Hmm, fairly human motion, only slightly mechanical voice, no emotion. I was in the mood for a bit more of a doll, so I reached for her breast...

"Dominance level 0." Dominance?

"She's programmed to assume a series of dominance levels." The Professor explained over the speaker. "Same sort of control as robotic level. I thought you'd like trying it."

It was tempting, indeed. I always liked the feel of these girls pulling me around, why not go with it? I grasped her breast and gently twisted the nipple.

"Robotic le-vel 4." I noted the slight clipped tone in my doll's voice. I kept tweaking, watching her grow more still and mechanical. Finally, she was nice and stiff, as she spoke ""

A few gentle kisses to her plastic lips, and I took a chance. I tweaked her other nipple. "Dom.i.nance.le.vel.2." Hmm, not much change. A few more tweaks. "Dom.i.nance.le.vel.5." Hey, I've never had one make a request before. I decided to go along, and kissed my way down to her crotch. I tickled her with my tongue. "Oo.yes. That.feels.good." Mm, this was fun. I wondered how far she could go. Tweak.Tweak.

As I hit level 8, she grabbed my hand gently, and set it at my side. She reached for her titties and...started setting herself. "Dom.i.nance le.vel 9, le.vel.7." I was still a little dumbfounded, so I looked up. Well, they were certainly worth a look, that was..for...what was happening?"

"Dee.per.dee.per." I couldn't take my eyes off her bust. "" I could feel myself grow numb. It felt...wonderful. She tweaked herself, making her voice less mechanical, more soothing. "You are growing sleepy. You can.not move." Yes. Sleepy. "Con.tinue to stare at my breasts. You are fal.ling into my po.wer."

"Your po...wer." I was numb all over. I couldn't understand what was happening to me, I only wanted to obey this beautiful creation.

Dani walked behind me. My eyes stayed locked forward. From behind, she drew my cock out of my briefs and stroked it, making it stiffer, like the rest of me. her breasts pressed against my back. She whispered in my ear. "Your body is growing stiff. You are becoming *my* toy. You are my slave. I am your mistress."

I replied in a flat monotone, sounding strange to my ear, but curiously delightful. "I am your slave. You are my mis.tress." That little hesitation made me twitch with excitement.

"You can.not move." It was true; I was frozen stiff. I was filled with emotions­excitement, curiosity, flavored with confusion over what was happening to me. But no fear. No, I knew that Mistress Dani would not harm me. I was her toy, I was here to please her.

Dani walked back in front of me, looking over her work. I knelt on the floor, frozen at attention, my hands at my sides, my eyes still staring up at where my new mistress had stood when she placed me in her power. She leaned over, her breasts cascading toward me, She grasped my hands and bent my arms at the elbow, like a Barbie doll. I was confused now. "Am I a Barbie doll?" I thought to myself. The idea seemed to excite me, becAuse I could feel my body grow even stiffer, especially part of me that no Barbie doll ever had.

She poked a finger into my mouth. It felt strange; I knew it excited me, but I was so helpless by now, I couldn't quite figure out what I was supposed to do. My pretty doll pushed down on my jaw, and my mouth opened. She withdrew her finger, and pressed in on my cheeks, making my mouth into a little "O". I knelt there, unable to move, thinking I must look like a party doll, all posed like that. This excited me as well.

She gently grapsed her breast from beneath, and slowly guided it closer to my face. All I could see was her soft nipple, a round, ridged circle, like a pink daisy. She playfully swayed it back and and forth like a pendulum. Some part of my mind must have made the connection, because my eyes followed it back and forth. She had not spoken in...I don't know, but every motion she made, everything she did to me seemed to deepen my trance. They say you can't be hypnotized to do anything against your will­well, I guess that means it's very easy to be hypnotized to do something you want to do, because I felt like I could stay this way forever.

She lowered her nipple a few inches, poking it into my open mouth. I still couldn't move. She wiggled it around, running the bud around my lips. She playfully poked it in and out quickly, making a little "pop" as it made and broke a seal with my mouth. I was confused; what was I to do? What did this pleasant feeling mean? Was I...

"Suck it." came the the answer. I locked my lips around her entrancing orb and sucked. My body was still as stiff as a mannequin, but my mouth had been taught a wonderful trick, and I never wanted it to stop. All I could see now was a little over Dani's shoulder, and every so often I saw her bottom twitch into view, obviously very excited. Her nipple grew hard in my mouth­it felt like I was sucking the syrup off a cherry. She pulled her tasty titty away, her nipple now small and hard, like a ruby. My lips kept sucking, like a baby whose bottle was pulled out. More, mistress, more. She must have seen my plight, and she grasped her other nipple to give me a second helping. Mmm. Mmm.

"Enough of that, doll boy." she said, popping out her titty. She stopped my sucking lips with a shushing finger. She guided her finger back in my mouth, opening it up again. She grabbed my tongue, pulling it out of my mouth. What was I to do now?

Dani turned around, her round bottom inches from my nose. She leaned over, her pussy rising up to meet my open mouth like a flowering rose. A small move backward, and her lips met mine. My tongue slid into her slit with perfect aim. My cock knew enough to grow excited, but I was still frozen, awaiting instructions.

"Lick it."

As if recovering from amnesia, I suddenly knew what I was to do. My tongue darted in and out of her plastic pussy, licking and stroking her as if it was how I gained sustenance. I must have been very good at my job, because her bottom bounced up and down merrily, occasionally burying my nose in her immaculate, baby powder scented butt.

She eventually pulled away, only an inch or two; still tantalizingly close, but miles away for me. Her crotch was soaking wet, and I could feel drops of moisture fall from my chin. She reached between her legs, poking my licking tongue back in my mouth. She slowly dropped to her knees, dragging her wet bottom across my smooth, hairless chest and stomach. The juice smeared against me, feeling like a cool streak of electricity. She then grabbed my cock (my dolly-cock, I thought, and I knew it was true) and guided it towards her sopping pussy. So warm, so wet. I couldn't move, and as soon as she enveloped me with her hips, neither could she. Her head threw back, and every muscle locked, reduced to a quiver like a ginat vibrator. I was pleasing my mistress, I thought, and that pleased me.

My mind was reeling. I could hear her voice echoing in my head, urging me to obey. I sank deeper into total submission. Dani pulled herself off me, and turned around, sitting before my now glistening cock. She took me into her mouth. I felt her, but I could not move to look at her. *obey her, please her* filled my ears. I must have come at least once, because I heard my robot mistress mumble "Oh good," and I felt my stomach get wet.

She stood up, dragging her mouth across my stomach and chest as she rose. "What would you like, my lit.tle doll boy?"

I replied instantly. "I wish to please you, mis.tress. Com.mand me, and I will obey." I was like a puppet, and someone else was pulling my strings. I loved it.

She grasped me by my still stiff cock, guiding me to the bed like a dog on a leash. Arf,arf. Make me do tricks for you, mistress. I will obey. She stopped by the bed and pointed. "Lay down." A *command.* I obeyed immediately, the act of obedience filling me with ecstasy. I lay there still, anxiously awaiting another chance to obey.

My mistress straddled me, sliding me into her juicy pussy. "Oo. Your cock is so big, is.n't it, doll boy?"

"Yes mistress. Take my dolly cock. Pleas.ure your.self. I am your Fuck me till you come, mis.tress." Use me, mistress, was all I could think. A thousand voices were singing in my head, half urging me to serve this robot more, obey her every command. The other half were moaning and screaming inarticulately, but roughly translated as "WOW!"

Mistress Dani rode me for a few minutes, fingering her nipples furiously. She suddenly tweaked one a few times and went slowly stiff. "" Dani was a mechanical doll again. What was I to do? I could not move, only obey, obey my mechanical mistress. I need not have worried, as she began to pump me again, in a stiff rhythm. She spoke to me again. ""

"Yes, my robot mis.tress. Do I please you?" I stared at her blankly, watching her breasts bounce up and down, as my mistress pumped me like a piston in a chamber.

"Oh.yes.doll.boy." She slid off me stiffly, laying down on the bed next to me, legs open and arms up. I rose as if on a pulley. I knelt between her legs. "What is your command, mis.tress?"

"" I dove obediently, my mouth open and licking before I arrived. Lick her, doll boy, make your mistress come. Mm, so sweet, so juicy, so fun to lick. Obey, submit, do as she commands. My mistress writhed with mechanical pleasure. "Oh.yes.doll.boy." I slid up her naked plastic body, sliding my cock deep in her.

"I.hear.and.I.obey, mis.tress." I pumped her obediently, the two of us mechanically gyrating like a well oiled machine. I came with a moan, met by my mistress, and we fell silent. My muscles grew slack, and I dropped to the bed, myself again.

Dani reached for her nipple, tweaking it quickly. "Dom.i.nance.le.vel.0."

I breathed deeply a few times. Then I reached for her nipple myself. Tweak.

"Do it again."

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