Pleasure Androids

by ArcylMan

Part 1

Jennifer was beside herself all day. The night before she had received the notice from the post office that a package was waiting for her to pick up. It was THE package. She had been waiting for this package for weeks. She couldn't wait to get to the post office and pick up the package. She could almost feel the clock tick, time seemed to be passing so slowly. At least she was scheduled to get off early today. (Was that a pun?)

Finally it was three and time to leave. She sped to the post office. The line seemed to go on forever. Then she was at the counter. The clerk couldn't find the package. He'd go get help. Help finally arrived. She waited some more. They're back. Do they have it. YES! They do. "Do you have any ID" asked the clerk. More delay as she digs through her purse for her driver's license. Here's your parcel. Done, finally!

Jennifer can't wait so she opens the package in the car before leaving the post office parking lot. Yes, everything is there just as ordered. Now to get home. She speeds out of the lot to home. Rushes in the door, Tears off her clothes. Applies the dipilitating cream all over from the neck down. Showers, rinsing off the cream and all body hair and towels dry. Finally she's ready.

She sat on the edge of bed and rolled up the right leg. She put her foot into the rolled up leg and slowly, ever so slowly drew it up her leg to the knee. It fit so smoothly and tightly, following the contours of her foot and leg exactly. Next roll up the other leg and carefully insert the left foot and pull it up to the knee. Now stand and pull it up the thighs, straightening and smoothing it along the way.

'This feels great!" She sighs to herself.

Over the hips and pull it taught. The crotch is covering and soothing her labia. She runs her hands over the crotch stroking the fire that is just beginning. Stretch the fabric up until the right arm will slip into the sleeve and straighten the arm until the hand meets the glove. Now ease the fingers into the glove. Its tight but they'll will fit. Settle the hand into the glove and tighten the arm up to the shoulder. Repeat on the left arm and hand. Now she covered tightly from the neck to the toes.

'I love it.' As she stroke her pussy again. The fire is starting to flare.

Finally the piece de resistance, the open faced hood. She bends her head down and slips the hood over her forehead. She straightens up and the hood pulls the body up and tight. First she closes the zipper from the small of her back to the neck. Exciting her breasts as the fabric stretches across them tightly. Next the zipper from the crown of her head down to the neck. She is sealed in. She stretches her body in all directions as the catsuit settles in.

'This is marvelous. Its the best. It is so tight. I love it." Jennifer looks up and sees a beautiful apparition. In the mirror is a very well endowed woman covered everywhere but the face by a shimmering, shinny silver lycra catsuit. A catsuit that look like it was painted on not dressed in. You can even see that she obviously has an inney navel. She begins to stroke her body starting at the top of her head, running her lycra covered hands from crown to neck, over chest and especially the breasts, down around her narrow waist, across hips to the origin of the fire.

'I love the feel of the lycra gloves against the lycra of the catsuit.' She thinks as she continues to feed the fire of lust. Soon her breath is coming quicker as she surrenders to the ache that started when she received the notice from the post office. She watches her fantasy outfit in the full length mirror as her manipulations explode the fire into orgasm.

'I've got an idea.' She turns and strips the bedding from the bed. Over to the dresser to the bottom drawer and out comes a black bundle. Soon she is spreading a black lycra fitted sheet over the king sized mattress. She changes the pillow cases so they too are covered in black lycra. 'Now I am all lycra, everything must be covered in lycra.'

She spreads out on the bed. She can see in the ceiling mirror how the silver catsuit sharply contrasts with the black lycra sheet. She can feel how slick the suit is against the sheet. Soon she is squirming her entire body to enhance the feeling. As she slides body against bed, a new heat begins to develop deep in her womanhood. She cannot resist and begins to run her hands over first her very erect nipples and then her enflamed clitoris. She could feel the suit mold itself to her body, applying pressure equally and tightly all around her, holding her in a very erotic embrace.

She begins to fantasize that she was completely shaven under her suit so nothing would be between her and her lycra. In the fantasy she is wearing a special hood that makes her look like an extraterrestrial dominatrice. The

silver lycra is actually metal wedding technology to her flesh. She was a futuristic sex android. She envisioned sliding her lycra covered hands over her hips and down to her crotch to manipulate the mysterious dials and tube that were part of her fantasy suit. She came explosively, down to the tip of her fantasy shoes with the seven inch spike heels.

'Wow, I don't know where that came from, but I'm going have to think about it. This new catsuit must be really something to bring about that strong a fantasy. I love it.' Jennifer wonders, 'I can't wait until the others get home. In fact, Dean should be here any minute. I think I'll surprise him by waiting in the living room as if nothing is different.

She goes to the closet and gets the new pair of shoes she bought for this special catsuit. They are silver patent leather with five inch heels and match the look of the silver lycra exactly. When she stands her usual five foot ten is now six foot three. 'Damn I look good,' she thinks.

In the living room she puts a tape on the VCR (a lycra story, of course). The tape is called "Lycra Threesome" and is about a married couple who seduce, if that's the word, his very willing best friend. Shortly after she relaxes, the door opens and her roommate, Dean, arrives home.

"Awesome, Jenny, you look fantastic!" he exclaims. "Obviously the catsuits arrived. When do I get to try mine on?"

"Thanks for the compliment. But you're going to have to get ready before you can put yours on. First, put Nair on everywhere from the neck down. Its in my bathroom. Then shower and shave your face and I want a very smooth shave. Then we'll get you ready. These catsuits are very special and you have to be ready for it."

Dean rushed into the bathroom while Jennifer returned to her video. Twenty minutes (and a couple of orgasm for Jennifer) later he emerged bright and shinny (and nude) from his shower; hairless from the neck down. "Am I ready enough for you?" he asked.

"Let me check. I don't want any stray whiskers snagging the lycra and ruining the effect." She gets up, towering over him in her heels, and runs her hand along his cheek, along his neck and down to his chest, zeroing in on the nipples.

"Oooohh, that feels good." Dean moans, "Do I pass inspection?"

"So far, but lets check the really important parts." Jennifer replies as she slipped her lycra covered hands down to fondle his cock and balls. They quickly become rigid responding to her manipulations.

"I love feel of lycra. Or is it being felt by lycra? I'm not sure which but this is marvelous."

"I know you like lycra, but I don't have enough sensitivity. I need to check for stumble with a more sensitive device - my tongue." She says while kneeling and licking him from root to tip. She tongues him along, over, around and down his hard-on as it twitches with pleasure. She concentrates on the head and strokes the shaft with her lycra gloves until he is panting with excitement.

"That's enough for now. We have to keep you interested. Besides its almost time for Rosa (their other roommate) to get home and we want you to be ready for her. Go get your tightest corset and that black lycra bra with the breasts forms. The big ones. This is a special night."

Dean ran off, just as the phone rang.

"Hi," answered Jennifer

"Hi, Jenny. Its Rosie. I going to be a little late, probably a couple of hours."

"That's a shame. You know what arrived today."

"I know, I know, but duty calls. Just make sure Dean waits for me like we talked about last night."

"Don't worry I'll keep him ready and able, BUT waiting. Later." Jennifer promised.

"Bye" and Rosa hung up.

"Who was that on the phone?" inquired Dean when he returned.

"It was Rosa, she's going to be late. She wanted to make sure I got you ready properly. Now where is that corset?"

"Right here. Its the tightest one I own. I've only had it completely closed once before. And that was only for a few minutes."

"Well tonight is going to be time number two. Put it on so I can start to tighten the laces. And be snappy about it."

"Yes, O Cruel Mistress."

"Cut the sarcasm or you'll find out just how cruel your mistress can be."

Jennifer pulls the laces to tighten the corset starting at the top and bottom and working toward the middle. The first try brings the two sides within two inches of each other. Dean normal thirty inch waist is now down to twenty-seven inches. Another strong tug tightens it to within one inch of closing.

"Stop, please, I can hardly breathe." Pleads Dean.

"OK for now, but we still have another inch to go. And it WILL be closed tonight or no new catsuit for you."

"All right, I'll do whatever you ask. Please just let me wait a while before you finish."

"If you're such a baby, I'll wait. Let's put your makeup on now."

They go into the master bathroom, where Jennifer puts makeup on Dean, soon to

be Deanne. She applies foundation to hide the what little is left of Dean's beard. She follows with blush, mascara, eyeliner and finally lipstick. At least in the face Dean is now Deanne.

"Bend over the counter, because now is time to tighten the laces the rest of the way." Jennifer grabs the laces and pulls with all her might until the sides close on each other and there is no more slack. The laces are wrapped around the now twenty-five inch waist and knotted with a pretty bow. "Now you're almost ready. Where's your bra?"

"I left in the living room."

"Well just don't stand there. Go get it." Dean/Deanne rushes off to get his/her size 44DD bra.

"Here it is. Will you help me with it."

"Of course, slip the straps over you shoulders and I'll buckle it for you." replied Jennifer. "Now you looking more like Deanne, even if you are the only girl I know with a seven inch clitoris."

"Thank you, Mistress."

"Now its time for the catsuit. Put in on carefully and join me in the living room."

Deanne immediately starts putting on her shinny black nylon/lycra catsuit. It is identical to Jennifer's in style, only the color is different. Deanne's reaction to coating herself in lycra is similar to Jennifer's. She has great difficulty concentrating because her clitoris is rigid with excitement. She has trouble pulling the suit over her hips and her protruding clit. Finally she clears that obstacle and stretches her hands into the sleeves and gloves.

'Wow, this is the best ever. Thank you o great god of lycra.' She thinks as she ducks her head into the hood and closes the two zips. She goes to the closet and gets her highest spike heels, a black patent leather pair with six inch heels and lockable ankle straps. With them she will be almost six foot tall. Moving around she realizes that the tightness of the lycra on her 'clit' is rubbing it just the right way. Any movement causes friction and friction causes heat. This is going to be a very exciting night. She steps back and looks into the full mirror.

'Fantastic! I hope Jenny and Rosie approve. I love to please my Mistresses. I look so good I could pass as a female on the street if I had to.' Dean/Deanne returned to the living room to show off to Jennifer.

"Terrific! You look great, Deanne!" exclaimed Jennifer when she saw her. "Isn't the fit of the catsuit marvelous. No, don't answer. Your cock, excuse me, your clit is speaking volumes about how you feel. Come sit next to me on the couch."

When Deanne sits, Jennifer strokes Deanne's thigh up to her clit where she concentrates her manipulations.

"Be careful, or I might explode. I haven't been this turned on since the night you and Rosie took my virginity. Just being in this catsuit excites me. Every time I move it rubs along my clitoris. I love it. Thank you Mistress Jennifer." Interrupted Deanne.

"It's just that you look so delicious; I want you now. But I did promise Rosie to keep you ready. Bend over, I want to check your zippers."

Deanne put her head in Jennifer's lap and Jennifer promptly locks the two zippers together where they meet at the neck with a lock that Rosa had given her the night before. Deanne started licking the crotch of Jennifer's catsuit.

"Stop that or I'll do something I promised Rosie I won't. By the way, give me your feet." She quickly slips two small locks on Deanne's ankle straps locking her shoes on. "By the way those locks and the one on your neck, I don't have the key for them. Rosie does. You're locked into the catsuit and your shoes until she comes home. Now, just be a good girl and watch this video with me."

Deanne and Jennifer settle back to watch the movie. In it the three characters are screwing each other furiously. The couple are fucking with her kneeing on top and his best friend is standing over the husband getting a blow job from the wife. The best part is that they're all dressed in lycra in varying degrees and the friend has a lycra straight jacket on. The jacket gives Jennifer ideas. She goes off and returns shortly with some more lycra.

"Stand up, Deanne. I'm not finished dressing you. Here put this on." The this turns out to be a black lycra straight jacket just like the movie. Deanne slip her arms into the sleeves and Jennifer closes the back zipper and pulls the arms around Deanne's body and buckles the straps behind her back. "Now, you're properly restrained and you will be kept from playing with yourself."

"But Mistress, I just want to worship you lovely pussy as it should be honored."

"I can see; you're incorrigible. Sit down so I can start this mummy bag over your feet." Deanne sit as Jennifer pulls the mummy bag up her legs. "Stand, so I can pull it up." She pulls it up around Deanne's hips and over the torso, restrained as it is in the straight jacket, and then over the shoulders. She then closes the back zipper; so Deanne is bound from foot to

neck in heavy duty black lycra.

"Sit down. Now I can finally relax. You are sufficiently restrained that I don't have to worry about you getting overly excited.

"But Mistress, I am excited beyond words. I love every minute of this lycra overload."

"Yes, but you can't do anything about it. You will stay excited and that clit of yours will stay hard, but you will not be able to take it to next level. Suffer, bitch."

"Oh, Mistress, please grant me some relief."

"No, I told you. Not until Rosie gets home. This ball gag should keep you quiet." Jennifer strapped on a large red ball gag between Deanne's painted lips. "now just sit there and wait; let me enjoy my movie."

Jennifer sat back and watched the video. In the movie the straight jacket bound friend was on his back humping the wife through a hole in her lycra tights. As the video action became fast and furious, She began to stroke her pussy through the catsuit in time with the actors. Soon the actors were approaching orgasm as was Jennifer. Sally, the actress in the film, screamed her orgasm just as Jennifer past the line into sexual heaven and came with a sigh. Satiated she leans back on the couch, closes her eyes and spaces.

She dreams of silver metallic androids fucking her without end. They are all covered in sliver lycra and have enormous cocks. Their cocks fill her pussy to the bursting point. And they can fuck forever. And they do. And she comes over and over again. When she returns to reality after another orgasm, she thinks of the come earlier when she was fantasizing about being a futuristic sex android. And now another very erotic fantasy about androids. Something new and different is happening here and she wants to prolong and enhance it if possible.

Suddenly Jennifer turns and faces Deanne, stroking her clit through the body bag and catsuit. It still is quite hard. Deanne lets out a moan through the gag with the added stimulation. "I'll be back in a few minutes, your obviously are enjoying watching the video." Jennifer give her another squeeze, "Don't go anywhere, I promised Rosie we'd be here when she got home."

Jennifer went off to the bathroom and rummaged through the cabinet under the vanity. Presently, she got up happily and declared, "Great, I found it." She sat down, opened the zips on her suit and removed the hood. Then she began to apply new makeup foundation, a very different foundation from her usual. When that was complete she redid her eyes and lips. 'Yes, that's the look I want.' She thought to herself. Back on went the hood. Zip, zip and the catsuit was complete again.

Finally she spotted the another of locks that Rosa had given her and she used it to lock the two zippers together. Now Deanne wasn't the only one locked into her catsuit until Rosa got home.

Jennifer returned to the bedroom and lay on the black lycra sheet and stared up at the vision in the ceiling mirror. She sees a sex android covered in silver lycra with a silver metallic face. The face had exaggerated almond shaped eyes outlined in black eyeliner and shinny black lips. This was the image she had been seeing in her fantasizes.

The fantasy image began to run its hands over the silver metallic body paying special attention the adjustment knobs at the tip of its breasts. Soon the android was twitching with a surge of power. Its hands slipped down to the controls in the crotch and almost immediately it experience overload where the metal body arched with tension and then suddenly collapsed.

Jennifer slowly returned to the living. 'Wow, I may not let Rosie unlock this suit. Its so powerful, I may keep it on until I die of fatal orgasm. For now though, I better see how Deanne is doing."

Jennifer went into the living room to find Deanne dry humping the air as she watched the end of the movie. Jennifer watched as the movie climaxed and obviously Deanne did not. "It isn't quite enough; is it?"

"Mmmmmpphhhh" responded Deanne through the gag.

Jennifer removed the gag.

"Thank you, Mistress." Responded Deanne, "I more excited than I have ever been and but I cannot come. It is very frustrating. Please let me come. Wow, what did you do to your face?"

"Do you like it? It my sex android look."

"You look absolutely fantastic. I've never had a android mistress before. Are you going to be terribly cruel?"

"I don't know if I qualify as mistress anymore. After putting on this makeup, I locked my catsuit on with one of Rosie's locks. I can't get out until she releases me. Now I'm just a slave like you."

"Well, my lovely sex android, welcome to slavery. What shall I call you? Jennifer doesn't seem like a proper name for a robot."

"I am not a robot. I am an android. Let's see, my name will be SS-12. Yeah, that's good. The SS is for sex slave. And I am waiting for the Great Golden Queen of Pleasure Androids to arrive so that this unit may serve."

"OK, SS-12 load another movie in the VCR, so we can be entertained while waiting for Rosie."

"Yes, but I must regag you according to the Great Golden Queen's instructions."

SS-12 loads another video and starts it. This one is called "I Wish" and its about a man in a complete lycra catsuit. This one is even more complete than Jennifer's and Deanne's because the hood doesn't even show the face. This guy is covered with lycra, totally. His wife ties him up and invites three of her friends over to torment and tease him. The wife and her friends are all dressed in lycra.

Watching the video gives Jennifer all sorts of ideas. She realizes if she is going to be a good slave, she should be bound and gagged just like Deanne. But how to do that the best way. She still has some locks that Rosie gave her. 'I know what the Great Golden Queen will like,' she thinks to herself.

Off to the toy box she goes. There she finds a penis gag with matching wrist and ankle cuffs. All lockable and made of shinny black rubber. She goes to Deanne and explains what she going to do.

"Will you be OK?"

"Uuuhaa" Deanne answers affirmatively through the gag.

"See you later. The Great Golden Queen is going to be so happy to find us like this."

Jennifer goes to the bedroom and gags herself. Then she takes one of Rosie's locks and locks the gag on. Next she puts the ankle cuffs on and locks them together. The wrist cuffs are put on and the moment of decision comes.

Should she or shouldn't she lock them on. What if someone comes to visit. What is there's a problem. What if 'Never mind the what ifs, I'm going for it. The Great Golden Queen will be here within half an hour and she's going to love this.' Jennifer thinks as she locks the wrist cuffs together behind her back.

She looks up at the mirror over the bed and sees her fantasy android, clad completely in sliver. Only now the android is restrained and gagged. It wants to adjust its breasts knobs and manipulate its crotch controls. It wants to orgasm and more orgasm. But it cannot. It is stimulated and continues to be stimulated but it cannot reach orgasm. It is being tortured with pleasure.

It is like the humanoid slave in the living room. It is trapped in bondage. It is turned on but can do nothing to relieve the sexual tension. It will suffer until its mistress returns. Suffer the pains of pleasure.

Ring, ring, ring, "You have reached 555-1212, please leave a message at the tone."

"Jenny, Dean, pick up the phone. I know you're there. Or at least you should be there. This is Rosie. Where are you. You're supposed to be home waiting for me. Unfortunately, you're going to have to wait even longer. I'm going to be working until nine or ten tonight. I'm sorry but I have to. Jenny, you don't have to wait for me. You and Dean enjoy yourselves without me. See you later."

'O my god,' thinks Deanne. 'How am I going to last for three more hours. My clit is so hard and swollen it feels like its going to burst. Every time I move stimulates me but never enough. Am I destined to be perpetually turned on, with never any relief.'

'O my god,' thinks SS-12. 'How am I going to remain integral. I am too stimulated to prevent melt down. If this stimulation continues, I may lose my programming.

The video that Deanne was watching progresses to the second act. The man in the complete lycra catsuit is dressed by his wife. She adds a small waisted corset to the catsuit and then a bra with life-like inserts. Over those she dresses him/her in a gold lycra turtleneck floor length dress. The skirt of the dress is pencil thin and acts like a hobble skirt on him/her especially with the patent leather pumps with five inch heels he/she is wearing. She puts a wig on him/her. Horror of horrors, she takes him/her out to the car and off they go to a "trainee" party.

Deanne watches this and wishes she was there and not here, bound, gagged and turned on beyond endurance. With relief hours away.

Meanwhile, SS-12 stares up at its reflection and computes that its sexual sensors will reach overload in exactly 10,821,432 milliseconds from now. If Mistress does not return within allotted time frame, melt down will occur.

* * *

Fortunately before Deanne explodes and SS-12 overloads, Rosa finally comes home. She finds Deanne stretched out on the couch. She is in her new catsuit and a mummy bag. Her clit is so hard it is tenting the heavy duty lycra of the mummy bag. Obviously she has been waiting as directed. She is so much in

sexual daze she doesn't notice that Rosa has arrived. She occasionally humps the air rubbing her clit along the lycra, but otherwise is still.

Rosa investigates further to find Jennifer in her silver catsuit and strangely made up with silver foundation all over her face. She is bound hand and foot on the bed and with leather gag muffling all but the most guttural moans.

She seems mesmerized by the image in the ceiling mirrors, occasionally twitching with excitement.

Rosa decides to leave both of them to their personal fantasies as she showers and dresses in her new catsuit. Like Jennifer she is enthralled with the felling of donning the catsuit as it starts with her feet and calves and works it's way up over her hips and torso. Then the arms and hands are covered and finally the hood completing the look. Like Jennifer's hers is metallic but Rosa's is gold. She is like a mythical character or like the girl in James Bond's "Goldfinger" completely covered with gold paint. Only hers is not paint but lycra.

'Maybe Jennifer has something with the metallic make up,' she thinks. 'Let me see if she also has gold.' Rosa goes to the bathroom and finds the Jennifer's box of costume make up. She finds the gold foundation and applies it with black outlining the eyes and black lipstick. Very similar to SS-12's make up but with the gold of command. She slips on the gold pumps with five inch heels on and goes to inspect herself in the full length mirror.

Rosa sees an apparition of gold in the mirror. She is gold from the crown of her head to the tips of her toes. The lycra of the catsuit is already beginning to work its power on her. She wants to touch herself. She finds herself stroking her breasts until the nipples are hard and clearly visible under the lycra. Her hands stray to her nether regions stroking the fire that is building and will not be denied. Soon her lycra covered hands are rubbing her lycra covered pussy and she exploding into orgasm.

'Wow, that was quick. There must be something special to these lycra catsuits. But now its time to rouse Jenny and Deanne.' She goes over and touches Jennifer who reacts with a start.

"Mmmmpphhh," she mumbles trough the gag. Then she looks up and sees Rosa in gold from head to toe. 'Yes, O Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids' she tries to say, but it comes out, "mmmmpphhh."

Rosa digs out the keys and unlocks Jennifer's gag. "Are you all right , Jenny?"

"What is Jenny. I am SS-12 (Sex Slave Twelve) and my circuits are in balance now that you are here, O Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids. Is there anything that you desire?"

Taken aback, Rosa answers, "Wait for now, I'll be right back."

"Excuse me, O Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids, but in 1,834,566 milliseconds this unit will reach sexual overload."

"What is that in minutes?"

"30.56666, Your Highness"

"Relax your circuits, I'll be back before then."

Rosa went into the living room to check on Deanne. She removed her gag, waking her. "How are you?"

"Oh, Mistress Rosa, you're home. You won't believe how turned on I am. Every time I move it stimulates my clitoris, but not enough to come. I've been in a constant state of excitement since I got home this afternoon. Please, make me come."

"No, not yet. What happened to Jenny?"

"We were watching a lycra bondage video together, when all of a sudden, she got and left. A few minutes later she returned with her face done in silver metallic make up, saying that she had locked herself into her catsuit and that she was no longer human. She was SS-12, a sex android, who was waiting for her Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids to return and claim her. I can see that you are the Golden Queen. What is your desire?"

"First, let's first release you from the mummy bag. Can you stand up?"

"Yes, Mistress Rosa."

She unzips her mummy bag and strips it down, revealing that she is still bound in a lycra straight jacket. "If I release from the straight jacket, will you be a good girl."

"Yes, Mistress Rosa, whatever you say." Responded Deanne.

Rosa proceeds to unbuckle and unzip the lycra straight jacket, freeing Deanne for the first time in over four hours.

"Thank you Mistress Rosa, finally I'm free. May I please pay attention to my clitoris, it is aching from neglect."

"NO, your clit is just fine. It's hard like I like it. Leave it alone and come here and help me release Jenny."

Presently they unlock Jenny's wrists and ankles, helping her to a standing position.

"O Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids, how can this humble servant serve you?" asks SS-12.

"You are the unit that requires orgasm or you will overload?"

"Yes, O Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids," responds SS-12. "But this unit needs your command to experience pleasure."

"I command you to have an orgasm."

SS-12 places its hands on its hips and quickly begins to shudder in ecstasy as the commanded orgasm takes place.

"Thank you, O Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids. Is there anything Your Majesty desires?"

"No, just stand here and be still."

SS-12 immediately becomes as rigid as a statue. Awaiting its next command.

"I never seen anybody come without being touched." Rosa said to Deanne.

"Have you ever seen anything like that?"

"Never, although at this point I just want to come once."

"Don't worry your time will come, Deanne," Rosa said as she stroked Deanne's rock hard clitoris. "Just wait a while longer but for now you need to pay attention to your mistress."

"Yes O Great Golden Queen, how may this humble slave service you."

"Come to bed and service me orally, I have some catching up to do."

Rosa lies on the black lycra sheeted bed. She sees her golden self contrasted against the black in the ceiling mirror. She feels the slickness of the lycra of the catsuit against the sheets. She feels the heat rise in her crotch. There definitely is something special about these catsuits.

Deanne crawls onto the bed and runs her hands up Rosa's legs until she reaches the crotch. Rosa jumps with excitement, she is so turned on by the image in the mirror. Deanne buries her lycra covered head in Rosa's crotch and begins to lick her pussy through the lycra. Rosa's first orgasm is almost immediate.

"Keep going, Deanne" Rosa says after coming as she wraps her golden legs around Deanne's black head, "I want more. SS-12 come here."

SS-12 joins them on the bed.

"Fondle my breasts, while Deanne eats my pussy."

"Yes, O Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids"

"SS-12 from now on, just call me Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress"

Rosa lays back and watches Deanne and SS-12 service her. In the ceiling mirror she is a golden princess being attended to by two slaves, one in black and the other in silver. With stimulation both at her pussy and her breasts, orgasms come quickly. Soon, she is having one come on top of another. The constant stimulation leads to constant orgasm, finally she screams.

"STOP" Rosa slowly catches her breath. "Enough for now" She has never felt such intensity of pleasure before. This lycra catsuit is intoxicating. 'I may never take it off' she says to herself.

"Deanne, do you think you're ready."

"Yes, Mistress, I have been ready ever since I put on this catsuit. There something about it that drives me wild. I've been hard for hours."

"I know what you mean about the catsuit. Look what it's done to Jenny. Although, I have to admit I like having a sex android at my beck and call. Now, its time for you to experience the full benefit of the catsuit. Lie on the bed. SS-12, I want you to tie Deanne to the bed - spread-eagled and tight."

"Yes, Mistress" SS-12 proceeds to place Deanne in the center of the bed and tie each of her limbs tightly to the corner posts.

"Now SS-12, I want you to bring Deanne's to an orgasm. But I want you to do it slowly."

Yes, Mistress"

SS-12 climbs onto the bed and begins to stroke the lycra clad Deanne. Starting at her feet. It was told to go slowly. It rubs her legs and approaches her crotch lycra against lycra. What's left of Jennifer realizes that there is a better way. She/it climbs on top of Deanne and kneels over her. She/it lowers her/its pussy down on Deanne's rigid clit, rubbing clitoris against clitoris. Quickly SS-12 begins to orgasm but Deanne is just stimulated more, if that's possible.

SS-12 experiences several orgasms before it moved off Deanne. It then starts to lick her clit through the lycra. Soon Deanne was panting with excitement.

An excitement that finally may lead to a finish. She arches her back as the stimulation approaches the finale. She can feel that lycra heaven is moments away. Her whole body goes rigid and begins to shudder as cum explodes from her clit.

"Thank you, Mistress Rosa," said Deanne when she finally caught her breath. "Thank you, SS-12"

"Do not thank this unit, Deanne. It only does what it is commanded."

"Yes, that is correct, SS-12. And now I want you to prepare Deanne for bed. Its late and your mistress is tired. Untie Deanne, gag her and put her back in the straight jacket and lycra body bag. We are all going to share this bed tonight and I want her taking up as little space as possible."

"This unit does not require sleep, it will take up no space on the bed. However, this unit computes that it must achieve orgasm at least every 5,453,198 milliseconds or sexual overload will occur and it will lose its programming."

"How often is that in human minutes, approximately?"

"Approximately ninety-one minutes, Mistress."

"Fine, I command you to have an orgasm every hour. In fact, every hour on the hour, you will first bring me to orgasm, then spend no more than ten minutes trying to make Deanne come, and finally you may use auto-eroticism. It is now almost midnight, you will wake us at 9:00 am. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Rosa lays back on the bed as SS-12 gets Deanne ready for the night. Rosa stares up at her reflection in the ceiling mirror. In it she sees a golden creature contrasted against the black of the bed. She felt the smoothness and slickness of the lycra bed sheets against her own lycra covered body.

Soon she is wiggling her body to foster the feeling of the lycra. As she moves, her skin becomes more and more sensitive. She strokes her body from head, down the neck, across her quivering breasts, and down to the center of her sexual self. Soon her skin is the lycra, and the lycra is her skin. She is becoming one with the catsuit. She explodes in a complete body orgasm.

Shortly she drifts off to sleep and begins to dream. She dreams she is the Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids. She is attended by dozens of android slaves, whose only function is to bring her pleasure. The golden suit she is wearing is actually part of her. It sensitizes her body, so the slightest touch to her pleasure center causes orgasm. She feels silver slave hands all over her as she sleeps. They are there to bring her pleasure and more pleasure. She IS the Golden Queen.

At precisely nine o'clock, Rosa is awaken by SS-12. Deanne has already been awaken.

"Good Morning, Mistress."

"What is this mistress? You will address me properly as Your Highness or Your Majesty, am I not your Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids!" demands the Golden Queen. "And why have I not had my hourly orgasm?"

"This unit is so sorry, Your Highness. It thought you wanted to be awaken first. Please allow me to serve you now."

"Yes, you may and be quick about it, and use your tongue this time."

SS-12 immediately dropped to her knees in front of her Great Golden Queen and began to orally service her. It licks the crotch of Her Majesty's Golden skin suit, quickly bringing on an orgasm.

"That is very good, SS-12. Stand. You may now have your hourly relief. But do it mentally. You can not touch. You must practice the art of auto-eroticism."

"Yes, Your Highness." SS-12 responds and suddenly goes rigid and begins to twitch as the commanded orgasm occurs.

"Thank you, Your Highness. My circuits are now in harmony."

"Report. What is the status of slave Deanne."

"Your Majesty, she is still bound as you commanded. This unit has failed however. This unit tried to bring slave Deanne to orgasm eight times last night and it was only successful six times within the allotted 600,000 milliseconds."

"You are not at fault. Slave Deanne is a humanoid and as such does not always respond properly. Humanoids are such flawed creatures. Anyway, it is time to release her."

"Yes, Your Highness." Answered SS-12 as she goes to Deanne and removes the gag, body bag, and straight jacket. Deanne has a huge stain in the crotch of her catsuit.

Deanne approaches the Great Golden Queen and says, "Thank you, Mistress. That was the most exciting night I've ever experienced. I didn't know I could come that much."

"On your knees, Slave. You will address me properly as Your Highness or Your Majesty. I am the Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids and I will be addressed with respect."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Responded Deanne while thinking: 'Wow, first Jenny thinks she is SS-12, an android sex slave. Now Rosie thinks she is the Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids. Also I able to come six times in one night. These catsuits are something else. What's next?'

"Stay on your knees and come here and worship your queen's pussy."

"Yes, Your Highness."

Soon the Great Golden Queen is coming yet again. She is in a perpetual state of arousal and has an orgasm at the slightest touch. But she wants more. She sits on the side of the bed and wraps her golden legs around the black lycra covered head of slave Deanne. Deanne is intoxicated with the fragrance of her queen and continues to lick the golden skin of her pussy. The Great Golden Queen comes and comes. Finally she is satiated. For now. She releases Deanne's head from between her thighs with a sigh.

"You may stop now, slave. Your queen is satisfied for now. But you need to bound somehow. You've been free much too long for a humanoid slave. Also we have to get rid of that pasty white face of yours. It should be black to match your lycra skin. SS-12, attend me."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"SS-12, I want you to apply black make up to slave Deanne's face. Do you have the necessary materials?"

"Yes, Your Highness"

SS-12 applies the make up on slave Deanne, completely coating her face with black. It even covers her eyes and lips. Now like Rosa in her gold and Jennifer in her silver, Deanne is completely covered in shinny black.

"That looks very good. But she needs to be bound and gagged. Tie her to the bed again - spread eagled."

Shortly, Deanne is spread out on the bed looking at her reflection in the ceiling mirrors. It is hard for her to make out detail, because it is black lycra against black lycra. The only things she sees clearly is the whites of her eyes starring into the blackness. She squirms on the bed heightening the feeling of the lycra next to lycra. With each wiggle her skin becomes more

sensitive as she becomes one with the lycra. Soon the lycra is taking over. She is becoming blackness. She closes her eyes and drifts off in a trance.

Deanne's mind submerges and a new identity comes forward. She is a low level servant, a pleasure device, of the Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids. She herself is an android whose sole function is to give or receive pleasure. She is only happy when climaxing or helping someone else come. Her designation is CD-34 for Climax Device - thirty-four. It awakes with a start. This unit must serve its queen.

"Mmmmmpphhh." CD-34 tries to say through the gag: 'This unit seeks to serve, Your Majesty."

"SS-12, ungag her, she trying to say something."

"Yes, Your Highness."

Ungagged unit CD-34 addresses her queen: "Thank you, Your Majesty. This is Unit CD-34. This unit is ready to serve."

"Excellent, SS-12, it is obvious CD-34 has finally joined us. I want you to bring her to orgasm quickly. It is probably close to overload."

"Your Highness, This unit does not require any assistance. If you desire me to climax, just say the word and this unit will comply."

"Yes, of course, as any good android should. Your queen commands you to come, now."

"Yes, Your Majesty." CD-34 says as it suddenly becomes rigid from head to toe and starts to tremble. Shortly a wet stain appears in its crotch. "Is that sufficient, Your Highness?"

"Yes, CD-34," answers her queen. "Now, I want to come." And she does. Immediately after saying it, a wave of pleasure washes over her body.

'Of course,' she thinks. 'As Queen of the Pleasure Androids, I too can have an orgasm just by desiring it. How could I have forgotten.'

"SS-12, CD-34, come here. It is time for my daily session of Pleasure Nirvana. You two will be my assistants."

"Your Majesty, I will do anything to bring you pleasure but how do I assist at nirvana?" queries CD-34.

Your Highness, this unit computes that there is some risk, as CD-34 and this unit are not of the priestess class, there is a .015486 probability of failure." Answers SS-12. "Failure will result in loss of programming."

"Your concerns are understood, but your queen will be in control. Do not worry, SS-12." Responds the queen. "CD-34, Pleasure Nirvana is an exercise in auto-eroticism where one or more androids assist their queen in establishing the ultimate state of pleasure.

"As you know any trained android can achieve sexual pleasure by pure thought alone. That is true of your queen as well. Also just as I can command you to have an orgasm, you can command me. In Pleasure Nirvana, we join together and command each other and ourselves to climax as much and as often as we possibly can until all of us reach nirvana."

"Your Highness, this unit loves to give and receive orgasms," says CD-34, "I will do anything to help."

"Yes, CD-34, I know you will. Now both of you, sit on the bed with me. Form a circle and hold hands. That's right. Repeat after me.

"O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

"O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

As they began to recite the litany, they began to experience climax after climax. Soon there is almost no time between orgasms. It is just one continuous climax. There is no time. There is only pleasure.

They are three rigid statues sitting on the bed. No, not statues, because they twitch and tremble with pleasure every few seconds. Then all three collapse in a heap on the bed, exhausted with pleasure.

Hours later, Rosa awakes and climbs off the bed. 'What the hell happened? I remember dressing in the gold catsuit and next I was Queen of the Pleasure Androids. Wow.' She thinks. 'I better get Jennifer, Dean and me out of these catsuits.' First she removes her own. Then she takes off Jenny's suit.

Jenny awakes with: "What happened. I put on the catsuit and then later the make up and then I was an android?"

"No time to explain. Help me take off Dean suit before he awakes." They strip Dean of his catsuit, corset and bra. He awakes.

"What happened to me? Rosie, Jenny, its so good to see you." are his first words.

"Good, he's OK." Says Rosa. "I was afraid we never come out of that fantasy. Is everyone all right?"

"I'm fine but very tired." Says Jennifer.

"I'm OK, just a little dehydrated." Responds Dean.

"That was the most intense experience of my life. And I loved it!" Says the former Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids.

"I did, too!" answers the unit sometimes known as SS-12.

"Can we do that again?" Pipes in CD-34, also known as Dean/Deanne. "But after I rest, please."

"Wait until next week. Just wait." Answers the queen.


Part 2

"That was a wild ride on Friday and Saturday," Jenny said to Rosie as they drove to the mall. "I just hope we can return to the Land of the Pleasure Androids next week."

"Iím sure we can. If fact, Iíve already started making some plans for next weekend." Answered Rosie.

"Tell me, tell me, please."

"No, youíll just have to wait until then. It going to be a surprise."

While theyíre having this discussion, Dean is home trying to transform himself back into CD-34. Only this time without the corset and falsies. Heís put on the black make up and now heís putting on the black lycra catsuit. The very special suit that transported him and the others to the Land of the Pleasure Androids. He loves the feel of the lycra as it encloses his hairless body. It so tight as he pulls it up over his legs. It barely fits around his already hard cock, but he loves the pressure of the catsuit holding his cock tight against his belly. He pulls his right and then his left arm and hand into the gloved sleeves, smoothing them up to his shoulders. Heís covered to the neck, now to pull the open faced hood over his head. He closes the two zippers and locks them with one of Rosieís little locks. He sealed in tight to stay until Rosie lets him out.

He goes into the bedroom and gets on the huge bed still covered in the black lycra sheet. He loves the slippery feeling of the lycra against lycra. He is spread out on the bed looking at her reflection in the ceiling mirrors. It is hard for him to make out detail, because it is black lycra against black lycra. The only things he sees clearly is the whites of his eyes starring into the blackness. He squirms on the bed heightening the feeling of the lycra next to lycra. With each wiggle his skin becomes more sensitive as he becomes one with the lycra. Soon the lycra is taking over. He is becoming blackness. He closes his eyes and drifts off in a trance.

Deanís mind submerges and a new identity comes forward. He is a low level servant, a pleasure device, of the Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids. He is an android whose sole function is to give or receive pleasure. He is only happy when climaxing or helping someone else come. His designation is CD-34 for Climax Device - thirty-four. It awakes with a start. This unit must serve its queen.

Its queen is nowhere to be found, so it waits. While it waits it practices mental auto-eroticism just like its queen told it to. It lies on the bed and repeats to itself time and time again. "I want to come. I want to come. I want to come." Soon its mental desires become its physical acts. It progress to the point where, each time it says, "I want to come." It does. Its queen will be so proud of it.

Shortly thereafter Rosie and Jenny return home from the mall. CD-34 rushes out to meet them, saying "Your Majesty, this unit has learned to control the mental auto-eroticism. Have I done well?"

"No, you have not. You have disobeyed a direct order to wait until weekend to attempt transformation." Answers Rosie, Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids. "You will be punished. Come here, so I may remove your sacred catsuit."

"Oh Yes, Your Majesty, this unit is so sorry. Please remove royal lock, and I will undress immediately."

Rosie unlock the hasp locking the two zippers together and unzips Dean. He quickly removes the catsuit, which breaks the spell. It is no longer CD-34, He is Dean and he is very sorry he upset Rosie.

"Iím sorry, I thought youíd be pleased."

"Well, Iím not and you will be punished. I told both of you to wait until next weekend. But Iím curious how you re-induce the transformation."

"Like we talked yesterday, I tried the combination of the special catsuit, the make-up, the bed, the mirror and a trance. Sure enough, I was transformed back into CD-34 even though I didnít wear the corset and falsies this time."

"At least that confirms our suppositions, we know how to reinduce the transformation. But I want both of you to understand, neither of you is to try the change until we all do next week. I, your queen, have some special ideas in mind and I donít want you messing them up. Is that understood."

"Yes, Your Highness" repeated both Jenny and Dean.

Monday morning, Rosie had a couple of phone calls to make. One to the dancewear company that had supplied the special catsuits. "Can you do custom orders on a rush basis?" she asked. "Of course," they responded. "Well this is what I need Ö."

Then she called the corset shop and ordered four new corsets of varying sizes. All to ready by Friday.

A few days later, Rosie went to visit Chris and Paul. Chris and Paul were good friends - good lycra friends. She had met them at a lycra/bondage convention a couple of years before and hit it off almost immediately. The three of them had had a terrific lycra orgy during the convention and had become fast friends. They had partied

together several times since. The parties always involved lycra, bondage or both.

Chris met her at the door wearing lycra, of course. She had on a regular (one without gloves and hood) catsuit of a mustard yellow lycra with black spike heels and a broad and very tight black leather belt. She led Rosie into the front room where Paul was waiting in your basic black lycra catsuit.

"Hi, Paul, you look great, but then again I love my men in lycra. How are you two doing."

"Great, Rosie, isnít my waist getting really small. Iíve been wearing progressively tighter corsets. Now Iím down to seventeen inches. Iím so proud."

"Iím envious, Chris, the best I can do even with a corset is twenty-two inches. You look like a Barbie doll."

"Wait a minute, Rosie, I donít see any lycra on you. Whatís wrong?" asked Chris.

"Oh, donít worry, I have a full unitard on under this blouse and pants suit. I couldnít go all day at work without some lycra."

"OK, I guess thatís enough, but what brings you by today?" asked Paul.

"Iím glad you asked. You wonít believe what happened last weekend at our place. Jenny, Dean and I had an experience like you never had but always wanted to. I really canít explain but let me say, it was the most intense sexual experience Iíve ever had."

"Aw Right, tell us more."

"I really canít explain it any better, you wouldnít believe it, even if I did. But at one point I told Jenny to have an orgasm and she did. Nobody touched her, not even herself. She just thought it and she had an orgasm. And thatís just the beginning."

"Well, youíve got me interested. Where do we sign up," said Paul.

"Can you two come over Saturday at noon and stay until sometime Sunday."

"Thatís fine with me. Do you have any problems, Dear?" asked Paul.

"We donít have any plans. Besides, I canít wait to find out more." Responded Chris.

"Hereís what I want you to do. Show up at our place around noon on Saturday wearing lycra, of course. Weíll let you in but weíll all be acting very strangely. Donít worry, its all part of the fantasy. Just play along with whatever youíre told. By the way do either of you object have a full body shave; its just fantastic combined with the lycra?"

"No, not at all. In fact, weíve done body shaves before when playing in lycra. Youíre right; it is great." Answered Paul.

"Great, I knew youíd like this. Just get into the act and I promise you youíll enjoy this fantasy like nothing before. One last thing, take these keys and bring them with you on Saturday, but donít give them to me unless I ask for them and say the magic word."

"What the magic word?"

"Only after I say "pliers" can you give me the keys. Wow, its later than I thought. I got to run. Weíll see you noon on Saturday."

"See ya," Chris and Paul said in goodbye.

Thursday evening, Rosie, Jenny and Dean have dinner at the house. Jenny and Dean are asking Rosie about her plans for the coming weekend. Rosie is very vague but tells both of them to be ready Friday afternoon at five oíclock. "Weíll help each other get ready then. Iíll be staying home tomorrow, Iíve got some things to do. Do you have any questions?"

"No, Your Highness," they both respond.

Friday morning, Rosa dresses in the complete catsuit that Dean had worn the week before. It is black shinny lycra and has gloves and open-faced hood attached. She confident that without the black face make up she wonít transform in a CD android like Deanne did the weekend before. Besides she needed something lycra and tight to wear while getting ready for the coming festivities.

Rosa takes some bolts of white pearlescent lycra cloth she purchased Tuesday and starts to cover the walls and ceiling of the bedroom. She stretches it out and staples it down until the entire room even the windows is layered with slick and shinny white lycra. Next the floor is covered with black shinny lycra, encapsulating the room in lycra. ĎNow this is an appropriate room for lycra parties.í She thinks.

While putting up the lycra, FedEx arrives with two packages, one from the dancewear company and one from the corset people. Needless to say, the FedEx driver was a little surprised when Rosa met him at the door in her black catsuit. Somehow he maintained his cool, got her signature, dropped off the packages, and left. But his eyes never left the vision of loveliness that Rosa presented.

She opened the first package and it contained five new catsuits with the modifications she requested. The second package had the four new corsets in it. This weekend, Deanne would not be the only person in a corset.

Rosa finished decorating the bedroom. She spread out the new catsuits and corsets on the black lycra sheeted bed. She got the pleasure bench out and set it up in the corner of the bedroom. The pleasure bench was a rather complicated device made to hold a male in

bondage very securely. But it also made him very accessible to intercourse. The female could lie on top, kneel on the brackets on the side, or stand astride the bench. If desired she could be easily bound in any of those positions. Rosa knew just how she was going to use the bench this weekend.

About four thirty, she had completed all the necessary preparations. She sat down and watch a lycra video and wait for the others. Shortly, Jenny got home. Followed a few minutes later, Dean arrived.

"OK, now youíre both here. Are you ready to get started? Is there anything else you need to do this weekend, because weíre going to tied up until sometime Sunday?" asked Rosie.

"Yes, Iím ready and waiting. No, I donít have anything that needs doing between now and going to work Monday morning." Answered Jenny.

"Same here." Replied Dean. "Letís get started."

"Follow me, weíll start by taking a shower together and helping each other remove any unwanted body hair." Said Rosie as she lead them into her bathroom.

"Wow, I love the way you decorated your bedroom!" exclaimed Jenny as they passed through it.

"I want you to help me with something special before hand. I want you to remove all my hair and shave me bald. I want nothing between me and my lycra." Requested Rosie.

"I help on one condition," said Dean. "You shave me too!"

"Youíre not going to leave me out!" added Jenny. "I want to get shaved too!"

Later, all three of them emerge from the bathroom completely bald from head to toe. Ready for their lycra.

"My first surprise is that I got new corsets for all of us. Theyíre tighter than our old ones but I think weíre all ready for some additional bondage. The corsets are made from the same lycra as you catsuit so they match perfectly."

They put on their corsets and are soon helping each other tighten them completely. "I can hardly breathe, but I want it tighter." Gasped Jenny.

"Thereís a little left to tighten." Responded Dean. "Lean against the wall while I pull the back closed. There you go. Thatís as tight as it gets."

"Thatís marvelous. I love tight, especially tight lycra. Let me help you with yours, Rosie"

"Yea, Let me finish with Dean first." She turns to Dean "Are you ready for the final pull?"

"Go for it. I canít believe I can handle one tighter than last week. But I love it, plus Iím going to look so good in my catsuit. Help me on with my bra and falsies."

"OK, heís done. Now Iím ready. Iíve never had a twenty inch waist before, so tighten away."

Dean gives Jenny a hand and they finally pull the laces closed in back. Rosie looks in mirror at herself and the other two. "Donít we look fantastic with our tiny waists. Now itís time for my second surprise, the new and modified catsuits! Here put them on."

They each pick up their respective suits, Rosie gets the gold, Jenny the silver, and Dean the black. Dean is the first one to notice the new modification. "This is great. Jenny look, my catsuit now has a penis sleeve. Doesnít it look great the way it covers my hard-on?"

"You look wild, and your new penis sleeve is going work great with pussy sleeve in my suit. Rosie, these new catsuit are fantastic. This new suit also feels tighter, which I love. Thank you."

"I ordered all the new suits one size smaller. I love tight too. Leave your hood down for now, we still have to put on our make up." Instructs Rosie. "And donít forget your matching spike heels."

They put on the make up that matches their catsuits and closed the hoods. Next out came the locks. The locks that only Chris has the keys for. "Do either of you want to back out now before I lock us in?"

"Iím ready and waiting" replied Jenny.

"Please, I want to get started." Answered Dean, now Deanne.

"Letís go lie down and try to transform." Rosie leads them back to the bedroom after locking all three catsuits on. There she unveils the ceiling and wall mirrors lays in the middle of the bed. Jenny and Deanne lie on each side of her. They hold hands and begin chanting:

"O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

They start squirming on the bed, rubbing the lycra sheets against the lycra of their catsuits. Feeling the heat build. They stare off into the ceiling mirror and see three beautiful woman coated in lycra. With each wiggle their skin becomes more sensitive as they becomes one with the lycra. Soon the lycra is taking over. They are becoming pleasure. They close their eyes and drift off in a trance.

Rosie envisions herself as the Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids. She has dozens of attendants who cater to her every whim. Bringing her pleasure whenever she desires. And she desires pleasure a lot.

Jenny sees SS-12,a sex slave, a silver coated android of pleasure. She is dedicated to serving her Great Golden Queen. She endeavors to

bring pleasure to her majesty at all times.

Deanne fantasizes about being CD-34, the climax device. The android that is only happy when giving or getting pleasure

They awake after being transformed into their android counterparts. The Great Golden Queen immediately demands service. "SS-12 bring me pleasure, now!" she demands.

SS-12 crawls between her queenís legs stroking the lycra of her golden body from the spike heel to the crotch and the center of her majestyís pleasure. SS-12 rubs her pleasure center until the queenís breath shortens. Then she lowers her head into the queenís crotch and begins to lick the royal pleasure knob. Immediately this brings the queen to orgasm and she wraps her golden legs around the silver coated head of SS-12. SS-12 responds with renewed vigor and licks her queen to a succession of climaxes. Finally the queen calls a stop to it and speaks to CD-34.

"You will now use your pleasure protuberance to service me, but you must not climax yourself. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Your Majesty." Answered CD-34.

CD-34 climbed on top of its queen and began to pleasure her. She was already sensitive from the ministrations of SS-12 and starts to respond instantaneously. She loved the feeling of the lycra covered pleasure protuberance stroking in her lycra lined pleasure tunnel. The orgasms begin to run into each other they came in such swift succession.

"Enough!" the queen shouted. "CD-34 stand before me. You have misbehaved and must be punished."

"Your Highness, what has the poor slave done."

"Last Sunday, you dressed yourself in lycra and sought out pleasure when your queen had expressly told you to ĎWait until next week.í " Stated the queen. "Is that not correct?"

"Yes, Your Highness, but I beg your forgiveness. This lowly unit requires to give or receive pleasure. This unit was only trying to fulfill its design criteria." Pleaded CD-34.

"You were told not to transform and you did. Your punishment will be one solar day without receiving pleasure. You make partake in pleasurable acts, you may give pleasure, but satisfaction is denied you. It is that understood?"

"Yes, Your Majesty, I understand. But with all due respect, does Your Majesty know that denial of pleasure for so long a time may cause permanent damage to this unit."

"What do you mean?"

"Legend has it, that is a CD unit is denied orgasm, deformation of the pleasure protuberance may occur."

"Thatís just an old androidís tale. It has no basis in fact." Responds the queen. "in fact as part of your punishment, Iím going to make you watch SS-12 and myself have great pleasure, when you canít participate at all. You will stand at the foot of the bed and remain absolutely still. I want you to watch SS-12 and myself enjoy ourselves knowing that you cannot join us."

"Come here SS-12, weíre going to play a game. Have you ever played "Rigid Cock" before?" asked the queen.

"Yes, Your Majesty. Sometimes in the harem the other sex slaves will play games. ĎRigid Cockí is one of my favorites." Replied SS-12. "Does Your Highness want me to play the Rigid Cock or the Sex Slave?"

"This time youíll play the RC unit. Here put on the pleasure pants" The queen handed SS-12 a pair of rubber panties with an inward facing dildo and a second outward dildo. Obviously a woman wearing them could fuck like a man but also be stimulated at the same time. "Donít you love how the inner dildo feels in your pleasure tunnel? It will be even better when the outer dildo is manipulated."

"This unit is on the verge of orgasm with these pants on and the dildo inserted" says SS-12.

"Now put on this gag and the red catsuit of the RC unit." Instructs the queen. SS-12 puts the ball gag in her mouth and tightens the strap around her head. Next she puts the complete red catsuit on. This lycra suit is so complete that even the face doesnít show. SS-12 is red lycra from head to toe just like a RC unit. And just like an RC unit she has a large and red lycra covered rigid pleasure protuberance extending from her hips.

"As an RC unit, you must be restrained at all times. Put this red lycra straight jacket on. Iíll help with the back zipper and the straps." Commands the queen. "Now I want you in this red lycra mummy bag. Itís got a hole for your red lycra covered pleasure protuberance. Thatís it. Let me zip it up. Now you are properly restrained for a RC unit. Wiggle over here to the center of the bed. I want to take pleasure with you."

SS-12, now dressed as a Rigid Cock unit and bound like all good RC units should be. She/he squirms over until she/he is in the middle of the bed. The queen quickly mounts the RCís pleasure protuberance and just as quickly begins to climax. The movement in the outer dildo translates into movement of the inner dildo and soon SS-12 is climaxing right along with her queen. The queen decides that she

likes this and wants it to last. So she slows her passion and starts stroking the RC unit slowly. Fast enough it maintains the edge for both the queen and the RC unit, but not fast enough for climax to occur. She maintains this level of arousal for hours until finally the intensity becomes too much and both she and the RC unit climax in an explosion of sensation. The queen collapses into sleep while still impaled on the RC unit who also drifts off into dreamland.

Hours later, they awaken and the queen strips the body bag and straight jacket off SS-12. "You may remove the RC red catsuit and the dildo pants. Its time for the pleasure nirvana."

SS-12 quickly complies and then asks, "Will CD-34 be joining us for the pleasure nirvana?"

"No, that unit must wait until its punishment is over."

"Your Highness, may I point out that CD-34 pleasure protuberance has enlarged 31 millimeters (approx. 1.2 inches) since you declared your punishment."

"Thatís interesting. Has it grown proportionately or is it deforming?" asks the queen.

"It has grown proportionately, Your Majesty."

"Then just let it be, CD-34 will just have to learn how to live with larger protuberance. Besides itís time for my pleasure nirvana. Join me on the bed and repeat after me." They join hands and start to chant:

"O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

As the queen and SS-12 begin to chant the sacred incantation, they begin to experience orgasm on top of orgasm. Soon they canít tell where one climax ends and another starts. For what seems like hours they float in a sea of pleasure while CD-34 waits at the foot of the bed commanded not to move an inch.

Their revelry is broken by the door bell. The noise quickly brakes the spell and the queen commands SS-12 to answer the door and see whoís there. SS-12 runs to the door and opens it to reveal Chris and Paul on time and dressed as instructed. Chris is dressed in a red lycra catsuit over a seventeen inch corset. She also has on black spike heels, black leather wrist bands and neck collar. Paul is attired in your basic black catsuit with a leash attached to a black leather posture collar and he is gagged. Chris held the end of the leash and from the looks of Paulís cock heís loving every minute of it.

"We are here to see Rosie." Says Chris.

"Oh, you mean the Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids. She will be here shortly, please come in and sit down. May I offer you pleasure while youíre waiting?"

"Yes, I too seek pleasure." Responds Chris.

"Here, please sit, I will lick your pleasure knob until the queen arrives." Chris sits down and immediately SS-12 begins to lick her clit. She is so turned on by what she fantasizes is going to happen today, that she comes right away. SS-12 doesnít stop, she continues to bring pleasure to Chris until she finally says "Stop, I have to catch my breath."

"Does Mistress Chris want that I should also pleasure her slave?" asked SS-12.

"Yeah, fondle him but donít let him come."

"Yes, Mistress." SS-12 fondles the lycra clad legs of Paul until she reaches his crotch and starts stroking his pleasure protuberance. Shortly he is panting as the pleasure builds, but SS-12 is careful. She knows how much pleasure he can tolerate before he must climax. And she always keeps it below that level.

Presently, the queen appears. "Iím the Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids and Iím glad that the two of you were able to join us today. I see SS-12 has brought you pleasure. Is there anything else you would like to do before we begin the transformation?"

"No, Your Majesty. What should we do next?" asks Chris playing along with the fantasy,

"SS-12 will take you both to the servicing facilities where you will be properly prepared. Please follow her instructions as if they were coming from your queen."

SS-12 led them off to the master bathroom. There, she told them to strip and prepare to have their body hair removed. Chris and Paul removed their catsuits and Chris removed her corset and then they started to get into the oversized shower together.

"No, first before shower, you hair must be removed." States SS-12.

"Do mean even the hair on our heads?" asks Paul

"Of course" replies SS-12. "Any good android must remove all body hair."

"Wait a minute Chris, I know weíre supposed to play along with this fantasy. But shaving my head, I donít know." Objected Paul.

"Come on, play along, Rosie has never disappointed us before. Iím sure she has a good reason. Besides, Iíve always wanted to feel complete lycra against my bald body. Iíll promise to make it worthwhile."

"OK, but this better be good. Go ahead SS-12, cut away. I want to please my queen by being completely shaven."

SS-12 prepare both Chris and Paul by clipping and then shaving their heads. She applies to hair removal cream to the rest of their bodies,

waits and then leads them to the shower. She helps them rinse the hair removal cream off and proceeds to soap their entire bodies, paying particular attention to the erogenous zones. When they are finished SS-12 leads them into the bedroom where their costumes are ready.

"First, Mistress Chris there is a new silver lycra corset for you. This unit has been instructed to make sure you are fully tighten into this corset even though it is only fifteen inches around."

"Iíll try, but seventeen is my previous record"

"This unit is wearing a twenty inch corset and the best I had worn before was twenty-three inch. Iím sure you can make it. After all this is the Land of the Pleasure Androids." SS-12 proceeds to lace Chris into the fifteen inch corset. She pulls the laces until they are almost closed. "Please lean against the wall while I close the back of the corset."

SS-12 pulls with all her strength until finally the laces are pulled together. Chris now has a fifteen inch waist. "This is marvelous. I love the tightness of the corset." Chris exclaims.

"Next, we must apply the magic make up. Mistress Chris, yours will be silver like mine, because you will be designated a sex slave too. Paul will not need any make up but will he please put this ball gag on." Instructs SS-12. When Paul is gagged and Chris is properly made up. SS-12 gets their catsuits. Chrisís is just like SS-12ís but Paulís is red and has no face opening but does have a pleasure protuberance sleeve that Paul is quickly filling. SS-12 locks the two catsuits on Chris and Paul.

"Oh, I love this catsuit. It so tight. It feels great. How to you feel, dear?" Chris asks Paul.

"Mmmmmmppphhhh" He responds.

"Donít worry dear, I can see by the way you fill out that cock sleeve, you love the feeling of the catsuit. What next SS-12?

"We must bind Paul before he transforms, please help me with this red lycra straight jacket." They get Paul into the jacket and SS-12 says: "Letís get him into this red lycra mummy bag next."

After they put Paul in the mummy bag they place him on the bed and Chris lies down beside him. The queen comes in and says: "You are now properly prepared humanoids. Prepare to enter the Land of the Pleasure Androids."

Chris looks up into the ceiling mirror and see a beautiful woman with a tiny fifteen inch waist dressed in a shinny silver lycra suit that seems to be painted on. As the image excites her, she wiggles on the black lycra sheet. She loves the feeling of the lycra suit against the lycra sheets. It thrills her to her core. She begins to caress her lycra covered head with her lycra covered hands. Soon her hands are drifting down her neck around her lovely breasts, fondling the hardening nipples. Her hands smooth over the ultra tight corset and settle on her pleasure tunnel where they massage her clitoris to orgasm. She continues to stroke herself, generating wave after wave of pleasure.

Soon she enters a trance of pleasure. She IS a sex android, a sex slave. Her designation is SS-15. Her only purpose in life is to bring pleasure. She must serve her queen, The Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids.

Paul looks up at the ceiling mirror through the red lycra of his catsuit and see a very male specimen completely covered and bound in red lycra. He enjoys the feeling of the extra tight lycra enclosing his body. It makes is red lycra covered cock stand tall with excitement. In the straight jacket and mummy bag, the only thing he can move is his cock. And itís so hard inside itís red lycra cock sleeve, all he can think about is some pussy and how does he get it. He finds if he humps the air, the lycra moves along his cock and excites it even more.

He starts to hump the sky and soon enters a trance of pleasure. The stroking of the lycra is enough to keep him hard but not enough to make him come. The intensity of the excitement makes him think that he is nothing but a pleasure protuberance. A pleasure protuberance that must seek a soft and warm pleasure tunnel to make him happy. He will obey anyone that strokes his pleasure protuberance. He is just a Rigid Cock. He is here to service his queen. The Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids.

Chris is the first to speak, "This is Unit SS-15. I seek to serve my queen. How may I serve?"

"Mmmmmmppphhhh" says RC-53

"Are you willing to serve your queen?" asked the queen of RC-53 He shakes his head Ďyesí.

"SS-12 and SS-15, come here. What we have here is RC-53. RC is for rigid cock. Take this specimen, he is almost 242 millimeters (almost nine and a half inches) when he is hard and he is always hard. When he is hard all he is seeking is a pleasure tunnel to put it into. Nothing else enters his mind. This is the only android that is completely male and as such must be kept bound at all times. He is very dangerous but very fulfilling.

"In fact, I want to enjoy him now. Please bind his ankles to the foot of the bed and his neck to the head of the bed. I want to be safe when I taken part in his pleasure."

Quickly SS-12 and SS-15 prepare RC-53 for his queen. He is bound in a straight jacket and mummy bag and now he is tied to the bed. He is now safe to have intercourse with. The queen quickly mounts the bound RC-53 and directs his lycra covered pleasure protuberance into her golden lycra lined pleasure tunnel. She quickly reaches climax but continues to hump her pleasure tunnel on the RCís pleasure protuberance. Another and another orgasm flow over her as lycra coated Rigid Cock invades her lycra lined center of pleasure. Eventually the RC is also brought to orgasm and he then fades into semi-consciousness.

"It safe to untie him now. I want him on the pleasure bench before he awakes." demands the queen.

SS-12 and SS-15 quickly release the RC unit from the mummy bag and the straight jacket. He is still very much in a daze. They lead him across the room and onto the pleasure bench. Once in position, they bind him in place. There are tight lycra straps that bind his arms at the wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder. Straps bind his legs at the feet, ankles, shins, knees and thighs. Next come the straps across his hips, waist, chest, neck and head. RC-53 is now one with the pleasure bench with his rigid pleasure protuberance sticking up for all to use.

"Do either of you want to partake of the RC unit?" asked the queen. "Go right ahead. Go with pleasure."

"Your Highness, I would like to partake in his pleasure." Says SS-15. "Can I be bound to him after we are joined."

"Of course, get on him in the kneeing position." SS-15 straddles RC-53 and inserts his lycra covered pleasure protuberance into her lycra lined pleasure tunnel. She settles down on him completely with a sigh. "SS-12 bind number 15 to the pleasure bench. Put tight lycra straps on her feet, ankles, calves and thighs. Now put this lycra single glove arm binder on her. One last touch put the stiff leather posture collar on her. That will be a good anchor for the arm binder. O, of course, she should be gagged. Are you bound enough, number 15?"

"Mmmmmppphhh," answers SS-15 in the affirmative. Already the large pleasure protuberance in pleasure tunnel is affecting her. A shudder runs through her bound form as the first orgasm flows over her. The friction of the lycra against the lycra in her pleasure tunnel brings her quickly to level of almost constant pleasure. And she canít stop it. She is bound in place. She is bound in pleasure. She will continue to climax until the queen thinks to release her. If the queen thinks to release her!

"Your Majesty, this unit is concerned about unit CD-34. Its pleasure protuberance has already grown to 314 mm (about 12 -Ĺ inches). Should we do something?"

"Yes, youíre right. Iíll use him to bring me pleasure. Iíve always wanted to try a really large pleasure protuberance. Bring him to me."

"Yes, Your Highness."

CD-34 is brought into the queenís presence. "Come to me number 34. Do you remember your instructions?"

"Yes, Your Majesty, I can give pleasure but I can not receive it."

"Well, I want to feel your extra large pleasure protuberance in my pleasure tunnel, but you must not come." They begin to copulate. The queen loves the pressure of the enlarged CD-34 within her. Immediately she starts to orgasm. Maybe that old androidís tale about size not being important is false. She begins to experience pleasure almost continuously.

CD-34 is in agony, it has been denied pleasure for so long. Plus itís worried about how large is it going to grow. But the queen continues to copulate on his swollen organ. Eventually she tires of him and instructs SS-12 to take him away and donít bring him back until his punishment time is over.

The queen lies back on the bed and watches SS-15 continue to ride RC-53. Number 15 can barely move, she is so tightly bound. But every few seconds a shudder waves through her body as she experiences another orgasm. As the queen watches, she begins to stroke her golden body with her lycra gloved hands. The lycra against lycra sends flashes of pleasure through her. As she runs her hands over her head, down her neck, over her sensitive breasts, around her corseted waist to her pleasure center, the pressure builds. When she finally touched her pleasure knob, she explodes in a fury of pleasure. She continues to stroke clitoris bringing on more and more orgasms as she stares at SS-15. Soon their orgasms begin to coincide and become synchronous. SS-15 realizes what is happening between her and the queen and in that realization becomes even more turned on. Her pleasures increase in tempo matched by the same increase in the queenís response. Soon the speed of their orgasms reaches continuity. They share one continuous climax.

Shortly SS-15 peaks from the hours of pleasure and fades into unconsciousness. The queen too is spent and lays back with a sigh, satisfied for now. SS-12 returns to find SS-15 slumped over the RC unit occasionally twitching from the pleasure protuberance still buried in her pleasure tunnel. SS-12 carefully unties unit 15 and removes her from the RC unit.

"That was marvelous," sighs SS-15. "Now I know why Rigid Cock units are so prized. Is the queen OK, it got pretty intense between us?"

"She fine, she just resting." Responded SS-12. "This unit would like to try the RC-53. Will you assist so that I am properly bound?"

"Of course, number 12. First, you must mount the RC. Insert his pleasure protuberance in your pleasure tunnel and make sure you are completely seated on him. Yes, thatís right. How does it feel?"

"I love the feel of the lycra covered pleasure protuberance filling my lycra lined pleasure tunnel. It is much better than the dildo game I played with the queen earlier today. Please tie me very tightly I want the full effect."

SS-15 does tie SS-12ís legs tightly to the pleasure bench. Then she proceeds to put the lycra arm binder single glove on her pulling it up all the way so it is extra tight. She attaches the arm binder to a posture collar which keeps SS-12ís chin up and her head facing forward. Lastly SS-15 added two straps. The first one from the tip of the arm binder down to the frame of the pleasure bench keeping SS-12 from leaning forward at all. The second strap was from the front of the posture collar to the pleasure bench near the RC unitís head. This strap kept her from moving backward. SS-12 is strapped onto the RC and the pleasure bench and canít move up/down, front/back or sideways. Finally SS-15 adds a ball gag and SS-12 is robbed of her speech.

SS-12 senses two the things. First, the fullness she feels in her pleasure tunnel is quickly stimulating her to orgasm. Second, there nothing she can do about it. She is going to be continually stimulated until the queen or SS-15 decides to release her. As she contemplates her position, the first of many orgasms surge through her making her twitch and squirm in her bondage. The slight movement adds to the stimulation as her pleasure knob rubs against RC-53. The added stimulation brings her to her second orgasm quickly. Which causes her to be even more turned on. And so on, and so on, until she is constantly climaxing with no end in sight.

SS-15 is watching this progression, remembering her own ride on RC-53. As she remembers her hands slide over her shinny silver lycra catsuit and her ultra narrow fifteen waist. She sees SS-12 slip into a daze of pleasure and begins to stroke her own fire of lust.

"I see you have exchanged places with SS-12." The queen interrupts her revelry. "I commend you on the thoroughness of your bondage. SS-12 is obviously experiencing great pleasure."

"Thank you, Your Highness. How may this unit serve you?"

"Come, lie on the bed. I want to sit on your face while you serve me orally."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Answers SS-15 as she lies down and the queen mounts her. She immediately begins licking the crotch of the queenís golden lycra catsuit. She concentrates on the pleasure knob, sucking it through the tight lycra covering.

The queen, who is super sensitized by the dayís activities, starts to climax almost at once. She, who is the Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids is pleasure personified. She looks across the room at the wall mirrors that show her golden self astride the silver head of SS-15. She strokes her hyper-sensitive breasts through the golden lycra thus adding to the already intense stimulation. She loves the slickness and shininess of her golden lycra catsuit. She is enthralled by the pressure of SS-15ís tongue against her pleasure knob. She decides she must share this pleasure and leans over and starts to lick at the pleasure knob of SS-15. Only to find that pleasure builds on pleasure. She is more excited because she is exciting someone else.

SS-12 experiences the same thing. Because of the pleasure she is giving the pleasure she is getting is just that much more intense. The more SS-15 comes the more she licks and sucks on the queenís pleasure knob.

The more intense the orgasms the queen feels the more intensely she licks and sucks on SS-15. Soon orgasm feeds on orgasm and they are both writhing in pleasure, continuous pleasure. Eventually, they reach nirvana. They collapse into a heap of satisfaction.

Later the queen stirs and awakens SS-15. They check on SS-12. Naturally she is still bound to RC-53. She seems to be twitching constantly from the stimulation and her eyes have rolled back into head. She is in a deep trance of pleasure. The queen decides that she has had enough so she instructs SS-15 to unbind her. Number 15 removes the straps that hold SS-12 upright and she collapses onto the

RC unit. Quickly number 15 removes the arm binder, posture collar, and gag.

"Are you all right?" asked SS-15.

"Yes, How long was I bound?" responds SS-12 as number 15 releases her legs and she slowly lifts herself off RC-53.

"A little over three hours." States the queen.

"It felt more like three days. Three days of the most wonderful pleasure. Thank you number 15 for being so thorough in binding me to RC-53."

"Youíre welcome." Says SS-15. "Isnít time to check on CD-34. I believe its punishment period is over."

"That is correct. Your Highness, may I retrieve number 34."

"Yes, yes, go get it" answers the queen.

SS-12 and SS-15 go off to get CD-34 while the queen idly strokes RC-53. They return with CD-34 whose pleasure protuberance has now grown to 487 mm long (over nineteen inches) and 98 mm in diameter (almost four inches).

"O that has become grotesque. It will not be able to use that to give pleasure to anyone. CD-34, have you learned your lesson?í demands the queen.

"O, yes, Your Majesty. I will never disobey you again." Pleads CD-34. "Can you please return me to my normal state?"

"Well, worst case, we just remove that obscene protuberance and make you a Sex Slave unit." States the queen.

"Begging the Your Majestyís pardon, this unit would prefer to be a Climax Device, just like before."

"OK, number 34, I know you have been practicing your mental auto-eroticism."

"O yes, Your Highness, I am most proficient."

"Yes, Iím sure you are. The most common cure for this condition is for you to enter a trance similar to the pleasure nirvana. Lie down on this table, close your eyes and chant."

"íO great god of lycra, help me comeí over and over again. Donít stop until I tell you." instructs the queen.

CD-34 lies down and begins to chant.

"O great god of lycra, help me come. O great god of lycra, help me comeÖ."

Soon the CD unit starts coming every few minutes. The interval between orgasms becomes shorter and shorter until there is a steady stream of cum erupting from CD-34ís enlarged pleasure protuberance.

"Your Majesty, this unit believes that CD-34 canít keep this up for much longer." Says SS-12.

"I understand your concern, number 12, but the CD unit must continue as long as it can for the cure to work. I canít stop the cure or it wonít work."

More than an hour later, the flow of cum twiddles to almost nothing and CD-34 is almost unconscious. The queen finally tells the CD unit to stop. Itís pleasure protuberance has not shrunk at all.

"Your Highness, what do we do now?" asks SS-15

"There is only one thing left to do." Answers the queen. "The Cocoon of Lycra. It works every time."

"But Your Majesty, what is the Cocoon of Lycra?" asks SS-12.

"We will dress CD-34 in as many layers of lycra as possible and then add as many lycra bondage devices as are available. The CD unit must have at least ten layers of lycra on all parts of itís body and must be bound so tightly it can barely move.

"Then we put it in a quiet dark place. And leave it to the fates. The Cocoon of Lycra always works. It doesnít always work the way you expect, but it always works. What it will do is make CD-34 into what it should be. What it should be is usually what it was, but not always!

SS-12 and SS-15 gather up all the lycra they can find and start dressing and redressing CD-34. First they add the three lycra catsuit from the previous weekend that had not been modified with the cock and pussy sleeves, Then they raided Rosieís bureau and found four more regular lycra catsuits without gloves and hoods, one lycra hood, two pairs of lycra gloves, a lycra mummy bag, and an extra lycra straight jacket. They dress CD-34 in the extra catsuits and gloves and hood that they found. Next they check Jennyís room and find two more regular lycra catsuits and some more lycra hoods. They go to Deanís room and gather three more regular lycra catsuits, some lycra gloves, a couple of lycra hoods, and several lycra arm and leg binders.

When theyíre finished, CD-34 has thirteen lycra catsuits, four pairs of lycra gloves, and five lycra hoods on. It can barely move. They add two lycra straight jackets, one inside the other, and tighten the straps. Next comes four lycra leg binders. And last but not least three lycra mummy bags.

CD-34 is completely bound in lycra. SS-12 and SS-15 carefully carry it to Deanís room and lay the lycra encased bundle on the bed, turn off the lights and leave it to the fates.

CD-34 is left alone to commune with the spirits of lycra encapsulated in layers upon layers of lycra, hoping the cure works.

While CD-34 communes with the spirits, the queen, SS-12, and SS-15 continue to pursue the ecstasy of lycra in the present. The queen decides itís time for her to enjoy the RC unit again. The queen mounts the Rigid Cock, sliding itís pleasure protuberance into her

golden lycra lined pleasure tunnel. As she settles down completely on him, she calls to numbers 12 and 15 to suckle at her breasts. The triple stimulation quickly leads to orgasm. The queen increases the tempo of her humping the bound RC unit. As she does the tempo of her climaxes increase. Soon she reaches her favorite stateÖcontinuous orgasm. The queen maintains this level of pleasure until interrupted and Wow what an interruption.

In to the room comes a apparition. An android dressed completely in white luminescent lycra. Even the face is covered in this uniquely glowing lycra. Although there are holes for the eyes and mouth. Even the six inch spike heels appear to covered in the same glowing white lycra. The lycra is so tight it is almost sheer. The body shape is similar to SS-15. It has a very tiny waist although it is not wearing any visible corset. It, no she is more appropriate, has exceptionally large breasts. Who is she?

"Your Highness, allow me to present myself, Iím AP-1 (Android Priestess - One), at your service. My former designation was CD-34. I am what the great god of lycra decided CD-34 should be." Stated the apparition.

"Quickly, SS-12, check on CD-34 in the other room." Commanded the queen without even getting off RC-53.

SS-12 ran off to Deanís room and returned just as quick. "Your Majesty, the lycra that we bound CD-34 in is still there and intact. No one has opened it. But it is empty. CD-34 has disappeared without opening the lycra bondage!"

"Pardon me for doubting you." Said the queen to AP-1. "But I had to be sure."

"Iím not insulted, Your Majesty." Answered AP-1. "How might WE serve the great god of lycra?"

"First, I think the Sex Slave units and I should pay proper homage to our newest priestess." Answered the queen. "SS-15, you will bring pleasure to AP-1."

"Please, your holiness, lie here, so I may lick your pleasure knob" requests SS-15.

AP-1 lays down on the bed and SS-15 begins to fondle her legs as she works her way up to the pleasure knob. Ever so slowly SS-15 finds the pleasure knob and licks it to hardness. AP-1 as a priestess is always in a state of pleasure. The slightest stimulation and she is in ecstasy. Instantly AP-1 begins to climax continually as she wraps her lycra clad thigh around SS-15 lycra covered head. Eventually she has SS-15 stop and invites SS-12 to take her place.

SS-12 decides to start at he top by fondling and kissing AP-1ís breasts. This alone is enough to bring AP-1 to climax. But she wants more and she wants it now. She grabs SS-12ís head and pushes it to her center of her pleasure. Number 12 licks her pleasure knob and she immediately begins to climax. After a while, the priestess calls a halt to SS-12ís ministrations.

"15 and 12, you have done well. Your queen must be very proud of your prowess." States AP-1. "Would Your Majesty please join me in pleasure?"

"Of course," answers the queen, "Do you have a favorite style?"

"Yes, Your Highness, I would seek your indulgence. Would you allow yourself to be tied up? I want to bring a very special pleasure."

"Certainly. Although I must admit I canít remember the last time someone tied me up. Usually itís the other way around."

"I sure will enjoy this very special treat. Numbers 12 and 15, please help tie Her Majesty to the bed spread-eagled. Make sure she is tied very tightly."

As units 12 and 15 stretch out the queen and tightly strap her to the bed, AP-1 stands at the foot of the bed and enters a trance. She begins to stroke her lycra covered head with her lycra gloved hands. The hands progress down over the neck and then over her very large breasts. She concentrates on the nipples and soon they stand out like large cherries. She continues down around her extremely small waist and on to the pleasure center. She strokes her pleasure knob but in an odd motion, almost as if it were a pleasure protuberance. After a moment she does seem to have a cock. Yes, she does and itís growing. Soon she has rather large cock sticking out where there was only her clitoris a second ago.

The queen is both surprised and interested. ĎI like this. I like getting pleasure from a pleasure protuberance, especially big ones.í She thinks.

"Are you ready and properly tied, Your Highness?"

"Oh, yes I couldnít get loose if my life depended upon it."

AP-1 knelt on the bed and crawled up between the queenís legs, running her hands over the queenís feet to her thighs. Slowly she stroked her pleasure knob as the queen moaned with pleasure. She moved forward and just started her cock in the queenís pussy.

"Please put it all in!" Demanded the queen.

With one quick push AP-1 buried her cock in the queenís pussy and held it there.

"Oh, yes I want it all!" repeated the queen.

"Well youíre going to get it ALL." Replied AP-1

Shortly the queen felt a swelling in her pussy. At first she

couldnít believe. But, yes, AP-1ís cock was getting larger. "Your pleasure protuberance is growing. That canít be!" She asked.

"Yes, it can and it is. You remember what pain and suffering you put CD-34 through when itís pleasure protuberance grew so large. Well itís inside you now. Letís see how you like it when it grows that large again." threatened AP-1

"No, no, you canít. Youíll split me open"

"You donít have to worry about that. Youíll live. But I guarantee things will be different."

"Please stop. Itís already too big. I canít take anymore. Please. I canít. Too Big. Too BIG! Aaaaaaaahhhh!" And the queen passed out. AP-1 got up and now she has no cock. It was as if she had left her cock in the queen.

When she did the queen began to metamorphose into something altogether different. Her golden catsuit started to lose it luster and became a drab shade of gray. The face opening closes over leaving no holes at all. Her figure quickly loses itís feminine qualities; her breasts disappear, her waist and hips lose their curves, and now it has no sex organs.

"What happened to the queen?" exclaimed SS-12.

"What have you done to her?" asked SS-15.

"When I was in the Cocoon of Lycra, the great god of lycra came to me in a vision. ĎYou must avenge CD-34. The queen was cruel and I will not have a cruel queen leading my Pleasure Androids. She is unfit. This is what you will doÖí So I did what the great god of lycra decreed." Answered AP-1 "the queen is now a UA, or undifferentiated android. You normally never see one outside the factory. An UA has not yet been programmed for anything; it has no sex, no rank, no designation at all."

"But what do we do now?" asked SS-15, "We canít leave it like this"

"No, number 15, what we have to do is put it in the Cocoon of Lycra. It will then be returned to what it should be. Just as I was."

SS-12 goes off to retrieve the lycra from Deanís room, while SS-15 unties the UA unit. They both dress it in all the layers of lycra clothing used before on CD-34. Then they add all the lycra bondage gear. The UA unit is now in the Cocoon of Lycra. They carry into the other room and turn off the lights. And as before, they leave it to the fates and the great god of lycra to restore it to what it should be.

When 12 and 15 return AP-1 says, "I want to lead you two and the RC unit in a pleasure nirvana. The UA unit will be in the Cocoon of Lycra for hours. Wait a second while I mount the RC unit. Oh, yes, thatís nice. Now Iím going to stand astride of the RC, I want you on either side of me. Yes, thatís right. I want to be able to stroke your pleasure knobs while I ride the RC. OK, You should both massage my breasts. Oh, yes, thatís right. Is everyone comfortable? OK, repeat the chant after me."

"O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

"O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

As they begin to chant the AP-1 bright white lycra catsuit starts to glow, an aura of bright rainbow colored lights dance around her body. It extends to the other three where their bodies touch. SS-12 and SS-15 experience extreme waves of intense pleasure surge through them as the light encompasses their bodies also, RC-53 trembles with the force of the pleasure that flashes through him. The brilliant light pulses through the four of them for what seems like hours as they experience orgasm after orgasm. Even the RC unit is coming in an almost constant stream. Eventually the aura flares to even greater brightness and then quickly fades away. The two SS units fall to the floor exhausted and the priestess collapses on top of the bound RC unit.

Shortly thereafter, AP-1 awakes and climbs off Paul. She realizes that when Jenny, Chris and Paul wake they will be un-transformed and back to their normal selves. But she also knows that they will sleep for hours more. That was an intense pleasure nirvana and theyíre going to out for a while. She carefully picks up Jenny and Chris and carries them to the bed. She unties Paul and carries him to the bed also. ĎBoy, this android body is really strong.í She thinks.

She covers the mirrors so they donít revert when they awaken and leaves them to their dreams. In the living room she sits down with a sigh. ĎIíve got a lot to figure out.í She thinks.

She first asks herself what she knows. She is now AP-1, a android priestess. She is no longer Dean. In fact she is no longer male in any way. These huge beautiful breasts are really hers, not falsies. Her waist is now approximately twenty inches and thatís without a corset. She even thinks of herself as a she.

Oh, one other thing, this lycra catsuit she has on; she doesnít have it on, itís part of her. It has no seems, there are no zippers in

back like the other ones. It has holes in the face for her eyes and mouth but thereís no end of the fabric. The is no place were the catsuit ends and her face starts. The catsuit is her skin and its made of luminescent pearl white lycra.

Even the spike heel shoes she was wearing have now become part of her. She has no shoes on, just six inch spike heels tapering down from her normal heel. And her toes naturally form a sharp point. All covered with the same pearl white lycraskin.

Well the Cocoon of Lycra always returns you to what you should be. ĎI guess I should be a android priestess. I can think of worst problems, like having a twenty inch cock. Besides, havenít I always wanted to be a woman. I mean Iíve been wearing girls clothes since I was ten. ĎAnd wow, Iím sure all woman now.í she thinks.

But she had a cock when she needed one to punish the queen. Can she change herself in other ways. Maybe now thatís sheís a priestess, she has the power to change herself. She thinks, ĎWhat can I try? I know, I try to revert to being Dean. It would make it a lot easier to go to work tomorrow as Dean than as the Android Priestess.í

She says aloud. "I want to be Dean again" as she watches in the mirror. Immediately she begins to morph back into Dean. The glowing white catsuit seems to melt away, her breasts shrink, her chest fills out with muscle, even her hair returns in the short cut Dean always wore. She is Dean again. "O this is going to be fun. I want to be the android priestess." She immediately reverses back to AP-1. "Let me try something else. I want to be a Rigid Cock unit" Almost immediately she is transformed into an RC unit, completely covered in red lycra with a raging hard-on, also completely covered in red lycra. "I want to be CD-34 again" Zap she was number 34 again. She had big breasts a narrow waist but cock instead of a pussy and sheís all covered in black lycra. "I want to be an android priestess." And sheís back to AP-1.

"I like this. No, I love this. I can be whatever I want to be, whenever I want to. Iím going to stay a android priestess for now. I think that is what I really should be." She says aloud. "One last power, I have to check out. I want to come." And she does. She thinks orgasm and she has one. "That is the best. I can come anytime, anywhere I want to. Fantastic!"

She remembers it time to check on the former queen, the UA unit in the Cocoon of Lycra. She goes into Deanís, now hers, bedroom. The UA unit is squirming within itís cocoon, which means it ready. She begins to release and strip off the three mummy bags. Then off comes the catsuits, hoods and gloves. Finally the UA unit is free of all the extra layers of lycra. Whatís left is the shinny black lycra catsuit of a CD unit. Inside that black suit is nominally female body but with a cock just like CD-34/Deanne was. And like AP-1 the lycra is its skin. The catsuit is actually part of the new CD unit.

The new CD unit comes out of itís trance and says, "This unit is CD-37. My purpose is to give and receive pleasure. How may I pleasure you?"

"Where is Rosie?" asks AP-1.

"I am Rosie. But now all I want to do is give pleasure."

"Can you revert back to Rosie? Say out loud ĎI want to be Rosie.í"

"I want to be Rosie" says CD-37 and immediately it transforms into Rosie. "I feel much better now. I never wanted to be queen. I glad Iím supposed to be a CD unit. Can I go back for now, I still want to give you pleasure."

"OK, go back. Do you know how?"

"Oh, yes. ĎI want to be CD-37í" and instantly it is a CD unit again. "How may this unit serve you?"

"Letís go back into the master bedroom and use the Pleasure Bench. I like the positions it allows."

They go into the bedroom and she shows it how to lie on the bench. She then straddles the CD unitís cock and begins to pump away. As a priestess she is always turned on and it only takes a little stimulation and she begins to climax. The CD unit is right behind her. It feels fulfilled just to be giving pleasure and as such is experiencing ecstasy of itís own. They are soon coming almost continually. The noise they are making awakes Chris. She nudges Jenny and Paul and now all three of them are watching the pair of the priestess and CD-37 enjoy rapture together.

"Uuughh, uuughh," coughs Chris interrupting. "Are you two going to go on all day?"

They stop and look over at their audience. "Sorry we woke you. But Iím glad youíre finally awake. Itís Sunday afternoon."

"Wait a minute, I remember youíre AP-1, the priestess, but who is the CD unit youíre screwing?" Asks Jenny.

"Excuse me." Responds AP-1 as she gets off CD-37. "This unit is CD-37 who I believe you know as Rosie."

"Hi, everyone. I guess the great god of lycra didnít believe I should be queen. Anyway, I much happier as CD-37." Announces Rosie.

"Hey, does anyone know where the keys are to these catsuits?" asks

Jenny. "We better get changed before one of sees themselves in a mirror and re-transforms."

"Do I hear the magic word?í asks Chris.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Responds CD-37. "Please get the keys, Chris. The magic word is pliers."

"OK, Paul will get the keys. Theyíre out in the car."

"Mmmmmppphhh" answers Paul in the affirmative.

"He canít outside dressed like that." Objects Jenny.

"Weíre all dressed like that. Somebody has to go." Replies Chris. Paul runs out to the car and gets the keys. Chris, Jenny and Paul remove their catsuits and the women remove their corsets. Then the three of them get dressed again in regular lycra catsuits.

"Whew, Iím glad to get that ball gag out of my mouth. The whole time I was on the pleasure bench, I didnít even notice it. Ever since I woke up, it fell like a boulder in my mouth. That was the most exciting day Iíve ever had. I canít believe I came as many times as I did. And that pleasure nirvana; it was incredible. I came constantly for what felt like hours. Thank you, Rosie for inviting us over."

"See why I keep him gagged." Put in Chris. "Let him open his mouth, and he never stops talking. But heís right, thank you, Rosie. This was the best."

"I am glad. I always want to give pleasure." Answered CD-37.

"How come you two havenít taken off your catsuits?" Jenny asks Rosie and Dean.

"Well Iíve got good news and Iíve got bad news," replies AP-1. "Which do you want first."

"Better give us the bad news first."

"Well since experiencing the Cocoon of Lycra and being transformed into what we should be, neither of us can remove our catsuits because we have literally become what you see. I am AP-1, the android priestess, and Rosie is CD-37, a climax device. The catsuits we have on are part of us. They are our skin. We can't take them off any more than you could remove your skin."

"O my god, that's terrible. What are you going to do?" asks Jenny. "I want my roommates back."

"That was the bad news. The good news is that we love what we have become. And we can change back at will. Show them, Rosie."

"I want to be Rosie" CD-37 says and instantly she is.

"Wow, that's fantastic. Can you change back that easy too?'

"In fact, it looks like I can change into anything I want. Apparently being priestess gives you special powers. I want to look like Jenny" And suddenly

AP-1 looks just like Jenny.

"That's incredible. You look like my identical twin. And I don't have a twin. What other powers do you have."

"You remember mental auto-eroticism, that we practiced as androids?'

"Yes, that was one of my favorite android powers."

"Well I can do it anytime, anywhere. I can come whenever I want just by thinking it."

"One unfortunate thing is we don't have a queen any more. What are we going to do next weekend?' asks Jenny

Yes, and will we be invited back again, please?" pleads Chris. I'm not sure what we will do about no queen, but next weekend I plan on putting the three of you in the Cocoon of Lycra. I want to see what you should be and maybe we'll get a queen that way. Shall we meet next Friday at five?"

"Count me in," says Jenny.

"We'll both be here," says Chris.

"This unit will be here to give pleasure." Responds Rosie.

"Until next Friday."


Part 3

Later that Sunday evening after Chris and Paul leave, Rosie, Jenny and Dean talk about their plans for the coming weekend. Its going to be tough to top what has happened during the previous forty-eight hours. But Dean has some definite ideas. First he wants to be properly dressed to discuss his plans; he puts on one of the silver SS unit's catsuits and then morphs into AP-1.

"Wow, I love this. I should of thought of this before." Exclaims AP-1. "The lycra of the catsuit against my new lycraskin is better than ever."

"Can I try it?" asks Rosie. "Can I morph too?"

"You can morph whenever you want, Rosie. I plan to be AP-1 as much as I can.

Probably the only time I be Dean is for work. In fact after I get used to this I might even quit Dean's job and get a job as woman."

"I can hardly wait until next weekend to experience the Cocoon of Lycra." Says Jenny. "But I want to do it with Chris and Paul. Can I transform before then?"

"I don't see why not. But be careful, that one of us is around to take you out of the suit and break the spell." Responds Dean. "You won't want to be stuck as SS-12 when you have to go to work."

"It probably would be against the company dress code to show up in a silver lycra catsuit."

"CD-37 welcome back. I see you decided to try my idea of a lycra catsuit over your lycraskin."

"It feels great. I purposely put on the black suit you wore last weekend, the one without the penis sleeve. You kept taking last week about how pleasurable it was when you moved inside the tight lycra; your cock would be rubbed just

the right way. Well, I want to tell you. It's twice as good when you penis is covered in lycraskin to begin with. I've been on the verge of coming ever since I morphed and put on this suit."

"Contain yourself for now, we have some plans to make. First question: do we need to buy any new catsuits this week?" asks AP-1

"Last week we all wore large size catsuits, but didn't you order mediums for this week?" inquired Jenny.

"That's right," responded CD-37, "I thought tighter would be better."

"Tighter is always better. In fact I was going to suggest we get small size this week. It would really be a squeeze to get them on, but the effect would be worth it." Adds Jenny.

"And we should order a gold one just in case we get a queen through the Cocoon of Lycra."

"That's a good idea, we wouldn't want our new queen to feel naked without a catsuit to wear over her golden lycraskin. Will you take care of that Rosie?

Do either of you think we should invite anyone new to join us?" questions AP-1.

"The more the merrier. But who?"

"I was thinking earlier that Sally and Rob would really enjoy being Pleasure Androids. They certainly like lycra and bondage. And Rob loves to cross dress. We've all partied with them before. They'd be perfect." Suggested Jenny.

"I agree" says Rosie. "When should we invite them and when should they show up?"

"I'll go over and invite them Wednesday." Responds Jenny. "And they should arrive some time Friday night after the three of us experience the Cocoon of Lycra. When do you think that will be, your holiness?"

"The Cocoon of Lycra takes two to six hours. What if we invite them to show up around two in the morning?" responds AP-1.

"That sounds good but I've got a strange idea. What if we convince Sally and Rob to dress and go through the transformation BEFORE they come over here." Offers Jenny.

"How are you going to do that?" asks AP-1.

"I'm can't, but you can!" She answers.

"OK, you'd better explain yourself."

"I can't because I'll be busy that night going through the Cocoon of Lycra. But you already have been transformed and can change at will. Rosie as CD-37 stays here Friday evening and puts the three of us through the Cocoon of Lycra. You go over to Sally and Rob's place and convince them with your special powers that they should get ready and transform before coming here. Once they're changed into Pleasure Androids, you bring them over here and we wait for Chris, Paul, and me to complete our transformation in the Cocoon of Lycra. Does that sound like a plan?"

"I love it. I'll do it." Volunteers AP-1

"And once you're finished with the Cocoon of Lycra, we'll put Sally and Rob into the cocoon and see what happens." Pipes in Rosie.

"Sounds like a plan." Says AP-1. "Would you like to service your priestess before retiring tonight?"

"Yes, your holiness," responds CD-37.

Dean and Rosie adjourn to the bedroom, where Dean/AP-1 says, "CD-37 take off the extra catsuit, I want you to use your pleasure protuberance to bring me pleasure."

"Whatever your holiness desires." Responds Rosie/CD-37. "I'm so turned on, anything you want is my command."

"Just free up your cock and come and fuck me. I've waited all my life to able to say that. Come here NOW!"

CD-37 having stripped the catsuit off, climbs on the bed and without preamble it sticks its rock hard pleasure protuberance into AP-1's moist lycraskin lined pleasure tunnel. CD-37, whose been turned on for the last hour, promptly begins to stroke in and out, in and outÖ. AP-1 immediately starts to respond. Her first orgasm is almost immediate. The second is shortly behind.

And then the thirdÖ. AP-1 is soon climaxing continually and CD-37 a close second. After a while they collapse into a pile of quivering flesh and lycra.

Monday morning, they awake and transform back to Rosie and Dean. They both go off to work as does Jennifer. Monday evening, all three transform into their android personas, after last night Jenny doesn't won't to be left out. All the week the three of them spend all their non-working hours as androids. Tuesday evening Dean goes to visit Sally and Rob. She arrives as Dean, the person they had met before at last year's lycra convention. Dean is wearing a black regular catsuit, a tight pair of stretch jeans, and some dance boots.

Dean having really gotten in touch with his feminine side, is dressing the way he wants.

Rob meets her at the door, wearing Shinny black lycra tights with bright red lycra turtleneck leotard. He has a raging hard-on because Sally has been fondling and teasing him for the last half hour. He let's Dean in and shows him to the living room where Sally is waiting. She is wearing a stretch velvet long sleeved unitard in the prettiest shade of fuchsia. She says:

"Sit down here, Dean, next to me. I'm tired of teasing Rob. I want a fresh cock to torment."

"Torment me, please. May I fondle you in return?"

"No, right now I'm happy to do all the work. I love your outfit. I like men who aren't afraid to wear tight lycra in public. And I think the bald look is terrific." Says Sally while she begins stroking the crotch of his extra tight stretch denims.

"That's what I came to talk to you about: wearing lots of tight lycra in public. We're having a lycra party next weekend and you two are invited under a few minor conditions."

"Conditions? What sort of conditions?" asks Sally as she fondles Dean's hard-on.

"You will have to wear very tight lycra all weekend. You will experience the best sex of your lives. Oh, you will have to shave your bodies completely just like I have."

"Whoa, I like the first two parts, about the lycra and the sex, those are my most favorite things to do. But I'm not sure about the shaving. It would look great on Rob, but me? I don't know."

"You'll look fantastic. Rosie and Jenny are stunning with their bald heads. And you'll both love the feel of being dressed in slick and stretchy lycra without any hair at all. You know how good pantyhose and tights feel on your freshly shaven legs. Just imagine that feeling all over your body."

"I'll shave if you shave." Throws in Rob.

"OK, if Rosie and Jenny have, I'll do it. Will you help?" she said with a little extra squeeze to his now rock hard cock.

"Yes, I be here Friday about seven-thirty to guide through your transformations, helping in any way I can. After you're ready and properly dressed and restrained in tight stretchy lycra, I'll drive you over to our house where the rest will be waiting for us. Sunday, when we're done, we'll get you a ride home."

"Great, we'll be ready. Should we bring anything?" asks Rob.

"I bring what you'll be wearing most of the weekend. But pack any and all lycra catsuits, hoods, gloves, unitards, especially anything you can wear while screwing. I've got to run. I left Rosie and Jenny dressed in catsuits complete with faceless hoods, gloves and feet. They each were in extra tight mummy bags and inside together in a extra large stretch body bag. They were squirming and twisting in their lycra bondage for two reasons. One, they love the feel of being bound in different layers of lycra rubbing all over their bodies. Two, they are writhing in pleasure from coming almost constantly."

"Now that sounds great. We'll be packed and ready Friday evening."

As soon as Dean was out of sight of their house, he morphed into AP-1, drove home, and released the two girls. The lycra clad trio then had a pleasure nirvana that lasted hours. AP-1 is refining her skill in using her new powers as a priestess. She could maintain the pleasure of continually coming for longer as a result.

Friday evening at five the group meets again. Jenny, Chris and Paul quickly shave, use the hair remover and shower. They put on their special make up and extra tight corsets. Then the best part the new small catsuits. Like the medium ones from last week these have the penis and pussy sleeves. Jenny and Chris's are bright shinny silver with open faces. Paul's is the all red suit of the RC units. Dean and Rosie struggle into their new extra tight catsuits, lock them, and then they morph in CD-37 in black and AP-1 in glowing pearl white.

They prepare Jenny, Chris and Paul for the Cocoon of Lycra. With the lycra Chris and Paul brought with them they more than enough tight stretchy lycra to enclose all three of them in at least ten layers. After they're all bundled up and left to the fates, AP-1 leaves for Sally and Rob's. CD-37 stays to watch over the three.

AP-1 shows up at Sally and Rob's and introduces herself as Deanne, although she prefers to be called AP-1. They're a little surprised, they were expecting Dean. She explains that she is Dean's cousin and he asked her to help tonight. He was still involved in getting the party set up. (At least that will be the story for now.)

Sally and Rob are both wearing shinny lycra unitards; Hers is bright silver and his a baby blue. Sally asks,

"We're ready, do you want to get started? I suppose the hair is first?"

"Yes, first I'll cut off most of your hair, then use the clippers to cut it to stumble, and finally a good close shave. I recommend we do someplace without mirrors and one at a time. The effect is better if you don't watch it happening. Who wants to first?"

"I will," answers Sally. "I want to get it over with before I lose my nerve. However, let's tie up Rob so he can't chicken out while he's waiting"

So they put Rob in a lycra straight jacket and a lycra leg binder. He won't be going anywhere. They do put a lycra bondage video on for him to watch while he's waiting.

"Take a good look, honey." Says Sally as she fondles his enlarged cock through the lycra. "Next time you see me I'll be bald and proud of it. Come

on AP-1, let's get started."

AP-1 and Sally go into the den and get to work: cut, clip and shave and Sally is bald. AP-1 gives her a mirror, she runs her hands over her smooth scalp and declares: "I love it, it feels just great and looks fantastic. I should have done this long ago. Rob going to go nuts when he see me."

And he does, he loves how she looks. It makes her seem ultra dominant and he adores her when she a dom. "How can this humble servant worship you, o mighty mistress." He asks.

"First things first, let's get us loose so AP-1 can shave you too."

"Just take off the leg binder. I want to stay bound in the straight jacket while she does it." Off he goes only to return in a little while completely shaven. "Does my mistress approve?"

"Yes, very much. I really like that look on you. Well, AP-1, what's next?"

"You will undress and I will spread the hair removal cream all over, we wait a few minutes, and you shower the residue off."

"Let's get started" replies Sally as she strips off her unitard.

AP-1 spreads the hair removal cream all over, paying special attention to their genitals. This quickly leads to a heightening of sexual arousal all three were feeling. Sally and Rob shower together which raises temperatures even higher.

AP-1 helps Sally with her silver make up, showing how to do the eyes and lips in black. Rob's make up is all black. They both put on their extra tight corsets and Paul puts on his special bra, falsies, and a gag. Finally come the catsuits, complete with gloves, feet and open faced hoods. The suits are a small size and are super tight. Once in the catsuits, AP-1 zips them closed, sealing them in lycra.

Sally is dazzling in metallic silver. She loves the tightness of the corset and the small sized catsuit. Paul is completely covered in the deepest black, a black without depth. Without the shine of his blackness, you won't even know he was there. The catsuit is so tight, he feels so turned on by any movement that causes the catsuit to slide over his skin. The slickness of the lycra covering his freshly shaved skin quickly brings him to a state of rigidity. Sally is writhing in pleasure as her new lycra coating caresses her hairless body. Both of them then get on the matching pair of spike heels.

"This feels marvelous. I love the tightness of the lycra catsuit. Can I add to the shinny silver suit?" asks Sally.

"Sure, what did you have in mind?" responds AP-1

"Just wait for a second, I'll show you." Sally leaves and returns a few moments later. She has put on a pair of thigh high shinny black rubber boots and a pair of shinny black rubber shoulder length gloves. Topping her outfit off is a rubber hood that shows the lower half of her silver coated face.

"That's great, Sally. You look perfect. Now the most important part, the transformation. Is there someplace here you lie down and still see yourselves in a mirror?"

"We have big floor to ceiling mirrors right next to our bed," offers Sally. "And ceiling mirrors above it."

"That's perfect, come you two, its time for your first transformation." AP-1 says. "Lead me to the bedroom"

Sally leads the glowing pearl white priestess and her black clad husband off to the bedroom. Once there, AP-1 instructs both of them to lie down and gaze into the mirror at their new appearance.

Sally looks up at the mirror. She see two beautiful woman, one with a large cock staring back at her. One is the shiniest silver, silver that looks like it was just pored over her body augmented with shinny black boots, gloves, and hood. The other, the one with the hard-on, is covered in wet tar. It is shinny black, so black you feel like you could fall into it. She wiggles and squirms on the bed rubbing skin against lycra heightening the pleasure she felt. She looks at the silver covered apparition in the mirror. The image starts to touch and feel it way around it's metallic body. She feels the heat of passion begin to boil. The silver hands are drifting from it's ultra narrow waist to the center of her passion. Sally erupts into an ocean of ecstasy as the silver fingers twiddle her clitoris. Shortly, she drifts off into a pleasure trance.

She dreams of being an robot, no more like an android. And she is very dominant. She loves giving pleasure through bondage, tormenting with too much pleasure, and occasionally with a little pain. She is a dominant android, she demands respect from the other androids. She only bows down to the queen and the high priestess. She awakes.

"This unit is AM-42 (Android Mistress - forty-two) and how might I serve your holiness." Announces Sally.

Rob lies back and sees this lovely silver android next to him. He is just a hole in space. His suit is so black, you can't see it. He gets lost in the blackness. His conscienceness fades into that of an android climax device.

It's only desire now is to give and receive pleasure. "This unit must give pleasure. My serial number is CD-39. Can I give YOU pleasure?" It asks of AP-1.

"Yes, but first I want you to bring great pleasure to AM- 42. She is our first android mistress, and deserves great respect" Demands the priestess. CD-39 who is lying next to AM-42 gets on it's knees and asks her how it might serve its mistress.

"You may serve by getting a lycra straight jacket. I want you bound, bring a lycra leg binder as well." Demands AM-42.

CD-39 runs off to fetch the necessary lycra. When he returns, she promptly has him zipped, buckled and strapped into the straight jacket. The leg is binder is next, pulled up to its waist, and fastened to the jacket. Fortunately, it has a hole for its pleasure protuberance to stick though. She instructs it to squirm into the middle of the bed. There she puts him into a posture collar and ties the collar to the top of the bed. Next a strap around its ankles that is tied to the foot of the bed. CD-39 is completely restrained.

"You must be enjoying this." States AM-42 as she strokes its swollen cock.

"This humble slave enjoys everything you do to it, my android mistress."

"Now enjoy this. I'm going to service the android priestess while you're tied up and all you can do is watch. AP-1, how can I bring you pleasure?"

"Here, get on the bed and I'll get over you head to foot and we'll give each other pleasure. Soon AM-42 is on her back next to the bound CD-39 with the android priestess in a 69 with her. They each are quickly approaching orgasm as the other licks on their lycra covered clitoris. AP-1 peaks first but that doesn't stop her from bringing AM-42 to a climax shortly thereafter. Soon they progress to where their climaxes are closer and closer together. They become one continuous orgasm, floating in a state of maximum pleasure.

After about an hour they stop and AP-1 says: "Now it's time for me to be serviced by the CD unit. It certainly looks ready."

AP-1 moves over to CD-39 and lays down on top of it just rubbing her lycra clad body over it's lycra covered and bound body. This definitely rubs it the right way. It's pleasure protuberance throbs with anticipation. She slides down until it's member is just touching the entrance of her pleasure tunnel. Slowly, ever so slowly, she slides back until it is all the way in.

CD-39 is going crazy with pleasure. It is dying to climax. It has watched AP-1 and AM-42 enjoy pleasure for over an hour and all it can do is wiggle inside its lycra bondage.

Once completely seated, AP-1 starts pumping CD-39's pleasure protuberance with her lycra lined pleasure tunnel. The feel of the lycra against the lycra inside her is driving her wild with pleasure. Quickly she begins to climax constantly.

CD-39's first orgasm is close behind, but it is not finished. It stays hard and continues to be stroked by her lycra lined pleasure tunnel. Soon it's climaxes are almost continuous just like hers.

Eventually they tire and stop. AP-1 gets up and starts untying CD-39. She removes it's leg binder, but leaves on the straight jacket. "It's time to go to our house and let the party really start. Is there anything you need to do before we leave.?" AP-1 asks AM-42.

"No, we just need to grab our lycra and lock the front door on the way out. Although I do think we should put CD-39 on a leash for the drive over."

The drive over is uneventful except once when they were stopped at a light and another car pulled along side. The couple in the other car got an eyeful, looking at AP-1 and AM-42 in the front seat in their silver suits. Then they looked in the back seat and saw CD-39 in it's black suit and a straight jacket. They'll be wondering about the car and its passengers for weeks. When they arrive, CD-37 greets them at the door.

"Let me introduce AM-42 and CD-39, they will joining us tonight. How are the other three?" Says AP-1

"Jenny is just starting to squirm a little, so she's about done. The other two haven't moved a bit."

"Let me check Jenny, we'll see if she ready. Just wait here." AP-1 says to AM-42 and CD-39.

"I think she's ready now." says AP-1 after examining Jenny's lycra cocoon. "let's get her out."

CD-37 and AP-1 begin the long process of stripping off all the layers that made the Cocoon of Lycra. When they get to the last layer, they remove it to find Jenny is still a Sex Slave unit. She is covered from head to toe (and spike heels) with shiny silver lycraskin. She awakens and asks: "How may this unit serve?"

First, we must put you into a lycra catsuit, a very tight suit and lock you in. The tight lycra moving against your lycraskin will bring you great pleasure" Instructs AP-1. SS-12 struggles getting the small catsuit on, but she loves the feeling once the zips are closed and she is locked into the suit.

"You are correct. This unit is very aroused. It wants to bring pleasure."

"Now come with us." answers AP-1 as she leads SS-12 and CD-37 back to the living room and their new guests. "CD-37, you should make pleasure for AM-42.

SS-12, you and CD-39 should bring pleasure to each other."

CD-37 kneels before AM-42 and asks: "How can this humble servant bring pleasure to it's mistress?"

"You may begin by licking my pleasure knob and don't stop until I tell you." Commands AM-42. Her response to number 37's attention is immediate. Her breathing quickens and surges of pleasure flow through her. CD-37's tongue on her pleasure knobs generates climax after climax. She wraps her silver lycra clad legs around its black lycra covered head, forcing it's tongue ever tighter to her pleasure center. She is coming constantly as number 37 does it best to bring her pleasure.

SS-12 and CD-39 begin by just rubbing their lycra covered bodies against each other. Soon they are stroking the other's pleasure centers. They slip around until they in a 69 position, there they start to orally pleasure each other. Soon both climax and change position until number 39 can slip it's lycra shod pleasure protuberance into her lycra lined pleasure tunnel. She wraps her lycra covered legs around it's lycra covered bottom, forcing it in deeper into her. Slowly it begins to pump in and out, with both of them delighting in the slickness of their strokes. The tempo increases and SS-12 experiences her first orgasm, shortly followed by a second and then a third, fourth, fifth, etc.. CD-39 holds back a few moments but is soon matching orgasm for orgasm.

While those four were busy AP-1 went back to check on the other two still in the Cocoon of Lycra. She found a second one was ready and removed the layers and layers of lycra. After removing the last lycra catsuit she found a RC unit, but this one was different from RC-53. This one was one of the new ones, a RCm, or Rigid Cock modified. She had heard they were making RC unit different, now she has one. The nice thing is the RCm units are supposed to be much more controllable, they don't need to bound all the time. This one seems fairly tame. The new RCm's also had most extra features removed; it had no eyes, nose, ears, fingers, or toes. It did have one new feature; it had the longest tongue you have ever seen.

'This could prove very interesting.' She thought. 'First, I have to get it into a super tight red lycra catsuit and lock it in.' After she finished dressing it, she pushed it's head toward her pleasure center. It immediately began exploring her with it's extraordinary tongue. It quickly found it's mark and it ran the tongue along her pleasure knob and continued into her pleasure tunnel. It rapidly tongued her to orgasm upon orgasm. She held it's head tightly against her pleasure center and came and came.

She sat on the side of the bed and experienced continuous pleasure keeping an eye on the last Cocoon of Lycra. After a while she noticed it wiggle and squirm. She pushed the RCm away. It just sat back on it's heels and began stroking it's rigid cock with it's huge tongue hanging out and panting like a dog. The movement from the last cocoon definitely meant it was done. She began to peel layer and layer of lycra off. When she reached the last complete catsuit she hesitated hoping it would be a queen. The group needed a queen. And she thought Chris would make a good one.

She peeled the final lycra off and was rewarded with glowing golden lycraskin.

"Hooray, a new queen is born. Long live the queen.' She thinks. The queen slowly awakens. She is covered in bright gold metallic lycraskin. Her body is heavenly; she has large breasts and a tiny waist curving out to full hips.

Her legs are long and slim and end in five inch spike heels hat appear to be part of her lycraskin feet. She is beautiful. She is queen.

"Welcome, Your Majesty." AP-1 salutes her. "Chris must be very proud to be selected the great golden queen of the pleasure androids by the great god of lycra."

"Thank you for your welcome, but I am not Chris. I am Paul transformed." Interrupts the queen. "That is Chris over there" She says pointing at the RCm unit.

"How may this humble unit serve Your Highness?"

"For now, bring that RCm unit. I want to fill my pleasure tunnel."

AP-1 quickly leads the RCm over to the bed and the queen immediately mounts it and starts pumping away. Being queen, she is also pleasure personified. As the RCm's rigid cock enters her pleasure tunnel, she begins to climax. Virtually every stroke brings her the ultimate pleasure. Soon the RCm is climaxing in time with it's queen. Eventually, the queen tires and climbs off the RCm.

"Where are my other subjects?" she asks.

"They are in the next room, Your Majesty. May I suggest you try the extra small lycra catsuit we've arranged for you. It feels marvelous on your

lycraskin." AP-1 offers the queen the small sized golden lycra catsuit. She struggles to put it on, finally succeeds and turns her back to AP-1 to be zipped in. Ap-1 zips the suit closed and uses one of the locks to lock the queen in her lycra.

"You're right. The very tight lycra catsuit feels terrific next to my lycraskin. Now lets check on the others."

AP-1 leads the queen to the entrance of the living room where the others are still taking pleasure with each other. She stops at the door and announces: "Attention all loyal subjects of the Great Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids, arise and pay homage. We have a new queen. Long live the queen."

The four of them instantly stop and chant, "Long live the queen!"

AP-1 steps aside and ushers in the queen, glowing in her golden lycra, a picture of beauty wrapped in lycra. They drop to their knees in respect. "Stand, my loyal subjects and let me inspect you." announces the queen.

They rise and are introduced one by one by the priestess. First there is AM-42.

The queen approaches AM-42 and stops, facing her just inches apart. "I am glad to have an android mistress with us." The queens says as she strokes her golden lycra gloves over AM-42 head, sliding down to the neck and across her breasts. "Just as you know how to give orders, you know how to accept them." The queens hands continue exploring the erogenous zones of the android. "I like watching a slave receive pleasure. I find it highly erotic. Don't you?"

"Yes, Your Majesty, this unit's ultimate wish is to give pleasure."

"That is a noble desire, AM-42." As the queen strokes AM-42's pleasure knob until her breath shortens. "Keep up the good work." The queen says as she walks over to CD-37. She immediately grabs and starts stroking it's pleasure protuberance. "You like to receive pleasure, don't you?"

"Yes, Your Highness," CD-37 says between gasps. "But my favorite is giving pleasure."

"Very good, CD-37" answers the queen as she strokes number 37 once more. She approaches CD-39, quickly manipulating it's cock. "Another CD unit, that's good. I like units with pleasure protuberances. They fit so nicely in my pleasure tunnel. Says the queen as she strokes its cock.

"Yes, Your Majesty," answers CD-39 "It would give me great pleasure to service my queen in any way."

"Excellent, CD-39," responds the queen as she moves to SS-12. She runs her hands over number 12's lycra clad body. She stops and caresses her breasts, then drifts to her nether regions. "Sex Slave units are special" states the queen as she rubs the pleasure knob of SS-12. "There are so lovely and so willing. Are you willing, number 12?"

"This unit is willing to do anything to serve it's queen."

"You have done well, AP-1, taking care of everyone when you had no queen. Now I think is time for all of us to join in Pleasure Nirvana. Will you please lead us?"

AP-1 brings them all into a circle. They all sit down on the floor and place their hands on the genitals of the two people on either side of them. When everyone is settled, AP-1 begins the chant.

"O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

After three times the others join and then they all chant in unison.

"O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

Shortly AP-1 begins to glow with a rainbow colored aura. With the glow AP-1 starts to experience continuous pleasure. The aura grows in intensity especially where her hands touch the queen's pleasure tunnel on the right and the RCm's pleasure protuberance on her left. Soon the aura increases and encompasses the queen and the RCm unit. With the aura, goes the pleasure. They are instantly brought to the heights of pleasure. The glowing light quickly spreads around the group until it meets across the circle. As the aura reaches each one, they too reach the state of constant orgasm.

Now the circle is complete, all seven have reached the Pleasure Nirvana. They sit there joined by pleasure for hours until eventually one by one they collapse into a pile of quivering flesh and lycra. Lastly the priestess stops with a sigh and falls asleep.

AP-1 was the last asleep but is the first one awake. She awakens the queen and motions her into the other room quietly.

"I didn't want to wake the others. May I speak with Paul, Your Highness?" asks AP-1

"This is Paul speaking." Replies the queen. "I so excited to be the queen. I am very proud the great god of lycra choose me."

"I know what you mean, I love being an android priestess. But that's not what I wanted to talk to you about. What about Sally and Rob?"

"Well, what about Sally and Rob?"

"Do we put them in the Cocoon of Lycra without telling them what's going to happen? Or do we explain it to them first?" asks AP-1/Dean.

"We really should tell them first." Replied the queen/Paul. "I'm glad you thought of that. Shall we wake them now."

"If we don't, they might sleep all day. Remember how you were after your first Pleasure Nirvana?"

The queen and AP-1 wake up the other five after covering the mirrors so they didn't revert as soon as they saw themselves. Sally and Rob were back to normal although still dressed as androids. The others had all experienced the Cocoon of Lycra and were permanently changed. Besides all five of them were locked into their catsuits. The difference was that although they had changed into androids, their humanoid selves were aware that they had changed and they liked the change. Besides they could change into humans or back into androids just by thinking it. Plus they could function as human even when they looked like an android.

AP-1 and the queen tried to explain that to Sally and Rob, but they just didn't seem to understand. Rob said to AP-1, "What do you mean you're really Dean? I screwed you last night, and I know a pussy when I fuck one, and you have a pussy. Dean is all male, I've seen him at parties."

"Yea, and you have great big beautiful tits that are all you, I know from last night." Put in Sally.

"You're both right, my android self is fully female, but I'm still Dean and I can prove it. Watch." Replied AP-1 as she said, "Let me be Dean." And he was. Instantly she reverted to her humanoid self and was again Dean. Still in her luminescent pearl white lycra catsuit, but now with a fairly large and very erect cock.

"That's amazing, absolutely fantastic! You mean you can change back and forth anytime you want?" asks Sally.

"Anytime, anywhere. This past week the only time I've been Dean is when I go to work and when I visited you. The rest of the time I became AP-1 and loved every minute of it."

"Can we be transformed too?" asks Sally.

"Yeah, can we? I want to be an pleasure android." Added Rob.

"That's all we wanted to hear. We weren't going to change you unless you understood. Now all we have to do is put you into the Cocoon of Lycra and wait to find out what the great god of lycra thinks you should be." Answers the queen.

The queen and AP-1 (Dean already changed back) put Sally and Rob into all the lycra they brought with them and added several layers of their own along with the necessary lycra straight jacket, leg binders, and mummy bag. Eventually Sally and Rob had the requisite ten layers of lycra on and were carried into Dean's bedroom to transform. By this time SS-12, CD-37, and the RCm unit have awaken.

AP-1 suggests they play the layer game. They gather up all the lycra catsuits, unitards and gloves they can find. They start layering on the lycra until all them have on several layers of slick, stretchy lycra. They have been careful to use only those outfits that they can still have sex while wearing.

"This is great having all this lycra on." Exclaims SS-12.

"I love the feeling of tightness." Says CD-37.

"I feel so compressed, it's so tight." Adds the queen.

"Even the RCm unit seems to be enjoying the extra restriction!" puts in AP-1.

"Your Majesty, how would you like us to bring you pleasure?"

"Let's put CD-37 on the pleasure bench. I will pleasure myself with it there.

Why don't you and SS-12 enjoy the RCm unit. In fact tie it up too. We can't

have our males wandering around loose, now can we?"

"As you command, Your Highness." AP-1 and SS-12 put the RCm unit in a matching red straight jacket and then a mummy bag. A special red lycra mummy bag; one with a hole for the RCm's pleasure protuberance and another hole for that special tongue. They lay it out on the bed and AP-1 mounts the RCm's cock while SS-12 straddles it's face and settles her pussy down on it's lovely tongue.

Meanwhile the queen has put CD-37 on the pleasure bench and mounted it's rock hard cock. Immediately she begins to climax and shortly thereafter so does number 37. The orgasms come closer and closer until each stroke brings another wave of pleasure for both the queen and CD-37. They drift off to a land of never ending pleasure.

Across the room AP-1 is fully impaled on the pleasure protuberance of the RCm unit and SS-12 is enjoying the pleasure of it's special tongue. She faces the priestess and they begin to fondle each others large breasts through the many layers of lycra. Their mutual attention and the attributes of the RCm unit quickly bring both of them to orgasm. The RCm unit is close behind. Soon all three are climaxing. The pace of their orgasm's increase to continuity as they continue to manipulate each other.

Finally they tire and stop. They release CD-37 but leave the RCm unit bound on the bed while the priestess checks on Sally and Rob. She finds Rob beginning to squirm. They all help in removing all the lycra that made up the

Cocoon of Lycra and free Rob. When they get to the last layer it reveals CD-39 in black lycraskin.

"This unit is CD-39. How may it serve" Rob says.

"First, you must get into this shinny black extra tight lycra catsuit." Instructs the priestess as she hands it a small sized suit with a cock sleeve.

"Thank you, your holiness. This suit is marvelously tight. And it feels so good against my lycraskin."

"Here let me lock you in."

About that time the other Cocoon of Lycra begins to wiggle. They all help in stripping off the layers of lycra. Finally they arrive at the last layer and there is AM-42. She is covered in beautifully shinny silver lycraskin.

"This unit is AM-42. How may I serve my queen?" asks AM-42.

"Here, dress in this very tight lycra catsuit." Responds AP-1. "You'll love the feeling next to your new lycraskin. Then we'll lock you in and you can put on your thigh high shinny black rubber boots, your shinny black rubber shoulder length gloves and your shinny black rubber hood."

Soon AM-42 is properly attired for a android mistress and then the queen announces that she wants address the humanoid in everyone. They don't need to revert to human, just let their human personalities surface.

"OK, RCm you can revert completely." The queen says as RCm becomes Chris.

"Thank you, Paul. I can't believe how horny I was as an RCm. Now I understand what you guys mean when you say a stiff cock has no conscience. All I wanted to do was fuck and then I wanted to fuck some more."

"I hope everybody realizes that you are locked into your very tight lycra catsuits that match your android personalities." Starts Paul. "For your information, it's now Saturday afternoon and the key for your locks will not be delivered back here until six tomorrow evening. I gave them to a messenger service that will bring them Sunday at six. So nobody can go home early."

"Who would want to?" asks Chris. "I'd stay an RCm unit indefinitely if I didn't have to go to work Monday."

"Yeah, I want to go back to being CD-39 until work on Monday." Echoes Rob.

"How about you, Sally?" asks Paul in her bright golden lycra.

"I love being an android mistress. And this extra tight catsuit feels so good next to my new lycraskin." Answers Sally.

"I'm glad that you're both happy with your lycra transformation. All of us feel the same way. And now that I know you're all right, let's get back to fun and games." responds the queen. "Does anyone have any special requests?"

"I want to try the double catsuit with the RCm unit." Says Jenny.

"And I want to put Rob into a hanging harness and torment him, I feel in a very dominate mood." Puts in Sally.

"Those both sound like fun. For myself, I want Rosie to play a RC unit. I'll strap it down to the pleasure bench and then I want to be tied to it too. And left there for a long time like Jenny was last week. Only I want to stay on after I pass out. I want to wake up in bondage while being fucked by an RC unit." declares the queen.

"We can arrange that, in fact, I can cast a spell on Rosie and turn her into an unmodified RC unit. Are you game, Rosie?" asks Dean.

"Anything to pleasure my queen." Answers Rosie. "Paul, you might want to wear my body corset. It's a marvelous bondage device. It's like a regular corset except it extends all the way to the neck. Even the metal stays go from hips to chin. The only break is two holes for the breasts to squeeze through. When It's on you can't bend your waist, back or neck. You're rigid from the hips to the head."

"Sounds fantastic!" responds Paul. "I definitely want to try that. Dean, what are you going to do?"

"Well if the queen can be put in bondage, I guess a priestess can be a submissive." States Dean. "Sally, would you like to have another slave to torment? I can change myself into a SS unit if you'd like or anything else for that matter. What is your desire, o wicked mistress?"

"I think a SS unit will do nicely." Answers Sally.

"Well now everyone has chosen their pleasure, let's revert back to our android selves and help each other get ready." Directs the queen.

"Yes, Your Majesty" they all chorus.

First they help SS-12 and the RCm unit get into the double catsuit. The double catsuit is meant to worn by two androids engaged in intercourse. The first android gets into it much the same way as any hooded catsuit, through a zipper in the back. However, you get with zipper to your front. The second android gets in normally and obviously facing the first android in very close contact. The suit is made of a extra heavy duty lycra and therefore holds the two androids very tightly together. They make sure everything is inserted properly and then a third party zips the suit closed sealing them in pleasure.

When an RCm unit is involved the pleasure will last a very long time. When a sex slave unit is the receiver, she will take all RCm unit has to offer.

These two are going to be busy for hours. Already they are squirming and wiggling inside their lycra prison, because that is the only movement allowed them. The double lycra catsuit keeps them from taking long strokes, but not from short and deep ones. Those short and deep strokes quickly bring them both to orgasm. You can tell from their moans and the way they twitch every few minutes. Soon the twitches come even quicker as they reach a plateau of almost continuous orgasms.

Next the others help CD-37 into a red lycra RC catsuit after they gag him. Then they bind him to the pleasure bench. Tight lycra straps grab him at the hands, wrists, forearms, elbows, and biceps. Straps also bind him at the feet, ankles, calves, knees, and thighs. Finally, CD-37 is tied at the hips, waist, check, neck, and head. It can't move in inch anywhere. A properly restrained RC unit.

AP-1 steps forward and whispers a secret chant. She quickly begins to glow in white light. She touches number 37 on the forehead. The glow spreads until it engulfs the CD unit. The light changes to red where it surrounds the bound figure wearing the matching the bright red lycra catsuit. She breaks contact, the light fades from both of them.

"CD-37 is now a RC unit and as such will stay rigid for days. I hope your highness enjoys it." Announces AP-1. "Would you like to get ready now, Your Majesty?"

"Yes, but first let me strip off all these extra suits, I just want one layer of lycra between my lycraskin and this body corset." Replies the queen. Soon she is just wearing one extra tight golden lycra catsuit and it's locked on. They help her into the body corset. They loosen the laces and then close the front snaps. They pull the laces closed and massage her breasts through the too small holes. It's a very tight fit which forces her breasts into large round balls of sensitive flesh.

"This feel great! My waist is even tinier than usual. It's so tight, I can't move my waist, my back, or my neck. I love the way it accentuates my breasts. But I must put on another golden catsuit. I can't let people see in the drab black of this corset." Demands the queen and the others quickly attend her. She feels a surge of pleasure flow through her body as they zip up the second shinny golden catsuit.

"Now Your Highness, if you would please mount the RC unit on the pleasure bench. We will complete the bondage."

The queen, moving very stiffly because of the body corset, slowly straddles the pleasure bench and carefully lowers herself unto the RC unit with a sigh.

"That feels marvelous. I love the feeling of a lycra covered pleasure protuberance filling my lycra lined pleasure tunnel" Then she pulls up her legs and settles kneeing down on the bench's brackets. She can feel the pulse of the RC unit through her pleasure tunnel. Pleasure cascades over her sending spasms through her pleasure tunnel exciting the RC unit.

They move in quickly and strap her legs to the pleasure bench. Tight lycra straps bind her at the feet, ankles, calves, knees and thighs. They put her in a lycra arm binder pulling her arms tightly together behind her. They pull the arm binder up tightly and fasten it to the top of the body corset. From the tip of the arm binder they run a strap down to the pleasure bench. Another strap holds her neck to the head of the bench. The tightness of it all brings ripples of ecstasy to the queen.

She cannot move. The corset keeps her from moving sideways or bending over. The bindings on her legs keep her from moving up or down. The straps keep from moving forward or backward. She held tightly to the RC unit and will remain that way until someone else releases her. And then someone gags her. The bondage is complete.

Her surrender to the bondage explodes in pleasure for the queen. Her orgasms triggered the climaxes of the RC unit. They begin a cycle of orgasmic feedback. Her orgasms cause it to explode. And it's orgasms start her coming. Soon they are quivering from continual pleasure.

"Let's get RC-39 into the suspension harness and then I'll start on you" announces AM-42. She and AP-1 put RC-39 in the harness, which is very similar

to a parachute harness except it is made of shinny black leather. They put number 39 on a small stool and fasten the chains at the top of the straps to two hooks in the ceiling beam. When they remove the stool, the CD unit is suspended a couple of inches off the floor. Next come lycra arm and leg binders. First the leg binder forcing his legs tightly together. Second, its arms are squeezed into the lycra arm binder. Lastly, they slip a complete body sheaf over its feet, up the legs and torso, finally fastening around the neck. To top it off they gag it. CD-37 is completely bound and loving every minute of it.

CD-37 is hanging there, a shinny black lycra cocoon with it lycra covered pleasure protuberance standing rigidly in front of it through holes in the leg

binder and body bag. AM-42 and AP-1 approach and run their lycra and rubber covered hands over it's lycra shroud. The simulation is driving it wild. It craves satisfaction, but all it receives is more titillation. AM-42 lets her hand drift to it pleasure protuberance, embracing it in her rubber clad hand.

She strokes the fire within. 'Please let me come' CD-37 thinks.

"You would like to come?" Asks the mistress, mind reading her slave. "But I'm not going to let you yet. You'll just have to wait until I'm good and ready.

"Come here AP-1, isn't it time for you to transform into a SS unit"

"As you command, mistress." Responds AP-1 as she morphs into a sex slave all bright and shinny silver.

"I think what you need is a nice and tight straight jacket and a posture collar. Go fetch them at once." The SS unit dashes off and return moments later with jacket and collar. First she puts her arms into the very small and tight jacket. AM-42 pulls the stretchy sides together and zips it up. She pulls the two straps through the SS's crotch and tightens to the back of the jacket. Then she takes the arm straps and wraps them around until she can fasten them in the rear. When the posture collar is wrapped around the SS unit's neck, she runs a strap from where the arms are fastened to the collar. The SS unit is inescapably bound and she knows it, already her pleasure tunnel is warming with pleasure.

The mistress fondles the SS unit's pleasure knob until she is panting from the simulation. "Now you are a proper slave. You are bound and mine to do with as I wish." Announces AM-42. "On your knees." AM-42 sits in a chair. "Crawl over here between my legs. Lick my pleasure knob."

The SS unit knees and waddles over to AM-42 and gently lowers her head and begins licking the mistress. The mistress who is already excited by having two bound slaves to tease. The lycraskin covered tongue quickly drives her over the brink. She is coming and she can continue coming as long as she wants. That very idea adds to her enjoyment. Which makes her climax more. She wraps her shinny black rubber legs around the SS unit's head forcing it to continue. She wants more, more, moreÖ

Eventually she releases the SS unit. "Stop, enough for now. You will now go over and slowly suck on CD-37's pleasure protuberance. Do not let it come, just keep it interested. I feel like whipping someone. Where did I put my crop?" AM-42 asks herself. "O, here it is."

AM-42 walks over to CD-39, bound and hanging, and the SS unit bound and kneeing. She gently at first begins to swat CD-39's bottom. The hits are more tantalizing than hurtful especially though all the layers of lycra CD-39 has on. With each blow, number 39 swings forward causing it's pleasure protuberance to go deeper into the SS unit's throat and making it more desperate for enough stimulation to come. CD-39 silently pleads for relief. 'Please let me come!' It thinks.

AM-42 sensitive to her slaves' needs, increases the speed and harshness of the blows. It stings CD-39 but causes it to swing in and out of the SS unit's mouth. Soon it is approaching orgasm. Faster and faster she whips it's behind. Closer and closer it gets to coming until finally it arches it's back and explodes into orgasm.

"Lay back on the floor, sex slave." Commands AM-42. "I want to sit on your face. You will use your tongue to bring me pleasure again."

The SS unit lies down and AM-42 straddles her head lowering her pussy onto her face. The SS unit immediately begins to lick her pleasure knob and run it's lycraskin tongue into her pleasure tunnel. AM-42 leans over and starts to do the same to the SS unit. licking her pleasure knob until both of them are panting with pleasure. The SS unit is already so turned on the first touch of

AM-42's tongue drives her over the edge. AM-42 is so excited by her two slaves and inflicting the whipping on CD-39, when the SS unit's tongue stokes her clitoris, she explodes in pleasure. They both squeeze their legs together

holding the other against their pussy. Soon orgasm follows orgasm so quickly they can't tell where one starts and the other leaves off. They are awash in a sea of pleasure.

Seemingly they go on for hours, experiencing almost constant orgasm until finally they collapse, satiated finally. AM-42 awakens and checks on her charges. The SS unit is asleep on the floor. RC-39 is still suspended from the Ceiling. AM-42 commands it to practice mental auto-eroticism. CD-39 begins chanting through it's gag and almost right away starts coming.

SS-12 is still bound to the RCm unit in their double catsuit. But they are quiet having passed out from pleasure overload hours before but still occasionally twitch because the RCm's pleasure protuberance is still buried in SS-12's pleasure tunnel. The rigid cock continues to do it's work causing orgasms even in their sleep.

The queen has gotten her wish, she passed out from pleasure while bound to an RC unit and woke still impaled by it's rigid cock. She awoke and almost immediately began to climax driving the RC unit to orgasm just as fast. They are still bound to the pleasure bench and experiencing continuous pleasure.

AM-42 goes to the queen and asks, "Do you wish to be released, Your Majesty?"

The queen responds with an affirmative grunt through the gag. AM-42 quickly removes the gag and straps holding the queen to the pleasure bench. When she is free the queen slowly levers herself off the RC unit and stands a little unsteadily next to it.

"You have done well, CD-37. You have brought great pleasure to your queen."

"AM-42 you should try being bound in pleasure. It was most refreshing. I quickly reached a state of continuous pleasure augmented by the fact I could not stop it. This continued until I passed out from pleasure. Even when asleep I dreamt of being constantly excited. Only to wake up and find that I was and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Overall it was a marvelous experience. I recommend it greatly. In fact I'm going to leave on this body corset to remind how good a time I had.

"Now, we must release the others."

The queen and AM-42 proceed to remove the double catsuit from SS-12 and the RCm unit. Then they release AP-1 from her straight jacket and AM-42 tells her to revert back to a priestess. Then they stop CD-39 from it's mental auto-eroticism exercise and let it out of it's bondage. Finally they untie CD-37 from the pleasure bench and AP-1 transforms it back into a CD unit.

"Now that everyone is free, let us enjoy another pleasure nirvana. Will you please lead us, AP-1?" asks the queen.

"Everyone please sit and join hands to genitals and repeat after me: "O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

Soon they are all chanting:

"O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

A glowing light begins to encompass the priestess and spreads down her arms and to the androids on either side of her. The light starts to include the whole group until finally they are all glowing with a bright aura. With the bright light comes a feeling of intense pleasure. They begin to climax together and the orgasms start to build. Soon the ecstasy is constant and they enter a state of continuous pleasure. The priestess is now able to maintain this level of rapture indefinitely.

She does just that until the door bells rings Sunday evening. She breaks the spell and the others collapse on the floor, while she answers the door. The messenger service has arrived at six as agreed. The messenger is rather surprised though to have an android priestess dressed in a extra tight, luminescent pearl white lycra catsuit meet him at the door.

"Wow, you look fantastic!" he blurts out.

"Do you greet all your customers that way?" asks AP-1

"Uh, no, but you look so beautiful, I can't help myself. What are you? I mean, why are you dressed like that?"

"I always dress like this. I am an android priestess. I believe you have a package for me?"

"Oh, yes, just sign here."

"Thank you" says AP-1 as she signs the roster, takes the package, and shuts the door. 'There's a delivery man who will never be the same.' She thinks. She returns to the others as they are just beginning to come back to earth after the pleasure nirvana. "The messenger arrived with the keys. You should have seen his face when I opened the door. He's still wondering what he stumbled in on. I almost invited him in and really blow his mind."

"Probably best you didn't. I don't think outsiders would understand the pleasure androids. I not sure I do." Says the queen/Paul.

"I don't understand what's happened to us or how it happened, but I'm glad it did." Responds AM-42/Sally.

"Ditto for me." Puts in CD-39/Rob.

"Paul can you and Chris give Sally and Rob a ride home?" asks AP-1/Dean.

"Sure they live near us. But I'm not going to change before leaving. I want to take the RCm home get a royal fucking before transforming back to Paul and Chris."

"That sounds good. Rob, you're going have to stay CD-39 a little longer; just wait until your mistress gets you home!" answers AM-42/Sally.

"At least let me unlock your catsuits before you leave. You'd have a hard time going to work tomorrow dressed as you are." Replies AP-1/Dean.

The queen and the RCm unit take AM-42 and CD-39 home to more fun and games, leaving AP-1, CD-37 and SS-12 home alone again.

"What do we do next?" asks AP-1/Dean.


Part 4

The group met again on Tuesday evening to discuss plans for the coming weekend. They all were dressed in smooth stretchy lycra to one degree or

another. Some wore catsuits while others had on simple unitards. But all of them had nothing but lycra next to their skin. Sally had on the most daring street wear. She wore a shinny black catsuit, spike heeled ankle boots, a extra tight broad black leather belt, and a curly and full black wig. What was unusual was she had already morphed into AM-42, so her silver lycraskin hands and face were showing for all to see.

"I had so much fun on the way here. We stopped at a 7-11 and when I went into the store, everything stopped. Everybody just stood there and stared. I think I'm turning into an exhibitionist. I loved showing off this beautiful android body. I'm going to stop at another store on the way home and leave the wig off this time. Really give them a thrill."

"I know what you mean." Said Dean. "Last night I morphed and dressed real punk looking with a black cotton lycra catsuit, black leather miniskirt and Doc Martins. Then I went to the liquor store with my white bald head and white hands showing. AP-1's android body stopped traffic and almost caused an accident while I walked from the car to the store. I had the same experience you did in the store. I had a hard time getting waited on because the clerk was in such a daze watching me. I loved it.

"Does anyone have any special plans or requests for next weekend?" Dean continues.

The only one that had any definite ideas was Paul; he said the queen wanted to spend the whole weekend in bondage with the RCm unit with no chance of escape. The queen thought the double catsuit inside a extra large body bag would keep the two of them happy. "If that's OK with you Chris?" asks Paul.

"Anything to serve my queen." Answers Chris. "Besides I love the idea of screwing all weekend long. That's what RC's love to do."

"Well with those two busy for the weekend, how would everyone else like a field trip?" asks Dean.

The other four chorus their agreement. Dean goes on to explain just what he has in mind. They listen attentively as he talks about going to a fetish club they all know and how each of them should dress. Soon they are all excited and offering suggestions to enhance their night out. Plans are made and everyone knows their part and what to bring. Now they just have to wait for Friday.

Friday evening arrives and they all meet at Rosie, Jenny and Dean's house. Rob and Sally arrive having already morphed into CD-39 and AM-42. Although AM-42 hasn't put on her shinny black rubber gloves, boots and hood. She is wearing a silver lycra complete catsuit of a sex slave without the added features of an android mistress. SS-12 meets them at the door and ushers them in saying:

"Good you're here, now we can everything started. Chris and Paul have already arrived."

"We couldn't wait. We went ahead and morphed, I hope that's OK?" answers AM-42.

"Don't worry, we've all been morphed since we got home. I so excited about tonight."

"So are we. Where are the others?" asks CD-39.

"In the bedroom getting Paul and Chris ready. Let's go join them."

In the bedroom they find that everyone has already changed into their android personas. The queen and the RCm unit are putting on their extra tight lycra catsuits. Once they are in, AP-1 closes the zippers, sealing them in lycra. First the RCm unit gets into the double catsuit and then the queen joins it, struggling to fit into the snug lycra. Finally she is in and AP-1 makes sure they are properly mated and the zipper is closed and locked. The group all help to pull the extra large stretchy body bag over the two of them sealed in the double catsuit. The wiggling body bag is left on the bed as the others get ready for their excursion.

Sealed in the mummy bag the queen and the RCm unit are coupled in ecstasy. She started climaxing as soon as it's lycra clad pleasure protuberance entered her lycra lined pleasure tunnel. Now she is bond tightly to this RCm unit and it's going to continue humping her indefinitely. And there is nothing she can do about it. She has to enjoy this pleasure until AP-1 releases her and she told her not to that for two days. Surely she'll go mad with ecstasy before she is let go.

The RCm unit is in heaven. It has a warm lycra lined pleasure tunnel to put it's pleasure protuberance in. And it's going to stay there for a long time.

What more could it ask for? Life is good.

"Now that they are taken care of, let's get ready. Who wants to be first?" asks AP-1.

"I think SS-12 and myself should be first" says AM-42. "We're going to take the longest to dress and I want to be bound as soon as possible. Seeing the queen and the RCm unit get ready has made me very excited."

So SS-12 and AM-42 are dressed and bound as Dean had described on Tuesday evening. AP-1 morphs the CD units as planned and finally finishes dressing herself. One final check on the RCm unit and the queen and they pile into the

van and go off to the fetish club.

Needless to say they make major entrance, even for the jaded fetishists there. People make way for them as they cruise the club. A couple who were sitting at a prime table in front of the stage jump up and offer their seats to the beautiful black and white mistress. The mistress sits flanked by her two burly body guards. The SS units can not sit so they stand to either side of the table. A buzz goes around the room. "Who is she? Where did she get those two silver slaves, they're beautiful? What kind of make up did they use on their heads? I wonder if she'll accept new slave applications? I wish I could be her slave!"

The SS units appear to be silver columns, but on second glance you see that they are two extravagantly built woman sheathed in shinny and very tight silver dresses. The skirts of which were so tight as to weld their legs together. Sticking out of the bottom of this narrow skirt were two impossible high ballet boots with roller blades attached to the bottoms. Their arms are bound tightly together by black leather arm binders. Oh, and they're gagged.

But most of all their heads are completely shaven, not even eyebrows. And their heads are shiny silver lycraskin. Chain belts around their tiny waist are attached to chain leashes by which they are being pulled on their roller blades.

Following the two silver statues are two very large and imposing android body guards. They are dressed in matte black cotton lycra catsuits, combined with leather boots, gloves and hoods. The tight leather hoods cover everything but their eyes and are locked on. The loyal CD units, numbers 37 and 39, are huge holes in space. Their blackness sucks everything in.

AP-1 has transformed CD-37 and CD-39 into very large male androids with very large and hard cocks. She is still covered in luminescent pearl white lycra. But adding to the glowing white lycra, she wears shinny black rubber thigh boots, shoulder length shinny black rubber gloves, an open faced hood of shinny black rubber and a leotard of tight shinny black rubber. The leotard is a sleeveless turtle neck with small holes for the breasts to fit through. The small holes force her ample breasts into large round globes. AP-1 is lean and mean as she enters the fetish club. And she is very turned on.

They are approached by many suitors. But only two stand out. He is in drag, wearing a black turtle neck leotard with outrageously large breasts that are belied by his rather large erect cock. He wears a tight belt over a obviously very small corset. He has on fishnets from the French cut leotard to his six inch spike heels with locking ankle straps. His face is whorishly made up and he's wearing short hair slicked back and shinny black. His pouting red lips are forced apart by a large ball gag attached a locked black leather collar. He's bound with simple hand cuffs on his lycra gloved wrists. He's in crossdresser's heaven.

She is in a simple tank top unitard, sliver in color. Very similar to the silver lycra that the SS units' dresses are made of. She has set it of off nicely with studded black leather belts around her wrists, neck , and ankles. Severe looking spike heeled ankle boots raise her to his height. She wore a matching studded belt that was pulled very tightly, compressing her small waist even tinier. The very odd thing was this obviously dominate partner had her waist greatly restricted by a locked leather belt. And she alone knows that the keys are still at home.

They approach our mistress and her group, she is leading him on a leash. She knees before AP-1, looks back, pulls on his leash, and he knees behind her. They hang the heads and wait.

'Yes, very good, they'll wait, like a proper underlings should.' Thinks AP-1.

'They show the proper respect. But why is she wearing a locked belt?' AP-1 is feeling really dominate tonight, because of the added costume of shinny rubber gloves, boots, hood, and leotard. "Look up, you may speak." She commands.

"Thank you, O great mistress, how may we serve?"

"Yes, explain why I should listen to you. Almost everyone in here wants to serve me. Are you better in some way?" demands AP-1.

"O great mistress, I am mistress to this miserable slave behind me. I do it mainly to humor him. I have to admit he does seem much more interested when I dominate him. You know what men are like?" She answers and watches AP-1 nod in agreement. "But my true nature is submissive, I come here to humiliate him and to look for a dominant woman who I might serve. For months, there been no one who truly interested me, but tonight you walked in with your slaves in tow and I knew I had finally seen my mistress. Please let me serve you and accept this lowly gift of my slave. He is housebroken and will serve you well."

"Serving me may require sacrifices beyond your willingness. Are you sure you

want of pledge to me. I can be a very severe mistress."

"You may say so, o great mistress, but the auras of ecstasy around your two silver slaves is to easy to recognize. They are both consumed by pleasure. What have you done to them? I wish I could be like that."

"Watch out, what you wish may come true!" responds AP-1 "They are each wearing a rigid body corset, which holds them tight and straight from hips to head. Their legs are laced into bondage boots, with metal stays from foot to thigh. They can only bend at the hips; their neck, back, waist, knees, and ankles are frozen by corset stays. Over that they wear a extra tight shinny silver nylon/lycra turtle neck dress that tapers to a hobble skirt, holding their legs tightly together. they have been this way for hours and will continue for hours more."

"Yes, O great mistress, I see most of that, but there is something else that is causing the glow around them." She responds.

"Yes, I guess I did leave out the part about the chastity belts and the vibrating dildoes. They do seem to be enjoying themselves. I like to keep my slaves happy and satisfied." AP-1 answers with a smile.

"Which is why I wish to serve you"

"You must pass various tests first. Are you willing?"

"Your wish is my command."

"First you must take you and your slave home and shave every follicle of hair off. Yes, especially your heads. Then return here wearing nothing but a simple lycra catsuit and spike heels. We will here for two more hours, so you'd better hurry. Let me leave you with this inducement." AP-1 leans forward and touches each of them on the forehead. Her finger begins to glow and their heads follow engulfed in the glow.

As the glow envelopes their heads they start to come. They experience the wonder of continuous orgasm. She breaks contact shortly and they are back on earth with a taste of what real pleasure is; and therefore wanting it always.

The two jump up, bow to the mistress, and depart quickly. They realize that this type of opportunity only comes along once in a while and they only have two hours in which to get ready.

The others that came forward to greet the mistress fell in two categories; dominates who wanted to fight and submissives without any imagination. Even the macho dominates who wanted to fight for slaves soon learned that this mistress had the strength of many (She loved how strong she was as an android.) and was not to be messed with. The submissives that approached were just as simple. None of them were qualified for the Pleasure Androids. Shortly before their deadline the two return, they are completely clean shaven and dressed in shinny lycra catsuits. His is bright red and hers is metallic silver.

"Please let us serve you, o great mistress." She pleads.

"You appear to be properly ready." Responds AP-1, "Let's get moving" She stands and pulls the two SS units by their leashes. "Follow me!" as she leads them out of the club. She and the SS units are followed by the body guards and the two volunteers. Once outside the body guards blindfold and hood the two new slaves. The van is pulled up and the group loads into it. Off to the house of the pleasure androids they go.

Upon arrival at the house, AP-1 leads the newly enlarged group to the house. She instructs the burly body guards to help prepare the new slaves. First they must be dressed in the special extra tight lycra catsuits complete with gloves, feet and open-faced hoods. The magical matching make up is added and the hoods are zipped shut. The male is bound with a straight jacket and leg binder. The slaves are put on the bed staring at the ceiling at their images in mirrors. She sees herself lying there completely silver contrasted against the black lycra sheets and the bright red male next to her. She see herself as the two SS units at the club. A silver android bound and corseted, totally unable to move. Just pulled around on a leash like a toy. But all the while that toy is experiencing intense pleasure. She is that toy.

"This unit is ready to serve. It's designation is SS-18." The new toy states.

He looks up through the bright red lycra hood and see himself bound in more red lycra. His large cock is also covered in shinny red lycra and it is very hard. He thinks of himself as just a large red cock seeking red pussies to put himself into. Soon he too is transformed into RC-56, an old style rigid cock unit.

Meanwhile AP-1 has morphed the CD units back to normal. Now they are two beautifully shaped woman covered completely with shinny black lycraskin and with rather large cocks. They struggle into their matching extra tight catsuits and zip each other in. They love the feeling of the stretchy lycra against their lycraskin. She asked SS-12 and AM-42 if they wanted to be let free and both of them grunted no through the gags. They having too much fun

as they are.

"SS-18, you will bring pleasure to the two CD units." Announces AP-1. "I will enjoy RC-56."

"Yes, your holiness, it is my pleasure to serve." Responds SS-18.

AP-1 climbs onto the bed and quickly impales her pleasure tunnel on the RC's pleasure protuberance. She immediately starts to climax, she has been on the verge all evening. Her spasms trigger the RC's own orgasms. Soon they are floating on a sea of continual pleasure.

CD-39 lays on the floor and SS-12 mounts it's pleasure protuberance kneeing over it. CD-37 stands over them right where she can suck on it's pleasure protuberance. They establish a rhythm that propels them into heights of pleasure like she has never felt before. Shortly she finds that her orgasms are almost constant as are the climaxes of the CD units.

The five of them continue for hours while SS-12 and AM-42 stand in their own private sea of ecstasy. AP-1 finally stops and goes to check on the RCm and the queen. They're still twitching with pleasure every few seconds. She leaves them and returns to the main bedroom.

"Come on everyone, help me release SS-12 and AM-42." AP-1 announces. "It's time for a pleasure nirvana."

They all assist in removing the bondage devices from the two silver statues. When they are finally free, they have to sit down they are so exhausted from pleasure. AP-1 gathers everyone in circle and they sit and place their hands on their neighbors genitals. AP-1 begins the chant.

"O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

After three times the others join and then they all chant in unison.

"O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

A rainbow colored aura glows around AP-1 and spreads to the androids on either side of her. From there the aura continues around the circle until all seven androids are glowing. As the glow envelopes each one they begin to climax continuously. When the circle is complete, they all are soaring in intense pleasure. Wave after wave of ecstasy flows through the group. They become one with each other and with pleasure.

Hours later, AP-1 breaks the spell and they all blissfully fall asleep. As usual AP-1 is the first one awake. She wakes the new recruits who have reverted to their human selves while sleeping. "How do you feel?" she asks them.

"Fantastic!" responds the woman. "How did you do that pleasure nirvana? That was the most intense experience of my life!"

"I am a android priestess and as such I have the power of pleasure. I can bring anyone to orgasm just by touching them. Did you like being a android sex slave?" asks AP-1.

"Oh, yes! Did I ever! As I told you at the club, I knew you were the one I've been seeking the minute you walked in. What happen tonight confirmed it in spades. When can I be an android again?"

"You can become one shortly. In fact if you want, you can permanently change into one but still be able to transform into you human self at will."

"I don't understand. How can I permanently change and still be human?" asks the woman.

"Let me demonstrate. You know me as AP-1, the android priestess, but am also Dean, who looks perfectly normal and goes to work Monday through Friday, nine to five like everybody else. Here let me show you." And AP-1 reverts into Dean while still wearing her dominate costume.

"You really are transformed. I won't believe if I hadn't seen it myself. But how did it happen?"

"We androids, SS-12, CD-37 and myself discovered this wonderful way to transform ourselves into androids quite by accident three weeks ago. Two weeks ago we found the Cocoon of Lycra which changes us into what we should be permanently. What we have become is real androids. When I transform back to AP-1" and she does. "What you see now is real. Although my birth name was Dean, my body right now is female in every way as you can see."

"Can we do it, Please?" the woman pleads.

"I don't know what you'll come out but if you're both willing?"

"I know I'm willing. How about you, Darling?"

Her slave still in his bright red lycra catsuit. The catsuit of an RC unit covering his hands, feet, and head completely in slick and shinny lycra. He nods his gagged head in agreement. He wanted to be a RC unit all his life.

"Well, I wake the others and get you ready." States AP-1. "Welcome to the Pleasure Androids. You have passed all the tests."

The awaken group quickly adds layer on layer of smooth, sensuous lycra. Once they are completely covered and bound in ten layers of lycra, they are taken to Jenny's room to percolate.

"Does anybody have any special requests?" AP-1 asks of the others. When they all shake their heads no, she says. "I'd like to try the body cast idea. Rosie brought everything we need. Besides, I'm tired of being the dominate

one, I want to be bound completely."

With Rosie directing they all help put AP-1 in a full body cast, after she removes the rubber gloves, hood, boots and leotard of the dominatrix and adds the chastity belt that SS-12 wore earlier. They begin wrapping the resin soaked strips of cloth around her feet progressing up to her thighs and joining her legs together at the hip. Already she is climaxing from the vibrating dildo in her pleasure tunnel. Being held rigid from the waist down is just enhancing the pleasure she feels. They continue wrapping her torso up to the neck. Next her arms are coated and freeze into position.

"Do you still want us to complete the cast?" Asks AM-42

"Yes, please, I love this. I want to be completely sealed in." AP-1 says between surges of passion. "Seal me in and don't let me out until tomorrow!" They place two tubes in her nostrils so she can breathe and begin to cover her head with fiberglass cast material. Soon she is totally covered and frozen in place. They stand her up in a corner to be forgotten until tomorrow. But she is not forgetting, she is feeling the intense pleasure of total bondage. She can not move any part of her body while the dildo continues to do it's work causing orgasm on top of orgasm. And there is nothing she can do to stop it. The total pleasure will continue until someone frees her. The helplessness of her situation magnifies the surges of pleasure coursing through her. She drifts off in a haze of endless ecstasy.

"Now what am I going to do with you three?" Asks AM-42. She has put on the shinny black rubber boots, gloves, and hood that AP-1 had borrowed earlier. She is feeling much more like her normal dominate self. "I know what. SS-12 you take CD-39 and I take CD-37 and we'll see which one can last longer."

The four retire to the bed and begin copulating. The two CD units smoothly stick their pleasure protuberances into 42 and 12. The females readily accept them into their pleasure tunnels sighing with pleasure. The four of them quickly approach a state of continual orgasm. They all experience constant and intense pleasure until hours later when the CD's collapse within seconds of each other with no clear winner.

While 37 and 39 rest AM-42 and SS-12 check on the new recruits in their Cocoons of Lycra. He seems to be ready, so they strip off the many layers of lycra. They find a RCm unit in bright red lycraskin. They dress it in an extra small lycra catsuit with only one hole for that delightful extra long tongue and with a penis sleeve for that equally delight pleasure protuberance.

"I going to have fun with this one." Says AM-42. "It looks like she is done also. Help me free her up."

They peel off the Cocoon of Lycra to reveal a shinny silver android who says: "This unit is ready to serve. It's designation is SS-18"

"Help me put this RCm unit on the pleasure bench. I want him tied tightly to the bench." Commands AM-42. "Yes, that's good. You two go wake up the RC units and have pleasure. I going to enjoy this new rigid cock unit."

She quickly straddles the bench and mounts the RCm unit. A surge of pleasure flows through her as she makes contact. The feeling of it's lycra clad pleasure protuberance gliding into her lycra lined pleasure tunnel generates an intense climax. Soon the friction of their mating drives her into a state of continual orgasm. Each stroke makes her come and come and comeÖ

Eventually she tires. When she does she leans forward and lies down on the RCm unit and sleeps still impaled on it. Across the room the two SS units and the two CD units have been enjoying each other's pleasure for hours and they rest for a while also.

When they all awake, AM-42 announces that SS-18 is going to find out what it was like to be bound as silver statues like she and SS-12 were earlier. The group helps dress SS-19 in the boned body corset and the boned thigh boots with the ballet heels and roller blades on the bottom. Next the fully recharged vibrating dildo is strapped on with the chastity belt. One of the silver lycra dresses is pulled tightly over her forcing her boot bound legs together. Her arms are bound into the leather arm binder holding them so tightly her elbows touch. Finally the gag and she looks just like AM-42 and SS-12 did when they went to the fetish club the day before.

"Now you have your wish." States AM-42. "I sure you'll enjoy as much as I did Put her in front of a mirror so she can see what a slave she is."

SS-18 is in ecstasy. As soon as the vibrating dildo was inserted in her pleasure tunnel, she began to climax. Now she is completely bound and gagged experiencing orgasm upon orgasm. She relaxes in her bondage and feels the waves of pleasure roll over her. The best part is that she cannot stop it. It's going to go on and on and onÖ

"Let's get SS-12 ready." Announces AM-42 as she tells them how to bind SS-12.

Quickly they have her in a suspension harness hanging just off the floor. Her arms are bound behind her in a lycra arm binder and her legs are pulled apart and tied to hooks in the floor. "Now gag her and release RCm-56 and bring it here."

When they bring the RCm unit to SS-12's bound body, it immediately shoves it's rock hard pleasure protuberance in her lycra lined pleasure tunnel. She responds with a gasp as the pleasure invades her. Soon the RCm is pumping away and she is felling orgasms and orgasms. The ecstasy is continuous as she surrenders to the bondage and intense stimulation. She recognizes that the RCm unit can go on for hours and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Pleasure rules and she is it's willing victim.

"Those two are going to be busy for a while, let's see what you can do to bring me pleasure." AM-42 says to the CD units. Soon the three of them are frolicking on the bed enjoying pleasure upon pleasure.

They enjoy hours of ecstasy, until AP-1's internal android clock told her it was time to stop. It's Sunday afternoon and everybody got to go to work tomorrow.

"Come on, Rob and Rosie, we need to get the others free." Calls Sally. "Rosie you start working on AP-1, she going to take the longest to free up."

CD-37 begins cutting the fiberglass complete body cast off AP-1. She notices that AP-1's breathing changes to a higher pitch when see engages the cast saw with it's vibrator action. She quickly cuts a lot around one leg and then starts on the other.

CD-39 and AM-42 remove RCm-56 from SS-12. It is a struggle the RCm unit wants to continue pleasure. Finally it is pulled away and they release SS-12 from her suspension and bondage. When they remove the gag, she blurts out:

"That was fantastic! Being suspended from the ceiling, with my arms bound, and my leg tied to the floor turned me on something fierce. When RCm-56 entered me I exploded in pleasure. It was relentless, all I could to was hang

there while it pumped more and more ecstasy into me. I passed out at one point for a while, and I dreamt about being ravaged by wild beasts with impossibly large pleasure protuberances. I woke up and for a minute thought it was true, then the climaxes started again and again and again. It was the best, I want to do it again sometime."

"I knew you'd like it." Says AM-42. "That's called being punished with pleasure. Now let's get SS-18 free."

They removed the arm binder and then the long hobble skirted dress. The corset stayed boots came off slowly as they had to be unlaced from thigh to ankle. Then they removed to body corset and finally the gag.

"Wow, now I know how you two felt at the fetish club the other night and why you had that glow of ecstasy around you. I started coming as soon as the vibrator was inserted, but when you finished tying me up and I was immobile, the pleasure was continuous. And the best part was there was nothing I could do to stop it. I was going to be in ecstasy until someone let me loose. I loved it. After several hours I feel asleep and began to dream. It my dream I was bound as I was before a large mirror.

"As I watched myself in the mirror, I started to transform into stone from the feet up. I couldn't stop it. The stone progressed up my legs and then my torso up to my neck. I panicked. I was turning into a stone statue. Finally my head changed and I realized I was still conscience and I could feel everything as before; I just could never move again. I was still the throws of a tremendous orgasm. Then I understood, I was a statue experiencing ultimate pleasure and I was going to stay that way eternally.

"Continual ecstasy throughout the ages was to be my fate. I saw myself on exhibit is some famous museum, where crowds of people come to see me. I would be as famous as the Mona Lisa because the strange aura or glow that seemed to exist around me. Some would recognize the aura of ecstasy and wonder how the sculptor achieved it with his art.

"When I awoke and interrupted the dream it was with some regret. I think I like being frozen in pleasure. But the reality of being bound in ecstasy broke the spell and I was back as a pleasure android enjoying the marvelous services of a RCm unit. It was one fantastic experience." SS-18 concluded.

"Maybe next time we'll take you out like SS-12 and I did." Says AM-42. "That was a real trip, you'd love it. Now let's get the queen and the RCm unit undone."

They go to the room where the queen and RCm have been for two days. They find the they are still squirming around in their lycra bondage. They remove the large body bag and then unzip the double catsuit. The RCm unit reluctantly gets out of the suit, then the queen emerges radiant in her golden metallic catsuit.

"I thought you were never going to release me. What day is it? How long did you leave me in there?" asks the queen.

"It's Sunday evening, just like we planned." Answered AM-42.

"It can't be, I was in there for days. I know what must have happened. I went through several sleep cycles and I thought each sleep meant a day. It was marvelous. The RCm just kept pumping into me causing pleasure on top of pleasure. When I thought two days had passed I imagined that something has happened and you weren't going to let me out. I was stuck in lycra bondage with the RCm unit forever and I never wanted to let free. I never wanted the pleasure to stop. We would be together forever is ecstasy."

"Now I sorry I let you free." Answered AM-42.

"No, no, you had to." Says the queen. "I have to go to work tomorrow, too. How was everyone's weekend?"

"We had a fantastic time at the club. We were the stars of the evening. And we recruited two more slaves. Let me introduce SS-18, her mate is RCm-56, he's in the other room."

"I so happy to have you both with us. Welcome to the Pleasure Androids." Says the queen.

"Your Highness, we are so pound that AP-1 picked us. There were dozens of volunteers at the club. We love being pleasure androids." Answers SS-18.

"Your Majesty, CD-37 is almost finished freeing AP-1." Announces AM-42. "I think you'd like to be there when she emerges."

"Yes, lead the way number 42."

The group goes into the main bedroom where CD-37 is finally making the cut around the head to finally free AP-1. Once the cut is complete, number 37 gently lifts the top half of the body cast off the priestess. She is lying there in a daze, breathing heavily through her mouth for the first time in over a day. Slowly she surfaces from the haze of pleasure, her eyes still glazed from the vibrator still buzzing away in her pleasure tunnel. She sit up and gets up from the back half of the cast. She stands unsteadily while they remove the chastity belt and dildo. She is completely free and starts to come around.

"I can't believe it. I have been coming since you put on the chastity belt. When you put me in the cast I thought I was going to die from pleasure it was so intense. As you finally covered my head and sealed me in, I discovered that I was going to live; to live in excruciating ecstasy frozen in time. Time had no meaning for me. I feel like I was in there for seconds and for an eternity. The pleasure just went on and on, never slackening, always at peak level. I think I going to take some vacation so you can seal me in for days, I want to stay sealed in forever."

"I know how you feel, number 1. I had similar experience with the RCm." Puts in the queen. "I hate to say this but it's time for all of us to revert back to our human selves. We all have to go to work tomorrow. Besides we have some planning to do. Next week is the big convention."

"What convention is that?" asks SS-18.

"The annual lycra convention, of course." Answers AP-1, "That's where we all met originally. I definitely think we're going to be noticed this year. How do we want to play it?"

"I think we should show up just like we did at the club Friday night." Says AM-42.

"I want to be a silver lycra statue again." Asks SS-12.

"Me, too." Echoes SS-18.

"Well this is what I had in mind." Says the queen, who goes on to tell her ideas for the convention. Everyone nods in agreement. They develop some the ideas into full fledged plans. Soon each of them knows what their roll will be for the coming trip. They agree to met the following Friday afternoon, get ready and travel together in Paul's big van.

Paul and Chris give the new recruits back to the club so they can pick up their car. Sally and Rob help clean up then leave shortly later. Dean, Rosie, and Jenny sit down and discuss previous two days events.

"Going out to the fetish club was a great idea, I've never felt that dominate before. It was fun verbal fencing with SS-18 at the club." Says AP-1. "SS-18 and RCm-56 make good additions to our little group. We were lucky to find them. Wait a minute, does anyone know their real names? I don't think it was ever mentioned."

"Don't worry I asked and got their phone number too, just in case there are any changes for the convention." Answers CD-37. "They're Luci and Rick. I think they're perfect also."

"I like them a lot." Says SS-12. "And they definitely enjoyed becoming pleasure androids. I'm glad we met them."


Part 5

When they arrived at the convention hotel, they were ready to party - lycra style. All of them morphed in their android personas and all of them were dressed in lycra. Naturally the first thing they all put on was the extra small and extra tight lycra catsuit that matched to their android colors. Beyond that everybody had a different idea of how to dress.

First out of Paul's van was the two CD units. They had decided to dress as

twins just like the SS & RCm units had. They had chosen simple matte finish cotton/lycra catsuits letting their shinny black head and hands show, They had added bright red lipstick and finger nail polish which really stood out against the black lycra. Over the catsuit they wore bright red patent leather belts, bracelets, and posture collars. The collars were very obviously attached to the catsuit and they were locked on holding the head up and looking forward. Last but not least on their feet were red patent leather spike heeled pumps. The CD units exited the van and stood on either side of the door.

Next came the SS units, 12 and 18, wearing their shinny silver catsuits. Over the suit they wore shinny black opaque lycra tights and a micro mini skirt of matte black cotton/lycra. From the waist up, they were bright shinny silver lycra, except her black painted eyes, lips, and fingernails and a black patent leather posture collar. A posture collar that is locked on. The SS units got off the van and lined up next to the CD's.

The RCm units are the last pair off the van. On top of their catsuit, complete with faceless hood, gloves, and feet, they are wearing another complete catsuit without the hood. This way their rather large rigid cocks are tight against their bellies not pointing straight out as usual. They also wear black patent leather wrist and ankle cuffs with a matching posture collar. The collar and cuffs are all connected by a locked chain that was so short it forced the RCm units to bend over with their arms pulled low like an ape. They leave the van and line up next to the SS units.

AM-42 is next, she has covered much of her silver lycra catsuit with shinny black rubber spike heeled thigh boots and a shinny black rubber long-sleeved turtle neck miniskirted dress. Locking the dress on is a bright shinny black rubber posture collar. Her bright shinny silver hands and head stand out especially contrasted by her black painted eyes, fingernails, and lips. She looks mean. She is mean. She is an pleasure android mistress.

Shortly behind her is AP-1, she wears a shinny black rubber/lycra complete catsuit. Complete to the point that even the eyes don't show; they are behind dark lens. Even AP-1 Is locked into her suit by a shinny black rubber posture collar. On her feet are spike heeled black rubber pumps. She steps off the van and lines up with AM-42 on the other side of the RCm units.

Last off the van, is this mysterious figure covered by a sweeping black cape and hood. It steps down through the tunnel formed by the eight androids lined up to hotel lobby. It enters and approaches the front desk. Upon arriving she sweeps the cape off revealing the Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids. Gold unbroken from spike heel to the crown of her head. Shinny bright gold.

"I am the Golden Queen, I believe you have a reservation for the pleasure androids." She announces to the startled desk clerk.

"Oh yes, Your Majesty, We've been expecting you. Our largest suite is waiting for you. Do you need help with your bags?" says the clerk.

"No, no, I have slaves for that." States the queen.

Friday night's festivities consist of a quick demonstration of a new line of lycra bondage equipment and a cocktail party for everyone to get acquainted. It is traditionally started by a prayer. This year the golden queen persuaded the organizers to use AP-1 as the chaplain.

The CD units, number 37 & 39, lead the way. They were dressed in their shinny black complete catsuit, high heels and black leather arm binders. They were hobbled by short chains between ankle cuffs, but proceed in a stately manner to the diaz.

Behind came the SS-12 and SS-18 in their shinny silver catsuits and spike heels. Over their traditional garb, they had added pencil thin shinny black lycra hobble skirts. Their cuffed wrists were locked to matching black patent leather waist belts. Slowed by the hobble skirts, they followed the CD units onto the stage.

AM-42 was next leading the two RCm units. AP-1 had morphed them so they had eyes for this event. They were still bound by locked chains around their collars, wrist cuffs, and ankle brackets.

After them is AP-1. She is dressed as she was they arrived, in a black rubber/lycra catsuit. A suit so complete even her eyes don't show. They are covered with one way lens. She can see out but no one can see in.

Last in the line is the queen, resplendent in her golden catsuit. She is unadorned but for her shinny metallic nylon/lycra catsuit. Everyone is in awe, for they have never seen anyone so beautiful. She arrives on stage and announces:

"Hello, I am the Golden Queen of the Pleasure Androids."

The crowd brakes into applause at her simple announcement, they are so astonished by her appearance.

"I have been asked tonight to lead the opening prayer. But I ask you indulgence. Let me introduce my high priestess, AP-1. She will lead you in a

prayer that you will not forget."

Another cheer runs through the crowd, as AP-1 and AM-42 step forward. AM-42 unzips the black rubber/lycra suit open for AP-1. AP-1 slowly strips off the suit revealing her glowing pearl white lycraskin. To the crowd she is obviously nude but she is also covered with shinny white lycraskin. A hush falls over the crowd, she stands before them and says:

Please join hands and repeat after me: "O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

After three times the others join and then they all chant in unison.

"O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

As she starts, a rainbow glow seems to emanate from her and spread throughout the room. Everyone in the room is glowing with this strange light. With the glow goes sexual fulfillment and each person it touches begins to climax continuously and uncontrollably. The hotel staff, mesmerized by what is happening before them, join the chant and they too are included in the glow of sensuality and begin to climax. All the people in the room are experiencing pleasure nirvana for the first time, they are being held at the peak of orgasm constantly like nothing they have ever felt before.

After close to thirty minutes the AP-1 breaks the spell and everything returns to normal. However, now that all these people have felt the pleasure nirvana, nothing will ever be normal again. Everyone wants to know how she did that and when they can do it again. The queen address the crowd.

"I can tell that you all enjoyed our little prayer and would like to know more about the pleasure androids. Our booth will be opening in just a few minutes and anyone interested should stop by and get a enrollment kit. We will be happy to answer your questions there. Be assured that tonight was just a small example of life as a pleasure android. Thank you and good night." She and the others left the stage.

By the time they had reached their booth, everyone, including the hotel staff, were patiently waiting in line to enroll. Each person was asked to identify what type of android they thought they should be: Sex Slave, Rigid Cock, Android Priestess, Climax Device, or Android Mistress. Once they made that decision, they were asked to purchase an enrollment kit. Each kit consisted of a complete lycra catsuit with either cock or pussy sleeve, the matching make up and an instruction booklet explaining how to prepare oneself for transformation. It took over two hours but every attendee purchased the necessary materials and retired to their hotel rooms to begin their transformations.

AP-1 turned to the queen as the last person was taken care of at the booth and said: "I can't believe it, there's no one left here tonight, they're all in their rooms transforming. I expect some people to be a little leery but I guess we convinced them all with our demonstration."

"It's exactly what I planned." Replies the queen. "I knew no one could resist the pleasure nirvana. Remember the first time you enjoy one, you would have done anything to do it again."

"You were right. What's next on the plan?"

"We wait until tomorrow morning after everyone has had a chance to really enjoy their new android personalities and then we have another nirvana. The next one will last longer and everyone will want more. Then we explain about the Cocoon of Lycra. I think there should be enough lycra at this convention to put everyone through the cocoon at the same time. And believe me everyone will want to by tomorrow afternoon. By this time tomorrow night our little group of pleasure androids will number over three hundred and then it's watch out world here we come."

Throughout the hotel newly transformed androids were discovering the joys of being a pleasure android. They have developed incredible sexual appetites but they have many other androids to enjoy themselves with. And enjoying themselves is exactly what all of them are doing. Late the next morning the partying is still going strong, androids don't get tired, all the androids start drifting towards the meeting room. There to greet them are the original nine androids. Everyone has brought all the lycra they had at the convention per the instruction book they received last night. When they all have arrived their queen addresses them:

"Loyal androids, you have all enjoyed the last twelve hours as pleasure androids. We are glad you have joined us. My priestess will now lead us in another pleasure nirvana."

Please join hands and repeat after me: "O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure. You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

After three times all the others join and then they all chant in unison.

"O great god of lycra. Come to us who are joined in pleasure. I am pleasure.

You are pleasure. We are pleasure."

Quickly the rainbow glow of the priestess envelops every android in the room and all are climaxing constantly. For a couple of hours everyone is held at this extreme level of pleasure. Finally the priestess breaks off and they all sigh ending the most marvelous experience of their lives.

"Now for the moment of truth." The queen announces. "Loyal androids, you have felt the ultimate in pleasure today. You can feel this way forever if you want to join us all the way."

"Yes, yes, tell us how!" exclaims the crowd.

"If you want to truly become pleasure androids you must experience the Cocoon of Lycra. That is why you have been directed to bring all you lycra with you now. If you want to be completely and permanently transformed, please signify by raising your hand now."

Every hand in the room was raised by the time she finished talking. There were no hold outs.

"Now that everyone is in agreement, please help yourself and your neighbor into as much lycra as you have. Everyone must have on at least ten layers of lycra."

It took about an hour but finally everyone but the original nine are dressed and bound in ten layers of lycra and have entered the Cocoon of Lycra. When they are all done a lone straggler enters the ballroom and approaches the queen.

"Why aren't you in the Cocoon of Lycra like the others?" asks the queen.

"Your Highness, I must ask your indulgence so I may speak with all of you. I have come from far away to talk to you. May I speak plainly?"

"Yes, yes, of course."

"Your Majesty, or should I say Paul?"

"Wait, how do you know my human name?"

"I have been studying you for quite a while. You are greatly revered where I come from."

"And just where is that?" demands the queen.

"I am from Spandexia, in fact I am the Minister of Entertainment for Spandexia."

"Spandexia, I've never heard of it. Is it one of those new Russian Republics?"

"No, Your Highness, Spandexia is a planet approximately sixty-seven light years from earth."

"What, you're telling me that you're a space alien. Yeah, if you believe that then I have some waterfront property in Florida for sale."

"Your Highness, I expected you to be leery of my claim so I have arranged a little demonstration. Would you please hold my hand." The queen reaches out and holds his hand. "Two to beam up." He says to the air.

Suddenly the stranger and the queen disappear in a flash. The others are startled and don't know what to do. A few minutes later another flash and the two of them are back where they started.

"Are you satisfied, Your Majesty?"

The queen turns to the group and says: "It was marvelous, one minute I was here and the next I was on his space ship. I could see the earth below me just like the pictures from the shuttle and then I was back here. I'm convinced. What do you want of us?"

"We, the people of Spandexia, want to offer to you and all the other pleasure androids a chance to come to Spandexia and live as royalty. Already the nine of you are stars in our feelies."

"What's a feelie?"

"A feelie is like TV only much more advanced. To enjoy a feelie, one puts on a lycra catsuit like all of you wear, complete with a closed hood. Wearing the catsuit you can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell what the actors have sensed while wearing a special transmitter catsuit. The catsuits we started supplying you last month are feelie transmitters. Whatever you did while wearing the suits was broadcast back on Spandexia. You have shown us pleasure truly is. We have evolved so much that we clone our offspring in laboratories and sex has become passť. You have shown us how marvelous it can be. Please come back with me and bring all the new converts you have made this weekend."

"Well gang, what to you think? Do you want to move to Spandexia?" asks the queen.

"It's sounds great, but what's the catch?" answers CD-37/Rosie. "Can we come home if we don't like it?"

"Of course, you can come home if you want." Answers the minister. "But if you come back to stay, you will lose your android powers. You'll just be an ordinary human then. Besides if you go to Spandexia as androids you'll live more than a thousand years."

"I'm ready, when do we leave?" responds AP-1/Dean.

"Count me in." puts in Am-42/Sally.

"Me too!" says SS-18/Luci.

* * *

The first indication something was wrong was a call to the local police station Sunday morning; somebody tried to check into the hotel and there was no one to help them. The officers came out to investigate and couldn't find anyone anywhere in the building. They checked the register and over three hundred quests were staying there for a convention, but there was no sign of any of them or of the hotel staff. The building was abandoned and they had no clues. When they looked into it further, everyone who was in the hotel

building Saturday had disappeared without a trace. The case is still open but there haven't been any new clues.

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