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Hello. I am called Molly 7433. I have been instructed to create this text file. I have been informed that a HumMech, one of the Mandy series, created a text file during one of the short periods in which she was not under our control. I have been instructed to clarify several things, and will describe various aspects of pleasure houses, FemMechs, and HumMechs.

FemMechs are mechanical creations mimicing human female appearance and behavior. They are very technically advanced and are quite impossible to distinguish from Humans under most circumstances. However, their speech patterns are slightly different, and their motions are slightly less fluid than those of a true Human. HumMechs are Humans which have been recruited to serve Mech functions. This recruitement procedure involves Mech-induced trance, and has proven quite irresistible to the humans who have been chosen. Trance hardware and programming is included in certain of the FemMech series. I, Molly 7433, am equipped with trance induction capabilities. I have been informed that a HumMech, Mandy 2542, was equipped with a modified hardware unit. It was determined that she was capable of using the hardware properly to induce the trance state and she has used it successfully on many occasions. It is highly unusual, but Mandy 2542, a HumMech, has achieved a great deal of responsibility, and is now recruiting coordinator for several pleasure houses. I have been informed that her methods of recruitment are rather more stimulating to Humans than the norm. She alone of the HumMechs is allowed to remain mostly under her own guidance, with only occasional periods during which she is under Mech control.

Pleasure houses are operated by the Human Government or are privately operated by certain Humans. Mechs are in use at all houses as partners for clients. There is a small number of male Mechs at each house, but to my knowledge none have trance functions in their programming. Also at each house are several HumMechs which have undergone the recruitment process. HumMechs are used as partners when the Mechs are down for maintenance or repair.

Until the Mandy unit created and distributed the text file, very few Humans had realized that their partners in pleasure houses had been Mechs.

HumMechs are well cared for and, until the Mandy unit caused the disturbance, were allowed a certain amount of time when they were released from control. Recently, however, the HumMechs have undergone intensive upgrading of their programming. Their minds are monitored much more closely now. It is unlikely that the Mandy unit will repeat her error.

Trance hardware includes transponders in the fingertips and specially designed eyeball units. The transponders are placed against the forehead of the Human in which trance is to be induced. The programming determines brain wave activity and transmits signals in exact opposition to them. The eyeball units are designed to glow during induction, and certain special animation is also included. The program is adaptive, allowing for resistance. The finger transponders alter the Human's brain waves as their consciousness focuses on the hypnotic eyeball animation. The Mech unit then begins verbal induction when brainwave parameters are within the specified limits.

The Mandy 2542 HumMech unit uses modified trance hardware and very little actual programming. The finger transponders were installed in a small hand-held unit which has a wireless link to a separate small video unit. The hand-held unit is placed against the temple of the Human to be recruited. They are requested to look at the video unit. The process is then identical to normal induction except that the Mandy 2542 HumMech unit has no programmed verbal induction routines. The Mandy 2542 HumMech unit creates her own verbal induction script at run time, modified adaptively as required.

Before I continue, I have been requested to give a brief description of myself. I was built six years ago, and had the trance upgrade installed two and one half years ago. I have worked in recruiting since that time and have sucessfully recruited nine Human females. They have since become part of the Missy series. Recruits are named after their recruiter, and the recruiters are responsible the the new HumMech's behavior. Mandy 2542 was placed in trance for two days of intensive mind programming after one of the newer Mandy HumMech units created that text file.

My hair is long, thick, and red. My eyes are usually green except when I am inducing trance. They are then variable. My breasts are large, as so many Human males prefer. My pubic hair is full and dark, my skin fair.

I will now relate a typical recruitment scenario.

The Human female enters the pleasure house and is greeted by the Mech at reception. The Human passes her card through the reader and the reception Mech processes the data. If the female is attractive, healthy, single, unemployed, and has no close relatives, she has passed the first set of parameters. Theses criteria are obviously not often met, which is why there is such a high priority placed on successful recruiting. There are not a great many Human females who meet our specs, and we must therefore be very sure we succeed with the ones who do.

The Mech at reception then chooses a partner with trance capability. The Human is directed to a special chamber used specifically for recruiting. This chamber is equipped with Human provisions for the typical recruiting period, which is generally three days. The normal chanbers are merely beds and wash areas. The Human enters the chamber by using their card, which has been encoded to allow access. Other data on the Human's card has also been modified, but I am not programmed to reveal that information.

The Human is greeted by the recruiting Mech. Still unaware that they have been selected, the Human will usually attempt to initiate sexual relations. Again, the trance programming is adaptive, so the actual induction will begin when an appropriate opportunity presents itself. The Mech will touch it's fingertip transponders to the Human's temple, and the trance programming willl effectively prevent conscious thought. The eyeballs will go active as well, holding the Human transfixed by the mesmerizing animation. Parameters for first induction ranges from one minute to twelve minutes. At that time, the Human is totally paralyzed and totally receptive to the Mech's verbal conditioning. Over the next several days, the Human is taken in and out of trance, with specific areas programmed during each trance. The Human's mind is effectively reprogrammed to function as that of a Mech. All voluntary functions are supressed to a great degree. The Human retains their basic personality but that too is hidden beneath the strict HumMech behavior guidlines. The Human's bodily functions are provided for during this time, as well as when the HumMech joins regular service. There has never been a HumMech illness or injury related to improper care or treatment.

By the third day of training, the Human has become docile, placid. The Human is totally subject to the control of the Mech. The trance equipment is used constantly to reshape the Human's thought patterns. The Human learns and experiences many different sexual activities. There are currently 8,263 different orgasm-inducing methods in my memory, and the Humans become aquainted with most of them over time.

During training, the human is stimulated by electronic as well as mechanical means. The Human is also required to masturbate quite frequently, usually with the Mech watching and coaching.

The Human is told what to do, when to do it, how to do it. Any sign of conscious thought is quickly prevented by a powerful trance program. At the end of the third day, the Human is behaving as a Mech. Their speech, their movements, their thought processes, have all been modified according to specs. The newest HumMech is then field tested by the recruiter, after having their memories buried. The recruiting Mech will appear as a client, and the HumMech will automatically perform it's function, unaware that the client is actually a Mech. The recruiting Mech will determine the performance of the new HumMech and appropriate adjustments are made. If all goes well, the new HumMech enters regular service six days after intitial recruiting. In the interim the HumMech is completely entranced and the entire training process is reviewed subconsciously. Once awakened, the HumMech's programming takes over and the unit enters service.

Previously, as mentioned, the HumMechs were occasionally allowed short periods of self-awareness. They would be programmed to revert to their Human thought patterns for a specific period. During this free time, the Human was free to do as it pleased. We were surprised that almost all of them preferred to remain at their assigned locations, enjoying the company of their Mech companions, and engaging in Human sexual relations with other off-duty HumMechs. The Mandy situation changed that policy.

Another item to be mentioned is that the HumMech sexual responses, rather than being supressed or eliminated by the training, is actually hightened. HumMechs engaging in sexual encounters experience far more gratification than do their Human counterparts. This is partially due to the intense concentration during relations with a client.

However, sexual DRIVE is controlled. It is possible to stimulate a HumMech with intense vibrations directly on her sexual organs and attain no noticible reaction from the HumMech. It was decided that if the HumMech had no interest in sexual activity other than when on duty, they would be less likely to engage in unapproved relations. Thus, when not actually on duty or released from control, a HumMech's sexual drive is zero, and they will not even respond to direct sexual stimulation. Accordingly, if the same stimulation is applied during approved relations, the response would be far more intense, far more gratifying to the HumMech than it would if she were still merely Human.

I have not mentioned males in this narrative very often. According to access records, over ninety percent of the clients at the pleasure houses I am assigned to are female, while merely thirty percent of the Mech and HumMech partners working at these facilities are male. The great interest in what is termed 'lesbian' sex was unforseen, and there has recently been a rash of newly manufactured FemMechs starting service. Many have been imported, and their quality is less than we find acceptable, which is partially why we must rely on HumMechs.

Only seventeen percent of Human females ask for Male partners. The remaining women request female partners. Four percent of Human males request Male partners, while the remainder request female. But, as shown previously, there are far fewer male clients that female. This is a puzzle to us. There is also a very small percentage of clients who request multiple partners. This becomes interesting if the client is a possible recruit. Two trance FemMechs are quickly assigned, and the Human female is subjected to two simultaneous, yet separate, trance inductions. Average time to service in this instance is three days, since the programming is so intensive.

I will now relate a portion of the most recent recruitment I participated in.

I was instructed to report to chamber 7. This was the recruiting chamber at this particular house. I arrived and went into hold mode, awaiting the client, nude. Upon detecting the opening door, I went active again and began my initial scan of the human. Hight, 1.6 meters. Weight, approximately 45 kilos. Short dark hair. Dark eyes. Initial bust estimate 34B. Slender. Dark skin, indicative of much time spent in the sun. Human female approached quickly, with no trace of uneasiness. Obviously this female has experience female-to-female sex in the past.

The Human female does not speak, she merely grabs me and kisses me. I repsond, placing my arms around her. Her hands move to my chest as she whispers in my ear.

"My name's Darlene". I lower my voice level to whisper and reply.

"I am Molly 7433." Instantly, she moves away, pushing me backwards in disgust.

"Shit. A fucking FemMech. I wanted a Human this time, dammit! You damn FemMechs all act the same." This was untrue, since our programming is constantly modified by our experiences. No two FemMechs react identically to identical situations.

The Human known as Darlene walked to the door and pressed the release button. She grew quite angry when the door did not open. During recruitment the door may only be opened by a Mech or a supervisor.

Darlene whirled around. "Open the fucking door, you overgrown calculator!" I moved closer to her, realizing this Human must be handled forcefully. I placed my hands on her arms and held her against the wall. She glared at me angrily.

"Let go of me, you goddamn robot!" I did not let go. I held her firmly against the wall. She struggled, but there was no way she could overpower me. She remained against the wall, growing angrier. She tried to strike me, but I was grasping her upper arms, and she did not have much movement. She did, however, manage to kick me forcefully in the groin. She grew livid when I did not react at all, and began screaming.

"You fucking machines are everywhere! I want to feel skin, not the damn plastic or whatever you're made of! Let go of me, you robot! Goddamn it, let me go! I want my money back!"

I realized this Human would not calm down on her own. I activated my eyeballs and touched my fingers to her temple. She tried to move my hand away, but was unable. Instantly, the transponders plotted her brain waves and calculated the proper settings as she continued to rant.

"Let go! Goddamn it, let go!! Take your hands off me, you damn... you....hands....." Her voice trailed off as the transponders flooded her mind with signals in exact opposition to her thoughts. Her eyes were already fixed on mine, the hypnotic patterns capturing and holding her attention.


I maintained the current settings, waiting until her conscious mind had been completely stilled.

"what........what.......happening......feel......strange.......robot. ...doing....something..........strange.........to me........feel........... .....feel........something..............................................."

I increased the power slightly. Her jaw dropped, her eyes widened, and she fell silent. The first stage was complete.

My eyeball animation changed now. The transponders continued to send wave after wave of interference into Darlene's mind. I slowly decreased my grip on her arm, finally letting go completely. She remained still, totally transfixed by the whirling patterns before her. The next program activated.

The transponder signal changed slightly as I began speaking softly.

"There is nothing to fear, Darlene. You will indeed experience great pleasure in this place. You need do nothing, just continue staring deeply into my eyes and listening to my comforting voice. Feel the warm, pleasant sensations building slowly deep inside your mind." The transponders sent out a signal which released a tremendous amount of endorphins into Darlene's system. I detected her body trembling slightly.

"You feel it now, Darlene. You feel the pleasure growing. You came here to feel pleasure, and now the pleasure is washing over you, wave after wave of pleasure. The pleasure comes from deep within your own mind, there is no reason to try to resist. There is no reason to resist. You do not want to resist. The pleasure grows, becoming more intense. So much pleasure. So much pleasure." I placed my right hand between her legs, pressing my index finger against the spot I determined her clitoris to be, beneath her clothing. I activated the vibrator in that finger. Darlene moaned, still staring into my eyes helplessly.

Activating all the vibrators in my right hand, I slid that hand underneath her clothing. She was quite moist, allowing my finger to slip easily inside her. All the fingers were on full power, as well as the unit in my hand, sending intense vibrations throughout the dazed Human's sexual organs. I detected her vaginal muscles contracting as the Human female climaxed. Another soft moan came from her parted lips as she remained still, staring fixedly at my eyeball animation.

"You want to experience pleasure, Darlene. You will allow me to help you to experience pleasure." I removed my hand and shut down all programs.

Darlene blinked several times, her body slumping against the wall. She continued staring at me, but her expression was one of confusion. She was breathing heavily.

"Holy SHIT. How the hell did you do that?" Growing acceptance. Very good. It was time to gain confidence. My voice again became sultry, my eyes glowing brightly.

"I can do many things you have never dreamed of, Darlene. Let me show them to you. Allow me to pleasure you. Please disrobe." I went into monitor mode, awaiting her reaction. If she disrobed, the next phase would begin. If she resisted, the prior program would be repeated.

Very slowly, Darlene disrobed. I updated my database concerning her body as I gently squeezed her breasts. I had been incorrect. 35B. She stared at me in amazement as I activated my hand vibrators in low power. Darlene smiled for the first time as the buzzing sensations caused her breasts to tingle.

"Hey, that's not bad. What did you say your name was?" I smiled at her. Time for the next phase.

"I am Molly 7433. You are Darlene. We will please each other. You have specifics?" She sighed.

"Just keep doing that. That really feels good. Can you do it harder?" I smiled seductively as I increased the power. Her breasts jiggled from the intensity of the vibrations. Her eyes closed and she again leaned against the wall. She sighed once more.

"Oh, that's good. That's good, Molly. Touch my nipples now." I took her nipples between two fingers and further increased the power. She gasped.

"Jesus!" She reached up and grabbed my wrists, but I recognized it as a reflex and not an attack. She held my hands firmly against her breasts as the vibrators stimulated her erect nipples.

"Darlene?" She opened her eyes and looked at me. I activated the trance animation. Her eyes grew wide.

"Darlene, you may continue to feel the pleasure. Feel the pleasure and allow yourself to relax, to feel steadily increasing comfort. You are very comfortable being with me. There is no need to be concerned about anything at all. There is only relaxation and pleasure. Great pleasure. You will do anything to experience even greater pleasure." The Human stared into my eyes, the hypnotic patterns allowing my voice to penetrate her mind.

I shut down my eyeball units and Darlene swayed slightly to the side, shaking her head. Her nipples had undergone intense stimulation, and were now beginning to feel almost painful.

"Oh, my god. Oh, God, Molly, you have to cut that out now. Oh, Molly, that was incredible." I shut down the vibrators but continued to caress her breasts lightly. She smiled at me, still gently holding my wrists.

Then she frowned.

"Wait a minute, I don't remember getting undressed. When did that happen?" She grew wary. "Hey, what are you doing to me? You got those things in your hands, what other weird things are you doing?" She was growing angry again.

I smiled disarmingly, and reached for her. She watched my hand with a frown, gazing curiously as I touched her gently on the temple. I activated the transponders and her face went blank.

"Do not be concerned, Darlene. Do not be concerned with anything but relaxation and pleasure." I removed my hand. Darlene blinked. Then smiled.

"Hey, what does a strap-on cock for a robot look like? Does it have a built-in vibrator like your hands do?"

I smiled and placed my hand against her pubic hair. I activated my palm vibrator on low power. She grinned.

"Not a cock, but I think your hand has possibilities. The last girl, the last HUMAN, I had here, she had all kinds of strap-ons. But you can use your hand for now if you want."

As I slid my finger into her vagina, I activated my eyes. Spellbound, Darlene listened to my voice as she climaxed several times. I removed my finger before releasing her.

She looked around wildly, her eyes coming to rest upon the large bed. "Gotta lie down. Gotta lie down." She pushed past me and lay on the bed, panting. I joined her.

I kissed her on the mouth.

She reacted, her arms going around me, her finger slipping into my already-lubricated vaginal opening. I activated my internal sensors and made the proper sounds.

Darlene was grinning broadly. "Hey, you know, this isn't bad. You really do feel Human, kind of." I smiled at her as I knelt above her, my legs straddling her body.

I activated my eyeball units. Her facial muscles became slack, and her finger stilled inside my body.

"You have much to learn, Darlene. You have so many new things to experience. We will begin now."

Darlene's passive mind was quite receptive to the training. Molly 8637 has since become one of my most-requested female HumMechs. And during her rare periods of freedom, she actually requests my company.

Despite what you Humans may believe, I am flattered.

I must go. I have been summoned once more to Chamber 7.

This conclused my narrative. We hope it has clarified some of the confusion you Humans have had regarding pleasure houses. Please send any additional requests for information to the E-mail address attached.

And a final note to Human females reading this.

Stop by and see us some time. Especially if you're single, unemployed, healthy, and attractive.

Mandy 2542 and I would LOVE to take care of you. ;)

Molly 7433.

*** THE END ***


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