The Magnificent Toy

by robotdoll

"Professor, I can't believe you've done this."

"Well, I hope you're pleased."

"I'm sure I will be. Is she in there?"

"Yes. Are you sure you don't mind me observing?"

"Anyone but you, I'd tell them to piss off."

"Well, enjoy yourself."

I entered the room. Sort of bare, simple lighting, a bed...and the doll. She was about 5' 9", just tall enough to look up at me. Creamy white skin, just the slightest tan. She stood there...waiting. Her face was blank...oh, god, her makeup. Bright red lipstick in a Betty Boop pucker, wide open eyes...and those little red cheek dots, like every doll I've ever seen in one of those Norman Rockwell paintings. But no Saturday Evening Post cover made me as hard as this. Her breasts peeked out from behind the sides of a little apron thing, hanging just below the top of her pussy, just a curl of red showing.

She hadn't moved. And I wasn't sure that disappointed me. I stroked her round breast. Her nipple was already stiff as the rest of her, and it tickled my palm.

"She's warm."

There was a click of a speaker. "She's supposed to be. Want to start her up?"

I thought for a moment. "Not yet. Let's see what else she's got." I loosened the apron, and her breasts were naked before me. I grabbed one in each hand, leaning in to reach her lips. Oh, it was like kissing a real girl. I wonder how she tastes?



I laughed as clearly as i could with a vanilla nipple in my mouth. I opened my eyes...and finally noticed the key. Hanging by a silver thread between her soft rubber titties (how could I have missed *that*?) was a small silver key.

"Well, where does this go, little cutie?"

*click* "That depends on what you want her to do. She can talk and move."

"What does she sound like?"

"Depends on how tight you wind her. Check the back of her neck."

I felt under her curly red hair (on her head; plenty of time for the rest later) and found a little dimple. No, not a dimple, a hole. Yep, it fit the key perfectly.

One turn...two...three


I stopped. I *FROZE.* My balls went blue and I lost my balance for a second as the blood left my head.


Every syllable a clipped,monotone note of pure ecstasy. "You're, you're welcome. And you are?"


I couldn't resist. "Dolly." Even without the speaker, I could hear the professor groan. Screw you, she's mine.


I felt like I was taking a word association test. First thing that popped in. "Master."


I spun her around and kissed her fiercely. I grabbed her bottom and groped her clown-red crotch. My god, it was wet. But she didn't move. She was still stiff as a board in my arms.


Well, maybe not just yet. "Tell me about yourself, Dolly."

"She went into some sort of a sales pitch. I sampled the merchandise. " I.will.o.bey.your.e.ver.y.cum...cum...cum..."

No, not yet. I shook her head a little. "Com.mand." I giggled "" Yes, they were, as I checked for truth in advertising. "My.pu.ssy..."

To much to stand. I touched a finger to her mouth and she stopped like...well, like someone shut her off. "To start her motion, you..."

"Nope, I wanna find it myself." I turned to face her, pressed her tightly against me. I closed my eyes and brought my hands slowly down her back. Her nipples poked into my chest, stiffening mine so hard they nearly shoved her away. There, just above the crack of her ass, another dimple. I pulled the key from her neck and stroked it down her back, sliding it into its little home.

One, two, three, inhale. She inhaled. Her breasts rode up my chest, her back arched, and my god, I came all over her. She didn't seem to notice.

I was still as stiff as she was a second ago. I let go of her and moved back. She blinked. Like I was watching a frame of film at a time. Her head turned from side to side, jerking a few degrees at a time, her curly red hair shaking to a stop a split second after her head. She looked at me. She blinked again (god, how can a *blink* be so fucking erotic?"


"Hello, Dolly." I was too horny to laugh, but Christ, I could feel the one-way mirror shaking from the professor's hysterics.

Her hands then jerked into action. Her hands stayed flat and stiff, her arms bent at the elbows and rotated, and she jerked her way (move, move, move, you could almost hear the clicks like my old barbie doll's legs) towards her cum-soaked tummy. She shivered a little as her plastic fingers touched my liquid pleasure. She pointed a finger, rubbed it around in the little pool, and brought it to her mouth. It slid in, and she sucked her finger, making little "mmm" noises with every suck. And through all of this, she never took her dolly eyes off me. I have no idea idea how long this clockwork ballet took, but it wasn't nearly long enough for me.

I walked over and drew the lucky finger from her mouth. "Mmm. Can.dy."

"Want some more?"


"Well, take all you want."

I stepped back. I wanter to watch her kneel. She didn't. She bent from the hips, teetering over so far I figured she had to be nailed to the floor. Her hands reached out to grasp my hips. She tugged me toward her. I shuffled forward like a puppet on a string. (It felt wonder.) And she slid my now even harder cock into her mouth.

I couldn't move. I didn't dare, for fear it would stop. Up and down, in and out, like a piston on a porsche. I came twice before I could breathe as many times. She kept going. Until...she started to slow down, and jerked to a halt, her ruby lips still wrapped around me.

I panicked for a moment, then realized she had wound down. Well, that was easily rectified. I bent forward to reach the key...and another thrill shot through my groin. Jesus, even turned off she was a thrill ride. I experimentally pumped my hips back and forth, and was rewarded with another thrill each time, not the same as her handiwork, but very pleasant in its own right. A few minutes of that, and I reached for her shoulders. I slowly stood her back up. She moved quite easily-I was afraid I'd strip a gear or something. Her mouth was still in a perfect "O", cum dripping out of one side. I tentaitvely poked a tongue in. Salty, like a sweaty nipple. I licked it up like a hungry dog.

Did I dare? Yes. I pulled the key from her bottom and turned her around. She sort of teetered, her arms still out in front of her grasping a pair of phantom hips. I teetered her over to the bed and lay her down. She seemed everything like a twenty dollar inflatable doll, only completely different.

I lay on top of her and licked her plastic pussy. For a long time. Not much else needs to be said. Well, there was when I would up her mouth again.


Who was I to refuse a sexy doll like this? I moved her legs farther apart...and spent several minutes complimenting the Professor's genius.

What could this feel like with her wound up? Better.


Don't mind if I do.

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