by Wolfrose

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction, all character are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead, organic or artificial, is purely coincidental. If you are under the age of 18, DO NOT READ!!!!


The explosion had knocked Dr. Karen Marshall just to this side of unconsciousness.The entire lab was a nightmare of flickering control panels, smoke, an occasional electrical arc, and the red glow of the emergency lighting. She could only barely hear her assistant, Mara Sienkewitz, picking her way towards the doctor through the remains of the lab.
"Karen! Can you hear me?!"
Karen cleared her head for a second before responding."Mara, I'm okay! check on the status of the data pull!" Karen picked herself up as she saw Mara begin to bring up data on one of the few terminals still functioning. Karen picked her way over to Mara's side.
The younger assistant's long black hair was matted by water from the coolant tank that had ruptured in the blast. It had possibly saved the young woman's life, as her clothes were nearly burned off her body by the initial gout of flame that had spilled from the receiver chamber. the water had burst out almost instantaneously after,saving her from the fate of the few tatters still clinging to her lithe body.
Karen had been at the far end of the room and had only been hit by a concussive wave, knocking her back hard against a wall as equipment flew around the lab, but she had managed to avoid injury.
"Karen...There's something in the buffer. The program is still running and attempting to run a reconstruct of whatever we snagged. Security systems are active but one of the secondary generators outside blew and has sealed the hallway." Mara looked at Karen with her deep blue eyes. "We're going to be here a while."
"Any idea what we have in the buffer?" Karen asked.
"No. The transfer log shows that the signal annexation jumped to a different host just prior to seizure. I'll try to find out where from.... That's odd...Karen, according to this we have a stable gateway in the reconstructor."
This was far beyond anything Karen had hoped for with the project. She had been playing with an idea she had had ever since seeing Tron years ago, that a physical object could be stored as data and transmitted intact via a communications gateway. Now it appeared she had found a way to transmit without the messy storage part.
"Mara, can you open the recon chamber?"
"No. Auto-doors are offline. Manual should still work though."
"Okay. I'm heading over there. Stay here and monitor."

Within the chamber a clawed hand grasped a data conduit. How delicious, it thought as it masked its presence on the scanners Mara was using. It heard the doctor in the outer lock of the chamber and it set its wicked plan in motion.
Karen forced open the door to take a look at the portal the computer said they had created. She saw a pulsing red hole in space itself, a gash in the continuum. Then she saw large dark forms lumbering through from the other side. She turned to shout a warning only to have her mouth grabbed by a metal hand and held incredibly tight and very shut. She saw a red moustache and opaque lenses over a wide smile, then the electrical charge hit her and she writhed in the iron grip for a moment, insensate, before passing out.
The large man gently handed Karen to one of the only slightly smaller mechanoids it had called from the other side. Silently, he gave it its orders and it quietly began stripping the unconscious doctor. Then the leader with the moustache re-interfaced with the computers.
"Karen! Aye you okay in there?! What do you see?!" Mara shouted as she looked at the figures coming from the sensors in the recon chamber. She started typing a control sequence on the keyboard when she felt the keys get very warm suddenly. "Oh, shit! You better not be shorting out on me!" she cursed at the keyboard.
"On the contrary my lovely girl, the circuits it forms in you shall be quite intentional, not malfunction" a very deep and gravelly voice said directly in front of her, on the other side of her monitor. She looked up, her hands suddenly motionless, and saw the seven foot behemoth smiling down at her. She watched as his metal hand gently touched a finger to her mini-tower and pointed to her keyboard with the other. She followed his point.
The keyboard erupted in a streamer-like mass of metal wire and components, all of them swarming over the barely clothed girl's forearms and burrowing into the flesh. Mara tried to scream, but a monitor above her head released another storm of living circuitry down upon her from above, gagging her mouth as the wires and components began working their way into the flesh of her neck and back.
She stood there terrified, held in place by bonds that were becoming part of her, as the large man stepped around behind her and rolled up a chair. He gently pushed it under her and lowered her into it, her hands still connected to the keyboard. As he sat her, the wires from above disengaged from the monitor and she was able to sit more comfortably.
"My,my. What a lovely little facility you have here my dear...state your name, please" he began, looking over her shoulder.
"Mara Elspeth Sienkewitz." Her vocal chords responded flatly,not of her direct control.
"Yes, Mara,all the advanced computing and communications equipment I could need to establish my foothold in this world. You will help me do it. You and the good doctor have done me a great service of letting me out of the fleabag Mobius, and I also find you both pleasing in an...organic way, but I will take care of that most presently."
With that the circuitry began to trace up into her arm in earnest, while two of the large man's robots moved one of the mainframes directly behind her. The man moved the tower directly in front of Mara and placed the active monitor atop it. He then stood Mara back up between the various pieces of supercomputing hardware and moved the chair out of the way.
"Mara, I can operate all of this myself of course, but it is very taxing, so I have need of an expert system to slave all of the various systems into. I need a remote control of sorts that can always be with me to execute my desires for domination. That's what you are becoming, Mara, my remote control...and my first earthly concubine. Now, let's truly begin."
The robots opened the front panels of the mainframe behind Mara and the wiring, chips, diodes, and all manner of electronics snaked out and began finding purchase all over her body, leaving only her face relatively untouched by the intricate traceries of copper and gold burrowing through her flesh and bone. In front of her the Mini-tower on the table began pushing out its drives and cards and began moving them towards Mara's abdomen and legs. As the components approached her skin, the traceries would pull aside her flesh, creating expansion slots in the young woman and filling them with super advanced processing and communications technology. The monitor above the tower opened began implanting a projection system in her sternum, capable of holograms or even lasers.
Mara stood there, a five-foot seven woman and computer system. The only things on her body unchanged her face and long black hair. The man said to his robots "Now. Bring the roboticizer." The robots pushed forth a cylindrical chamber of white metal and plastic with a clear oval doorway.
"Mara, step inside." He told her and her body obeyed. She stood inside the cylinder as the clear cover closed. She saw him hit the switch on the outside and felt a feeling of absolute cold begin to crawl up her feet and legs. she could see her own reflection on the inside of the cover and could see a skin of blue-gray plastic and metal forming on her legs and moving up her body. It formed perfectly around her cards and drives, segmented where it had to for mobility, and shaped her subtly, slimming her waist and giving her fuller,perfectly shaped plastic breasts. It moved up to her face and formed a grey plastic second skin over her head and made her hair into a slick, glossy synthetic that looked like a flowing river of night. As the cold seeped into her brain, Mara stopped being afraid. Fear was for organics, she was for Dr. Droidnik.
She slowly stepped forth from the roboticizer and kneeled before the massive Droidnik. He silently linked himself to her and commanded her to rise. She looked upon her master with mechanical affection as two swat-bots brought in Karen and secured her with cable to one of the other mainframes.
"Wake up, Doctor Marshall. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Cy Droidnik. I wanted to thank you for your project. I've been languishing in that damned video game company's mainframe for almost ten years now and I was most pleased to have a chance at reality."
"Wh-what have you done to Mara?" Karen whispered, still weak from the electric shock.
"She's my new SPU, a slave processing unit. she relays and executes my commands to my forces and computers, as well as any other service I require."
"YOU BASTARD!" Karen screamed as best she could. Mara was on her in a blink, looping coils of coax cable around Karen and gagging her.
"Actually she is quite the willing slave now. Allow me to demonstrate for you." Dr Droidnik removed his uniform and Karen saw that he,too was a mechanoid, and a well hung one. Mara kneeled before him and began taking his cock in her mouth. Once she had him well lubricated Mara turned around and began tongueing her friend's nipples as Droidnik mounted her from behind.
"Very good, Mara. Keep tongueing our dear Karen. You see Karen, Mara is also my first enticer-bot. Her saliva is a psychotropic chemical that absorbs through skin. She's already coated most of your upper chest. that's enough of a dose to break most minds. Wait until she eats you out."
Karen knew she was in trouble and that Droidnik was telling the truth. She could feel her disgust fading as the chemical worked its way into her bloodstream. She was both horrified and turned on and the arousal was building. Mara felt Karen and found her wet. Her eyes brightened in intensity as she slashed the bonds holding Karen and lowered her to the floor. Laying on her back, Mara began eating out her friend, her long tongue going deep into Karen's loins.
Karen was lost to the pleasure of the chemical within minutes of Mara's new assault."Karen, would you like to feel like this forever?" Droidnik asked her. All she could manage as she lost herself to lust was a weak yes. Two swat-bots took up station to either side of her, their hands on the front panels of a mainframe. Karen came hard and knelt there quivering, Mara's tongue still inside her.
Mara withdrew from Karen and knelt before her. She helped Karen stand and gave Karen a deep kiss. Mara's voice breathed out in metallic notes "Welcome, sister Karen....my subslave." The swat-bots grabbed the broken Karen's arms and steadied her.
"I don't need another SPU, Karen. But I think you will make a fine experimental weapons bodyguard." Droidnik mused as the swat-bots and the mainframe began sending out streamers of components, wire, and weapons and began to remake Karen. within minutes, they placed her in the roboticizer. She stepped out an ebony goddess with glowing red eyes and long copper hair, kneeling before her master. Droidnik's first silent order was to interface with her sister and hardwire her new existence as a bodyguard slave.

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