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If you have not read "The Offer" by, to which this story is a sequel, stop right here and read it first. (It's available here, among other places.) If you don't, you're missing out on a GREAT story and you may not understand everything that occurs in this one!

Note: The following story contains explicit sexual material. If stories about sex, and particularly robots and sex, do not appeal to you, please don't read any further. This story should not be read by anyone under eighteen years of age. (You know who you are.)

Chapter 8: Good Girl

Ben looked down at his watch and waited until the light from the nearby streetlamps passed across his wrist. It was 1:20 AM. As the taxi he was riding in sped along the highway, he wondered if Sam would be waiting up for him. He should have called earlier, but his meetings had run late and he'd been forced to rush directly from his client's office to the airport. Now, only five minutes from home, he could only hope that Sam wasn't too mad about it.

Soon the cab had arrived at his building—and, after paying the driver, Ben got out of the car, unlocked the front door, and bounded up the stairs with suitcase in hand. Opening the door to his apartment, Ben stepped inside. It was completely dark. Disappointed, Ben put his suitcase down and took off his jacket. Draping the jacket over a chair, he loosened his tie and headed for the bedroom.

He could never have anticipated the sight which greeted him as he opened the bedroom door.

Silhouetted in the darkness, in front of the bed, Sam was standing naked—well, not so much standing as posing. Her hips were facing Ben, but her feet were pointing to his left. She was also bent over awkwardly at the waist, in the same direction her feet were pointing, with her head turned toward him. Both of her arms were bent ninety degrees at the elbow; the left arm was pulled back as far as it would go, while the right extended in front of her. Her hands were held rigid, the fingers straight and together. The way the moonlight from the window fell on Sam's body, her skin appeared to have a silver sheen to it.

As Ben stepped forward, Sam remained motionless. Then he noticed that she wasn't naked—her entire body was covered in shiny, metallic lycra. She was also wearing a pair of sexy silver boots and a matching belt. Sam was heavily made up, too. Her silver-painted lips reflected what little light there was in the room, and the silver makeup on her eyelids extended all the way to her temples, making her look like a futuristic Cleopatra. And for once her auburn hair wasn't in a ponytail—it was not only loose, but teased a bit to make it more full and lush than usual. There seemed to be several sparkling streaks in it.

Ben had never seen Sam like this before. She was putting on quite a show! Ben could feel himself getting hard as he reached forward to touch her. He couldn't wait to show her how much he appreciated what she was doing. "Sam?" he called out. But she still didn't respond.

Then Ben noticed the key sticking out of Sam's back.

It was a larger version of the kind of key one would normally see on a wind-up toy—shiny and metallic, about a foot long, with a figure-eight handle a foot across. And it was firmly planted between Sam's shoulder blades. It didn't look like some kind of costume prop. It looked like the real thing. What the hell was going on here?

Ben stepped back to wave his hand in front of Sam's face, but her unblinking eyes seemed fixed on some distant point in space. The way her mouth hung open, she really did look like a mechanical doll. It was too much.

Ben was a bit spooked by Sam's little act, but excited nonetheless. One thing was obvious: Sam wanted him to turn the key in her back. So Ben decided to give it a try. Taking the key firmly in both hands, he began to turn it clockwise. The key moved slowly at first, making several loud clicks. With each click, Sam's body jerked slightly upward.

Then the key seemed to loosen a bit, and Ben was able to turn it through several revolutions before it stopped. Sam's body immediately jerked again, sending Ben back a few steps.

Sam straightened her back in a smooth motion that ended with an abrupt halt. Then she turned to face Ben, her arms still bent like some kind of . . . robot. Ben couldn't believe how fluid her movements were. It was really weird—and yet, he couldn't deny that it was incredibly erotic. Ben tore his clothes off as Sam moved her mouth to speak.

"Thank you for me up, honey," Sam said. She blinked her eyes twice—slowly and deliberately, like a doll. The brief pause in her voice made Ben's heart skip a beat. "What like to do.with me?"

Ben didn't know what to say. Were words really necessary at a time like this? He circled once around Sam's unmoving silver body, then stopped in front of her. He was naked, fully aroused, with all of his weight on one foot and his fists clenched expectantly at his sides. "You know what I want to do."

"Yes, of.course," Sam said, blinking once again. The key in her back was turning slowly, making barely audible clicks several times a second. "I know what you want. I will what you want. I am a good girl."

What? Sam had never, ever, said anything like that before. Ben was shocked.

"What did you just say?" He'd heard her perfectly, but he wanted to hear that again.

She tilted her head slightly, puzzled. "I am a good girl," she repeated flatly.

Ben stepped forward until he was standing between Sam's outstretched arms, then placed his hands on her hips. He felt a mild electric buzz as he touched Sam's silver suit. "Kiss me," he said. Sam responded immediately. She slowly tipped her head back until her eyes met Ben's, then tilted it to the side and opened her mouth as he moved in closer.

As they kissed, Ben began to squeeze Sam's ass with both hands. Over her shoulder, he watched her key as it continued to turn.

For a moment, Sam's mouth was the only part of her that moved. But then her key suddenly made a louder click, and she reached down and grasped Ben's cock. Ben's entire body felt a tiny jolt as Sam caressed him with her spandex-covered hands. Then she pulled her mouth away from his to speak. "I am now rea.dy for you to enter me," she said.

Ben was a bit confused. Not only had this been far less foreplay than Sam usually needed, but how was he going to get inside her if she had that crazy suit on?

Sam now backed away from Ben completely, and stood at attention. Then she looked at him, and for a moment her face took on a more natural expression. "Honey, you have to wind me up again or I'll run down," she whispered gently, biting her lower lip shyly. "Hurry!" she said playfully as Ben moved around behind her. Keeping the rest of her body perfectly rigid, she turned her head as far as she could so she could watch him. "I'm not . . . going . . . to last . . . much—"

Sam froze the instant Ben began to turn the key. Only after four revolutions was she able to move and talk again. "Just one more, honey," she said, reaching a hand back to touch Ben's face. "Oh, yeeeeesss," she said as a final, loud click sounded. "That's perfect."

Sam stepped forward quickly, then spun around. Settling into her rigid pose, feet together and hands perfectly straight at her sides, she smiled at Ben. Except for the fact that she was wearing a silver catsuit and makeup—and that she was immobile from the neck down, with a key turning in her back—Sam still looked like the sweet girl he'd fallen in love with.

"Now sit on the edge of the bed!" she said eagerly, her eyes flashing. Ben had no idea of the changes that were taking place inside his girlfriend at this very moment. All he knew was that this was turning out to be the most exciting night he could remember.

Though he still wasn't sure exactly what to think, Ben did as he was told. He sat with his legs spread and his hands gripping the edge of the mattress, his hard penis jutting straight in the air. "Thanks, baby!" Sam said, smiling one last time for him. "Now I'm going to make you feel incre.di.ble." As she said that last word, her face resumed its blank expression and she began to walk stiffly towards Ben. Ben's pulse quickened as Sam turned to face him. He knew Sam was a dancer, but he couldn't believe how good she was at this.

In a single, smooth motion, Sam lifted her leg over Ben's lap. She was now standing over him, straddling his naked body with her own silver one. And then she lowered herself onto him, gently pushing downward until—somehow—Ben could feel her enveloping him. A ripple of electric energy surged from the tip of Ben's cock to the base of his spine as Sam slid slowly, smoothly, into place.

Ben was amazed. He had no idea how Sam's catsuit, which had so seamlessly covered her sex, had parted for him—but at the moment he didn't care. Once inside, Ben instinctively began to thrust himself upward into Sam's warm, inviting body. As his hands moved along Sam's back, Ben's fingertips brushed against the base of her turning key—and, for reasons he could barely explain, his excitement grew.

"Say it again," Ben said, breathing heavily.

"Say what again?" Sam's head was cocked oddly to one side as she asked this, unmoving except for the bouncing caused by Ben's powerful thrusts.

"What you said before," Ben said, with unmistakable urgency. "What kind of girl are you, Sam?"

Sam smiled. "I'm your girl, Ben," she said, looking him straight in the eye. "I'm a good girl."

"That's right," Ben said, his voice lowered to a growl. He pushed deeper inside Sam's body, slowing down to punctuate each stroke. His fingers clawed at the spandex on her back—though, strangely, the fabric didn't pull away from her skin. "I love you so much!" he cried.

"I love . . . you too, honey." Sam said. It was so wonderful to see Ben this happy, after all he'd been through lately with work. It felt so satisfying to give him exactly what he wanted.

"I am a good girl," she repeated, cocking her head the other way and grinding her hips against him.

As Ben began to go faster and faster, Sam felt herself starting to run out of energy again. "I . . . am a good . . . girl," she said, her voice more hollow than before. Sam could hear, and feel, Ben's ecstatic reaction every time she said those magic words. She tried to move her body in unison with his, but it was becoming more difficult. The sensation of winding down, of slowing inevitably to a halt, was quite pleasurable.

"I am . . . a . . . good. Girl." Sam's fingers were now straightening again, her elbows bending to the ninety-degree angle that now felt most comfortable for her. She really was a good girl—a good little wind-up girl. Soon, with Kim's help, she would be a very good robot girl. She couldn't wait. This was what she was now.

"I. Am. A. Good. Girl." The more robotic Sam became, the wilder Ben got, until his grunts and groans sounded like those of an animal. Sam's eyes were completely glazed over, her stiff body barely able to move. The clicks of her key were now more than a second apart. Two seconds. She began to pitch forward, unable to control her own weight.

"IIIIII . . ."

"ammmmmmmm . . ."


Ben leaned back as Sam fell upon him, unmoving. Then he felt the most powerful orgasm of his life explode from the base of his cock. As he ejaculated inside his frozen girlfriend, Ben felt a strange electricity course through his entire body. Sam's spandex suit, pressed against his legs and chest, sparkled and tingled along its entire surface. The feeling was incredible, unlike anything he'd ever experienced.

Ben lay there for several minutes, with Sam perched awkwardly atop him, basking in the glorious pleasure that filled him from the inside and danced along his skin. And then, before he realized what was happening, sleep overtook him.

When Ben woke up, it was morning—and Sam wasn't in the room. Throwing on a bathrobe, Ben stepped out of the bedroom to find Sam in the kitchen, cooking breakfast in sweatpants and one of his sweatshirts. Her hair was up in a ponytail again, and there was no sign of the makeup she'd worn the night before. But what surprised Ben the most was the sight of a second girl, blonde, wearing an extremely tight pink blouse and jeans. He recognized her face from some of Sam's old college photos.

"Good morning, honey!" Sam said as soon as she noticed Ben was up. "Hope you're hungry!" Then Sam saw the surprised look on Ben's face, and realized she hadn't introduced Kim. "Oh, I'm sorry. Ben, this is my old roommate, Kim—she's in town visiting for a few days."

Ben's eyes grew wide with shock as Kim stood up to greet him. "You mean, you were here last night when I came home?"

"No," Kim said, shaking his hand with a giggle. He noticed that her fingernails were bright silver. "I was out, so I don't know anything about what you two were up to. But if you'll just eat your breakfast and get to work, I'll finally get a chance to pry all the details out of Sam."

Ben's face was beet red as he nervously looked over at Sam. She wouldn't tell Kim about what they'd done, would she? There was something a bit too familiar about the tone Kim was taking, a strange bond between Sam and her friend that made him feel jealous. Shit. Sam was going to tell her everything.

Resigned to his fate, Ben sat down to eat the scrambled eggs and toast Sam had prepared. He was starving. But for some reason, Sam and Kim weren't eating. "Aren't you having anything?" he asked.

"No, honey—we're going to go out and get brunch after you leave," Sam fibbed. "I hope you don't mind eating alone—I just didn't want to see you head off on an empty stomach."

Ben ate his breakfast quickly and efficiently. "Thanks a lot, Sam," he said, getting up. The kitchen clock read 8:20. "It's getting late—I'd better take my shower."

Ten minutes later, Ben had showered and shaved. Not quite his personal record, but still fast enough to make sure he'd be in the office by 9:30. As he stepped out of the bathroom, Sam was there waiting for him. "Honey, last night was unbelievable," she purred, putting her hand to his chest. Ben raised his eyebrows and nodded. What an understatement!

"I wish I could stay home and have sex with you all day," he said after a moment.

"I know, baby—but with Kim here we'll have to wait until later to be alone."

Sam crossed the room to the dresser, and picked up a small piece of silver cloth, about the size of a hand towel. It looked exactly like the fabric she'd worn the night before. "Ben, honey," she said sweetly, "you know what would excite me, a lot?"

"What, Sam?"

"Wear this today at work." Sam lifted her hand, letting the shiny silver cloth dangle from her index finger. Ben could see now that it was a pair of Speedo-style briefs. He always wore boxers.

"Come on, honey," he said skeptically.

"Oh, Ben, you're not going to believe how great these are going to feel. Besides, knowing you're wearing them is going to keep me thinking about you until I finally get you to myself. Do it for me, OK?"

Smirking, Ben took the tiny underwear and stretched it in his hands. There was that tingling feeling again. If it felt this good to touch the fabric with his hands, he could only imagine what it would feel like against his crotch. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. One thing was for sure: letting Sam take charge of their sex life was working pretty well right now.

Ben put the silver underwear on, and almost instantly felt its soothing current. The feeling was strange, but very pleasant. As he put on the rest of his clothes, Ben noticed that Sam was watching him intently, as though she expected something to happen. "What?" he asked, self-consciously.

"Nothing," Sam said, a bit embarrassed. "I just can't wait until you get home tonight. The next time I see that underwear, you're not going to be able to keep my hands off you."

Ben had never seen Sam quite like this before. "Sam, what's come over you?" he asked. "You're insatiable!"

Sam smiled. "I just missed you. I think I'd been missing you for weeks before you even took that stupid trip. I want you all to myself, with no distractions. I want to be completely, totally focused on you—and I want you to be focused on me, too."

"Sounds good to me, babe," Ben said as he led Sam out of the bedroom. Kim was idly reading a magazine as the couple walked to the door. "I'll see you tonight," Ben said, then kissed Sam gently.

Sam closed the door behind him and locked it. Then she spun around, beaming.

"Kim, I did it!" Sam said excitedly as she pulled her sweatshirt off to reveal the silver spandex which covered her torso and upper arms. As she bent over to remove her sweatpants, the spandex quickly spread from her elbows to her wrists, and then over her hands. "He's wearing it!" she exclaimed. "How do you think he's going to react?"

"I've got a good feeling about it," Kim said warmly. "By the time he comes home tonight, I bet he'll be ready to undergo the process along with you." Kim paused a moment to make her clothing vanish. From the neck down, she had assumed her true android form. "Congratulations, Sam! It sounds like last night was a hit."

"As if you didn't know!" Sam cried. Of course, Kim knew exactly what had happened. Not only had she been monitoring Sam through the suit, but she was also the one who'd wound Sam up again in the early morning. Had she not done so, Sam would still be frozen in her bedroom.

"Everything you told me to do after you installed my wind-up key—he loved every minute of it!" Sam said, crossing the room. "I don't think I've ever made him as happy as I did last night. I can't wait to do it again and again!" Sam turned so that her back was facing Kim. She pulled her hair over her shoulder so that it fell upon her chest, baring her smooth, silver back. "Kim, would you mind . . . ?"

"Not at all," Kim said, reaching under the table to pick up a silver electrical cord which was plugged into a nearby wall. Kim lifted the other end of the cord—female, designed for a three-prong connection similar to the kind on the back of a computer monitor—and pressed it to the center of Sam's back, where her key had been installed before. Sam immediately straightened her back and inhaled deeply as power surged into her body. The feeling was intense, and quite pleasurable. Plus, her new power cell, when fully charged, allowed Sam to . . . function . . . much longer than her wind-up key had. It was a nice improvement.

"Thank you so . . . much, Kim," Sam said as she turned to face her friend again. "How long should I keep it in?"

"I think fifteen minutes ought to do it," Kim replied. "And don't thank me. I'm sorry Ben isn't far enough along to be doing this for you. Ideally, he should have been the one to install your key, and then to upgrade you to accept electrical input. But I guess that's the point of the experiment, right? Once the web site starts getting hit by more and more people, the process is going to have to work in all kinds of situations."

Sam agreed. "Speaking of which, Kim, I've got a chance to introduce the suits to at least two more women today at the gym. You don't happen to have any spares, do you?"

"No, but I can have a bunch brought here in time. Hang on a sec." Kim's face suddenly went slack, her eyes fixed on a distant point in space. An instant later, she looked herself again. Or, Sam wondered, was she more herself when she was blank?

"We're all set," Kim continued. "My companion u—I mean, my boyfriend is going to bring them over shortly. I can't wait for you to meet him! It'll give you a chance to see what Ben's going to look like when he's done. You're going to love it. Meanwhile, let me take a look at you."

Sam instinctively stood at attention, staring straight ahead, to allow Kim to inspect her. Kim examined Sam's body up and down, periodically peeling back a section of her suit to look beneath it. When she got to Sam's stomach, Sam peeked down to see for herself. Beneath the spandex, Sam's skin looked like an intricate circuit board, its copper and black lines zig-zagging alongside one another between a handful of tiny colored lights. She couldn't believe it! "Kim, is that . . . me?"

"Yes and no," Kim said without looking up. "Actually, at this stage all of your circuitry is superficial, pressed against the outside of your body. This stuff here is all temporary—eventually, you won't need it. But it seems to be serving its purpose flawlessly." Kim continued to inspect Sam's thighs, in front and behind, before returning to her back. Sam felt Kim touch the circuitry just beneath her power connector, then involuntarily cocked her head to the side as Kim made a tiny adjustment.

"Kim," Sam said, still staring ahead, "it's funny. I feel great, but a little different—and I think those differences in me are the reason last night was so amazing. It's like my personality is changing . . . for the better."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know me, Kim. Usually I'm so impatient, hotheaded, even angry sometimes. It always used to get in my way with Ben. But for the last few days, and last night, and especially right now, I feel . . ."

"Calm?" Kim asked helpfully.

"Sort of, but more like . . ."


"Yeah—passive. It's like I enjoy just letting everything happen to me."

"I know what you mean," Kim said. "It's only natural. I'm sure you must be feeling obedient, too."

"Obedient?" Sam felt awkward saying the word aloud—though why, with all that had happened already, she couldn't say.

"That's right, obedient. Not just letting things happen, but actively working to push the process forward. Don't you think?"

Sam thought about it. Obedient. "Obedient . . ." she said distractedly. Then her brow furrowed, and her eyes lit up. "Yes, when you put it that way, I guess you're right. I am pretty obedient."

Finished with her work, Kim came back around to where Sam could see her, then reached out to touch Sam's arm. "Of course you are, Sam. And that's the way you should be. After all, the process doesn't work unless you want it to. You're doing great so far. Just remember to relax and give in to your programming. Open yourself up and obey."

"OK," Sam said, feeling more and more comfortable now with the idea of giving in. "I'll do whatever you say. You're in control."

"Not exactly, Sam," Kim replied. "It may seem to you like I'm the one controlling you, but believe me—I'm even more of an automaton than you are, at least at this stage of your processing. It would be more accurate to think of me as a device though which you're receiving your programming. Of course, you should also think of me as your friend, your guide through the process. But it's not me that you have to obey. It's your programming you have to obey—the same programming, more or less, that controls me. Got it?"

Sam smiled and squeezed Kim's hand. "Got it, Kim. I'll obey my programming."

"Perfect," Kim said, reaching behind Sam to disconnect her power cable. "Are you ready to take the next step in the process?"

"Sure—but what about Ben?"

Kim laughed. "Don't worry, he'll catch up tonight—and tomorrow. Trust me, today's going to be his last day of work."

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