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*** WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT. IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY THIS, READ NO FURTHER. Well, looking through this newsgroups, I see a lot of people who have a real fetish for spandex (but I bet I'm a BIGGER fetish than all of you, nyah nyah ) So I whipped up a little story... too bad it's only fantasy and didn't actually happen :)


It was a bright sunny afternoon in the Carribeans. Standing on the beach, I look out at the crystal clear ocean and think to myself, "What a perfect day for a bit of scuba diving!" I pick up my dive suit and hold it in front of me to admire it. Shiny black with red and purple streaks on it. I admire the way the sun bounces off it, and feel the fabric.. so shiny and smooth. I slowly pull it on, the feel of the spandex sliding over my legs, up my thighs, and over my cock and balls is pure ecstasy. I tingle all over as I pull it on. Ah! Total coverage -- gloves, hood, the works. I look down at my shiny body, turning around every which way, admiring myself from every angle, and I get quite turned on. But I decide to stop before I get wet, and it won't be from water!

I was about to pick up the rest of my diving gear when I heard a sound to my right. I decide to go and take a look to see where the sound was coming from. I walk through the bushes at the edge of the beach and saw something that nearly made me cream: a beautiful nude brunette that was about to put on her own spandex dive suit! However, her diving suit was of a metallic silver color. Strange, I've never seen a dive suit of that color before. I watch as she slowly pulls it on her as well, her eyes close as she starts fondling herself as she pulls the suit on. Finally, totally covered in spandex too, she is quite a marvellous sight. Ultra-shiny metallic silvery suit, I could barely contain myself. I gape as she runs her gloved hands all over her body, and she certainly seemed to be enjoying herself. Without realizing it, I gave out a soft moan. Startled, she whirls around to see me standing there gaping at her, with a huge bulge in my suit. A slow smile plays across her lips as she continues to fondle herself. I couldn't stand it any longer and walk up to her. We stand there, just looking at each other, my shiny black body next to her shiny silver suit. I look at her, her breasts strain through the suit, and her crotch.... startled, I take a second look. There's a hole in her crotch! I realize that she was not wearing a dive suit, but some sort of a fetish suit! She notices my surprise and how my cock sprang to attention.

Unable to restrain myself any further, I reach out and pull her to me, our crotches grinding against each other, and I run my hands over her back, her legs, and finally squeeze her ass. She does the same thing and run her hands all over me, and when she squeezed my ass and pulled me tighter to her, I gasp with pleasure as our spandex-clad bodies grinded against each other, the smooth fabric sliding over each other. I pull her into a fierce kiss and laid her on the soft sandy beach. We roll around on top of each other, enjoying the way our bodies slid against each other, our tightly covered legs sliding and getting tangled in each other. I slip one leg between her thighs and notice her cunt is getting wet. She moans with pleasure as I run my hand down to her cunt and start playing with her cunt lips, sliding a finger across her clitoris, and poking at her hole. She shudders in ecstasy as I slide my way down until my face was over her tits. I start kissing and squeezing them and notice the nipples are now getting so hard they looked like they wanted to break through the suit. I continue to move on down her body, running my hands across her belly, over her breasts and legs as I do this. Finally I'm at her cunt and I start kissing her thighs, coming ever so teasingly closer to her cunt but never actually touching it. She starts moaning and pleads, "Damn you bastard, suck me already!" I flick out my tongue and run it around her cunt, leaving a trail of wetness around it. I suck on her cunt lips, then flick my tongue up and down her clit, then suck and nibble at her clitoris. She starts writhling and her cunt juice starts flowing like mad. I lap happily at her juice, swallowing in the nectar, and stick my tongue deep into her hole. She squeezes her legs around my hooded head, the legs slides against my head in such a way that it drives me crazy and I start sucking harder, flicking my tongue in her faster and faster. I squeeze her tight ass and she lets out a scream as she comes into my mouth, the juice now flowing like a river. I couldn't believe how wet she was. Finally she sighs with pleasures and relaxes. I look up over her glorious tightly covered

body and slide my way back up, letting my body run over her belly, her shiny covered breasts, and I start kissing her again, letting her cunt juice flow into her mouth, and after a few minutes of kissing, we relax and smile.

She says, "Now what about me?" She points at my hard cock, covered up in my dive suit. I think for a moment, then get up, to to my dive gear and take a swiss army knife from my utility belt. She smiles as I cut a hole in my suit just big enough for my cock and balls to fit through it. Now that my cock and balls are free, my suit feels even more sensous than ever, believe it or not! I walk back to her lie down on my back. She pulls herself over on top of me then slides down to my cock, running her hands everywhere: over my chest, my arms, my back, my legs, the insides of my thighs, and finally on my ass. She sure does know what to do with her gloved hands! By that time, her face was over my cock. I swear that at that moment, my cock couldn't possibly get any harder, and even a diamond would be jealous at the hardness. She runs her tongue down my shaft, flicks it across my balls, and then sucks my balls into her mouth. I moan with sheer ecstasy and put my hands on her hooded head then tell her to turn around so that we could get in a 69-position. Without letting go of my balls, she turns around and place herself on top of me so that I could slide my hands up and down on her body, taking in the shiny smoothness through my hands as I start sucking again on her clit. She moans again then sucks my cock into her mouth. I gasp with pleasure as her lips slides down to the base of my cock. She starts bobbing her heads up and down, fucking my cock with her mouth. I start lapping faster on her clit, making it flow again. My balls starts to boil as all the things I've ever loved in life hit me: the sight of her ultra shiny body lying on top of my own tightly covered shiny body, the tightness of the dive suit, my hands running on her body, my face deep in her cunt, her mouth fucking my cock. Finally it was too much for me and a huge wave crashes over me and I cum like mad into her mouth, shooting loads after loads into her mouth, and she swallows it all. She sucks harder on my cock, squeezing every last drop out of my cock. After that incredible orgasm, I feel so weak that I could barely move.

However, she still hasn't had enough. She slides around and kiss me passionately again, and I can taste my cum in her mouth and she can taste her cunt juice in my mouth. The semen and juice flows together in our mouth. My cock is lying against her smooth thigh and starts getting hard again. After several minutes of kissing, she moans and says, "Fuck me now! I want you to pump your hard cock in me! Cum in me!" She rolls over and tilts her ass up invitingly at me. I needed no further invitation and slide my way up over her spandex clad ass, enjoying the feel of her ass slide against my body, then I squeeze her ass hard into my crotch. My cock is now rock hard once again and I playfully rub it against her cunt lips, but never entering her. She wriggles her ass, trying to get my cock into her. At this point, her cunt is so wet that her juice is flowing down her legs, making her thighs wet. I position my cock in front of her cunthole, then with one long stroke, push all the way into her, filling her vagina up with my hard thick cock. I reach arond her with one hand and start playing with her clitoris as I pull out of her, then pump into her again. She starts moaning as I start pumping faster and faster, one hand massaging her clitoris, the other hand squeezing her tight ass. God! She looked like a goddess in that shiny suit and here I am, fucking her! I couldn't ask for anything more at that moment. The sensation of me pumping in her, my balls slapping her ass, and my sensation of my dive suit squeezing every inch of my body excites me so much that I feel another urge to cum rising.

Suddenly I stop and pull all the way out of her, making her howl in disappointment, and she looks back with pleading eyes. I smile at her and turn her over so that she's now lying on her back. Once again, I play with her, running my wet cock around her cunt. Frustrated, she wraps her glorious shiny legs around me, trying to squeeze me inside her. I once again fill up her vagina with one long stroke, squeezing in slowly, inch by inch until my balls squeezes against her ass. I start pumping slowly then move faster and faster, my balls slapping loudly against her spandex ass. I bend down and cover her body with my own, and slide against her as I keep pumping her, her breasts poking against my chest, and I kiss her passionately. Her legs wraps even more tightly around my shiny black-covered ass. My balls are now boiling with red hot semen and my cock starts to throb as I'm about ready to cum. She starts writhing under me, her own wave of orgasm building up. I make one last powerful long pump into her and my cock explodes inside her, with loads and loads of cum shooting into her hot box. Her cunt juice flows down the shaft of my cock, dripping from my balls. Waves of pleasure crash over me as we both cum at the same time. Finally I collapse on top of her, my cock still inside her, and we stay this way for a long time. My cock just feels so good, resting inside her now cum-filled cunt, and I'm resting on top of her shiny silver-clad body, and my own shiny body resting on top of her. We smile at each other, and I know that we're about to have fun again later that day....


Hope you all enjoy this article as much as I've enjoyed writing it! Also, could some kind soul please post this in, as I don't have access to that newsgroup :( :( :(

Any comments? Please email me at If there's enough interest in this, I'll continue writing stories in this series, with some variations.

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