By ArcylMan ( [1997]

Part 1

Wanted: women 21-30, 5'9" or 5'10", 115-130lb, long-term, no-cancel contract, high pay, no experience but must be able to change and to follow orders. Call 555-2345.

Jane read and re-read the ad but all she saw was "high pay". She needed a job that paid well. She was 27 and had been working at nothing jobs since getting out of high school nine years before. She was not only willing to change, she wanted to desperately. She fit all the other requirements although she wasn't sure what "follow orders" meant. She called the number and was told to report for day long interviews the following Tuesday.

Jane got up early that morning to make sure she would be ready on time. She made sure her make-up and hair were done just right. Then she dressed in her best interview suit; conservatively cut but still showing off her shape and long legs to their best advantage. She checked herself in the full length mirror and approved of what she saw.

When she arrived at the designated address, she discovered it was the newest and fanciest high rise downtown. Boy! These people are for real. She took the elevator to the thirty-fifth floor and exited directly into lobby of the Android Academy. Sitting at the receptionist desk was a very attractive woman whose face looked very familiar but also very strange. Her face was almost devoid of character, somewhat like a doll's face with skin that had a shinny look like plastic. Her make up was very severe, with heavy eye-shadow, bright red lipstick, strong rouge on her cheeks and very long fake eye-lashes. Most amazingly she was bald as a billiard cue, she didn't even have eyebrows. The receptionist was dressed in a very short and very tight dress that emphasized her extreme figure. The dress had a number 43 sown into the collar and she wore skyscraper high heels.

"May-I-help-you?" the receptionist asked in a strange monotone voice.

"Yes, my name is Jane Smith. I have an appointment at nine for an interview."

"Yes-Miss-Smith-we-are-ex-pect-ing-you-please-go-though-that-door-you-will-f ind-in-struc-tions-in-there.

Jane followed the receptionist's directions and walked into the next office. She found a note and a package on the desk there.

"Welcome, Miss Smith" the note read. "You are going to be given a battery of tests today to insure you meet our requirements. To insure the validity of the testing we require you to wear the suit in the box on the desk. The suit performs two functions: One, it protects your identity and insures the testers will be fair and impartial; and Two. It has built-in sensors which tells us your physiological response to the questions. You must remove all of you clothing before putting on the suit."

"Wow, this is the strangest interview I've ever been on." Jane thought but she kept remembering that "high pay" phrase in the ad. She quickly opened the box to find a body stocking with hood, a silver metal collar, a wide silver metal belt, a pair of five inch high metal ankle boots and another instruction note. The body stocking appeared to be shinny black lycra but was sized for a baby, it was only a foot long.

"This body stocking is made of nortna arcyl, a new fabric developed by the research arm of the Android Academy. Arcyl will stretch 900% of its relaxed size. Although it doesn't look like it, it will stretch to accommodate your size. Please put it on and put the silver collar around your neck, the suit will close automatically. Then put the belt and boots on. When you are finished place your clothes in the basket and exit through the other door, someone will guide you from there." The instruction note stated.

Jane pondered it for a moment and thought: "In for a penny, in for a dollar." She started to undress. When she was finished and had put her clothes in the basket, she sat down and began to draw the body suit over her feet and legs. It was remarkable in how much it stretched. It flowed up her body coating her with shinny black fabric. As it touched her it made her body tingle, as she pulled it over her hips it sent a jolt of pleasure through her pussy. She continued to stretch it over her torso, when it touched her breasts they became sensitive and the nipples extended to their full size as another wave of delight flowed through her. She worked her hands and arms into the attached gloves and then pulled the hood over her head. Although the hood was quite opaque to anyone looking at her, she could easily see through it. She went to close the zipper but realized there wasn't one. There seemed to be no way to close the opening in the back of the suit. She thought for a second and then put on the three inch wide silver collar. When she pushed the two halves together they closed with a solid click. She knew the collar was locked on. When the collar clicked the open edges of the bodysuit began to close on themselves and seal the suit on. Strangely with that realization she was not frighten but excited by the prospect of being under someone's control. Then Jane put the wide silver metal belt on. It was very snug around her waist like a corset but she was able to close it. It closed with a solid snap like the collar indicating it too was locked it place. Next she put the towering metal ankle boots on, again with a locking noise but she noticed that they felt perfectly normal even though they were three inches higher than shoes she usually wore.

She turned to look at herself in the large wall mirror in the office and saw a shinny black figure of a tall shapely woman. She ran her hands over her body wondering at the fit of the suit. As she touched herself she became more and more excited. She brushed her fingers over her already hard nipples sending surges of delight through her body. Then she noticed the suit getting tighter as if the air between her and the suit was being sucked out. The suit was adhering itself to her every curve. The waist belt was shrinking pulling her into an extreme hour glass figure. Her breasts were becoming separate cones of sensitive skin. Her pussy lips could easily be seen. She reached down to touch them and almost instantly exploded into an orgasm that seem to go on forever.

On the other side of the one-way mirror, two woman identical to the receptionist but wearing matching silver catsuits watched as Jane writhed in pleasure.
"She-ob-vi-ous-ly-pass-es-the-first-test-don't-you-a-gree-num-ber-12?" asked the woman on the right with the number 8 on her collar.

"Yes-num-ber-8-she-re-spond-ed-com-plete-ly-to-the-suit-s-stim-u-la-tion-she -will-be-a-fine-can-i-date-I-will-go-meet-her-now."

Number 12 left as Jane regained her composure and exited the office. "You-will-fol-low-me." Instructed number 12. Jane was startled that number 12 looked exactly like the receptionist except number 12 had on a catsuit of shinny silver that seemed painted on. She lead Jane down a hall to a another nondescript office. There was a desk with a computer screen and keyboard and a chair. She motioned Jane to be seated and entered a few keystrokes on the computer and said:
"The-com-pu-ter-will-run-the-next-test-you-will-sit-here-and-an-swer-to-the- best-of-your-a-bil-ity-I-will-re-turn-when-you-are-done."

Jane was left with computer and began to answer the questions. First, it asked for the usual type of information on any employment application, name, address, education, employment history, etc. Then the questions became more personal and immaterial, but Jane somehow felt she was compelled to answer all the questions. The computer asked about relatives; Jane had none, her parents had died several years back and she didn't have brothers or sisters. Did she have any close friends that would miss her if she left town; no she really hadn't found any good friends after moving to this area three years ago.

Numbers 8 and 12 were watching Jane on closed circuit video from another room.
"She-does-not-have-any-ties-that-is-good-pro-gram-the-com-put-er-for-the-nex t-phase." Directed number 8.

Jane noticed that the questions had changed but still felt that she must answer all the questions completely. Are you a virgin, asked the computer; no. How many men have you been with; eleven. Have you ever had sex with another woman; yes, once. Did you enjoy making love do another woman; yes. Do you consider yourself dominate or submissive; she had never thought about it but she did like when someone else was in charge. Had she ever experienced bondage; one time a boyfriend tied her the bed spread-eagled and slowly made love to her. She felt it was the most intense sex she ever had.

At the memory of that night, Jane felt a rush of delight. Her left hand dropped to lap and began to stroke her enlarged clitoris. She began to type the answers one-handed as she fed the fires of her passion with the other hand.

The computers questions got kinkier as they processed. It asked dozens of questions about fetishes, bondage, D/s, bi-sexually, etc.. The deeper the program went the hornier Jane became as she fantasized about some of the questions she was being asked.

The special arcyl suit she was wearing was picking up information about how her body was reacting to the questions. The computer could tell if she liked or disliked the sexual activities it questioned her about. From this data the computer estimated her probability of acceptance of the job offer and what type of assignment she would best suited for. Comparing this information with the histories of other Darbie girls, the computer made its recommendation rated on a scale of one to ten. Jane scored an exceptional 9.7, even number 8 had only scored a 9.4 and nobody had ever bested 9.6 before.



Number 12 went to the office where Jane is in, just as she finished the last of the computer's questions.
"you-have-com-plet-ed-your-test-ing-please-fol-low-me-num-ber-8-wish-es-to-t alk-with-you."

"Yes, mistress." Jane answered instinctively but very much wondering where that instinct came from. Number 12 lead her to Number 8's office. Once there Jane saw what you would suspect an avarte guard therapist might look like. It was a plain white room with a simple and cleared white desk, a white chair, and a long white couch. Jane was showed to the couch and asked to lie down and await number 8. She lay on the couch as was surprised to find a ceiling mirror above the couch. She looked into it and saw her black shinny body offset by the stark white office. She was turned on by the image and began to caress herself, the sight of herself watching herself in mirror fondling herself caused her to climax uncontrollably.

[Editor's Note: Although all Darbie androids all speak in a simple clipped monotone voice, for clarity and understanding future android speech will be written normally with the exception that no punctuation will be used.]

"Hello Jane I am number 8 I am pleased to announce that you have passed all your pre-employment test so we would like to offer you a position for the next two and a half years your pay for that period will be two hundred and fifty thousand dollars tax free all you expenses will be paid"

"Where do I sign!" interrupted Jane.

"Wait I did not tell you what the job requires"

"I don't care; I'll do almost anything for a quarter million after taxes."

"You will be surgically altered to like a Darbie doll just like I look"

"Oh, I'd like that. You and the others here look really sexy."

"You will be programmed to an obedient Darbie doll your personality will remain but an new persona an android persona will be in control of your body for the next two and a half years you will be an observer in your own body able to feel but unable to affect your life"

"Will I be as turned-on as I have been today?" asked Jane.

"Yes you will be constantly stimulated but you will only be able to come if your master or mistress allows it"

"I don't understand, who will be my master?"

"For The first six months of your employment you will altered to look like a Darbie doll and programmed with your submissive android personality then you will be leased for two years to someone who will be your absolute master or mistress your temporary owners will be able to do anything except cause you permanent physical harm and you will obey them because that is your programming"

"That sounds marvelous, I've always fantasized about being a sex slave. Can I start now."

"No regulations require that you have to wait one week after the interview and job offer before your may sign the agreement"

"Can I take home this marvelous suit I'm wearing. I love how it feels. It makes me feel so turned-on." Jane says as she strokes her arcyl covered body.

"That is a most unusual request but you may in this case" number 8 handed Jane a small electronic device and said: "Press this button and the collar, belt, and shoes will unlock so you may remove them you will find your street clothes in the office across the hall during the next week read this agreement and close out any personal business because once you sign the contract next week you will not be able to contact anyone for two and half years"

"Thank you, mistress. I'll be back next week for sure." Jane said as she got up and left number 8's office and return to the first room when her clothes were. She dressed in her street clothes and left.

Later that day number 43 was talking to number 8 when she said: "Jane Smith was different."

"What do you mean" Asked number 8.

"When she left you let wear the arcyl body suit but she did not remove it before putting on her business suit she looked most unusual"

"I am not surprised she scored 9.7 on her entrance tests and THAT is most unusual" Replied number 8.

When Jane left the office everyone stared at her. She was wearing a shinny black body suit that even covered her head and a conservative business suit on over it. She was quite a sight. But she didn't even notice the effect she was having on others, she was lost in her thoughts of how good she was going to look as a Darbie doll and how much she was going to enjoy being a sex slave and how much money she was going to make. When Jane got home the first thing she did was call her boss and quit her nothing job that she hated anyway. With that out of the way, she began to plan the end of her normal life and the start of her life as an Darbie doll.

At first when she looked around her apartment, she thought she needed to keep almost everything. But when she remembered that with two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, everything she had was junk that she would replace when her contract was complete. She called Goodwill and arranged for them to pickup everything next week. She told the apartment managers that she was moving out in one week with no forwarding address.

She decided to celebrate her new job by going out that night. She called Dan, a guy she had dated several times. He was kind of sexy but somewhat reserved. Yes, he'd be glad to go out tonight; he'd be there at seven. She looked at herself in the mirror and was again enthralled with the vision of herself in the arcyl catsuit. She began to caress her breasts as her nipples hardened and expanded against the stretchy, silky body suit. Soon one hand drifted to her arcyl covered pussy and stroked the fires of her passion even higher. Her breath became ragged as the stimulation took hold driving her to an intense orgasm.

When she returned from the orgasmic daze, she realized that as much as she wanted to she couldn't very well wear the arcyl body suit out to dinner with Dan. But wait, she had a good substitute, didn't she. Quickly she rummaged through the bottom drawer of her dresser and found what she was looking for. She took the key that number 8 had given her and held it next to the silver collar until she heard a click and the collar popped open. She stripped off the body suit and marveled again at how small it was when it wasn't stretched on her body.

She went in to shower and while getting ready she had the idea to shave her body completely just like a Darbie doll, just like the Darbie androids she met today. Wow, she thought Dan's going to freak when he sees me. She first cut her hair as short as she could with scissors and then ran an electric trimmer over her head until the was only stumble left. She stepped into the shower and lathered up her head and shaved it smooth. Next she lathered and shaved her pussy until it was as bare as a baby's. After shaving the rest she spread Nair over her entire body to insure she was completely hair free. She showered, rinsed off, and toweled herself dry, enjoying the felling of the soft towel against her hairless body. When she wiped the mist off the bathroom mirror she got her first look at her new hairless look.

She loved it. She ran her hands over her head marveling at how smooth and soft it felt. Her hands continued over her torso caressing her sensitive breasts and on to her freshly shaven pussy. There she stroked her clitoris until she came. She realized then that is wasn't just the arcyl suit that was turning her on so much today; it was the whole idea about becoming a Darbie android and somebody's sex toy.

She started to apply her make-up. She wanted to achieve the same look the Darbie androids had. She put the make-up on just like she had seen earlier that day at the Android Academy. She looked under the sink and found the extreme false eye lashes she had worn for a costume party. They were prefect for the look she wanted. She drew on new eyebrows with a high arch to replace the ones she had shaved off. She spread heavy blue eye shadow to accentuate the extra long eye lashes. The lips were painted bright red matching the spot of blush on her cheekbones. Finally she was done; she looked like the perfect doll from the neck up.

Jane returned to the bedroom to put on what she had found earlier in her bottom drawer. It was a shiny black lycra catsuit she had bought for a party but never had the guts to wear. It covered her completely except her hands and her head. After wearing the arcyl body suit all day, this catsuit was pretty tame, but she at least she could wear this catsuit out in public. She just then realized that she had worn the arcyl body suit home from the interview. She must surprised a lot of people seeing her dressed the way she was. At the time she was so excited about her new job, she didn't even notice.

How should she accessorize the catsuit. Of course she would wear the collar, belt, and boots she got today. She would leave the key at home; it will be exciting to know that she is locked into her catsuit. She added a black leather mini skirt and a pair of wide silver bracelets. She was ready but was Dan ready to see her like this?

She looked at herself in the mirror and was amazed at the transformation. She normally had been meek and mild and never dressed flashy, but here she was in a slinky black catsuit with mini skirt and spike heeled boots and the silver belt was drawing her waist down to only twenty two inches. Her head was shaven and her face made up like a doll's. In one short day she had changed completely and she was pound of it. She couldn't wait until she could turn herself over to the Android Academy to be further transformed in a living Darbie doll.

Promptly at seven Dan showed up, when Jane opened the door and he saw her for the first time, his jaw dropped to the floor and he just stood there mesmerized. After a few moments of silence she said: "Please come in, Dan."

At the sound of his name, he regained control and stumbled into her apartment.

"How do like my new look?" Jane asked.

"Uh, Wow, I mean you look great!" he stuttered.

"Please sit down. Would you like a drink?"

"Yes, please. Scotch, if you've got it."

Jane went to the kitchen alcove and poured Dan a stiff shot of Scotch and a glass of white wine for herself. When she returned she sat on the couch next to Dan and handed him his drink.

"I'm glad you were free tonight, Dan. I really wanted to be with you." She said as she stroked his thigh. "I was offered a great job today and want to celebrate. Are you ready to party?"

"Yeh, I guess so." Dan replied. "Whatever you want."

"How do really you like my new look?" Jane asked. "I hope it is not too much. I could wear a wig if it bothers you."

"No, No, don't change a thing. You look dynamite! It just so different from how you were last time. But I love it. I can't wait to be seen with someone who looks as sexy as you do now. All my friends would be jealous if they saw us."

"Well, we will just have to go where they can see us. I like showing off my new look." She said as she moved her hand higher and caressed his hardening manhood. "That is if you want to?"

"Oh I want to, but if you keep that up, all I want to do is drag you off to bed." Dan said as his breath became ragged.

Abruptly she stopped fondling him and said: "Don't worry there will be enough of that later. Now its time to party. Finish you drink and let's go."

At her insistence, they first went to his favorite bar where they knew several of his friends would be. When they walked in and people saw Jane there was a stunned silence as everyone stared at the astounding image she projected. As he passed his buddies Dan said "Hi" to each one by name. That seemed to break them out of their stupor as they each mumbled some greeting in response. Dan lead Jane past everyone to a table in back and conversations eventually resumed. But most of the talking was now about the incredible creature Dan had brought in. The waitress came to the table and said:

"Hi, Dan, Whatca ya havin?"

"Hi, Dede, let me introduce Jane." Replied Dan

"That's Jane Darbie. It's a pleasure to meet you, Dede." Jane said.

"Likewise, I'm sure. Darbie? Like the doll? Would you like a drink?" Answered Dede.

"Yea, That's me Jane the doll. I'd like a glass of Chablis, please."

"I'll have a double Scotch with a water back." Said Dan. When he left he asked Jane. "Did you change your last name or what?"

"No, not really, but I thought it fit my new image better. And it's going to start all sorts of rumors amongst your friends." Jane giggled.

"It will at that. It certainly will." Answered Dan.

And it did; as soon as Dede got back to the bar the stories spread. Within minutes everyone knew her name was Jane Darbie or Jane Doll or something like that. Where had Dan found her? Was she a pro? Can you believe how sexy her shaved head looks? I wish I was in Dan's spot right now!

After another round and some chit chat while Jane stroked Dan's hard-on under the table and they left for dinner; leaving behind a stunned group with enough fanciful stories to keep them busy for weeks. Again Jane insisted that they go somewhere that Dan was well known, where some of his friends might see her. By now she was getting more and more turned on by exhibiting herself. She loved her new image and wanted everyone to see it. Dan would have been embarrassed if it weren't for her continued caressing of his raging hard-on and her promise of more to come later. (All puns intended.)

Next they went to a nightclub, because Jane wanted to go dancing. In the car on the way over Jane said: "I don't really need this skirt for dancing; the catsuit will do just fine by itself." As she proceed to slip the skirt off in the car. "Do I look good enough for dancing?"

"Jane, you look good enough to eat!" answered Dan

"I told you that will come later! First, we're going dancing."

Even at the nightclub her outfit was extreme. Everyone wondered where she came from and who was the lucky dude she was dancing with. Several guys came over and asked her to dance but she told them she was here with Dan and only Dan. Every time Dan hear that his cock became harder if that's possible. He was in seventh heaven with such a beautiful lady on his arm. Jane danced with a joy and abandon that she had never experienced before but always with her focus was on Dan. During the slow dances she rubbed her lycra covered body against his until they both almost came on the dance floor.

After a particularly sensuous slow dance, she turned to him and said: "Please take me home, I need you, NOW!"

They rushed to the car and sped back to her apartment. When they arrived they embraced and kissed fiercely caressing each others' bodies as if there was no tomorrow.

"Wait! I need to change into something special. It will only take a minute. Fix yourself a drink, I'll be right back." Jane interrupted their passionate embrace.

She exited to the bedroom. All evening she had fantasized about going to bed with Dan but also all evening she had this compulsion to put the Arcyl bodysuit back on before making love. She just had to dressed completely in arcyl and locked in the suit with the special silver collar. She had to!

Quickly she used the key and unlocked the collar, belt, and boots and stripped off the regular lycra catsuit and slipped on the ultra stretchy arcyl bodysuit that she had worn all day. Even though she had worn it all day it smelled like it was just cleaned. Once it was on she closed the special collar around her neck with a solid click. The bodysuit sealed itself and immediately began to shrink and mold itself to her body. She added the belt and collar to complete the android body suit. The fitting of the bodysuit increased her horniness, now she knew she was ready for Dan.

Meanwhile, at the suburban enclave of the Android Academy, the android on duty noticed a flashing light on her console. Per procedures she immediately called number 8 on the intercom.

Part 2

"Number 8 please come in this is the duty station" Number 256 announced.

Number 8 was coming but it may a few moments before she comes in. As usual she was spending the evening with one of the trainees, showing her how best to serve her mistress. Two level 6 assistants placed the trainee in an Arcyl arm binder which forced her arms behind her until her elbows touched and an Arcyl leg binder which held her legs tightly together. The leg binder also served to hold on the double dildo pants that excited her genitals to a fever pitch. To further inhibit movement she was placed in a double layer mummy bag transforming her into an impotent column.

After number 8's assistants finished binding the trainee they were told to stand by the door. Once in position number 8 took their control units and set them to immobilize and also set their stimulation circuits on high but left off their climax control. The level 6's will have to stand still while receiving intense sexual stimulation with no hope of coming.

Number 8 approached the bond trainee who from all outward appearance was her double as were the two level 6 assistants. "Are you ready for your test are you properly stimulated" she asked.

"Yes Mistress I am very turned on and want to come greatly but I await your command" The trainee responded per her lessons.

"I am going to sit somewhere is this room and you must find me, come to me and lick my pussy until I come do you understand" asked number 8.

"Yes Mistress but how may I do that while I am bound this way"

"That is part of the test and to add special interest I have two more items for you" Number 8 said as she placed a double layer arcyl hood with built in ear plugs and eye pads on the trainees head. She added a silver collar locking the trainee in all her bindings.

Number 8 turned to the level 6's and said: "If she finds her way to me and makes me climax before this hour glass runs out I will turn your orgasm circuits on" The trainee now had a silent cheering section.

Number 8 crossed the room to a chest of drawers, opening one and pulling out a body suit like Jane was putting on at the same time across town. As a very early model Darbie android number eight did not have the built in stimulation circuits that the newer models have. But she too enjoyed the feelings those special designs gave. She removed the silver catsuit she had been wearing and slipped on the body suit. She marveled at the silky smooth fabric as it molded itself to her body. This new nortna arcyl is the best thing to come from their labs in a while. It felt fantastic plus all the special circuitry they built in really enhanced the pleasure of wearing it. She wasn't surprised when Jane had requested to take it home earlier today. Number 8 put on a silver collar relishing in the click of the lock as it closed and the feeling of the body suit as it's automatic closure engaged tightening the suit and making it conform to her shape like a coat of paint. Next came the six inch high matching silver metal ankle boots and the wide silver belt, like the silver collar they locked on with a satisfying click. She reached into the drawer and got the control unit for her suit. She was lucky, as a high ranking Darbie android she could use the control units. Most androids would receive a debilitating shock if they even touched one by accident. Number 8 adjusted the control unit such that she was receiving a moderate stimulation from the suit, just enough to keep her interested.

The trainee meanwhile had finally figured that she could not fulfill her directive standing up bond as she was. She let herself fall to the floor and began to squirm forward hoping that was the direction that her mistress was in.

Number 8 and the level 6's watched as the trainee wiggled her way across the floor, unfortunately not in the direction that number 8 was. After about fifteen minutes she finally reached the opposite wall only to miss the Mistress by a good ten feet. She seemingly wavered back and forth or a while and finally choose to go left searching for her goal. Luckily for the level 6's, she chose correctly, now the only question was could she locate the Mistress and bring to orgasm within the proscribed time limit.

The trainee continued to squirm along the floor towards her assigned destination with maddening slowness blinded and deafen by the special arcyl hood. Number 8 reached over and adjusted up the stimulation circuit on her body suit as she saw the trainee approach. The higher level of stimulus caused her to caress her large breasts and very erect nipples. The sensuousness of the arcyl covered hands fondling her arcyl covered breasts augmented her enhanced level of arousal. The trainee moved closer and number 8 raised the incitement level of her suit controls again. Her hand dropped to her crotch and began to caress her swollen and waiting clitoris.

The trainee inched closer brushing against the Mistress's metal boots. She licked the boots, recognizing them with her only available sensory device, her tongue. She wiggled until she could lick higher and definitely identify the Mistress's leg, surprised to find it clad in the arcyl body suit. She squirmed up so she was kneeing and facing the Mistress.

Number 8 stopped fondling her pussy as the trainee knelt between her legs trying to find her bearings. The trainee leaned to the left and kissed the Mistress's thigh and then to right and felt the other thigh. She progressed up the that thigh towards where she rightly assumed the crotch to be. Now she was close enough that not only her taste was directing her efforts her sense of smell confirmed that she was on target. At first she just rubbed her arcyl covered face gently against her mistress's crotch orienting herself. Then her tongue snaked out and began to lap at the waiting labia through their silky covering.

Number 8 rolled her hips forward to present a more accessible target for the trainee. The anticipation of the evening events the action of the skinsuit circuits were making her anxious for sexual relief. The trainees oral manipulations were heightening that anxiety. She grabbed the trainees head and held so her tongue was centered on her engorged clitoris.

The trainee felt her Mistress's hands on her head and let her direct the action. She lapped her tongue over the presented target with a relish of delight. She knew exactly what to do to that little pleasure knob stretching through it's tissue thin arcyl skin. Soon she could feel the ecstasy surging through the Mistress's body as her thighs clamped around her head. The Mistress let out a long low moan of pleasure just then the intercom buzzed.

"This is number 8 what is your report" The Mistress asked the intercom.

"Jane Smith has just reactivated her body suit and we are picking up some unusual reading from the suit telemetry" answered duty android.

"What sort of readings" She asked.

"The highest sexual arousal levels we have ever seen in a human" Was the response.

"I be right there" announced number 8. Number 8 went to the duty station after engaging the climax circuits for the level 6 assistants as promised and for the trainee because she passed her test.

Meanwhile Jane decided to make a special entrance for Dan. She got down on her hands and knees, opened the bedroom door and slinked into the living room like a sexy large black cat stalking it's prey. She slithered between Dan's legs rubbing her arcyl covered head against his thighs like a cat marking it's owner.

Dan was stunned by sensuous creature approaching him. Jane has surprised him again. When she said she was going to change he never dreamt this was what she meant. At first he thought she had just added the hood and gloves to her previous skin tight catsuit, but he soon realized that she had changed completely into a one-piece body suit that seemed to be painted on. The suit had no visible seams and showed every last part of her fully even the many folds of her ears were clearly apparent.

Jane nuzzled Dan's crotch and as she began caressing his thigh with her hands. They slowly arrived and his belt and she unbuckled it as she stared into his face and said: "Do you like my new suit? It makes me feel so sexy." As she unzipped his pants and pulled them down.

"I love it. I love the way it molds to your body, it makes you look so good. Good enough to eat." Dan replied.

"Don't worry, you'll get a chance to do that later. But first there is something I must eat right now." she said as she pulled his shorts off revealing his raging hard-on. She stroked it gently with her arcyl clad hands causing it to twitch and jump.

Dan was on a knife's edge. He had been hard since Jane had first sat with him over drinks at his favorite bar. All evening she had fondled him making sure he didn't lose that hard-on. Right now as she stroked him with those silky hands he felt he would stay hard forever. When she first touched his bare cock with her gloved hands he felt a jolt, like a small electrical shock but a very pleasurable shock flow through his crotch. She was starting to lower her mouth to him, but how can she blow him with that hood on. As her lips touch the tip of cock another tingle rushed through him. She opened her mouth and took him in and the fabric just gave surrounding his cock in a silky hollow lining her mouth. She continued to stroke the shaft as she sucked on the head of his seven inch cock. Slowly she moved one of her hands to his enlarged balls and began to deep throat him, taking all of him into her arcyl lined mouth. The other hand dropped to her overheated pussy. Soon she was stroking her own fires as she fed fuel to Dan's inferno. The feeling of her velvety mouth taking all of him in brought Dan to a boil quickly. She sensed his impeding orgasm and started sucking his cock in and out of her mouth as fast as she could while she caressed her clit with an increasing tempo. Dan came with a bellow and a shot glass full of semen. Jane came explosively as she sucked every last drop out of him until he pushed her head away as he entered that most tender post ejaculation stage.

Jane realized she couldn't swallow through the arcyl hood so she grabbed a near by glass and spat out his come. The hood then returned to it's normal shape covering her mouth like there was never had a seven inch cock in it.

"Dan, can I ask a special favor?" asked Jane.

"Yea, anything." Dan answered in an orgasmic haze.

By now number 8 had crossed the compound and reached the monitoring station, she entered and approached the duty android and asked: "Is there anything new to report"

"Yes Mistress Ms Smith has apparently given some male oral gratification while manipulating herself to orgasm also it shows that she has shaven her head and genitals the transducers are making better contact than possible with normal human hair" reported the duty android.

"Are the suit's sexual stimulators still working" asked number 8.

"Yes at level 2 as they were earlier today"

"Increase them to level 4" She commanded. "And turn on the audio transmitters"

Through the speakers came Jane's voice saying: "Will you please tie me to my bed. I want to be at your mercy. Please!"

"Yea, I'll like that. I've always wanted to have my own slave girl. In fact turn around right now and put your arms behind you." Dan pulled the belt out of his discarded pants and wrapped it around her elbows forcing them together. He tightened the belt until her elbows and hands touched and then fastened it. Now she was helpless, bound and under his control. He reached around her, pulling her to him, and caressing her large breasts through their filmy covering of arcyl. Soon her nipples have swollen to the size of large cherries that he tweaked until she was moaning with delight. "Now you just wait here for a few minutes while I put on something special myself."

'What could he possibly be planning to wear?' Jane thought as Dan disappeared into her bedroom. The anticipation enhanced her already heightened sense of sexual tension. She stood there marveling at how good it felt to be bound and waiting for someone to ravage her. She heard Dan rummaging through her dresser looking for something. Instead of feeling like he was invading her privacy, she felt more like an exhibitionist showing off all her most private processions. After the evenings outing she was really beginning to like exhibiting herself. It was a major turn on.

"Mistress her SA [sexual arousal] levels are off the human scale since he tied her she is reaching levels only androids have achieved in the past." Announced the duty android.

"Excellent, raise her stimulators another two points" responded number 8.

Dan returned to the living room looking very special indeed. He had put on the shinny black lycra catsuit Jane had worn that night. The suit was so tight and he was so hard that you tell that he had been circumcised. In the dresser he had found a pair of stretch black gloves and to top it off a black nylon which he stretched over his head. Now he matched her, they were both completely covered in stretchy, shinny, skin tight fabric.

Jane loved the way Dan looked. Now he appeared as the perfect stranger in black who is going to tie her down and force her to experience repeated and long and glorious sex. Just as she realized this the duty android adjusted the body suit stimulation circuits higher adding to her raging lust.

"I hope you don't mind me borrowing your things?" asked Dan as he turned around so she could see all of him. He had dressed to please her but now was beginning to understand why she liked such tight clothing…it feels great. It feels like you are getting a massage all over. Your skin is alive with sensation feeling tingly all over. The slick silky fabric feels like a thousand hands stroking you everywhere. He had always liked the way lycra looked on woman but now he understood what was so great about it. He was definitely going to wear it again.

"No, you look fantastic. Just like the cruel master I dreamt of." Responded Jane.

"Well then slave, come here." When she got to him he grabbed her to him rubbing their shinny slick bodies against each other as he ran his hands over her back and tush. They kissed through the two hoods, their fabric covered tongues intertwining deeply. They each had a thigh between the other legs rubbing against their super heated genitals. Before they came from the simple friction of their movements against each other, Dan broke off and led his new slave into the bedroom. There he sat on the bed and motioned her to stand in front of him. He reached under the bed and pulled out the plug-in vibrator he had found earlier when he was changing.

'What is he planning?' she thought. 'What is he going to do with that vibrator?'

He answered her unspoken questions by saying to her: "Spread your legs slave." He held up the vibrator, turning it on low, and ran it along her thigh, over her belly, to the other thigh. She slivered from the surge of pleasure that flowed through her as he touched her with the humming vibrator. Slowly, ever so slowly, he brought the vibrator up to where it made contact with her swollen clitoris sending a surge of delight through her body. Quickly she built to a smashing orgasm, but he did not remove the vibrator when she came. Instead he held it firm against her clit and switched it to high driving her to a second and third climax almost immediately. The stimulation from the arcyl body suit and it's special circuits, the joy of being bound and under someone's control, and the vibrator buzzing away soon drives Jane to a level of continuous orgasm. She stood there as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her body. He held her is this position of constant pleasure for what seems to be days, finally she could no longer stand it and she slumped to her knees and lowered her head into his lap.

Dan reached around her and untied her elbows and hands from the binding belt gently rubbing her back and arms as she quietly wept from joy. When she recovered enough she reached up and hugged him tightly to her, kissing him passionately through the two hoods.

"Thank you, Master. That was wonderful. You are wonderful."

"You are welcome, slave. I believe there was something about tying you to the bed. I need someone to ravage, do I have any volunteers?"

"Oh, yes, Master. Would you please ravage me."

"OK, I guess you'll do. Lie here on the bed spread eagle. What am I going to use to bind you?"

"In the second drawer of the dresser are lots of nylons. Use them, Master, and tie me very tight, please."

"For a slave, you sure are demanding, but don't worry I plan to tie you VERY tight." Dan said as she bound first her right foot to the brass bed corner post. Next he pulled her left foot to the other side of the wide bed and stretched her legs apart as he tied that foot. Then he tied a nylon to her left arm and pulled it until it wouldn't stretch any further and then tied to the headboard. All the while her right hand has been caressing her hardened clit as she contemplates her fate while being inescapably tied to her own bed. He pulls her right hand away and ties a nylon to it and them runs the nylon around the corner post on the headboard. Then he starts pulling and pulling until she can extend no more so he ties off using one of his old boy scout knots, sure to never come loose.

"Now you are properly tied." Announces Dan as Jane struggles against her bonds but with no gain, she is here until he decides to release her. That realization pours gasoline on the fire of her lust. All the questions dealing with bondage at today's interview had triggered deeply hidden fantasies that are surfacing now driving her deeper and deeper into the role as sex slave.

"Increase her body suit's stimulation level two more points I want her to associate being bound with great pleasure it will make her much easier to train as proper android" commanded number 8.

"Mistress, that is a high level even for an android can she take it as a mere human" asked the duty android.

"She scored 9.7 on her entrance tests today" responded number 8 "Do you think she can handle the higher levels"

"Yes, Mistress with that score she can handle anything"

Jane felt a fresh surge of pleasure pass over her as the stimulators were turned up. It only added to her feeling of pure lust as she waited to see what her new master, Dan, was going to do to her. What he did was stand by the bed and survey the lovely body bound in front of him, his to do with as he desired. He bent over her and caressed her head with both hands and kissed her. He sat and began to remove the black stocking mask.

"Oh, Master, please leave on the hood. You so evil dressed all in black." She pleaded.

"I want to have my tongue free and this tight nylon restricts it too much. Besides I'm going to have to take off the catsuit, even though I love how it feels, to fuck you and I do plan on fucking you, slave." He retorted.

"Please Master, there are some scissors in the bathroom. Just cut a hole in the hood for your tongue and another one in the catsuit for your cock. That way you can stay dressed as the Evil Master and still fuck me, which I hope you do soon."

"I like the way you think, slave." answered Dan as he went to the bathroom to retrieve the scissors. First he cut a small hole over his mouth and wiggled out his long pink tongue. "That's better" he said after French kissing her again. The arcyl hood stretched so easily that it did not interfere with their kiss like the nylon did. He felt a jolt of delight when he was kissing her like she had given his cock a few strokes, but that's impossible considering the way she tied. Then he carefully cut a hole in the crotch of the catsuit and pulled out his rigid cock and swollen balls.

"Oh Master, you're not going to fuck me with that huge cock."

"Yes, slave but not until you suck on it for a while." Dan commanded as he knelt straddling her chest and positioning his cock in front of her face. Jane stretched her neck up to get to his cock sooner. Dan felt a surge of pleasure as she engulfed his cock in her arcyl lined mouth. The stimulation circuit of the arcyl body suit not only turns on Jane they also give Dan a jolt of sexual energy whenever his bare skin comes in contact with the arcyl suit. And right now his primary sexual organ is in full contact with special fabric with the stimulators set on high. His cock is rock hard and feels to him like it is ready to burst. He holds her head up as he fucks her face with his manhood. He pulled back when he started to sense an impending orgasm; he wanted to save that for later.

He slid down her arcyl covered body with his lycra clad body; the friction adding to the heat they were both feeling. Slowly he stretched out on top of her matching her position and their bodies are in complete contact as he kissed her deeply. His hard on was rubbing against her slit searching of it's own accord for it's natural haven. Jane could feel his tool slowly stroke her lips and clit adding to the raging fire she was all ready experiencing. He caressed her body with his by squirming all over her. His tongue left her mouth and began a journey south across her lovely neck and down to her heaving breasts. His tongue never broke contact with the arcyl suit, deep inside he suspected the suit's powers.

Upon arriving at her twin towers he concentrated his efforts on the cherry sized nipples poking through the tissue thin fabric. First he sucked them tenderly pulling the harden nipples one at a time between his teeth biting them gingerly while running his tongue over their tips. She moaned in delight enjoying the loving attention to her hyper sensitive mammaries. He then licked them like you would an ice cream cone although there was nothing icy about them. All the while he was softly caressing her breasts with his gloved hands adding to her delight. His manipulations and licking are almost enough to bring her to orgasm, almost but not enough; she is craving relief because she is so turned on.

Having properly paid respect to her lovely breasts, he continued down her firm stomach, stopping shortly to lick her navel. Down he went to her sexual center but a first he avoided the center and teased her by stroking her thighs and lower belly.

"Please Master, eat me. I need it so badly." Jane pleaded.

With that he pulls away from her and move up to face her. "Did you say something, slave?"

"Yes Master, I asked you to please eat me. I want to come so badly. I am so turned on."

"Do you really think I care what my slave wants. You are here to please me not the other way around. Just so you can't interrupt me again, I'll have to gag you." With that he went to the dresser and got a pair of pantyhose, wadded them up and stuffed them into mouth tying it in with another pair. "That should keep you quiet for a while. Now that you've stopped me, I think I'll take a break and get a drink."

Jane moaned through the gag: "Oh PLEASE Master, you are so cruel. I want you so much. Please come back, I promise to be good." But all that came out was "Mmmmmmmmmmmm." And besides he had already left the room.

Jane had closed her eyes and drifted off fantasizing about her new career as a Darbie doll. She envision herself like tonight; always dressed in sexy revealing clothes; always turned on; and usually in some kind of bondage. She wondered if Dan would want to become a "Ben" doll and be trained as an android like her.
She'd ask him later.

After Dan enjoyed a leisurely drink, he quietly returned to the bedroom and his bound slave. She did not notice him returning so he carefully leaned over the bed and lightly licked her nipple. A jolt of extreme pleasure surged through her causing her whole body to shudder.

'Thank you Master for returning.' She thought. 'I need you so badly.'

He crawled on to the bed and between her legs returning to his teasing. Again he caressed her thighs and lower belly with is tongue and hands. Soon she was moaning and straining to move her pussy under his caresses. Finally he began to lap at the edges of swollen labia, then he lightly licked up her slit several times. Not enough to push her nether lips apart but just enough for her to know he's there. Using on hand he gently spread the labia apart exposing the super sensitive clitoris. He could see that it was engorged in blood and sticking up out of it's hood almost an inch. The gossamer arcyl covering has adhered to every surface like a coat of shinny black paint; smooth, slick and silky to the touch of his tongue. Softly he blows on it watching it twitch in delight as she lets out another moan. With the tip of his tongue he delicately flicks the tip of her clit, she shudders in anticipation straining to push her hips closer to him. Then he sucks the enlarged clit between his lips as he hears her suck in her breath in delight. The direct contact quickly drove her over the edge into a series of explosive orgasms. He continued massaging her clitoris with his tongue and lips pushing her to the limits of ecstasy.

When he thinks she's at the peak he quickly moved up and slid his rock hard cock into her waiting pussy. With his bare penis buried in her arcyl lined pussy he received a major jolt of pleasure from the body suit stimulators. He loves the silky slick sensation he felt while inside her and she in turn loves the sensation of his arcyl covered cock surging in her. The suit's stimulators are also during their work on the hyper sensitive lining of her vagina adding her continuing climaxes. Soon she is experiencing constant ecstasy and he is reaching his limit. Finally with a roar he comes spurting his seed into her waiting pussy. She arches her back to meet his final spurt and then they both collapsed, completely spent of all energy.

"Turn down the stimulators to level 2" commanded number 8 "Otherwise she'll want to go on all night and I doubt he could keep up"

Several minutes later he slowly disengaged himself from her bound body and reached up and removed her gag.

"Thank you, Master." She whispered.

"Thank you, slave." he responded. "Would you like to be untied now or do you want more."

"No, no, that's enough for one night."

Quickly he released her from the bed and removed his hood. She went to the dresser and got a pair of black lycra thong panties and gave them to him.

"These will work like a jock strap and hold your family jewels. You were a fantastic evil master tonight. I could not have asked for more."

"Thanks, you weren't a bad slave either, but where did this new kinkiness come from. You were never like this before. You always seemed very reserved other times when we've been out."

"That's exactly what I want to tell you about." She began and then told him the story of the interview and her reaction to it. She told how excited she was about her new career and how much she wanted to be transformed into a Darbie doll and be someone's sex slave. When she was all done she asked the question that had been intriguing her. "They also have male Darbie dolls they're called Ben dolls, would you like to be an android with me?"

Part 3

"I don't know. You make it sound so exciting, but I'm not sure."

"I know what will convince you. Take off the catsuit. I going to let you wear this suit for a while."

They exchange catsuits, she has the lycra one on with the special high heeled boots and he has the nortna arcyl one with the silver collar and belt. The collar and belt magically expanded to fit his larger neck and waist. When the collar locked on and the suit shrank until it fit a coat of paint. It even conformed to his cock which was rapidly expanding to full measure.

"This suit feels absolutely marvelous and it makes me feel so turned on." Dan exclaimed. "Thanks for letting me try it."

"Well I can see I going to have to do something about that hard on." Jane said as she knelt and swallowed his cock. He was so turned on watching her give him head while he's covered in the most fantastic fabric ever. With her expert manipulations it was not long before he came with a growl.

"Now are you convinced?" she asked.

"Where do I sign?" he responded.

"First thing in the morning we'll call the Academy and set up an appointment for your interview."

They undressed and went to bed. They fell asleep immediately exhausted from all the dancing and all the sex. First thing in the morning Dan called in sick for work and Jane called the Academy and asks for number 8.

"Hello this is number 8 how may I help you"

"Mistress, this is Jane Smith. I have a friend, a male friend, who like to become a Ben doll. Are you interviewing today?"

"Yes in fact we just had a cancellation can he be here in two hours" asked number 8.

"Oh, yes Mistress, he will be there. He is most anxious to start. And thank you very much for letting take the arcyl suit home, I have enjoyed it greatly. Wearing it is most stimulating." Answered Jane.

"Yes Jane I know what you mean I wear one frequently the body suits are most invigorating and I will personally interview your young man I sure he will be acceptable"

"Thank you, Mistress. I will see in six days to start my training."

Promptly in two hours Dan showed up for his interview. He had decided that a business suit was not needed so he wore the nylon/lycra catsuit of Jane's and some very tight black stretch jeans and some jazz boots he bought on the way to the interview. A lot of people stared at him dressed that way, but he didn't care it loved the way it felt. Besides he worked out and had a very developed musculature and the tight lycra looked good on him according to Jane. He also thought it would make a good impression on number 8.

When he arrived number 43 greeted him and sent him to the changing room just as Jane had described. Waiting for him was a nortna arcyl body suit, a silver collar, a silver belt, and interestingly a pair of 3" high silver metal ankle boots When he changed and put on the boots he was surprised at easy they were to walk in. Like Jane when he saw himself in the skin tight suit he quickly masturbated before the mirror as numbers 8 and 12 watched. He went through the computer testing and had his interview with number 8 where she made the same offer to him as Jane's because he had scored a remarkable 9.3, which was 2.5 higher than any male had achieved. When he asked he too was given permission to take the arcyl suit home and like Jane left it on under his street clothes without even noticing because he was so excited about the future as a Ben doll.

He went straight to Jane's apartment where she greeted him in her arcyl body suit. She knew without asking, seeing him in his own arcyl body suit, that he had been accepted by the Android Academy. They embraced and kissed deeply, their arcyl covered tongues intertwining easily. While still lip locked they removed Dan's street clothes so they were arcyl to arcyl, body suit to body suit. Without breaking contact they retired to bedroom where they may love for hours fantasizing about being Darbie and Ben dolls.

Later that evening they were resting when Jane suggested trying something different with the body suits. She removed the collar which opened the back seam of the suit and loosen up the suit. When it was free she pulled the hood off her shaven head letting the tiny unstretched hood dangle in front. Then she put the collar back on and the suit sealed back up except where her neck went through it. In fact it looked simply like the suit ended at the silver collar like any other turtle neck catsuit might. The body suit even did it's usual shrinking job after the collar locked on. Dan immediately did the same thing with his suit.

"This is great, now we can leave the arcyl body suits on and still go out in public. The only unusual thing will be the gloves but nobody will care about those. You do know that you wore your body suit home, just like I did yesterday." Jane said.

"I didn't notice until you just said something. It's funny but when you told me that you wore yours home after the interview I thought you were joking but now I understand how you must have felt. I was so proud of being accepted that I couldn't think of anything else. By the way number 8 said she would wave one day of my seven day waiting period for me, so next Tuesday we can sign up at the same time."

"That's great news; I can hardly wait. I wish they didn't have the waiting period. I ready to start my transformation NOW." Jane exclaimed. "But first we should probably get some dinner."

"Dinner sounds good, and after dinner will you do me a favor? I want you to help me shave my whole body like you have."

"I'll be happy to help. You're going to love the feeling of the nortna arcyl against your hairless body. It feels marvelous."

Dan redressed in the clothes he had worn to the interview and Jane put on a new velvet/lycra catsuit that she had bought while Dan was interviewing. This one had unusual coloring; it was mottled silver and dark blue like a twilight sky with wispy high clouds. She put the silver corset belt and silver ankle boots on over it making a very striking costume.

"Wow, you look fantastic!" exclaimed Dan. "Are people going to notice you."

"I hope so" she answered. "In fact, I can't believe how much of an exhibitionist that I've become. The only clothes I want to wear are skin tight and sexy. This corset belt keeps reducing my waist and really accentuating my breasts. I love the way it makes me look."

"Your waist seems to be getting even smaller, is the corset belt really tight?"

"I think my waist is getting smaller. The corset belt is very tight but it feels very natural. Besides my waist is going to be only fifteen inches when I'm completely transformed into a Darbie doll so I might as well get used to it."

"Well I for one think you look great right now. You ready for dinner?"

Off they went to dinner, where they both caused quite a stir. Jane in her silver and blue catsuit and Dan in his black catsuit, stretch pants and 3" heels. But they were oblivious to it all; their thoughts and conversation were only of each other and their new jobs at the Android Academy. When they got home they quickly stripped and shaved Dan's body from head to toe. After they were done they put their arcyl body suits back complete with hoods and he understood what she was saying about how good the suit felt on his hairless body. They made love slowly savoring his new suit and shaven body.

The next day they spent running around making arrangements to "leave the area" for two and a half years. Dan had to quit his job, close his apartment (they're going to stay at Jane's for the rest of the week), and sell off his car and furniture. One thing they didn't have to worry about was finances. They both had enough to last the week and then some and they were told the Academy would advance them some more if needed to close out accounts. Any problems they couldn't complete within the week the staff at the Academy would handle later. Also the staff would set up an investment account for them so their salaries would be reinvested each month rather than just draw bank interest.

One task they positively enjoyed was stopping at one of the better adult book and toy stores. They spent over an hour picking various sex toys they wanted to experiment with during the next few days. The clerk was very helpful pointing out toys that they might enjoy. When he learned about their mutual fetish for bondage, he made a fateful suggestion. He told them about people who tie themselves up and lock on the bondage when the keys for the locks are frozen in a block of ice in a quart milk container.

Another fun stop was the dancewear store where they picked all sorts of lycra to wear over their arcyl body suits when they went out in public. The arcyl was so thin and so tight, they would have been arrested for indecent exposure if it wasn't covered. Besides they were both really enjoying wearing multiple layers of lycra over their arcyl body suits. They loved the feeling of one silky fabric sliding over another while caressing their bodies. The people at the dancewear shop all wanted to know where they got the nortna arcyl suits so they referred them to the Academy.

Finally they got home with their arms full of packages, but they knew what was next; they had planned it on the way home. First they stripped down to just their arcyl suits, then she put a pair of dildo pants they had bought today. The pants were made of molded rubber and fit almost as tight as the arcyl and they had a small dildo for her rear, a larger one for her pussy, and little knobs to tickle her clitoris. But the part that cinched the sale was the panel over the little knobs and the dildoes was rigid rubber reinforced with a steel plate and although she would be titillated while wearing them she could not add to the stimulation. Over this she wore a bright silver catsuit like the one number 8 wore during the interviews.

Dan also had a special pair of rubber pants; his had a small butt plug but the front covered his hard on like a second skin. Like her pants it had tiny knobs to stimulate his erection but it was rigid with a molded in shaped steel plate so neither of them could caress his cock when he had the pants on. Both of them would be turned on acutely but they could nothing to finish the job at least while they each had on these special pants. He decided to wear a deep red, almost maroon, catsuit with tight black stretch pants and his silver boots.

When they both dressed, they put on the silver metal collars, enjoying the solid click of the locks. Now they were both locked into lycra catsuits over their dildo pants and arcyl body suits. Then they put the two collar keys and one other key on a string and lowered them into a gallon milk jug of water. Remembering the clerk's suggestion, they figured if a quart container was good for freezing the keys, then a gallon jug would be better. When the keys were in the exact middle of the water they tied off the string and put the bottle in the freezer. They knew that in a couple of hours the water would be frozen and the keys would be unavailable until the jug was removed from the freezer and left for HOURS to thaw. Then they went out planning to go for dinner, a movie and some dancing because they wanted to be sure that the ice was frozen completely.

Unbeknownst to them the duty android was still monitoring the suit telemetry and the audio channel as instructed by number 8. She could tell they were both in an extreme state of sexual arousal. Her instructions were to do everything she could to enhance their enjoyment over the next few days before they returned for their transformation. After they left Jane's apartment and were walking to the restaurant she raised the stimulator circuits three points. Dan and Jane both felt a jolt of pleasure but assumed it was from the dildo pants. Later during dinner, Jane mentioned that the dildoes were driving her crazy, but she loved the sensation, so the duty android, number 365 - 5 for short, raised them both up another couple of notches.

"Just you mentioning it sent a surge of pleasure over me." He said.

"I know what you mean, but we promised. We can't go home before midnight. The ice must be rock hard." She responded.

"I'm rock hard right now and have been ever since the collar locked on; and I love it."

During the movie they were kissing and fondling each other in the darken theater even though their genitals were unreachable under their special steel lined dildo pants. That only served to heighten their arousal especially when 5 raised the stimulators again. When the movie was over they were flush with the excitement of the constant excitement of the body suit combined with the diabolical dildo pants. After walking out of the movie house, Jane dragged Dan into a unlit shop doorway and kissed him deeply rubbing her lycra and arcyl clad body over his and said: "Can we please go home now?"

"No, dear, you promised; not before twelve." Answered Dan. "But I know how you feel. Come on, we made a deal, let's go dancing until then."

"OK, but don't be surprised if I make a spectacle of myself."

They went dancing for a while and the way they were dressed even for the dance club they made spectacles of themselves. When the slow dances were played they melded together as if one body hoping somehow to increase the thrill they were feeling to the point of fulfillment. But no, they were restricted to being turned like never before. Meanwhile 5 kept upping the ante by increasing the suit levels. Finally the witching hour of midnight arrived and they left the club and they walked home. When they got to Jane's apartment they rushed into the kitchen and retrieved the milk jug from the freezer to find that it was truly rock solid ice. They left it out to thaw wishing it were a warmer night so it would melt sooner.

As planned they started playing backgammon, keeping careful track of the score. Considering the bet they had made earlier, neither was sure if they wanted to win or lose. Still they played as hard as they could considering how distracted they were and 5 kept distracting them more. After about an hour of play Jane won the final game.

"All right, you lose. Go get the hood." Jane commanded. By losing the backgammon match Dan agreed to be Jane's slave until the ice thawed. And he has been sent to get a very special hood they bought the previous afternoon. The hood was heavy duty rubber and had to be laced on, but the bad part or good part, depending at how you look at it, was that it included a blow up gag, nose holes, no opening for the eyes and sound proof earplugs that could receive radioed messages. Dan will be deaf, dumb and blind wearing this hood but Jane will be able to radio instructions to his earplugs.

Jane slipped it over his head and began lacing it closed. He had to brace himself because she was pulling the laces so tight encasing his head in a rubber vice. Once it was fully tightened she was able to close the zippered flap that covered the laces. She attached the inflater bulb to the mouth piece and quickly blew up the gag watching his cheeks swell under the hood. With the hood completely installed she added a stiff black leather posture collar. The collar also laced on and as she pulled it tight his head was forced in a chin up position with his neck completely extended. She tied off the laces and buckled the straps closed over them. She picked up the hood radio and asked if he was all right and ready for the lock; one grunt for no, two grunts for OK. Immediately she heard him grunt and was about ready to release him when he grunted again sealing his fate for the next several hours. Finally she locked the strap closed and as she did 5 raised Dan's stimulators even higher. The key for the lock was with the collar keys locked in gallon of ice. She left him there wondering and went to check on the maddening ice jug only to find that only the smallest amount of ice had melted.

"Oh my god" She exclaimed. "It's going to take hours and hours for this to melt. I don't know how I can stand it much longer."

Hearing that 5 turned the knob up again making Jane twitch with anxiety. She returned to Dan only to find him madly rubbing his rubber and steel encased hard on. she could tell the friction was turning him on even more but also that it wasn't enough to make him come. Knowing that she was going to have to wait for many more hours, she decided to try and relax. She sat on the couch next to him and turned on the TV hoping to find something on to take her mind off the incredible exhilaration she was feeling.

After a while he tied of trying fruitlessly to jack himself off through the rigid rubber dildo pants. All his efforts just seem to increase his excitement point without really bringing him any closer to the ultimate pleasure. Sensing her presence beside him he moved over and began to caress her. He started at her breasts paying special attention to her enlarged nipples. Everything he did was by feel as he was robbed of his senses by the super tight rubber hood. She lay back enjoying his manipulations as he fondled her hyper sensitive breasts. She had been somewhat distracted by the inane TV show but now was again centered on her unfulfilled sexuality. The touch of his arcyl coated hands on her erect nipples sent shivers of delight through her hyped up body. Maybe, just maybe, this will be enough to take her over the edge … Please, god … but no … it just adds to her frustration at being turned on like never before and not being able to come. Finally she could take no more; she picked up the radio transmitter and said:

"Dan, please stop. I can't come and you're not helping any. Just sit there and play with yourself … I'm turned on enough without your help." Announced Jane.

He indicated yes by grunted twice and went back to trying to jack off even though the rigid dildo pants prevented the required stimulation from reaching his over turned on cock. She went back to trying to watch the boob tube but very little is on at that time of the morning. Disgusted with the lack of anything interesting she put on one of the tapes the had purchased from the adult store. It was titled the "Pleasure Androids", which sounded like something she'd like.

It turned out to a story about several people who were transformed into androids, androids who were addicted to sex especially group sex when it involved lycra and bondage. It was a great story with lots of sexual action but all it did was increase the desire that she was already experiencing. It seemed everything she did made her hornier.

Half way through the movie, he stopped playing with himself and grabbed for her. He was trying to tell her something; no, he wanted her to go somewhere. Where would he want her to go, he's blind, he doesn't know where he's going. Anyway he gets up pulling her with him. He starts walking across the living room and shortly runs into a wall. He feels the wall to get his bearings and starts off again, this time towards the bedroom. He senses the doorway and stumbles to the bed, almost falling on it when he gets there. All this time his is fervently clutching her to him. Carefully he works his way to the left side and the night stand there. When he finds the night stand he reaches down under the bed and retrieves the plug in vibrator and proudly presents it to her.

"YES, Yes, it just might work." She exclaims out loud. "It was you idea, I'll try it on you first. But you must be tied before I start."

Jane gets more of the toys they brought the previous afternoon and 5 thought that it's a good time to increase Dan's stimulators. He reacted with a jump wondering what she is doing with the vibrator he found. He received his answer soon enough when she handcuffed his hands behind him and used a three foot spreader bar to shackle his ankles apart. He was left standing by the edge of the bed; deaf, dumb, blind, and bound when she applied the vibrator to the front of his dildo pants, directly over his rock hard cock.

Quickly the his hyper sensitive organ twitched with delight at the added stimulation. He relished in the thought that after all these hours waiting through dinner, the movie, dancing, being bound in this awfully marvelous torture hood, and then having been handcuffed and shackled he was finally going to get some relief.

After fifteen or twenty minutes it became obvious that even the vibrator did not supply enough extra stimulation to make him come, so she stopped and he slumped to his knees, exhausted from trying to come, but still bound by the handcuffs and ankle bar. She said that: "Just because it didn't work for him, it may still work for me. Oh, please god, make it work for me."

She laid back on the bed and started by fondling her breasts, adding to how she already felt, especially when 5 increased her stimulators. She picked up the vibrator switched it on and pressed it against the rigid steel panel covering her pussy and clitoris. OH, that felt good, she thinks applying a little more pressure. The vibrator kept adding to her excitement as 5 kept raising her suits circuits. She arched her back thinking that now was the time only to realize that it was a false alarm. She cycled like this between normal turned on to I'm almost there several times before she realized that she couldn't come. The vibrator was just not enough.

'OH, NO, I can't go on like this.' She thought. 'I must come or I'm going to go crazy!' But then she realized that there was little or nothing she could do to change the situation. She went to check on the melting ice only to find that only the outside quarter inch had melted. It was after four am and at this rate it would be twelve to eighteen hours more. 'I can't take it!!!' With nothing else to do she went back to watching the "Pleasure Androids" video.

In the video the original three androids recruited four more people to share in their transformations. While watching she caressed her tender breasts especially the enlarged nipples. The worst part of the video for Jane was that the pleasure androids could come anytime they wanted just by thinking about it. This idea drove her crazy. 'It's not fair that others can come anytime they want and I can't come at all." She thought. But for lack of anything better to do she watched the rest of the movie thinking she wished she could go to Spandexia like the pleasure androids.

When the movie was over she remembered poor Dan still handcuffed and shackled in the bedroom. She went to him and released his hands and ankles and then sat him on the edge of the bed. She pulled out the radio and said to him: "The vibrator didn't work for me either." He grunted once loudly for NO. "I at my wits end, the ice is going to take HOURS to melt still and I can't think of any way to make either of us come! I going to try and get some sleep, do you want to go to bed?" Two grunts for yes; so she lead him to the other side of the bed and help him settle in.

Like her with the lycra catsuit over the arcyl body suit it wasn't necessary to be covered. He lay there wondering when this diabolical stimulation was going to stop. He tried to think of non sexual things so he could come down a little but everything he started to dream about turned into a erotic fantasy turning him on even more. But he tried to lie there peacefully because Jane would be trying to sleep.

And she was trying to sleep, but not very successfully. After settling him into the other side of the bed, she has to sleep on the left, she retrieved the blindfold they had bought the afternoon before. It was going to be light soon and if she was going to sleep she need to shield her eyes. She also decided to try the gag they had gotten so she would experience some of what he was feeling now. Adding some cotton earplugs finished the sensory depravation. With the blindfold, gag, and earplugs in place she put on a pull-on rubber hood to complete the effect. Sealed off from the world she lay back and tried to sleep. Like Dan she tried to lie still so as not to disturb him, but everything she thought about evolved into a sexual situation reminding her of the frustration she felt.

For a couple of hours they both fought off the demons of sexual possession barely succeeding until they each were able to drift into sleep. Even in their sleep was dominated by dreams of sexual frustration and denial. Even in their sleep they could not reach satisfaction.

After several hours of restless sleep she awoke. Sensing that he was still asleep, she carefully got up and removed her self imposed bondage of hood, gag, earplugs and blindfold. Blinking from the bright afternoon sun, she left the bedroom to check on the diabolical ice block. Happily she found that the ice only had a few hours to go and finally there would be relief. She went back to the bedroom to check on Dan, but he seemed to be sound asleep and she wasn't going to disturb his slumber. If anyone had earned some rest he had; to be turned on AND bound as he was must be shear agony of pleasure.

She sat down to watch the afternoon talk shows which she normally missed; she was amazed at the inane people they were able to attract for these TV displays. But even the guests idiocy did not distract her from her overbearing need for fulfillment. She'd like to go on one of these shows and claim that she had been excited more and for longer than anyone else without benefit of a climax. Now that would make an interesting show. Worst of all everything she tuned into reminded her of her predicament. After each show, she checked the ice but it wasn't until the evening news started that the keys were finally free. Her first thought was of Dan so she rushed into the bedroom to find him waking and sitting up in the bed. She picked up the radio and told him to that the keys were finally free and she was going to remove his leather collar and rubber hood. When they were removed he croaked: "wa…wa…ter". She quickly got him a glass of water which he gulped down.

"That's better. How long was I hooded?" he asked.

"It's six-thirty now. I guess about fifteen - sixteen hours. How do you feel?" responded Jane.

"I've had a hard on since we dressed last night, but I can't do anything about it, I just keep getting harder and harder. You're still dressed; you must know what I mean."

"Well, here's your key for the silver collar, go ahead and use it. I'm going to use mine now; I want out in the worst way." They both hold the special key against the collar like always to unlock it but nothing happens. "You must have my key, let's swap." She announces. They exchange keys and try to unlock the collars but again nothing happens. They tried each key again and again but with no effect.

Part 4

"Oh god, the keys don't work. What are we going to do?" she exclaims. "I know what I'm going to do. I can't take this any longer. I'm going to rip off the lycra catsuit so I can remove the dildo pants and finally get some satisfaction!"

"NO! We promised each other to stay restrained until we could remove the silver collars normally." Dan interjected. "We have to wait until we can get working keys even if we have to go to the Academy for them. Immersing the keys in water must have shorted them out. Do you have the number for the Academy?"

"It's 555-2345" Jane responded and he placed the call.

"You have reached the Android Academy. Our normal business hours are nine am to five pm Monday through Friday. As it is after hours you may leave a voice mail for any of our personnel or in our general mail box. If you know the extension of the party you want, please dial it now. If you want the directory, press one now."


"You have reached the Android Academy in house directory. If you wish to speak to a specific Darbie or Ben doll please enter their number now followed by a pound symbol. If you do not know the android's number, please press 1-# to leave a message in our general mail box. Thank you for calling the Android Academy."


"You have reached the mail box of number 8, I am unavailable at this time, please leave a message at the tone or press 1-# to place a message in our general mail box."

"Mistress, this is Dan Michaels and Jane Smith, we are calling because we believe that we have inadvertently damaged our keys to the silver collars. We immersed them in water and then froze the water. Now that it has thawed we can't unlock our collars and we have locked on stimulation dildo pants that are driving us crazy without allowing us satisfaction. Do you have spare keys? Can we come there and get unlocked? Please call us back as soon as possible at 555-9876. We are desperate! Thank you, Mistress." Beep.

"I hope that works." Dan exclaimed.

"Me too! But there nothing to do but wait now."

"Number 8 to the intercom" came the announcement from the speakers.

"This is number 8, what is the problem?" 8 asked of the duty android.

"Mistress this is duty android number 372 I have been monitoring Jane Smith and Dan Michaels per your instructions they have just placed a voice mail for you that I think you'll want to hear let me know if there is any change to your instructions after you listen to the voice mail"

"Thank you 2 I'll check it right away"

Number 8 listened to the message and called number 12 explaining what she wanted done.

Two hours later the phone rang in Jane's apartment. She jumped startled by the ringing. She and Dan have been on pins and needles waiting for the return call from number 8.

"Hello" Said Jane.

"Jane Smith?"

"Yes, this is Jane."

"Jane, this is number 12, 8 asked me to call you. She received your message and asked me to help you. Just what is it you need?"

Jane quickly explained how the two of them had put on the dildo pants the previous evening and them locked on their lycra catsuits over them with the special silver collar, then they had frozen the keys to prolong the stimulation, and how now the keys didn't work. Was there any way to open the collars now? They were going crazy from the constant stimulation for over twenty four hours. Could number 12 PLEASE help and unlock them somehow?

"I see your problem we can help but unfortunately number 8 is the only android with access to the master keys which would unlock your collars and she is out for the evening with some very important clients and will not be back until later" responded number 12.

"Oh Mistress, isn't there anything you can do?" pleaded Jane.

"The two of you should come to the Academy we can keep you busy and then as soon as number 8 returns she can get the master key and release you"

"Thank you, Mistress, we'll be there as soon as we can get a cab."

When they arrived at the Academy, they were greeted by a Darbie doll, with number 187 on her collar, who was dressed in an white arcyl body suit covered with a black stretch lace catsuit and wearing the most unusual thigh boots they had ever seen. The boots were like ballet boots except they had no spike heel but are shaped so that held the foot is held in a toe pointing shape like a dancer on point. To reinforce the need to stand on toe, the boots are made of a shinny silver colored metal and extend all the way to the crotch. The Darbie doll was forced to walk on her toes without bending her knees or ankles. That made for a strange but very erotic gait as she lead them to number 12. Adding to the android's bondage her arcyl clad head is encased in a form fitting metal hood which only leaves the eyes and nostrils open. Jane and Dan follow her gestures to the meeting room.

"Very good you have arrived." Number 12 greets them. "How are you felling"

"Oh, Mistress, we are terribly turned on. We talked about it in the cab, we are both so frustrated because we have been turned on for over twenty four hours but we can't come because of these diabolical dildo pants."

"There there I understand but unfortunately we have to wait for number 8 to return but I think if you two are busy time will pass quicker and if you cannot come maybe you can make others come prepare them now" Number 12 said to several level 6 Darbie and Ben dolls who are waiting for their cue.

The level 6'ers quickly grabbed Jane and Dan and began to bind them as planned. First they were placed in rubber single arm gloves binding their arms together behind their backs. Helpless to resist with their arms bond, the 6'ers put them into rubber leg binders that mold their two legs into one. The 6'ers then attached the D-ring at the end of the arm binder to a strap running around their ankles holding them in kneeing hog tie. After binding them the 6'ers laced on rubber hoods that only left their mouths open. When completely laced the stiff rubber collars were strapped closed finishing their bondage. Chairs were placed into front of the two bond enlistees and number 12 sat in front of Dan and one of the level 6 Ben dolls sat before Jane.

"Now if you are sucking cock and eating pussy maybe you will forget about your troubles" announced number 12 as she pulled Dan's hooded head into her crotch just as the Ben doll pulled Jane onto his large arcyl covered hard on. In their excited state they quickly complied with the command for oral service. When number 8 and the Ben doll were sufficiently satisfied they were immediately replaced by others and not necessarily of the opposite sex. They both knew from the enlistment materials that they were to be trained in homosexual practices so they might be the perfect bi-sexual slave dolls. They found all this one way sexual gratification to be a major turn on, number 12 was correct in saying they would feel better if they were kept busy. Hours went by quickly even though their tongues were getting tried and their level of stimulation was frequently being increased by the duty android.

Finally in the wee hours of the morning, number 8 returned. They had their hoods removed so they might see her in her special costume. She was wearing an arcyl body suit that was printed in a leopard pattern complete with pointy ears and a long sensual tail. She had two huge Darbie androids with her. They looked like any other Darbie doll but they were nearly eight feet tall in the extreme high heeled thigh boots. Beside the boots they wore simple leather bikinis that barely contained their humungous breasts

"I understand you two have locked yourselves in your catsuits with rubber and steel dildo pants on under them you must be quite stimulated" Said number 8.

"Oh yes, Mistress, we hope you can release us soon." Pleaded Jane.

"We can release you, but you also must be punished for damaging Academy property don't you agree" number 8 said flatly.

"Yes, Mistress, we should be punished." Replied Jane and Dan automatically.

"Bring them" Number 8 commands the two amazon androids.

One of the amazons picked up the two of them by strap from their arm binder to their ankles and unceremoniously carried them as she followed number 8 to an elevator. The elevator took them several floors underground to a large room which can best be described as a dungeon. It had a stone floor and stone walls with a high ceiling of heavy wood beams. Spread around the room were many bondage and torture devices. There was a large wooden circle mounted on the wall which obviously could rotate with several steel clamps to attach someone's body to it. Near that was a rack for stretching a slave. In the other corner was a bondage bench that looked like a saw horse with a padded leather covered top and multiple tie down eye bolts mounted on the legs. There was a pair of mummy cases, one for a Darbie doll and one for a Ben doll, that were heavily padded and when closed would hold the occupant completely immobile. There were several other contraptions that neither Jane or Dan knew how they were used and they hoped they never found out.

"Remove their bondage arm binders and leg sheaths and bring them to me." Commanded number 8. The amazons quickly prepared them and crossed the room to where the Mistress had seated herself on a throne like chair that had two dildoes sticking up from the seat. She had gently sat on the dildoes as they stretched the arcyl suit into her and now she was enjoying the double penetration as she contemplated the fate of the two enlistees kneeing before her.

"Use this master key to remove your collars belt and shoes then remove the lycra catsuits and the rubber dildo pants put your arcyl hoods on and put the boots belt and collar back on." Number 8 decreed.

They quickly complied, happy to finally escape the torture of pleasure the dildo pants. Jane's dildo pants came off with a "plop" as the dildo slid out of her moist canal. Dan's cock sprang out at attention as he removed his pants and when he put the collar back on and the suit shrank around his shaft again, it stood out and quivered with expectation. He and Jane knelt before the Mistress wanting to stroke themselves to the long denied orgasm, but she made them wait while she confided in the two amazons in hushed whispers.

"Prepare them now." She instructed the amazons aloud.

The amazons grabbed them and wrapped their wrists tightly with padded leather cuffs. Their wrists were then attached to a hook and cable which descended from a pulley in the ceiling beams. One of the amazons then cranked up the slack in the cable and began to raise their hands higher until their feet were ten inches off the floor and they were dangling by their wrists. They were facing each other with Dan's cock wedged between her legs. It was promptly placed in her pussy so they were coupled as they hung there. A series of wide leather belts were strapped around them joining them at the chest, waist, thighs, calves, and ankles thus preventing them from stroking his over stimulated cock in her over stimulated pussy. The amazons stepped back to check and admire their handy work. When they were satisfied, they turned to the Mistress and bowed.

"You may began the punishment" Number 8 stated as she took a arcyl suit controller and entered a complex set of commands aimed at the two bound before her. Commands that will increase their stimulation but restrict them from having an orgasm. She pushed one last button and dropped the controller. As she did several metal bands sprang out of the her throne and encircled her wrists, arms, ankles, calves, thighs, waist, neck and forehead. Each band locked with a solid click as they bound number 8 rigidly to the throne. She maybe the highest ranking android at the academy but she still is submissive by training and natural inclination.

The amazons retrieved a pair of special bull whips and began flicking them near our two captives causing terror to flow through their minds. Why had they damaged the collar keys with their silly freezing stunt? Why had they agreed to punishment so easily? When are we ever going to get any satisfaction? They kissed each other as if it was their last kiss just as the two bull whips made contact with them for the first time. The whips cracked as they struck their bottoms with a stinging blow. They tensed waiting for the pain.

But instead of pain an intense wave of pleasure surged through their bodies increasing their already heightened level of stimulation. The whips were programmed to send maximum levels of pleasure to the arcyl clad victims. Each time the whips made contact the stimulation circuits in number 8's suit were also activated. Again and again the whips crack sending surges of sexual electricity through the two bound humans and the immobile android. With each blow Jane and Dan jerked as the enjoyment flowed over them but still they couldn't come. Number 8 had no such inhibition and quickly began to climax with almost every crack of the whips. Finally she was satiated and screamed for the amazons to stop.

The amazons lowered Jane and Dan to the floor and removed the straps holding them together, and then number 8 tells Jane to pick up the controller and put it in her hand. She pushed the release button and the restraining bands retracted into the throne and she gingerly gets up off the dildoes.

"Now you two will pleasure the amazons thanking them for whipping you on your knees and worship their powerful womanhood" Commanded number 8.

The amazons removed their leather bikini bottoms and approached the arcyl glad humans. Jane and Dan bent to bring their tongues in contact with the already wet giant pussies. Their efforts where quickly rewarded by deep throated moans of delight. Hugh muscular thighs held their heads close to the target as they stroked the fabric coated tongues over the oversized clits. Soon their efforts were glorified by the amazons' explosive orgasms.

'Very good" said number 8, "follow me back upstairs where everyone is waiting for us."

"Oh, Please, Mistress let us come, we so excited." Pleaded Jane.

"No you will wait until I say its time that's your punishment."

"Yes, Mistress" answered Jane. The five of them rode the elevator up out of the dungeon to the main building, where number 8 led them to a large auditorium where over a hundred androids were gathered. They walked down the center aisle and up onto the stage where the Jane and Dan were led to either side of a large padded platform by the amazons. Number 8 went to the side of the stage and sat at a control console facing the audience.

She nodded to the amazons who picked up rubber hoods and began to put the hoods on Jane and Dan after removing their silver collars. The hoods were very similar to the one Dan had worn the night before. They covered their heads completely except for these hoods had mouth holes as well as breathing tubes which fit up their noses. The hoods also included rubber earplugs with small radio receivers built in, so all they could hear was what was radioed to them. The amazons had to struggle even with their great strength to pull the zipper closed over Jane and Dan's bald arcyl covered heads because the hoods were so tight. When the hoods were completely zippered their silver collars were put back on sealing them in. Without help they will never be able to remove the hoods.

"You will now stimulate yourselves" Number 8 spoke into the radio microphone.

Jane and Dan don't need any further encouragement, they are at a fever pitch of excitement. They have had been on the verge of a tremendous orgasm since dawning the dildo pants on Thursday evening. It was now Saturday morning and still they have not reached relief. Jane stood there facing the audience and massaged her breasts with one hand and fingered her pussy with the other. Dan stroked his rock hard cock and fondled his swollen balls obvious of the assembled androids. Neither of them cared that they were on exhibit for all to see; all they wanted was satisfaction. Unfortunately they didn't know that the climax circuits in their arcyl catsuits were turned off still and no amount of fondling, stroking or any other stimulation would allow them to come.

As they continued to try to achieve gratification, number 8 addressed the audience. "Position yourselves properly I am going to activate the chairs dildoes and cock clamps and put your right index finger in the data socket in the armrest." There was a shuffling in the assemblage as the followed her instructions. She pressed a couple of switches and each occupied chair in the auditorium was activated. Where a female android was seated, two dildoes emerged form the seat and were inserted into the appropriate orifices. Male androids had one rear dildo and a sleeve which clamped over their cocks. All the dildoes mushroomed out at the tops to lock the recipients to their seats.

Number 8 pressed a few more buttons and telemetry from Jane and Dan was transmitted to the audience through the data ports in the armrests. All the androids could experience exactly what they were feeling as they fondled themselves on the stage. Soon the entire group was moaning along with Jane and Dan as they all felt an extreme level of stimulation.

From the stage wings three Ben dolls and one Darbie doll emerged; like Jane and Dan their stimulation circuits were on high but their climax circuits were turned off. First a Ben doll laid down on the padded platform on his back with his nine inch cock sticking straight up. One of the amazons picked up Jane and placed her on him impaling her anally on his manhood. As she gasped from the intrusion the audience gasped with her. The next Ben straddled her head while he knelt down so his cock entered her mouth. Now the other amazon brought the hooded Dan over and positioned him so he could fuck Jane's pussy. The two amazons left the stage and sat in the audience as their chairs activated were like the rest of the audience. All three of Jane's openings were filled with hard cocks as the gathered androids squirmed in their seats electronically connected to the duo on the stage. The Darbie doll laid down on the back of the Ben doll who was receiving the blow job so that her pussy was shoved into Dan's face. Without prompting he immediately started tonguing her. Finally the last Ben doll knelt behind Dan and entered his rear canal thus completing the tableau.

Dan was surprised by the anal entry but was too excited to care. Jane was in seventh heaven as the three cocks pounded into her. The audience was quickly reaching overload as they experienced the excitement of the six participants on the stage. Number 8 continued to manipulate the controls raising the stimulation levels of the performers and the audience until all of them were panting and straining trying to achieve climax. When she sensed they had reached the peak she entered one last command into the control panel and then inserted her own finger into the console's data port. Once she was connected to the shared experience, she too began try to force an orgasm but she too was now restrained from relief. In the back of her mind she hoped that she hadn't set the timer for too long. Thirty minutes could be an eternity.

Little did she know just how long thirty minutes was until she felt the power of Jane and Dan's arousal. She was staggered by the intensity of their sexuality. Although androids were routinely denied sexual gratification as part of their training and although she had experienced through data transfer many others feelings she was unprepared for Jane and Dan's power. But now she too was helpless the bring relief, only the control computer's clock could ended this exquisite delight. It seemed to her and the assembly that they could feel each microsecond as the computer's clock ticked slowly by.

Finally a signal was sent by the computer's CPU to the output devices that the time had arrived and everyone's climax circuit was activated at the same time. A gasp rose up in the auditorium as two humans and over a hundred androids came with an sensual explosion never before accomplished.

Several minutes later Jane and Dan became aware of their surroundings again and realized that the theater was filled with applause from the assembled androids. Even their fellow participants were loudly cheering them. Tentatively they got up and bowed to the audience as the accolades rose in a crescendo.

Eventually number 8 came over to them and led them off the stage where she removed their hoods. Number 8 turned to them and said: "You two are obviously ready to join us here at the academy I think we can wave the normal waiting period would you like to sign the papers today?"

"Oh, yes please!!!" They both chorused.

"Wait, before you say yes, remember there is no turning back did you both read the welcoming brochure do you both understand what you're agreeing to?"

"Yes, we read everything you gave and yes, we understand" answered Dan.

"Yes, and can we please start now. We want so much to be Darbie dolls." pleaded Jane.

"OK, we can go to my office here and sign the papers"

"Hurrah, hurrah!!!" They both exclaimed. "We're going to be Darbie dolls!!!"

When they arrived at the office number 8 made a call on the intercom requesting that Susanne come there. A few minutes later a woman entered the office, she had the exaggerated body of a Darbie doll but unlike all the other androids she had a normal human face without the plastic looking skin, plus she had a full head of beautiful strawberry blonde hair. She was wearing a simple cotton/lycra catsuit in a pretty shade of forest green with brown leather vest and matching knee high, spike heeled boots.

"Yes, number 8, how can I help?" She asked in a throaty whisper.

"Susanne, I need you to notarize two enlistment contracts and I wanted these two to meet you." Answered number 8 turning to Jane to Dan. "Susanne was Darbie doll number 124 but elected to resume her former appearance after her tour of duty was up she kept the enhanced body of a Darbie doll but we reconstructed her face to how she looked before now she is one of the Academy's non-android employees she lives off campus with her boy friend who loves the sexy way she looks isn't that right Susanne."

"Yes, number 8" Susanne replied. "Mac, my boy friend, likes to show me off. Since returning to the 'normal world' I really become an exhibitionist. I only wear tight fitting clothes that display my Darbie doll body for all to see. It's such a turn on. I never had this much fun and excitement before I was transformed."

"We know, we've been going every where in catsuits and unitards this week and just loving the reactions we got." Jane said. "Can we sign up now, please?"

"Yes, please Mistress" echoed Dan.

"Here are your contracts read them sign and give them to Susanne to notarize it will be your last act of free will for the next thirty months."

Jane and Dan didn't even bother to read the contracts, they just signed them and handed them to Susanne. She did her notary routine, signed them and handed them back to number 8. "This calls for champagne will you do the honors Susanne." She went and got the drinks and served the group. The four of them clinked glasses and said in unison "To the Darbie Dolls."

Jane asked "What happens next."

"It already has started your drink was spiked with a drug that makes you fall asleep so sit down before you fall down because when you wake up next month you will be physically transformed in Darbie and Ken dolls." announced number 8.

A few minutes later the amazons entered and put the sleeping two on hospital gurneys. They wheeled them across the campus to the clinic where Jane and Dan were prepared for surgery. First miniature radios were inserted in their ear canals. These radios continually played a manta of subservience, conditioning their minds for their role as androids of pleasure slaves.

During the following weeks they are subject to a series of surgical procedures that are outlined below:

1. Small electronic devices are placed near the base of their brains where they interface directly with their nervous system, especially the pleasure centers. They will be used to control them remotely from the type of controller that number 8 used on their arcyl catsuits earlier.
2. All their other internal organs are removed and replaced with nuclear powered heart/lung machines and other specialized devices that mimic their other organs. (Their human organs will be kept in stasis so they can be reinstalled when their enlistment ends – if they want) These bio-mechanical apparatus provide two major advantages: 1 - they allow for the extreme shaping of the Darbie doll with its fifteen inch waist; and 2 - after installation the androids no longer need to eat and no longer need to breathe. Once a month or so they will require a few tablets of special enzymes but otherwise their artificial systems will run for decades without refueling.
3. With their internal organs removed their external orifices (mouth, anus and vagina) are sealed leaving plenty of room for penetration of the largest penis or dildo. Their openings are lined with pleasure sensors and coated with a substance similar to teflon eliminating the need for lubrication.
4. Both of them received cosmedic surgery to make their faces look like Darbie and Ben dolls.
5. Jane had her breasts enlarged to size 46DD matching the standard Darbie doll's measurements.
6. Dan underwent surgery to lengthen his penis to the standard nine inches of a Ben doll. The penal implant will also give control of his erections, he or his master will be able to make his cock hard whenever they want. Also he will not ejaculate when he climaxes but he will be come as many times as he wants or is commanded to orgasm.
7. Their skin is coated with a special liquid latex which bonds to their skin in such a way that it can't be removed except by secret chemical only known to the Android Academy's researchers. The latex will give them that special doll like quality to their skin. Before the latex was applied they were dressed in a arcyl catsuit which incorporates several electronic sensors and activators which intergrate with their brain implants completing their control circuits.

Five weeks after signing the contracts they have completed their physical training. Also their android personalities have taken firm control of their minds because of the constant conditioning while they were kept sediated during the recovery from all the surgeries. When they were completely recovered they were taken to meet with number 8.

"Number 497 [Jane] and number 498 [Dan] you have completed your transformation and the initial phase of our training now you may see what you look like as Darbie and Ben" announced number 8 to the newest two androids. They have not been allowed to see themselves since the procedures began. Number 8 removed a sheet from a large mirror in front of them.

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