Sneak Preview of "As You Wish" from Stuckfast Productions
That's right! Stuckfast has done it again! This time, the project is called, "As You Wish" and features everything a statuephile could hope for.  Below are several sneak preview snapshots of the video, as well as brief descriptions of the action contained within.  This video is not presently available.  All images used by permission.

[1] Cleo Nicole (right) and Bridgette Dubois (left) play Sylvie and her genie Gilda.
[2] After giving Sylvie the Midas Touch, the genie offers a demonstration of the power...


[3] ...on herself. After playing with her, Sylvie unfreezes her slowly by kissing different parts of her body, allowing those parts to move.
[4] Later, Sylvie accidentally makes a wish, and gets turned into silver!


[5] Frozen in shock!
[6] The now mobile genie undresses the frozen Sylvie and plays with her.


[7] Later, the two of them make love...statue style. Frozen in motion, never moving!
[8] There are many frozen love-making moments - accentuated by a roaming camera that explores every part of their statu-esque poses...


[9] Another angle.
[10] Later, Sylvie makes one last which she can never take back.


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