Bob's Movie Files - The "Living Doll" Clips
Bob has been working hard, capturing these great movie files from RBP Studios' series of videos entitled, "Living Dolls".  These great clips are currently uploaded to an idrive and a netdrive account, which you can access using the information below.  Big thanks go out to Bob and RBP Studios for enabling this fantastic preview of the "Living Dolls" videos!
Living Dolls Video Series

RBP Studios ( is selling a series of tapes titled Living Dolls, volumes 1 through 3, with 4 and 5 on the way. Volume 4 is tentatively scheduled to be available in September.  I recently purchased the three current tapes and was impressed enough with them that I asked for, and received permission to post vidcaps from these tapes. With this permission from RBP, a commitment to post my reviews of these tapes and assistance from Panicman, I am announcing the availability of several mpeg files taken from the three videos.

The instructions for accessing the vidcap files are located at the bottom of this page. Before skipping to the end, I hope that you can find the time and energy to acknowledge RBP Studios work by visiting the website and Panicman for helping me get the word out. This would have been a helluva lot easier if I would just do my own website, but I work with computers and networks for a living. I don't need to take all of it home with me.

Please keep in mind that hypnosis plays a critical role in each of these videos. Each of the victims is 'conditioned' to play her role... and they do it well.

Living Dolls 1 is very similar to Chelsea's first video. The basic storyline is that a model poses for a photographer, but does not do nudes... at least, not voluntarily. The model is photographed with a special camera that freezes her instantly. For the remainder of the video, she is incapable of independent movement, except to protest her condition... which she does as forcefully as she can, considering that all she can do is talk. She is posed in various positions and is photographed. Eventually, a remote control is produced which the photographer uses to make the model walk like a robot and assume various poses. At the end of the video, the model is turned into a sex doll... and then there's a surprise immediately afterwards.

Highlights from Living Dolls 1
The dialog adds a dimension to this video that I can not adequately describe. I loved this aspect of it. The photographer explains that she is begining a collection of beautiful women to serve her every whim. She will use her remote to produce robots, mannequins and sex dolls from the women she snares. Why? As she put it, "Because I can!" What more motivation could one possibly need than this? The photographer is a mix between a mad scientist and obsessed collector. During the many poses the model is forced into, she is placed in the photographer's favorite pose and asked how she likes it. Have I said that I liked the dialog already? At the end, the transformation into a sex doll is not just 'poof, you're a sex doll'.  It is actually an eerie scene, given its length and the 'surprise' at the end. I can't say more without spoiling the surprise, but one of the vidcaps hints at what happens.  As stated before, hypnosis plays a crucial role. The model indeed can not move on her own accord and holds her poses once moved into them.

Living Dolls 2 is my favorite of the bunch. Given the limitations of environment that the producers of this video had, this video is very close to what I would personally like to have scripted. In this video, a model participates in a glamour shoot with a photographer and videographer. She has forgotten to wear jewelry and is given a bracelet to wear. This bracelet gives the photographer and videographer the ability to freeze the model by simply saying 'freeze'. The model has no memory of what happened to her while frozen. She is frozen and posed several times throughout the video. While frozen, the photographer takes every opportunity to fondle the model. Occassionally, the videographer also finds it difficult to keep his hands off of her. There is dialog between the videographer and photographer about how to pose the model when she is frozen, which is a nice touch. Even though the model has no memory of being frozen, let alone what happened to her while frozen, she is aroused. Eventually she becomes aroused enough to be talked into removing her clothing. As the video progresses, she is talked into bring herself to release and is frozen at the moment of ecstacy.

Highlights from Living Dolls 2
The entire video is nothing but highlights! I just may melt this tape if I keep playing it. I can't say enough about it.

Living Dolls 3 is also a good video, and should be especially welcome by the robot fans. In the begining of the video, we see the victim (the photographer from video #1) strapped to a table. A 'mad scientist', the model from the second video, enters the room and places electrodes and a couple of electronic devices on the model's head and breasts. The victim fearfully asks what is going to happen to her. The scientist replies that no harm will come to her, but she is the subject of an experiment. She procedes to turn a knob on an electronic console, which produces a slow clicking sound. She touches other controls that produce noises similar to Star Trek communicators. As the knob is turned, the clicking intensifies. The victim feels a tingling sensation, which evolves into numbness as the clicking intensifies. As presses the controls to produce chirping noises, the victim gasps and her breathing becomes more and more labored. Finally, the know is turned to full intensity. The victim stiffens on the table and is apparently frozen... her open eyes staring blankly at the ceiling overhead. The restraints are removed and the scientist produces a small 'control' unit that makes electronic noises. Without a word spoken, the scientist touches a button. The victim suddenly sits up on the table. Again without any words spoken, the button is pressed again. The victim slides off of the table and stands at attention. She is now a robot. What follows is the typical walk back and forth type of stuff, followed by the scientist running her hands an tongue all over her new toy. The robot never breaks her pose, but does audibly respond to what she's feeling. She is commanded to dance to music. When the music ends, she stops... frozen awaiting her next order. Finally, the robot is commanded to follow the scientist to a bedroom.  The actual walking scene here is brief, but better than the typical 'walk back and forth' I've seen a lot of. The remainder of the video deals with the scientist commanding her robot to pleasure her, as she pleasuses her robot. As the scientist is brought to release, the robot goes into a 'rest mode'... a good scene, but a little short.

Highlights from Living Dolls 3
The first 10 or 15 minutes and last 5 minutes or so make this video. It is a good robot video.  The 'robot' never breaks her role, never breaks her positions when she is stopped or stops on her own

I have some personal problems with this video. It strays from the robot theme and spends more time on girl/girl activities. Not that I'm against it, but for me, there was too much time spent in this area. In the scene where the 'robot' is made to dance to the music, the 'scientist' plays observer for a few minutes, then sits back and smiles at the camera. The 'robot' is made to dance three times in a row... to the same music. This part strained my interest, but I endured and in the end enjoyed the video. As I've said, these are my personal issues with this video, your mileage will vary.

I could compare these videos to Chelsea and Renee's videos, but that would not be fair. I could compare them to Stuckfast's freeze lover's video, but that would also not be fair. Chelsea and Renee produce amateur videos and they don't claim to do otherwise. Stuckfast's video is of professional quality... worlds apart from Chelsea and Renee. The Living Dolls videos are somewhere between these two ends of the spectrum. The video and audio quality is good. With a bit more attention paid to editing, they'd probably rival Stuckfast's work.

Thank you for taking time to read my reviews of these videos. And now, as promised, here is the information for accessing the vidcaps taken from these videos.

All files are mpeg (.mpg) files. They turned out a bit darker than the actual videos themselves, but that's the best I can do for now with what I have to work with. The quality of the vidcaps is sufficient for viewing. The pictures available at the studio's website, accurately reflect the true quality of these videos. They range in size from 4 to 15 MB, so I've taken a page from Shade's Japanese petrification site to make them available to you. The files can be located at these locations: and

The account to access for each of these sites is bobhasfr
The idrive account requires a password, since guest access does not always work. The password is asfr@@@@

The netdrive account does not require a password at all.

All files are located in my shareable/public folders and should not be difficult to locate.

Step by Step Directions
To access the movie clips described above, follow these instructions:
1) Go to both of these websites to obtain the full series of clips: &
2) Enter this as the account name on both sites: bobhasfr
3) For the idrive account only, enter this as the password: asfr@@@@
4) From there, it shouldn't be too difficult to find the file you want, then click "download"

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