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Q-What is

Q-You mean you want to have sex with robots? Why?

Q-What about scenes where people are frozen, paralyzed, or become statues? How about mannequins? Are they appropriate here too?

Q-What makes a good robot fantasy?

Q-Is the ideal fantasy for living statuary different than for robots?

Q-Are there any books about robot people? Q-Are there any good examples of robot people in the media? --ROBOT PEOPLE IN FILM --ROBOT PEOPLE IN TELEVISION --ROBOT PEOPLE IN MAGAZINES

Q-Are there any groups or organizations dealing with this fetish?

Q-Is anyone trading or selling tapes?

Q-Can I upload photos?

Q-What is A-The (ASFR) newsgroup is dedicated to the discussion of the concept of sex with or sexual attraction to robots and robot-like beings. This can range from metallic, non-humanoid machines to humanoid androids. Discussions can deal with specific fantasies, fiction relating to the topic and connected ideas like people behaving like/turned into human mannequins, dolls, toys, and other hypnosis and mesmerism fantasies that involve the mechanical/monotone response that appeals to the members.

Q-You mean you want to have sex with robots? Why? A-Well, many of us fantasize about such things, but as many newsgroups will state, there's a difference between imagining about something and actually doing it. As for "why," to quote the breakfast cereal commercial, "we just do." We find the look, the movement and the sound of the mechanical body attractive. It's no different than liking people that wear a certain type of clothes, of hairstyle.

Q-What about scenes where people are frozen, paralyzed, or become statues? How about mannequins? Are they appropriate here too? A-Of course; Immobility is also found very sexy by a techno-sexual fetishist. This "Living Statuary" idea is welcome here and is enjoyed by many members.

Q-What makes a good robot fantasy? A-That's a little like asking what makes a good pizza. Tastes vary, but some common themes exist. The Author offers the following points of reference to indicate the quality of the robotic action in a fantasy or scene. Further tests/suggestions happily accepted.

START-UP/WIND-DOWN- In some cases, the only moments the actors will act robotic is when they are being activated or deactivated. A little jerkiness in their arms and legs, some stiff action. If done well, this can be very erotic. VOICE- The monotone quality of the voice can add to the arousal of the viewer. The author prefers a clipped, monotone voice. MOTION- In the few classic examples of robot people, the movement of the actors is stiff and jerky, really getting the feeling of being a robot across. Best examples would be mime team Shields and Yarnell (whom the author would seriously consider sacrificing major parts of his anatomy to see in a porn film doing their act...) Immobility is also found very sexy; scenes where people are frozen/paralysed are also appealing to the robot fetishist.

Q-Is the ideal fantasy for living statuary is different than for robots? A-Yes, but there remains a lot of common ground. The emphasis in a living statuary fantasy is on motionlessness and loss of control. Following are some typical elements of a good statuary fantasy: MOTION - There *isn't* any! The person is stiff and rigid and cannot move on their own at all. Sometimes they are slightly pliable so they can be posed but generally the solid-as-stone hardness is desirable. INDUCTION/RELEASE - The fantasy is most effective if the person being changed is *aware* they are being turned into a statue. A struggle or moment of surprise right before motionlessness is an excellent contrast. HELPLESSNESS - Frozen people can be undressed, moved around, fondled, or talked about and they are powerless to resist. If they remain conscious it also accentuates the situation. POSE - A living statue remains in whatever position she is at induction, often that is not how they want to appear. The pose should emphasize the unnatural condition. People turned into mannequins should look as if they are window dummies with blank expressions and 'wooden' poses.Female mannequins should have an especially appealing physique and be made up to resemble an actual display figure to heighten the effect. EXHIBITION - Often the living statue will be moved to a location which can cause embarrassment when they are reanimated. Being recognized by other characters while frozen also contributes to the fantasy's appeal.Statuary can act as furniture or fine art; mannequins are cheesecake.

Q-Are there any books about robot people? A-The author suggests ROBOTS, a book published by Starlog Press many years ago, chronicling nearly every robot (human and otherwise) in mainstream SF to that date. It is out of print now, but is still found at conventions. It features many pictures as well.

Q-Are there any good examples of robot people or living statuary in film and TV? A-There are a large number of examples of robot people in both mainstream and porn entertainment. The depiction of the robots varies from example to example; often (in the case of much of the porn stuff) the characters are robots in the script only, with a line or two mentioning this but no action to back it up.

This list is offered as a guideline to good examples of this rather fringe genre. Interested parties may also wish to consult THE UNABRIDGED A.S.F.R. TV GUIDE also posted to the A.S.F.R. newsgroup by (The Robo-Lover)

NOTE: Several of these films are submitted by other contributors. These films are marked as being searched for by the author in order to review them and hopefully add to the description.


A Man Called Dagger - Another 60's James Bond clone in which several women are controlled by radio transmitters implanted in their teeth. Starring comic Jan Murray as a nazi. **Looking for a copy to review further.

Android - Klaus Kinski as a mad scientist on a space station who builds two androids for company, one of them a sexy blonde.

Angel of H.E.A.T. - Many female robots start, stop. **Looking for a copy to review further.

Batteries Included (Also released as RoboVixens) - Porn film about a dating service that rents robot girls. Except for a nice start-up scene at the start, no robot action at all.

Beach Fever - Teens develop love potion, which is then stolen by gangsters who use it to turn women into prostitutes. Some of the entranced women act quite stiff and robotic. **Looking for a copy to review further.

Blade Runner - Kind of goes without saying, doesn't it? Little action at all, really, save for a scene where Darryl Hannah plays mannequin to trap Harrison Ford.

Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter - Has an interesting scene of a sword fight taking place through a roomful of people mesmerized into statue-like immobility.

Carry on Screaming - One in the series of British "Carry On" screwball comedies. Women are kidnapped and turned into store mannequins. **Looking for a copy to review further.

Cherry 2000 - Near-future SF film about a pleasure droid who malfunctions and the search for a replacement in the typical dystopian wasteland. A few nice moves, near the beginning and right at the end.

Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang - Yes, the kid's film. Sally Ann Howe masquerades as a wind-up music box doll, doing a VERY nice mechanical song number, even with sounds effects as she moves.

Collectible - A rich man hires people to pose around his house as living statues, and have sex on his command. Very pleasurable. DOWNLOAD picture (56k)

Coppelia - A ballet about a man who falls in love with a mechanical doll, and his true love impersonates the doll. Performed on PBS once or twice, quite well.

Cybersex - Man falls in love with an insatiable military android. **Looking for a copy to review further.

Cyberzone - A film by Fred Olen Ray about a bounty hunter sent to recover a shipment of Pleasure Droids. The girls are very attractive, and one very nice (but all too brief) activation scene.

Deadly Friend - Matthew Lebourteaux (Little House) rebuilds his murdered girlfrriend as a robot and she starts to go haywire and dangerous.

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine - One of the Beach Party movies by Sam Arkoff. Vincent Price plays a scientist (mad, need I add) who builds robot women to marry off to rich bachelors and kill them for money. Highlights: many scenes of robotic action, no sex or nudity.

Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs - A sequel to the Bikini Machine, directed by Mario Bava (!) The robot girls now have bombs in their bellybuttons and explode when they are kissed. Highlights: A robotic dance number where dozens of girls clank their way around. And it's repeated over the credits. One of the best examples of robot motion this author has seen (and the benchmark he has used ever since)

Erotique Optique - An OK SF porn flick, but don't believe the box-these women are not, were not, and never will be robots.

Eve of Destruction - Eve-88 is a beautiful war droid out on a tear

Extreme Sex 3: Wired - Porn film-One scene involves sex with a wind-up puppet. SPECTACULAR start-up sequence. DOWNLOAD picture (28k)

Frankenhooker - Guy's girl dies in a lawnmower accident, and he rebuilds her using parts of hookers. Hilarious film by Frank Hennenlotter (Basket Case)

Galaxina - SF film starring Dorothy Stratten as a female android. As a robot flick, she's no great shakes, but in the space bordello there's a robot waitress that just makes the whole film.

Ghoulies - Teen becomes evil magician and hypnotizes girlfriend and others. Includes scenes of monotone talking and people frozen into statues.

Heartbeeps - Hey go ahead and laugh, one of them is Bernadette Peters.

How to Make a Doll - A tease flick by noted gore director Herschell Gordon Lewis. A nerdish guy builds a computer that makes robot women. Good mechanical voices, little nudity, no sex.

I Love Maria (AKA Roboforce) - Hong Kong action flick about a robot woman built by evil scientists who goes renegade and becomes good. She's all black metal/plastic, save for her face, and she's sexy as all hell. In the climax she gets re-built in silver chrome. Great robotic action, start-up/shutdown. No nudity (well, she's not wearing any clothes on her black metal body, so make your own call.)

In Like Flint - The second Flint film. Women attempt to take over the world. flint's girls are placed in cryogenic chambers and frozen, soon followed by Flint.

Kiss Me Quick! (AKA Dr. Breedlove) - Tease film from the sixties about a mad scientist who builds robot women for an alien who sounds like Stan Laurel. Highlights: One girl is turned on from a standing start, strip teases, and is shut off.

Living Doll - Not to be confuused with the TV series. Porn film about a toy store full of randy dolls, including an "Electronic" woman doll, a teddy bear (alert the group!) and more. In truth, the cover photo of a woman posing like a mannequin in a cage is sexier than the film. DOWNLOAD picture (68k)

Lust Runner - Science Fiction porn flick loosely based on Blade Runner. One character is a sex android. One nice scene as she describes her abilities and programming, tho not too robotic. DOWNLOAD picture (60k)

Making Mr. Right - One of the few male sexy robots. Anne Magnusson falls in love with an android designed to go into space. Many mechanical moments, great for the ladies.

Mannequin/Mannequin 2 - One woman in each film are mannequins that come to life when alone with their love.

Metropolis - The classic silent film by Fritz Lang. The Maria automaton is a classic design, and her human form is also quite sensual

Night of the Living Babes - Soft porn film in the Rocky Horror vein. Zombie hookers are immobile until turned on, then become insatiable.

Night of the Living Debbies - Nina Hartley stars in this film about a (all together now) mad scientist who builds robot sex dolls. Some GREAT voice, and start-up/wind down action, and good motion scenes, including a robotic blowjob.

Our Man Flint - James Coburn plays Derek Flint, a super spy. An evil organization keeps their workers happy by hypnotizing women and turning them into "Pleasure Units." The female lead is inducted in a very sexy scene that features several women.

Pleasure Maze - Porn about a testing lab for robot women. Little action, some good start-up scenes. Highlight: Nina Hartley as a model being tested for the first time. DOWNLOAD picture (28k)

Prescription for Pleasure - Disappointing film about a company who offers fantasies acted out by robots. Save for a scene where two people stand still and a fat guy says they're robots, no action (hell, no mention) at all

Programmed For Pleasure - Dubbed version of a french film called la Object du Femme (The Female Object.) A SF author builds himself a robot woman as insatiable as he is. Great moves, good robot-acting, very erotic.

Programmed to Kill - Sandahl Bergman as an injured female terrorist, rebuilt as a superstrong cyborg with a remote control microchip implanted in her brain. No sex, but somewhat enjoyable to watch her walk around with a blank expression until she manages to regain self-awareness.

Robo C.H.I.C. - Robot woman fights crime. Some very nice movement and activation scenes near the beginning

RoboFox / RoboFox II - An ugly woman is hit by a car, and is rebuilt by a man-hating female doctor into Angela Baron. Sorry, but wooden acting does not make one a robot. Not worth the trouble.

RoboSex - Aliens kidnap people, turn them into sex robots in an attempt to take over the world. Okay voices (a little too much electronic fiddling makes them hard to understand)

Robotrix - Hong Kong action flick about an android made in the image of a dead lady cop. Some nudity, some non-consentual sex (not by the robot tho.)

Sex Aliens - Two space girls come to Earth in search of their king. They use two robot girls as soldiers, and kidnap and reprogram one Earth girl. Very nice start-up sequences, little to no robot action afterwards.

Sex Droids - Porn film. A scientist's "Plastic People" are tested in a lab. Unimpressive save for one brief startup scene.

Shanks - Marcel Marceau stars as a puppeteer who learns from a scientist how to animate the dead and move them like puppets. Many of the females are quite attractive. Last film directed by William Castle, and quite good in its own right.

Some Girls Do - James Bond clone film from the 60's including an island full of robotized women whose brains have been replaced by computers. A few short shut-off scenes, not much else. The film's lousy too.

Space Virgins - Porn film parody of Invaders from Mars. People are taken over by aliens and have some very impressive robotic sex.

Star Trek, the Motion Picture - Ilia (Persis Khambatta) is kidnapped by the alien space entity and replaced by a robot . Very sexy outfit, motion and voice (some electronic distortion)

Steel and Lace - Bruce Davison (Willard) rebuilds his murdered sister as a robot to seduce and kill the men who murdered her.

The Stepford Wives Written by Ira Levin. A New England town's women are all turned into obedient loving robots by their husbands. There have been several sequels on TV as well.

The Stepville Wives (also released as HER TOTAL RESPONSE - Features young women with circuit boards in the back of their necks doing lewd things. There was a nice scene when one got stuck in a DO loop and had to be reset and another with the heroine having lesbian sex with her friend who had gone all 'strange'. **ACTIVELY Looking for a copy to review further.

Superman III - As Superman battles a mad supercomputer, a woman is absorbed by the machine and turned into a battle robot. Not a very attractive one, tho.

Tales of Hoffman - A classic opera, adapted many times to stage, film and television. The first story is about a mechanical doll that the title character falls in love with.

The Human Duplicators - Not a great movie, but includes several robot women in high heels.

Tourist Trap - Slasher flick. Chuck Connors is a crazy recluse with the power to make mannequins move.

User Friendly - Very disappointing porn film about a robot woman built by two guys. The "robot" does not act robotic at ALL. Another woman pretends to be a robot to trick a woman trying to buy the real robot, and SHE'S more robotic than the robot, and not by much.

Wanda, The Sadistic Hypnotist - Has interesting opening shot of series of hypnotized women posed as nude statues.

Westworld - Futuristic wild west amusement park populated by robots, including female robot hookers. Richard Benjamin has sex with one (and she goes blank in a nice close up). Also several scenes of robots in various states of repair.

Wicked Waxxx Worxxx - Porn film. Strange wax figures from a museum come to life to have their way with anyone nearby. Lots of mannequin posing.

Your Kinkiest Fantasies (Re-editied from "F"...And Lots of It!) - Porn flick. First sequence involves a number of wind-up women. Good start-up sequence, nice wind down. Original release-"F"-has some mannequin posing in another scene

NOTE: Hyapatia Lee supposedly does a robotic dance in one of her early films. The Author is actively searching for a copy of this film to confirm the scene. Any information would be happily appreciated.



Almost Live! - Sketch Show on Comedy Central. "Guy and Gizmo" was a parody of Mann and Machine where the robot girl ran on an extension cord, and it kept pulling out, and she'd shut off. Cute.

Assorted Bob Hope Specials - Bob must have a penchant for this fetish, elsewise he wouldn't keep doing sketches involving it on his Christmas specials. Loni Anderson (Hoo yeah) and Mary Lou Retton have both played robot girls destined for Santa's sack. The Author is actively seeking the Loni Anderson sketch.

Batman - In the episode with Rudy Valee, Batgirl is paralysed into a mannequin by a gas. Several great poses, including one where she's chained to a wall.

Bionic Woman/Six Million Dollar Man - Aside from title characters, Fembots seen in assorted episodes.

Bizarre - Obscure cable comedy show starring John Byner, the show that first featured Super Dave Osborne. One brief sketch Byner and a sweet young thing as a robot magician and his assistant. Another skit involves John as an inventor of a blender who is no longer upset at losing an invention contest to the inventor of a sexy female robot when he finds out that his blender also controls the robot!

Carol Burnett Show - John Byner and Harvey Korman play scientists who have built robot women, Carol and Vicki Lawrence respectively. Vicki is a KNOCKOUT in this sketch.

Commercials: The Putterman commercials for Duracell (Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld) The recent Nestle Crunch ads where everyone had keys in their backs

Days of Our Lives - Plotline where Mad scientist creates robot woman

Dumbo's Circus - A live-action costume show from the Disney Channel. Lilly (a trapeze-flying cat) is sick, and one of the folks builds a mechanical duplicate. Sounds silly, but very sexy.

Electric Company - Skip Hinnant and Judy Graubert did several sketches about Roy the Toy Boy and Joy the Toy Girl

Fame Holiday Special - Includes Lori Singer (from VR5) as an animated dancing mannequin.

Fantasy Island - Barbi Benton and others are mannequins who come to life, refreeze.

Future Cop - The one that wasn't Ernest Borgnine was a robot. Again, not very sexy, but not unpleasant to look at.

Get Smart - Hymie the robot, semi-regular character. Not very sexy, tho. One episode features a female robot that Hymie falls in love with. KAOS invents a drug called immobilo that paralyses people, including 99. KAOS invents a spray that turns people into mannequins, killing them. No posing, not sexy

Gilligan's Island - An MS (and I don't mean multiple sclerosis) makes rings that transform the castaways into human robots.

Holmes and Yoyo - complete do I really wanna bother to make this thing?

I Dream of Jeannie - Wedding episode-Jeannie replaces herself with a mechanical dummy. One of the finest examples of robotic motion on episodic television. In another episode, Jeannie turns herself into a mannequin to get in to see Tony

Land of the Giants - The female little person and the fat one pose as marionettes to help a kindly giant puppeteer.

Logan's Run - Rem (Donald Moffat) regular character. Not very sexy, tho. Mariette Hartley appears in one episode as an android guardian, and potential love interest for Rem.

Lois and Clark- the New Adventures of Superman Several episodes: "The Prankster" - Bronson Pinchot has a camera that immobilizes people. Lois is frozen and posed in negligees. Lois' father builds a robot companion that has appeared in a couple of episodes (The author actively seeks these episodes)

Lost In Space - Several unimpressive episodes with androids and robot people, save one where the family (all but Will) is replaced by robots. GREAT voice and motion.

Man from U.N.C.L.E. "The Sort of Do-it Yourself Dreadful Affair"-THRUSH makes super strong robot women. Written by Harlan Ellison(!) "The Deadly Smorgasbord Affair" - A scientist invents a gizmo that suspends animation. Thrush steals it and attacks Uncle Euro HQ, turning them all into statues. Induction, reaction scenes are very good. "The His Master's Voice Affair" THRUSH brainwashes women to turn into hypnotized robots when they hear a lullaby.

Mann and Machine - Good recent SF cop show. Eve (The robot) never really got very mechanical (in any of the episodes I saw, anyway)

My Living Doll - Julie Newmar plays Rhoda, an android posing as human. Great moves.

Really Weird Tales - A Twilight Zone parody one-shot from HBO. In one chapter, Dave Thomas plays a Hugh Hefner type who has populated his mansion with sexy androids. Great scene as one is put through a series of test poses.

Shields and Yarnell - They had a summer replacement show back in the 70's, and they have appeared on a number of shows since (Including the second Wild Wild West reunion) as their mime robots, the Klinkers. As previously said, there is little the author would not give to see this couple in a, shall we say, different locale.

Star Trek - I, Mudd: robo-folks a-plenty. Great voices, great turn-on/off scenes "Requiem for Methuselah"-immortal builds a robot companion. Nice scene with earlier version shut off. "Wink of an Eye" - Enterprise invaded by super-fast beings who see the crew as statues. Kirk takes a drug to join them. "What are little girls made of?" Man builds himself a robot body, other androids as well.

Star Trek, TNG - Data, regular cast member Minuet, from episode 100101001

The Avengers - "Return of the Cybernauts"-aside from the title characters themselves (who have appeared several other times), the beautiful and independent Emma Peel is turned into an obedient blank-faced automaton by a remote control watch that she is tricked into wearing by a revenge-seeking mad scientist. "You'll Catch Your Death" - Christopher Lee plays a scientist who manufactures robot doubles of people, including (we learn at the end) Steed and Tara King

The Lookalike - TV Movie Melissa Gilbert and others have mannequin doubles (they pose still)

Twilight Zone - LOTS of examples: After Hours-Anne Francis is a mannequin (Remade in new series starring Terry Farrel) "The Trade-ins"-that one with the old people buying robot bodies "The Lonely"-The one with Jack Warden as a prisoner who gets a robot woman as a gift. The Mighty Casey - Scientist builds a robot baseball player.

Voyage to the bottom of the Sea - Assorted epidsodes involving robot people (chapter and verse appreciated on these, especially since it's running on the SF channel.)

Weird Sceince - Lisa, the main character is created by a computer, but does not act robotic at all. "Copper Top Girl" - Lisa makes robot girlfriend for Wyatt. After she breaks down, Gary operates her as a remote control puppet.

Night Gallery Robot servants turn on a rude couple Randy Mantooth is in a class on ethics, it turns out all the students are robots

Return of the Munsters - TV Movie-Sid Ceasar plays a mastermind who has robot wax dummies commit crimes; one, a cave girl, is very sexy indeed.

Super Mario Bros Super Show! - A pretty robot lady falls for Luigi

The Price is Right - Recurring showcase concept where model appears as a robot fortune teller. Also several sketches where the girls pose like mannequins

Thief of Bagdad - Metal statue of Kali (multi-amed goddess) comes to life and kills the sultan

Night Stalker - Mannequins come to life to kill in one episode

New Mickey Mouse Club - In one episode, two mouseketeers pose as "Magic Mannequins" who do a little dance and talk about fashion in history. They wear flesh-tone body suits and do a little dance.

H.R. Pufnstuf - Jimmy is turned into a mechanical boy by Witchiepoo.

The Questor Tapes - Pilot by Gene Roddenberry about an android seeking its creator so he can eveolve to a new lifeform. Opening sequence where the featureless nude droid activates and molds his features is crude but quite effective.

Doctor Who - British SF show. Many episodes over the years, including The Androids of Tara, Robots of Death, et al.

Red Dwarf - British SF comedy. Kryten, regular character. One episode featured a female robot (a mirage, in fact)

Small Wonder - A scientist builds an android girl, and his family raises it as their daughter. The Author wishes sorely they made her about ten years older, because robo-pedophilia is a bit much even for him.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- --


Gallery, February 1973: Silver-painted models, somewhat robotic

High Society, October 1977: Star Whores (gold-painted robot women)

Hustler, May 1983: Programmed for Passion (silver-painted robot woman)

Playboy, January 1988: Maxine Legroom (computer-generated woman (makeup)) NOTE-Maxine has also appeared several times on the Playboy channelÕs assorted shows.

Peterson's Photographic, March 1988: Petites (silver robot women)

Penthouse, April 1990: Pet Rocks (two woman painted as granite statues)

Playboy, May 1990: Woman painted as a bronze statue

Penthouse, March 1991: Robo-Pet (partially silver-painted woman)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q-Are there any groups or organizations dealing with this fetish? A-Short of this newsgroup, none exist that we know of. Any information on one would be appreciated. The Author has whimsically suggested the term "techno-sexuals" as the politcally correct term to refer to followers of this fetish, and to wear little wind-up keys on a chain the way other groups wear those little colored rings.

Q-Is anyone trading or selling tapes?

A-Well, the author is, actively. Several other regular contributors to the newsgroup are active traders of films and TV clips of scenes that cater to this fetish. Simply post a message to the newsgroup stating your desire to trade. Usually one sends one's list of available films by e-mail. The newsgroup is not responsible for any transactions.

Many of the films listed in this FAQ are classified as pornagraphy, and as such may not be viewed by minors.

Many of the tease films are available from Something Weird Video, as well as a lot of cool horror, Mexican wrestling pictures and more. Get their catalog for five bucks by writing to: SWV Catalog PO Box 33664 Seattle WA 98133 or call them at (206) 361-3759 Something Weird also attend many SF and horror conventions, where many other of the films and TV shows may be found.

Excalibur Video has an impressive selection of adult films, and can be reached at their web site ( or by phone at 1(800) BUY-MOVIES

World of Fantasy can supply custom fetish audio tapes for the cost of one of those phone sex lines. The author can personally vouch for their product. Their web address is

If any dealers carry films which appeal to this fetish, please contact the author and you can be listed as a supplier.

Q-Can I upload photos? A-By all means. The newsgroup (tragically) is not very busy right now, so a few binary files wouldn't exactly crash the Internet. If you don't have access to any Uuencoding programs (they're fairly easy to find on the net) you can always forward graphic files to me, and I'll encode and post them for you, crediting you of course.

Needless to say, The Author is AGGRESSIVELY seeking out further examples of this particular sub-sub-sub-genre. Suggestions and additions (with samples, if a man may dream) happily accepted. Submissions may be posted or (preferably) e-mailed. Please note if you wish to be listed as a contributor or not.

Contributors to the FAQ to date include:


o (Tod T. Fox)

o (Louis Epstein)

o (Fred Vaughan)

o (William George Ferguson)

o Robo-Lover)

o (Jon Mack)

o (Boris Ludmenkov)

o (D)

And numerous anonymous Techno-sexuals

Thanks to Excalibur Video for the graphics and film searches.