Part 4 ( Vers. 1)


'Rest by syringe and new memories'

Dressed like a bride, accompanied by three mannequins as bride's maids resp. best girl, and a male window dummy as groom, Susan stood in the display of the bridal salon. Her feet were fixed in the high heeled patent leather shoes by their ankle straps, while the shoes were glued to a glass base. Her breasts, waist and hip had been stiffened during last night by a plastifying cream, while a corset formed her an hour glass figure with a stunning bust line. Her nipples are erect forever, she needed no longer a bra. She wore a strapless gown and a small jacket, enhancing her neckline, but keeping the look of a blushing bride.

It was her Greatest Day: she was becoming a mannequin today! She worked at this window dressing company last week, the weekend she had dreamed becoming stiff and motionless, and yesterday she played a living mannequin in this display! During the night she had become partially plastic: her breasts even give a clicking sound when she knocked on them!

Since Friday Susan had a fetish to plastic; it aroused her sexually to touch plastic, above all mannequin plastic, and the permanent touch of her plastic breasts and waist made her horny. The vibrator, sealed into her hips since last night, made her looking sexless, while relaxing her, whenever she became too aroused; and she need not move by her own to get a climax! But soon she will not need, she will be unable to make the slightest move: Jeanette had arrived to transform her into a real mannequin!

Early in the morning, before the salon opened, Jeanette had returned to finish Susan's transformation. Susan noticed her arrival, because the waves of pleasure demented, when Jeanette stopped the vibrator. Then she entered the display and approached Susan. "Good morning, my cute little doll!" she greeted Susan "Let's see, what the cream did!" and opened the back zipper of Susan's gown. She pulled down the gown, unlaced the corset and removed it.

Susan's breasts, waist and hip, creamed a few hours ago, where now naked and visible. The skin had changed color and structure: it had become lighter and smoother! Jeanette touched it: the skin was hard! It was even cooler then normal body temperature! She cupped Susan's breasts with her palms and tried to squeeze them; but they had become hard, solid plastic in the upright poking, provocative form the corset's under wired, padded cups had given them!

Susan remained immobile the whole time; she reacted passive like a mannequin to Jeanette's touches. Jeanette took Susan's hands, guided them to her waist and whispered: "Just feel and caress yourself!" and Susan did as told: her waist: narrow, as formed by the corset, and even without the layer of the corset! Fixed in its form by the plastified skin! and her breasts: voluptuous by nature, sculpted to men's dreams by the cups of the corset, kept in form by a hard plastic layer: her transformed skin, instead of a bra!

That plastic was her own! her torso was like that of a mannequin! Susan nearly got mad, when she realized: she was partial a real mannequin! Always touching plastic, because she consists of plastic! She was half way towards being a mannequin!

Jeanette redressed her now: just pulling up the gown and closing the zipper. Without the layer of the corset, the strapless top just hid the aureole of Susan's plastic breasts; only the jacket made her a blushing bride instead of a sexy vamp.

Then Jeanette filled a syringe with a chemical and hold it in front of Susan's face: "This is the last step. I call the chemical in this syringe 'the mannequintizer'. It'll make you a full plastic mannequin. I'll inject the mannequintizer into your vein; it will distribute through your body, reaching each cell. The chemical will reduce your need of oxygen, so you can stop breathing. and when the oxygen concentration in your blood falls under a certain limit, your whole body is transformed to plastic in less than a minute!"

Jeanette injected the epidemic needle of a syringe into her arm's vein and injected 'the mannequintizer' into Susan's blood stream. The syringe was empty now and put aside. "Perhaps you have noticed the monitor you worked last week was very flicker and had an hypnotic effect on your mind!" Jeanette started a speech. "I have to confess, I have hypnotized you and changed your consciousness! And now it's time to activate your new memories!" and Jeanette snapped her fingers just in front of Susan's face.

This started the effect of the last posthypnotic command: Susan now remembered her real past (she thought)! She had been injection molded as mannequin! An evil magician had made her a living girl and manipulated her mind: that she had always been a flesh-and-blood woman. But Jeanette had detected her real origin, when she - Susan - was hypnotized by the flimsy monitor! Jeanette had prepared this chemicals to take her back into her real, her original life as shop window mannequin!

Jeanette had been so nice to her! Susan was so glad, so happy, so fond of Jeanette! She whispered "Thank You!", then gasped a last time for air and hold her breath. She took the pose she was initially molded in and smiled happily. Jeanette started the vibrator on a low level while the oxygen level was sinking.

"Blink now!" Jeanette ordered and Susan obeyed. "Now keep your eyes open!" Susan did it. "Do you feel the vibrator?" Susan felt it very good; a climax was building!

But before the orgasm came ,the plastifying happened! With a slight crackling sound, all of Susan's warm and soft flesh, her blood, her skin and all of her body was turned into hard, rigid plastic. All of her body was plastic now! This thought alone would have been enough to make her cum; together with the vibrator, poking against her now very sensuous plastic vagina, it made her nearly mad, such heavy pleasure was washing through her mind and her body.

Outside no more motion was visible; Jeanette had noticed the small sound, the transformation had made, and the change in color and structure of the skin. Susan was now a perfect mannequin with a very happy smile that made customers to buy its clothes to be as happy as the mannequin.

Jeanette knocked against the shoulder of Susan and heard the plastic 'click'. Susan heard it also, regaining some consciousness after the furious climax; she was really full plastic now! like she was born! And the vibrator still worked and carried her to the next orgasm!

Jeanette kissed her and whispered: "Have a good time! You are a very nice mannequin!" Then she left the display and closed the door, that separated salon and display. Again Susan was immobile between immobile mannequins; but this time she is herself a mannequin! she is forever immobile! and real plastic!

Susan was very happy; all her wishes are fulfilled, no more desires, just being a mannequin! and the vibrator worked and carried her to the next orgasm ...

and one more orgasm ...

the next orgasm ...

orgasm ...

orgasm ...

orgasm ...


Back in her office, Jeanette started the computer; she deleted Susan's user account and the database, Susan has created. In her own, the official database, Jeanette called Susan's file, entered the current date in the field "production time" and closed the file.

Then she put a shield in the display: "Help wanted for inventory!"


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