Part 3 ( Vers. 1)


'Breasts, Waist and Sex'

Susan had lost any track of time; her body was filled with pleasure, arising from the touch of the plastic lips of 'Ken' (the male window dummy, she was kissing as 'his bride'), from the vibrator in her vagina, from Ken's dummy sex, caressing her clitoris, and the consciousness of being on display as mannequin.

The only shadow on Susan's perfect happiness: she was not really a mannequin, she was blood and flesh instead of plastic!

Susan felt the return of Jeanette, because Jeanette switched off the vibrator. When the pleasure waves became lower. Susan noticed that the door to the display opened and Jeanette entered the small display.

"Hello, my dear mannequin, Susan!" Jeanette greeted her "You look great as a bridal mannequin! But I have to speak with you, so please move and talk to me!" Susan was ordered.

Reluctantly Susan moved her lips away from Ken's lips, opened the embracement of Ken's neck and turned her head towards Jeanette. Still her butt was pressed towards Ken's hips and her feet were fixed in the pedestal's high heels, but she was able to speak: "Can I become a real, a full plastic mannequin? Please!" Susan begged.

"I have fetched some chemicals that can fulfill your wishes!" Jeanette assured her "Tomorrow you can be a mannequin!"

"I can become a window dummy?!" Susan was overwhelmed with happiness; she would have gleefully jumped and bounced around, if a mannequin would do such things and if the corset and pedestal would not have prevented any major movement.

Jeanette smiled. Just a week ago this girl was wearing jeans and jogging shoes and in a first, careful attempt to control her mind she suggested her to like 2 1/2" high heels; today she could not wait to become finally transformed into a sexy object!

The subliminal computer screen and her posthypnotic suggestions worked very well, but Susan was also easy to influence.

"But for the first transformation step you have to leave the display and undress! The salon is closed now, so we can move freely!" and after these words Jeanette kneeled down, opened the ankle straps and removed the rod between the corset and the pedestal. Also Ken's arms were bent such that Susan's hip was freed, then she stepped out of the patent leather shoes and, supported by Jeanette, left the display.

In a changing cubicle, Susan was completely undressed: the wig with the headpiece was removed, the gown's zipper was opened and the gown pulled over her head, the petticoat fell down.

It was Jeanette, who undressed Susan: Susan stayed mostly passive, she just moved her arms or her feet when Jeanette pushed them. Susan behaved really rather mannequin-like; in her mind she was already a mannequin, just her body has to be adjusted to her mind.

Jeanette unlaced the corset and removed it. Susan shivered when the cool air hit her skin. Without the support of the corset's cups, her breasts fell down and her bust line became less impressive.

Finally the rubber slip was pulled down. "You go to the toilet now!" Jeanette ordered. Susan noticed that her bladder was really full. How mannequin-unlike! "This will be the last time you have to go!" Jeanette consoled her, "In the meantime I will prepare the slip such it cannot be removed any more!"

Without the slip and the vibrator Susan felt naked and hollow; even more so when she had emptied her bladder! With stiff movements she walked to and from the toilet; it was hard to bend the knees to sit down and to stand up, to relax the correct muscles to let the water go, but Jeanette, her window dresser, had ordered her so and she obeyed, even to mannequin-unlike things.

When Susan returned from the toilet, Jeanette had prepared several things: the rubber slip was cleaned, Jeanette had slipped into plastic gloves, three doses with creams stood open on a table.

"Susan, come and stand here!" Jeanette called. "I'll cream your breasts, waist and hips. For each part there is another cream: the breasts are inflated one cup size, your waist will shrink two more inches, and your hips will melt together with the rubber slip!" Jeanette explained, fetching the dose with the big "B" on it.  Wasting no time, Jeanette put some cream from it onto Susan's breasts, distributed it over the breast's skin and massaged them.

Susan enjoyed that treatment; after the many movements she had to do the last minutes it was much more mannequin like to stay quiet and to be prepared. She wanted to be mannequin so hard! There was nearly no other thought in her mind than this one; the cream on her skin will bring her nearer to her dream! The touch of the massaging fingers felt good and will make her dream come true; she moaned softly from excitement! When she really will have become a mannequin, such human expressions will never occur!

Next the "W"-cream was massaged into her waist's skin and finally her hips were covered by a thin layer of "H"-cream.

While working with her fingers on Susan's body, Jeanette talked: "All these creams work differently, according to the part of the body. But the result is everywhere the same: in a few hours, about three to four, the skin transforms into hard plastic. Tomorrow morning your main body has a hard plastic shell!"

Susan's thoughts drifted away: in just a few hours she will be partially plastic! Caressed by the cream and Jeanette's fingers, she dozed a little bit of and thought about dress forms, the one a tailor uses to put together the pieces: this sort of dummies consist only of a body without any limbs. This stage she had nearly reached!

Susan awoke from her daydream when Jeanette fetched the rubber slip and ordered her to step through the leg holes.

"Your skin is prepared by the cream and the slip I'll coat with the second component now!" Jeanette explained while she pulled the tight slip over Susan's legs until 2" before the vibrator touched her sex.

"The two components of cream, the rubber and your skin will melt together, become plastic and harden. Then your sex will be invisible forever and you will look as sexless as a mannequin should look!" during this explanation Jeanette distributed cream over the vibrator and the inner section of the slip. "The vibrator still works as long there is a power supply!" Susan had become wet when she imagined becoming plastic, but now she began to drip! "OK, we can put the slip in its place!" Jeanette announced and pulled it up.

Susan enjoyed to be filled this way, that her sex is covered again and, most important, the plastifying started.

After fixing the rubber slip and removing the last flaws, Jeanette fetched the corset, removed the push up pads from the cups and put the corset around Susan's waist. "Please hold it, while I lace it up!" Jeanette asked. She laced up the corset loosely; she put Susan's breasts carefully into their cups, then she laced up the corset really tight. Without the pads, the bust line wasn't as stunning as before. But the inflating effect of the plastify-cream for the breasts was working! Susan felt the skin of her breasts stretching and at her waist becoming tighter. She enjoyed the sensations, while Jeanette approached her with the gown and pulled it over her head and body. When Jeanette had finally closed the back zipper and finished fitting, the breasts filled the cups completely. With the wig in place, Susan had to go back to the display. Even without petticoat, but with partial plastified hips, it was hard to pass the bride's maids mannequins, but at least she reached her pedestal.

Jeanette turned it and guided her feet into the shoes. Standing side by side with Ken, looking towards the mirroring window glass, she could see her reflection. When she did not move, she resembled a mannequin very close; above all the heavy and permanent make up of face! When Jeanette had closed the ankle wrists, she posed Susan: one arm she linked with Ken's elbow, the other with a floral bouquet. The rest was standing upright and facing her neckline's reflection: her bust line was again as stunning as before with the pads, but this time by the inflated breasts. Jeanette put her ear near to her neckline: there was a soft, rustling sound! The transformation was in progress: this was the sound of plastifying skin!

"Can you hear this rustling?" she asked Susan. Susan listened; yes, she heard it! "That is your skin, that transforms into plastic!"

Susan listened very happy.

"I'll come back tomorrow morning, before the salon opens, to complete your transformation!" Jeanette announced, while she put several layers of veil over Susan's face. "The veil hides your eyes, so you can blink as necessary. But tomorrow this will be no longer necessary! Have a good night!" and with this words she left the display.

Susan was admiring herself; she listened to the soft noises her transformation made and the soft tickling sensations the process caused. She was on display, only mannequins around her and partial she was one of them!

Then the vibration in her vagina started again: Jeanette had switched on the power supply. Her plastifying body was arousing herself, as every mannequin plastic did; and the vibrator took her to a relaxing climax without the slightest move of her own. The more she become plastic the more she was turned on by herself and the orgasm swept over her mind.

It was wonderful to become a plastic mannequin!

End of Part 3

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