by window dresser


Part 1 (version 1)


Susan pressed "F6", the button that opened the "Enter new Mannequin"-mask on her computer terminal.

It was her job to take an inventory for this window dressing company. She would file all of the valuable display items that the company had in stock to dress the windows for its customers: "reduced 50%"-signs, curtains, chairs, plastic flowers, glass bases, a variety of other props and a small army of  mannequins. The customers were mostly small boutiques and salons with large display windows, but these stores were far too small to afford their own visual merchandising departments.

Susan took the job because she really needed to earn some money. She had been unemployed for a while and needed to get back on her feet, financially and spiritually. Even though she knew that this was a temporary assignment--in two or three weeks the annual inventory would be over--but perhaps she could stay on as an assistant for the window dresser.

The first week she worked at a computer in the storeroom of the company and entered all items in stock into the database. The whole day she looked into a terminal screen. It was a bad screen; it flickered badly, and the bright flashes were incredibly distracting, making it hard to work and concentrate. The dizzying effect was amplified when Jeanette, her boss, would enter the room.  Jeanette looked so stylish, smelled so delicious, was so feminine; Susan found herself compelled to be just like her boss. Finally, she had enough of her own dressed down appearance.  So, at lunch on Thursday, she took an advance on her salary and bought herself an under wired bra, a garter belt with stockings and a dress with a wide flared skirt.  A stunning pair of 3 inch heels completed the fetching ensemble.  As she stood in the dressing room, she was amazed by the reflection that stared back at her.  She looked irresistibly sexy in her new threads!

Wearing this feminine outfit instead of her jeans and jogging shoes, she appeared for work on Friday. Jeanette, her boss registered the change in Susan's appearance with satisfaction: the computer screen had sent subliminal messages to Susan's subconscious brain and made her mind open for Jeanette's suggestions. And Jeanette had planted all of these suggestions so she would buy and wear this precise outfit!

"You can accompany me today. Most of our material is on display in our customer's shop windows. Take the laptop computer to enter the files!" Jeanette offered her. Susan took the laptop, entered the car and they drove to a small furrier's trade. She was introduced to the shop owner as new member of the window dressing staff; then Jeanette ordered her: "Please, undress the mannequins and file them! When you are finished, help me redressing!"

Susan was led into the display; she approached the first mannequin, opened the buttons of the fur coat it was wearing and tried to pull down the coat; after a few inches it became very difficult: the arms of the mannequin blocked further movements. But then Susan recognized the purpose of the pivot points in the shoulders of the mannequin, bent the arms back and soon the fur coat was down. Susan removed the mannequins hat and laid it on the coat; the mannequin remained naked on display.

The other two mannequins wore a fur cape over an evening gown: the one a white ermine cape over a royal blue dress, the other a dark brown mink cape over a fire red dress. Removing the capes was very easy as they have no sleeves. But she had to pull the arms out of their pivot points before she could pull the evening gowns over the head of the mannequins. Also she removed the earrings and the necklace.

Then she sat down and made the inventory. The mannequins had names; the name was printed on their buttocks, under the logo of the company. Soon 'Cindy', 'Nicole' and 'Tammy' were archived on hard disk.

Before they redressed the mannequins together, Jeanette told her something. Susan quickly forgot the contents of the conversation; it was not important compared with her need to improve her make up. She wanted to look just as attractive as the beautiful mannequins.  From now on, she would pay closer attention to the faces of the window dummies while they redressed them.

Finally two mannequins wore long mink coats, slightly different in cut, posed in such a way they seemed to talk to each other and passers by could get a glance on the lacy bras they wore. The third one wore a prom dress with a ermine coatee in such a way, that her voluptuous breasts were enhanced by the neckline.

In the lunch break she bought different make up articles and went to the toilet. There she put strong blusher on her skin, added dark eye shadow, mascara, and false eyelashes to enhance her eyes and painted her lips glossy red.

When she returned, Jeanette smiled. Her subconscious suggestions worked very well. Susan was an easy victim.

After placing Susan into a deep trance, Jeanette continued with her subliminal verbal commands.  "I want you to look more like a mannequin...the face was just a test.  More details will follow, but once you are able to make yourself look just like a mannequin, I will make your newfound perfection endless.  Then Susan will be more than just Susan, she will become a flawless icon of beauty, immobilized, plastified, mannequinized!

As Jeanette completed the core of the commands, she planted a post hypnotic suggestion into her subconscious: "You, Susan, will become sexually aroused whenever you merely touch a mannequin from now on."

For the rest of the shift, Susan would hear Jeanette's voice from time to time, but would be too aroused when handling all of the sexy mannequins perched around her that she couldn't concentrate on what Jeanette was saying.  She felt ashamed because she had just thought how sexy it felt to touch the stiff mannequins. She had luck, Jeanette seemed not to notice her absent mind, instead Jeanette continued speaking: "We have to go to work. This afternoon a lingerie shop is scheduled. You can dress their mannequins with the new bra series, after you log them within the database!" She felt her pussy getting wet just on the thought of touching the plastic breasts!

The afternoon started similar then the morning: Susan was introduced to the lingerie shop's staff as window dresser helper, then she had to undress the mannequins while Jeanette chooses the undergarments the dummies should wear next. This she looked only occasionally into the faces of the mannequins to reassure that they were made up similar to herself; The touch and feel of the plastic made her horny; and imaging herself in the place of the mannequin, touched this way by a window dresser, embarrassed her more and more: When she pulled down the bras, her nipples became erect, hard and poked through the dress's fabric; slipping down the stockings tickled also on her own legs; and when she put her hands under the half-slip, her thoughts were overwhelming: herself as mannequin, the window dresser fingering between her legs ... she rushed to the toilette and brought herself to climax several times before she could return and made the inventory.

When she entered in the mannequins, she thought about making an entry for herself: 'mannequin: Susan'; it was a nice thought. But then she decided, "No." It's a nice dream, but that's a step to far!"

The naked mannequins were dressed by Jeanette and Susan together; Susan just has to seize the mannequins with gloved hands while Jeanette pulled the garments to their place. Still the image of being dressed this way aroused her, but the gloves prevented her from touching and feeling the plastic so the embarrassment was not so high; she needed only two more orgasms in the restroom to relax.

In the evening they returned to the window dressing company's stockroom. Jeanette was talking and talking while she drove them back; Susan listened, but didn't remember consciously what she heard. She just tried to plan her weekend; she had so many plans! Above all she wanted her name and the company's logo tattooed on her buttock. The idea had just come into her mind now; it was the natural continuation of her thoughts in the display when she imagined herself as mannequin! And she had to remove her hair! And she needed a wig and more elegant clothes!

When she put the laptop computer on her desk, she found a note with the address of a tattooist; what luck! The note even showed the logo; she put the note into her hand bag.

The same evening she called the tattooist and arranged a date for the next afternoon; And, too much luck, they also did hair removal.

On Saturday morning she went shopping; Susan bought a corset that made her waist 4" smaller and whose padded cups made her neckline an eye catcher. Then she purchased a tight skirt and a coatee, matching and enhancing her narrowed waist. In the hair department she selected a wig with brunette, curled, shoulder-length hair. Finally she found in the shoe shop a pair of elegant black patent leather pumps with spiky 4" heels.

In this elegant outfit she approached the tattooist, who introduced herself as Tammy. After undressing she was reamed with a hair removal lotion; ten minutes Tammy helped showering off the lotion together with all of her hair, even her head hair; Susan looked now like a mannequin with her wig put off. When Susan showed Tammy the picture of the tattoo that she wanted, Tammy noticed, "Wow! The mannequins of this company will have the same buttock like you!"

Susan blushed. "I want to look like one of the mannequins!" she confessed.

The procedure that followed was an hour of shooting pain, but her appearance was worth it.  The pain even lingered a bit afterwards, but Susan shrugged it off, saying, "No pain, no gain!" As she pulled up her pants once again, she saw Tammy's face light up.

"You know, you lack an important property of mannequins!" Tammy mentioned what embarrassed her next: "Mannequins are sexless!" Indeed, her sex was very visible, exposed, protruding and a wet hole in the midst where real mannequins were all smooth!

But Tammy made a proposal: "I have something here!" went to a drawer and pulled something out; it was a skin colored rubber slip with a build in dildo. Susan had to put her legs in the openings and Tammy pulled the slip upwards. The dildo slipped just easy into Susan's pussy, then she smoothed out the last flaws. "Now you are smooth between your legs!" Tammy stated; "The logo and your name are still visible, and here and here" she pointed to the borders of the slip that made thin lines "real mannequins have pivot points!"

She looked more and more like a real mannequin! Susan felt the juices shooting into her vagina. Tammy tattooist made her lying down on a couch. "Just enjoy, what you feel!" she recommended Susan, while she started the vibration of the dildo. Susan lied on the couch, imagining herself as motionless mannequin and several orgasms washed over her body.

"Now I tattoo a permanent make up into your faces skin! That will help you also looking like a mannequin!" Tammy told her. Susan nodded.

This treatment also caused some pain; but when Susan saw herself afterwards in the mirror, she was astonished: her skin had now the same color all over her face, a tone lighter then before; all flaws had vanished under the treatment, her skin was very smooth now. Around her eyes mascara and dark eye shadow was tattooed into her skin; eye brows, thin and feminine, and long eye lashes had been practiced into her skin by a similar technique. And her lips glowed in a deep red that would never blur.

She looked like the mannequins she had examined so intensive! And it was much better then the make up she did herself! her skin was a tone lighter then before, it was all the same color and looked a little like plastic shine.

Again she felt her vagina wet. She laid down and renewed waves of pleasure overwhelmed her. Exhausted from her skin's treatment and her sexual activity she felt asleep.

Susan had strange dreams that embarrassed her. In the dream she was again in the furrier's trade of Friday morning. Jeanette sent her to a changing cubicle where she undressed except the rubber slip; Jeanette handed her undergarments, a prom dress and a mink coatee; she put on everything, then Jeanette called her out. Susan was introduced to the furrier's staff as 'the new mannequin' and she was proud of it. Then Jeanette guided her to the display. The three mannequins were rearranged such there was now place for a forth mannequin: her, Susan! Her place was marked by an empty glass base; not really empty, her pair of elegant black patent leather pumps with spiky 4" heels was glued on it! Jeanette helped her slipping into the shoes and closed the ankle straps. Susan felt totally relaxed. Since she stood on the base she didn't made the slightest move. Jeanette arranged her arms, her head, her lips to a elegant pose; Susan remained in the pose she was put in. She enjoyed being cheesecake in the skillful hands of Jeanette. Her arms kept back the mink coatee such that the V-neckline of the prom-gown was prominent and showed much of her breasts! Jeanette made her looking towards the mannequin that also wore a prom-dress, but a ermine coatee, as if she was talking with her (it?). Then Jeanette cupped her breasts with her hands and pushed them upwards; Susan's breasts looked fantastic! She felt Jeanette opening the zipper in her gown's back; she removed the strapless bra and her breasts poked upright as before! The gown was closed and arranged such, that her nipples were just hidden. Jeanette whispered into her ear: "You wanted to be a mannequin and now you are one! It's your will, that makes you a mannequin! If that's not enough, just tell me, I have chemicals that can help you!" Then Susan was left alone in the display. She could see her reflecting in the mirror at the side of the display, the staff and passers by admiring her through the window, and she was very proud to be such a beautiful mannequin ...


Then the dream was finished. Susan awoke and felt, she could move. She was disappointed; the dream was so fantastic good; she had to become a real mannequin! She just wanted it. Susan didn't notice the head phones on the pillow. She was distracted because Tammy spoke to her: "Good morning! Are you refreshed now? You have slept all Sunday!" Susan set up in bed: "You mean ... it's Monday morning!" "Yes!" Tammy tatttooist replied. "Oh, I have to go to work! How much have I ..." Susan asked. "I send you a bill!" Tammy tattooist replied. "and: you have enough time to dress correctly! I can help you!" The tattooist laced her corset 2" tighter then before; Susan had worn it the whole weekend! She put on the rest of her outfit, then went to the company's stockroom. She was ten minutes early. She started the computer. Susan pressed "F6", the button that opened the "Enter new Mannequin"-mask on her terminal. She entered "Susan" in the name field, her measurements in the appropriate places and the current date as "production time". After that dream that was an urgent need of her: she wanted to be registered as mannequin.

When Jeanette arrived, they talked about Susan's wish:


to be continued:


- Susan's first time as mannequin (dressed as bride, kissed by a 'groomquin')

- she gets 'her' pedestal, a glass base with high heels glued on it

- her breasts will be transformed into hard, but very sensual plastic

- then her waist, feet and hands will be stiffened

- dressed as bride (it's the Greatest Day in the life of a girl when she becomes a mannequin) Susan becomes completely stiff

- pivot points will be installed into shoulder, wrists, waist and hip

- then she will be displayed at the lingerie shop


for a better description of the effects of subliminal messages, read 'sleep time',

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