The Rock Garden
Written by Anson Mezenberg

The sun shone brightly in the woods on a lone young lady named Christa lost in the woods as she made her way through the maze of vines and trees. This young lady was 21 years old, with an athletic figure wearing only a short pair of shorts, a short tank top exposing her tight tummy and tied in the middle fully expressing her curves. She also wore a little pair of shoes. "Where's the exit" she expressed as trying to see a sign saying next exit 1 km. She became lost as her bike blew out a tire in the woods and she chained it up on the road and knew that the town was south through the woods so she went for help. Now she got lost through the thickets and blocked routes. She was about 6 miles from her destination and heading in the wrong direction. As she walked it became clear to her that it was about mid afternoon as the sun shone overhead and it was quite hot. As slowly as she walked she was consently looking around, and suddenly she stopped. "What the..." she asked herself as she looked through I small pass and the sun shone brightly as to make it appear to be mistical, or even magical. As she turned and faced it she felt a power building inside her as to aproch this site as to explore it. As she looked down there was alomost a beaten path and it lead to a clearing and as she approched the light got brighter, and brighter.

Then as she entered the clearing the light faded and she was standing in the midst of a large garden with many flowers and stone statues. Many of the statues were covered in vines, and thorns. She studied them carfull and noticed the terrified looks on some of the faces, and also there odd postions as to which the sculpture must of had a strange fasination with struggle. She also obsreved that there were more women than men in this garden. So she also took into account the artistís facination with women, unfortunatly she was about to learn the teriffing truth to the gardens history. She marvelled at the fact that the artist was not only mad but yet very talented in there creations cause they looked so real and life like. She walked around the garden which was quite vast, and there must have been upwards to 100 statues in the garden. She also noted that the different styles of clothing as that the centuries were captured and displayed here.

She came to a spot that seemed empty yet to her suprise it looked as a statue belonged there. She walked in to this spot, which she quickly learned that it was a big mistake. She felt herself drop 4 inches down, and when she tried to move again her feet didn't respond as like they wern't even there. She looked down to see what was the matter with them. As to horror she saw that they were gone in to the earth. "What in the hell is this nosense" she questioned herself as to know the anwser but she didn't. She struggled to get free, she would get her ankles up out of the ground but were glued by some sort of mud like substance.

After what seemed like days, but only 2 hours had passed. She jump and riggled about trying desperatly to get herself free. "Come on, get out of there" she cursed at her ankles. She could no longer feel or sense that her feet or her ankles were even there, as liken there were injected with freezing agent as for an operaton or such. But what scared her the most is that the feeling kept slowly rising. She reached down and tugged on her legs to get them free, and panic was setting in. She would get her ankle out and it would still be held tight by the glue, andshe would tug and tug until she got tired and her ankle began to hurt to much. Then she would try with the ither, andthe same affect. She would continue as she cursed under her breath as sweet beaded of her fore head and on the ground. As to her suprise the lush color of her legs were turning slowly to a dark grey. "What?... This isn't good" As she began to tug harder. Her arms began to get tired as her legs didn't budge, even her ankles weren't coming out of the mud no more. She moved her hands up her legs as they turned grey, to keep from getting her hands stuck too. She kept tugging. Her throat was dry, her skin hot and red, yet she continued to struggle against bad odds. Her lower legs could no longer be moved and she quickly grew tired of this. She contiued try to move her rock legs move over and fall over, yet it didn't work. She just tired Tugging again hoping to pull out the stone thatwas her lower leg, nothing they wouldn't even budge. She looked up to see birds flying over head and the sun warmly smiling down on her, as to wish her farewell. She held her arms up to it as for the sun to pull her out with its warm embrace. As she was in this state of shock and feeling of fear sweeping threw her so was the stone curse as it found her way up to her knees. Christa quickly looked at the statues and then to her legs or rather whats left of them and the let out a fearful cry which sent the birds flying away. "NO!!!! This can't hapen!" she cried out as tears rolled down her cheeks. "No... Please... Someone help me" she put her hand on her forehead and sobbed quitly to herself. She was losing the battle with fear and quickly becoming panicy. Her thighs were imobilized as her bones, muscles, tendons were fused into solid stone. It was about 5 o'clock and Christa still sobbed to herself as she thought of her short life and how this would make her a prisioner against her will and she felt so violated.

She tried to reach the other statues to give her some leverage, yet she couldn't get close to one. She felt so helpless and angry at herself for her curious nature. She also knew what happened to the cat, and she did not belive it but it was now coming true to her now. She kept trying to pull herself over or even out of the trap, but with no sucsess. She looked down at her waist as her tummy was consumed by the stone, she also looked down at her legs which were now gone forever. As she gave up and watched her slow demise she noticed that when the stone got to her chest it didn't make her lungs nor her heart into stone, her breathing became shallow and hard. SHe tired moving her chest back in forth andwatched as her boobs swayed back in forth until the unevitable. She watched as her cusions became rock and that she noticed that her nipples were erect and she thought "How great, people who see me are going to see that" and she let out a little chuckle even though she knew it wasn't funny she raised her arm above her head in hopes someone would pull her out and she watched the sun set, her last sun set of her life. As the stone encased her neck her head wouldn't move no more and her fingers were spread out and her mouth wide open as to scream yet the only thing that came out was "good b....." and her face was frozen. It worked her way up her arms as she waved them frantically and she could no longer breath yet she felt her heart stop, and her lungs turn to stone as her sprit left her body as the tips of her wide spread fingers turn to that ugly color of grey. As her sprit left her body she saw little cute birds perched on her fingers and tuck thier heads under there wings to sleep. As a light shone on her from above she went to it, the sun set and the birds went down for there sleep. Christa had found out the stone curse, that is the Rock Garden.

The End.