Immortality for Julia
by Panic

The light from the pool flickered as her slim body cut through the water. She had been doing laps for about twenty minutes, and I sat poolside watching her with rapt interest. Sweat drenched my brow as I surveyed her from my lounge chair.

After another ten minutes of rigorous swimming, she pulled herself out of the water. Her bikini clung to her trim body as she dried herself with a green and white striped towel. I enjoyed watching her tight body, now drying in the warm summer air. She was young and extremely attractive, with delicious curves rounding out her trim physique.

"What a glorious evening," she said as she approached. She spread her towel out on the lounge chair next to me.

I looked into her stunning blue eyes and said, "I live for weather like this." She smiled politely then proceeded to sit down on her chair. "You are quite a swimmer," I added clumsily.

"Thanks," she said as she adjusted herself on her chair. "Iíve always been a bit of a fish!" Her blonde hair clung to her neck as she worked on drying her arms. I watched her chest rise and fall as she deeply breathed in the sweet air around us.

"A fish, huh? Maybe a mermaid? Only you wouldnít have such a lovely pair of legs then, would you?" I smiled as this lovely girl blushed slightly, then laughed. "My name is Paul," I said as I reached in for a handshake.

She gripped my hand warmly and said, "My name is Julia. Nice to meet you, Paul."

"Itís my pleasure, I assure you. Do you always swim this late at night?"

Julia leaned back in her chair and said, "Usually I do. My job keeps me quite busy during the day, so this is the best time to unwind."

I nodded, then said, "What do you do for a living, if you donít mind me asking?"

"Oh, I donít mind. Iím a licensed massage therapist," she said as she crossed her legs delicately.

I smiled brightly, "Wow! That is a challenging job! You must have the magic touch, huh?"

"Well, I donít know about Ďmagicí, but I do know how to work the kinks out of your muscles, if thatís what you mean. Iíve been working in the field for about seven years now, so Iíve built up quite a client base. Financially, itís quite a blessing, although I donít have much time for anything else anymore," she sighed.

"Would you have time for another client?" I asked.

"Who do you have in mind?"

"Me. My muscles have been so sore lately. Iím a sculptor by trade, so Iím constantly lifting heavy objects. I think I pulled something in my back a couple days ago when finishing up my latest project." I rubbed my neck and shoulders as I spoke, trying to invoke sympathy. ĎSheís probably seen worse cases than me today,í I thought to myself.

"Turn around, Iíll have a quick look at it, if youíd like."

I spun around in order to give her a chance to see the knots in my back. As she kneaded my muscular back and shoulders, I groaned with delight. Her skillful hands seemed to appraise my situation as I sat there, awestruck.

"Ah," she said decidedly, "I have a pretty good idea what your problem is." She halted her soothing touch and sat down next to me on my chair. "You seem to have a problem in your lower back." She smiled, then said accusingly, "You need to lift with your legs more, Paul!"

"Looks like Iím busted," I replied, "I do use my back muscles too much when Iím working." I could smell her fragrant perfume, mixed with chlorine. "I try to workout as much as I can in order to strengthen my back and legs, but most of the time, Iím too sore." I looked deep into those ocean blue eyes of hers and said, "Can you help me?"

"Well," she stalled, "Iím pretty booked up right now." She paused for a moment, pondering what she could do to help. "Iíll tell you what, I could take care of you right now, if youíd like. Iím finished swimming anyway."

"Are you sure?" I asked in amazement. As she nodded her approval, I said, "Thatís fantastic! I promise, Iíll make it up to you somehow."

"Oh, donít worry about it," she said politely. "Let me get my massage table real quick, then we can head over to your place, okay?"

"Sure, that sounds great!" I jotted down my apartment number for her, then headed back to my place.

I scrambled to clean my cluttered homestead as I waited for Juliaís arrival. With a trash bag in one hand, I ran throughout my pad, turning on lights and picking up trash. My spacious apartment also doubled as my artistís studio, so I always found it challenging to keep my work in progress organized. After about ten minutes, a heard a light knock at the door.

"Hi, Julia! Come on in! Let me take that for you," I offered politely. She changed into a sexy floral dress while she was at her apartment. I also noticed a light application of makeup on her adorable face.

"Oh, no you donít," she laughed, "Iíll carry this myself. I donít want you pulling a muscle before our session begins, okay!" As she worked her way into the room, I heard her exclaim, "Wow, all these statues are incredible! Did you make all these?" She set her table down on the floor, then began to set it up for my massage.

"Yes, all these are mine," I replied modestly. "Iíve been extremely busy as of late. In fact, I still have several statues on display at the Hippendorf Gallery downtown, so this is only a portion of the entire collection. Please, feel free to have a look around." Within moments, she had finished the set up of her table.

As she roamed around my studio, I could hear her cooing her approval. I followed her at a slight distance in order to gauge her appreciation of my lifetime of work. "I had no idea you were this talented," she sighed. She traced her hand down the hard curves of the nude statue in front of her. "She looks so real!" Out of the corner of my eye I could see her reaching discretely for her sex, gently fondling herself as she admired my sexy masterpiece.

"Iím very proud of how she turned out," I said as I slowly approached. Julia quickly stopped her self-stimulation as she heard me.

"I must tell you, this is a perfect representation of the human form," she said, slightly out of breath. She adjusted herself slightly, then said, "Would you like to get started on your massage?"

"Yes!" I said excitedly. "I canít wait!"

We headed back to her table. I removed my clothes and wrapped a towel across my midsection. She reached into her bag, producing a small bottle of oil. I laid face down on the table and waited.

She got right to work on my tired muscles, kneading and pounding my obstinate flesh back into submission. Inside, I could feel all of my tension slowly drift away as she labored over me. The sounds of flesh slapping flesh filled my ears as I closed my eyes.

After about a half and hour of work on my backside, she asked me to flip over so she could work on my chest and arms. I instantly and obediently complied, longing for more of her expert touch. Every once in a while, I could see her looking at one of my marble ladies longingly while she worked. She didnít seem distracted by them; she appeared to be obsessed.

"I know how I can repay you for your kindness," I suddenly blurted out. "I could make a statue of you!" Julia stopped her pounding instantly, mesmerized by my statement. I could see the longing in her eyes as I studied her reaction.

"Wait," she whispered, "You think that Iíd make a suitable statue for your collection?" She waited anxiously for my reply.

"Most definitely! You are a stunning lady! Youíd be a perfect addition to my collection. With a body and face like yours, Iím surprised you havenít modeled for an artist like me before."

Julia grinned radiantly and said, "Well, I did pose once in college, but never for anyone as talented as you! Iíd be honored!"

"Great!" I shouted as I sat up on the table. I shook out my shoulders, reveling in the warm sensations coursing through my muscles. "Iíve never felt this relaxed or satisfied in all my life, Julia. You have a gift!"

She wiped her hands with a small white towel. "Thanks, Paul. I think I fixed that problem with your lower back." I twisted my torso from left to right, amazed by the painless motion.

"Iíll tell you what," I said as I lifted myself off the table, "let me get changed into my work clothes real quick, then we can get started on your posing. The first session doesnít take long at all."

"Okay," Julia replied giddily. "Do you need me to get cleaned up or anything?"

"No, you look perfect just the way you are right now. Would you mind posing nude for me?"

Julia thought about it for a moment. "You wonít be posting any naked pictures of me on the internet, will you?"

"God, no," I replied reassuringly. "I assure you, I am a consummate professional."

"Thatís a relief," she said breathlessly. "Okay, Iíll do it!"

As I left the room, I could see Julia tiptoeing over to a nearby statue. I could tell she wanted this more than anything. I quickly changed into a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, then returned to the other room. Julia was already completely and proudly naked, standing on a pedestal, trying out poses in the full-length mirror. I watched her for a moment, awe struck by her perfect body.

As I approached, I could see her looking through the mirror at me wantonly. Her eyes danced as she imagined herself immortalized as a perfect white marble statue. I walked up to her, and began moving her body. First, I moved her legs into a full stride, with her left forward and her right leg bent slightly behind her. Then I put my hand under each heel, lifting them off of the pedestal slightly, leaving her on tiptoe. I twisted her hips slightly to her right, then twisted her torso in the same direction. I lifted her right arm behind her, outstretched, and adjusted the positioning of her sleek fingers. Then I bent her left arm at the elbow and placed her left hand on her left shoulder, hiding her round left breast slightly. Finally, I tilted her head slightly to her right. Once satisfied I had achieved the "running nymph" pose I was looking for, I winked at her. "You look simply perfect, Julia! I hope this isnít too uncomfortable."

"Itís hard to hold this pose, but Iíll try," she said softly. "How long will I need to stay in this pose?"

"Quite a while, Iím afraid. But donít worry, itíll get easier in a few minutes, okay?"

"All right, Paul." She focused all her energy on remaining as still as she could. I gently rotated the platform she was on until I was certain she could see herself through the large mirror.

"Iím going to turn on some lights now, okay, so donít be alarmed." I placed a pair of weldersí glasses on my face, then flipped the switch marked "petrify". Julia maintained her difficult position despite the blinding green light engulfing her. At first she felt an odd warm sensation swelling up from the pedestal she stood upon. Her toes felt like they were on fire. She almost broke her position right then, but she assumed her toes were simply getting tired from being flexed. After a few seconds, her toes began to cool down dramatically, but now her heels and ankles felt hot. A wave of pleasure began to pulse through her body as she bathed in the glow of the light. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her ankles were starting to blanch of all their color, turning alabaster. Shocked and frightened, she cried out, "Paul, whatís happening to me? I canít move!"

I smiled as her slim calves hardened. "You are becoming a statue, my dear! Isnít that what youíve always wanted? Never to worry about food or shelter. Never having to suffer the process of aging and dying. To truly become immortal!" She gasped as she realized my secret sculpting technique. A grinding sound filled the air, echoing off of the mirror as she stood there, transfixed. The green light began to pulsate around her, absorbing into her skin. Her thighs started to tighten, her tight butt checks becoming even tighter as the petrifying wave washed over her. The pounding of her heart slowly dissipated, silencing her metabolic functions. Her silent thoughts danced in her mind, ĎHeís turning me to stoneÖIím becoming a statueÖí As her breasts surrendered to marble, I spoke to her unmoving form, "You will become an eternal monument, Julia, worshipped and admired by everyone who lays their eyes on your perfect figure. This will capture your beauty at its peak for all to see. Iím very proud of you, darling." The gray wave began to lap its way up her neck and down her arms. As her flesh tingled with energy, she silently concluded, ĎI will be a perfect statue until the end of time.í Once her eyes transformed into shiny blank orbs, she was shocked to find her vision still remained as she watched the transformation reach its conclusion.

I shut off the petrifying lamp and threw off my goggles. As I ran up to my latest creation, freshly minted and frozen in her ultimate pose, I could see a sultry smile cemented onto Juliaís lovely stone face. I whispered into the folds of her stiffened ear, "Now you will be perfect forever."