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IPM Female DP Owner's Guide

Note: This is a draft intended for circulation only among authorized IPM staff members.

The Remote Control

Your android comes with a remote control unit which can be used to issue specific orders to the android's director. It offers the following controls:

  • Natural, Robot, Stdby, Off: Changes your android's volitional mode (see Behavior: Volitional Modes).
  • Number pad: Used for setting configuration parameters and shortcuts.
  • +/- buttons: Used to increase or decrease a configuration parameter.
  • PROGRM: Places your android in Program Mode (see Programming).
  • SHRTCT: When followed by two numbers, invokes a shortcut by that number, if any is defined. If no such shortcut is defined, your android will tell you so.
  • INIT, OBED, DEFR, INDEP, and DRIVE: Used to change your android's configuration settings: initiative, obedience, deference, independence, and sex drive. Press the button for the desired parameter, followed by the number you wish to set its value to, or the + or - button to increase or reduce its value by one.
  • FREEZE: Causes your android to freeze in place. Usually takes effect immediately, although she will continue to move slightly if necessary for her own safety - for instance, to gain her balance before freezing. Press this button twice quickly if it is necessary to stop her instantly. This command takes effect regardless of her configuration, and may be used to stop her from doing something undesired long enough to give her detailed orders.

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