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IPM Female DP Owner's Guide

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Your android requires no more maintenance than a car or other major appliance, and like a car, it will work best when properly maintained. Unlike a car, however, it is capable of performing most of its maintenance itself. This chapter explains the most common maintenance tasks.

Service Checks

We recommend you bring your android to the nearest IPM service center for a regular service check. This service is covered under the optional IPM Maintenance Plan. At your android's service check, we will:

  • Install operating system patches to repair any flaws that may have been discovered
  • Flush, clean,and refill internal fluid and lubricant reservoirs
  • Replace food bladder
  • Inspect foot pads for wear
  • Test batteries
  • Lubricate and freshen hair and skin; inspect for defects
  • Inspect eyes for damage or clouding
  • Test all cognitive and motor systems for proper functioning


To function properly, your android requires a supply of electric power. This is provided by the two rechargeable batteries located in her thighs. Together these batteries can keep her functioning in natural mode for between ten and seventeen hours between charges, up to twenty-two hours in robotic mode, and days in stand-by. Since your android usually enters stand-by mode when idle, this is usually plenty of power for a 24-hour day.

In order to keep her functioning, you will need to ensure that she can recharge her batteries at least daily. This can be done in either of two ways:

  • Your android came with an inductive charger, which allows her to charge without opening any panels. The charger looks like a wide collar, which can be fastened around your android's neck and plugged into any standard wall outlet via its 20-foot cord. The inductive charger will fully charge your android in about six hours. This is ideal for allowing your android to charge while you sleep or while you are out during the day.
  • For faster charging, you may prefer conductive charging. The conductive charger plugs into a standard wall outlet, and the power jack in your android's jack panel, located at the base of her neck and described below. The conductive charger will fully charge your android in about 90 minutes.

If you need to take your android away from power sources for an extended time, you may purchase extra batteries which can be charged in an external charger.

The rechargeable batteries have a typical life span of three years.


Your android has a number of access panels to facilitate maintenance and repair. Under normal circumstances, you may never need to open any of them, unless you choose to perform maintenance yourself rather than bringing your android to the nearest IPM service center.

This chapter describes her panels and ports, and the circumstances under which you will need to use them.

Connector panel

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