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IPM Female DP Owner's Guide

Note: This is a draft intended for circulation only among authorized IPM staff members.


In addition to performing household or workplace tasks, your new android is also capable of acting as a sexual partner. Her body is designed to simulate that of a human woman in all functional respects, and she can engage in almost any sexual activity you might wish her to.

Should you choose to make use of your android in this fashion, it is important to understand that she is not, and was not designed to be, a lover, girlfriend, or wife. She can behave as any of those might, should you wish it, to the extent that it would be possible to imagine a genuine emotional bond with her. But a genuine human relationship develops over time, with the full choice of both partners. To establish a loving relationship with another person, you will need to share experiences and feelings, to demonstrate affection in large and small ways, to show yourselves worthy of each other's respect, trust, and love. The knowledge that your lover has chosen to be with you and to stay with you, and that you choose to be with her, is part of the core of what love means.

None of this applies to your relationship with your android. Your android is your property and under your control. She will remain with you for as long as you choose to keep her, regardless of how you treat her or how she feels about you. She may perform actions which a woman would perform only if she loved you, but she does it because you wish her to, regardless of whether she feels love or affection for you. You need never show affection for her, or tend to her desires, unless it pleases you to do so. Your android will love you if you program her to, and she will make love to you at your command. Respect, trust, and love between android and owner are simply irrelevant.

Sexual functions

Note: The following section applies only to female androids including the optional "sexual capabilities" package.

Your female android has fully functional oral, vaginal, and anal areas, and is capable of sexual acts involving any of those areas. She will kiss, caress, and make love in any way you wish her to, and can respond to your touches as a human woman might.

Her director has complete control over her sexual functions. She can erect her nipples, moisten her vaginal area, and show orgasm - or refrain from doing so - at your command. Her default programming is to respond to intimate contact as a human woman would. If you do not prevent it (by reducing her sex drive, or simply ordering otherwise), her personality will experience pleasure and arousal under the same circumstances a woman would, and she will respond similarly, with deepened breathing, vaginal lubrication, and so on, as well as the loss of attention and control that one might expect. Her director will of course retain full awareness and control, so your experience will always be what you desire no matter how distracted her personality may become. Under appropriate circumstances, she will orgasm when her human partner does.


At time of purchase, your android will have the sexual preferences of her personality donor, in terms of her orientation and preferred types of sexual intimacy. You may of course modify these preferences by reprogramming her. Note that if her donor was not bisexual, reprogramming her to be interested in the sex she was not interested in before is an example of the sort of change that may not be as complete as desired, and may take some time before its effects fully alter her personality.

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