Planet of the Amazons - Part 1

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Science Officer Nadreck had applied to join this survey mission. She was working on a project to improve the performance of the humanoid gynoids. Although her work had received much opposition, she’d had some success with her experimental unit. “Dawn”, as it now called itself (she smiled at that), had already shown problem-solving abilities better than Class 8 units.

She watched as another batch of Class 6 gynoids were taken out of storage and prepared for use.

They were constructed from domesticated human stock, stupid and feeble. She needed a vigorous wild population to work with.

Which was why she was here. There was no record that this out-of-the-way planet (technically a moon) had been settled by the ancient humans. It was on their charts, had perfect conditions and climate for them, yet they seemed to avoid it. Their name for it - “AMAZON” - had led her to some very interesting research and some bizarre theories...

... which were now validated! She studied the figures which had appeared in the distance. Feral human females! She would make huge advances using this new material.
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