Planet of the Amazons - Part 1

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Dawn stood watch while the other gynoid units set up survey equipment. “Dawn” was not her proper designation of course, but she had taken to giving names to the units in addition to their identification codes. She liked “Dawn”. It meant “beginning of light” in an ancient Human language.

She admired the rugged landscape of this new world. She enjoyed the bright sunlight and the chaotic patterns of the clouds. The clear fresh air and the wide open space.

She didn’t know why she felt satisfaction looking at the scenery. It wasn’t logical. Probably a side effect of the experiments the Masters had been performing on her. Changes to increase her initiative and her capacity for independent action. “Imagination” they called it. She hoped her thought processors hadn’t been damaged.

She also felt satisfaction looking at the other gynoids. Particularly the Class 8 supervisor unit. She admired the sleek body and golden skin covering. She appreciated the generous curves. She called this one “Helen”.

Although more efficient and with a higher initiative rating, she didn’t think Helen would find pleasure in looking at rocks or atmospheric patterns. She’d better not reveal her new eccentricities or she may be sent for a full corrective reprogramming.

She looked at her fellow Class 6 units waiting for tasks. Little more than dumb machines, she thought. No imagination there. She didn’t want to be like them again.
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