Revenge of a Nerd (Part 1)

by ObjectifiedBeauty

Throughout her entire childhood, Gwen was something of a nerd.  She was always the teacher’s pet and active in just about every non-sporting extracurricular activity there was.  However, this didn’t always translate into social popularity, especially among the “in” crowds.

Things only became more awkward in high school.  Despite being modestly attractive, her freshman year became especially brutal, as what used to be indifference from the popular kids turned into sometimes humiliating bullying.  In particular, the school’s cheerleading squad had always had a bit of a reputation of particularly mean and several members of the squad spared no effort in making Gwen’s life miserable after she had tried out for the squad.  She was never a good fit for it, but she wanted to improve her social standing and thought that would be a good way to start.  Her bid failed and the resultant jealousy and bullying drove her to desire revenge on the squad before the school year was out.


The day she chose turned out ideal.  The weather was beautiful and it allowed her to pretend to study outside by herself after school in a location where she expected her first encounter to occur.  Gwen hadn’t waited fifteen minutes before her unsuspecting victim approached.  It turned out to be Cait, a girl who had been associated with a couple of taunts but in general was a well-mannered young lady who had the misfortune of choosing to walk this particular path on her way home.  Gwen was hoping it would have been Tanya, the squad captain and mastermind, but any cheerleader would do.

“Hello, Cait,” Gwen said in a cryptic tone as she looked up from her book.  Cait stopped, somewhat surprised as she hadn’t expected any interaction from Gwen.  Just as she opened her mouth to respond, Gwen pulled an object out of her backpack which gave off a blinding flash in Cait’s direction, freezing the otherwise unharmed cheerleader in place.  Gwen stood up, returned the device back to the bag, took out what appeared to be a prescription medicine bottle and approached Cait.  In a dry tone, she began whispering her grievances with the cheerleaders as she walked toward the immobilized cheerleader.

Stunned and terrified by her inability to do anything besides breathe, all Cait could do was stand helplessly as Gwen approached her.  “What was that, why can’t I move?” she tried to ask.  Gwen then circled her a few times, continuing her diatribe against the cheerleading squad.  “I swear, Gwen,” Cait tried to say, &8220;I didn’t mean those things, they weren’t even my idea.  If I didn’t tag along I would have been out--&8221;  Her line of thought was she felt Gwen’s touch.  First her left arm was posed akimbo with her hand resting on her hip, then her right leg was pushed out from behind, making a bend at the knee while still maintaining balance.  “Wha, what are you doing?” Cait wanted to ask.  “Why are you posing me?  Why can’t I move myself?”  Gwen then moved her right arm slightly, letting it hang freely to the side with the hand just touching her upper thigh.  Gwen then stood before Cait, flashing a subtle grin as she grasped the girl’s cheeks and slightly adjusted the position of her head.  “Please stop whatever this is and let me go!” Cait implored.  Finally, after pushing her chin up to close her mouth and fixing a wide smile to the girl’s face, she made a few minor adjustments to her hair, stepped back and nodded approvingly.  Gwen’s grin and nod only served to feed Cait’s nervousness in the situation.

“The look of surprise in your eyes is perfect, Cait; I don’t need to touch them at all!  I know you’re wondering what’s happening to you, but there’s no need for me to explain now since it will become perfectly clear to you in a few moments.  To be honest, I was sort of hoping you would be Tanya, but any of you wretched cheerleaders will do.  I could let you go, but...”  Gwen trailed off as walked back behind Cait and unscrewed the cap from the bottle, revealing a small needle and syringe.  “What is she doing now?” Cait thought, resigned to the fact that she still couldn’t respond as she sensed a light tug on her dress.  Gwen held the dress up slightly with her left hand as she injected a small portion of the bottle’s contents into the girl’s posterior with her other hand.  “Oooh!” Cait thought at the sensation of the prick.  Gwen returned to Cait’s view, briefly flashing the needle and conspicuously screwing the cap back onto the bottle.  “Oops, well it’s too late for that now.  Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” she asked sarcastically.  She then walked away momentarily to return the bottle to her bag.  “What does she mean by too late?” Cait thought.  “What could be in that bottle - was that what pricked me?  What are you doing to me?”

“You’re going to love what I have in store for you.  Wait, did I say that right?  I think I meant to say you in store?  Hmmm...” she quipped with a grin.  The remark baffled Cait for a moment until she forgot all about it as she suddenly began to feel very strange, first where she suspected that needle had pricked her but swiftly moving out in all directions.  “What is that?” she thought.  “It feels cold and numb.”  Noticing an increasingly excited grin develop on Gwen’s face only furthered her concern.  “What are you doing to me?” she screamed mentally.  Gwen’s excitement became palpable as she watched her revenge begin to come to fruition.  It first became visible on Cait’s left upper thigh as it expanded both from behind and out from under the hemline of her skirt – a growing expanse of pale cream colored, slightly glossy plastic.  “The stuff worked!” she thought to herself excitedly, "She’s becoming a mannequin!”

“Seriously, Gwen, this isn’t funny.  What are you doing to me?  Let me go-ooh!” Cait tried to shout just as the transformation sealed up her crotch.  “Holy...what was that?” she thought, trying to repress the growing thought that what was happening actually felt good.  “Why is she just standing there, what is she doing to me?  I feel...I feel...empty or something.”  Another shock hit her as her breasts became featureless mounds of plastic.  In less than a minute, the transformation had fully claimed Cait’s legs, arms and hands and was quickly moving up her neck, speeding up as it travelled along the narrower parts of her body.  Cait could sense its approach up her neck and mentally braced for the unknown.  It raced across her face, leaving behind mere painted features where her mouth, eyes and eyebrows had been just a moment before.  It finally disappeared under her hairline, consuming her scalp and rendering her long blond hair but a high quality human hair wig wafting gently in the breeze – the only human feature of a figure which was now nothing more than a highly realistic effigy of a human.  “Whatever it is...seems to be done,” she thought as she could sense nothing more than the breeze blowing on her skin.  “Damn, the breeze never felt so good before, Gwen, what have you done to me?”

Trembling from excitement, Gwen stepped closer and softly touched the mannequin’s face, tracing her finger around its brightly painted lips.  “The breeze and now her finger, my skin is so sensitive for some reason,” Cait thought was even that slightest touch felt incredible.  Gwen then rapped the back of her hand on its chest, from which emanated a dull hollow echo. Cait’s mind had momentarily drifted while Gwen had been touching her, but that sound brought her straight back to reality.  “Oh my God, am I hollow?” Cait screamed to herself.  “That’s it, Cait,” Gwen said.  “You cheerleaders are all the same – so obsessed with your bodies and your looks.  I know you can hear and see me, too, so if you haven’t already figured it out, let me tell you that you actually are a Barbie doll now.  A big, life-sized Barbie doll.  I hope it’s everything you dreamt it would be, because that’s how you’re going to stay.  Don’t worry about ever having to move again, all you have to do is stand around and be pretty.  I could be cruel right now and treat you like my little brother used to treat my dolls.  Maybe you had one, too.  You know, cut your hair all wrong or maybe even pop your pretty head off and lose it somewhere,” she said as she grasped the mannequin’s head by its cheeks and gently pushed up, ever so slightly separating it from the shoulders on which it rested.

 Already frightened at the prospect of her fate, Cait now braced herself mentally, fully expecting Gwen to remove her head before she let go and backed away. ”Well, maybe once I get to Tanya, but not you, I think I’m done with you.  I haven’t decided exactly what I want to do with you yet, though.  Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if I just left you here for someone to find and wonder about?” she mused as she slapped the figure on the back, causing it to wobble back and forth.  “No, I doh-- whoaa ooohh,” Cait started to answer as she felt as though she came within an inch of falling over.  “Nah,” Gwen continued, “you’ll probably end up in a store somewhere.  That way you won’t have to wear this ridiculous outfit forever, either.  Hopefully for your own sake you’ll enjoy it, if not then I don’t know what to tell you.  I guess you’d have to wait until whoever owns you gets sick of you and you can be recycled into plastic bags or one of these benches or something.”

All Cait could do now was think to herself and wonder what would have provoked Gwen to resort to something so extreme.  “I didn’t do anything to you, Gwen!  For sure I was the nicest of all the cheerleaders to you and this is what I get?  Turned into a fucking plastic mannequin?  I can’t believe you did this to me.  Of all the days to walk to school – I’m really stuck like this forever?  That’s fucking awesome.  God, why?  Somebody is going to notice I’m missing, you know,” she thought in a panic.  The school area was vacant by now as evening was approaching and Gwen effortlessly carried Cait’s rigid body into a nearby wooded area and stood it up behind an abandoned shed.  “OK, Cait, for some reason somebody might find something strange about seeing somebody walking around carrying a solid plastic cheerleader, so I’m going to leave you here for now.  I’m only a few houses away so I’ll be back in a couple of hours when it’s dark – unless somebody else finds you of course.  If you’re good and don’t wander off, maybe I’ll let you see what you look like because you have to admit you’re dying to find out,” Gwen snickered.

“Great,” Cait thought, indeed very curious but also deeply afraid to see her new form.  “Yeah, just leave me fucking standing here in the woods.  Damn it though, I can’t see the slightest bit of myself with this pose.”

To be continued...