Playmates Forever (Part 1)

by ObjectifiedBeauty

Cait and her younger sister Bethany had always been very close.  However, as Cait grew older she became less interested in the things her sister wanted to do, her favorite of which was playing with her collection of dolls.  They weren’t anything special, just a varying collection of typical girls’ dolls, but to Bethany they were everything.  It upset her as Cait became less and less interested in playing along with her, and she wished and hoped that there was something she could do to bring back the old Cait.

It was the day before Cait was set to depart for college and the family had just returned from dinner at a restaurant with their grandparents.  Knowing it would probably be their last good time together as children, Bethany made her move against all hopes.

“Can we take a picture together?” Bethany asked.

“Sure!” Cait replied.

Cait pulled out her phone and the two posed and smiled for the phone.  Just as she pushed the shutter button, Bethany quietly mumbled something which Cait wrote off as something silly.  One of her sisters’ other interests was magic and she would often recite spells, after which exactly nothing would ever happen.

“Wow, that’s weird,” Cait thought.  “I feel strange suddenly.  Maybe it was just something I ate?”  The picture which appeared on the phone’s screen reflected her sensation; despite her beaming smile, a trace of bewilderment was evident in her eyes.  What she sensed next only elevated her concern, which was also the reason behind Bethany’s conspicuously knowing grin in the photo.

“Hold on.  I can’t - I can’t move!” Cait tried to say, her mouth not cooperating.  She then began to sense a change in her body, starting in the small of her back, exactly where Bethany’s right hand was.  “It feels cold and - tight?” she thought.  She felt the area of the sensation begin to expand.  The touch from Bethany’s hand, still on her back, also felt different somehow.  The sensation was oddly pleasurable but at the same time very unnerving.  “Did you do something, Bethany?  What’s happening to me?” she tried to ask.

Bethany, meanwhile, hoped she knew exactly what was happening and could also sense the change beneath her hand.  She could feel through Cait’s shirt that her skin had become hard and unyielding and slowly moved her hand until she found the edge of the transformation.  “It’s happening!” she said quietly but excitedly.

“What’s happening?  What did you do?” Cait tried to ask, but her sister did not provide an answer.  She felt Bethany’s hand move across her back and the feeling, while quite pleasing, was also quite different and further unnerved her.  Within ten seconds the change had consumed her entire back and was spreading around to her butt and chest.  It quickly and near simultaneously consumed her sex and breasts, transforming them all into smooth, featureless plastic before moving down her arms and legs.  “Ooohhh,” was the only thought she could then muster until her concern was again brought to the forefront by her growing sensation of emptiness.  “Bethany, seriously, did you do this?  I feel...empty and light,” she said as she could sense the back seat of the car slowly recoiling from the absence of weight.  Things finally started to add up for her as the transformation reached and quickly travelled down her outstretched left arm and hand.  “What the!” she thought.  “My arm - it looks so smooth and pale - almost like plastic?  Bethany, please!”

It was at this time that Bethany became even more excited.  She knew exactly what was happening, or at least hoped she did, but witnessing Cait’s arm transform right in front of her visually confirmed what she had hoped.  She leaned forward, placing her hands on her sister’s now satisfyingly hardened left thigh and watched the completion of the change.  It quickly spread up her neck and within seconds passed across Cait’s face, permanently locking in her smile and sense of surprise as it turned her mouth and eyes into mere painted features before disappearing under her hairline and effectively turning her long blonde hair into a wig.  Bethany’s smile grew even wider, if such a thing was actually possible at this point.

“Now you don’t have to leave me and we can play together forever,” Bethany said quietly.

“What?” Cait asked herself.  “What does she mean, how?”

“Well, I came up with a new spell, and this time it worked!” Bethany said.

“Hold on a sec, you can read my mind?” Cait asked.

“Yes, and only I can.  That was part of my spell,” Bethany replied.  “I thought it would be fun to actually have a doll that could talk back to me.”

“Your spell?  Cait asked incredulously.  “A doll?  That’s what you turned me into, a stupid doll?”

“Yeah, well, a big doll I guess,” Bethany said.  “Really you’re more like one of those store dummies but close enough, right?  And you can still hear and see.”

“But I don’t want to be your doll, or anybody’s doll!” Cait said.  “Turn me back to normal right now!”

“I don’t want to!” Bethany said.

“Surely Mom and Dad are going to notice what you’ve done to me, after all they are driving me to school tomorrow!” Cait replied curtly.

“No they won’t,” Bethany said.  “They won’t notice.  The only thing they know about you right now is that you’re a big doll that they just bought for me.”

“Nooo!  You can’t be serious!” Cait screamed.  “Please, Beth, turn me back, I don’t like this, it’s weird!”

“I am,” Bethany replied.  “I guess it’s probably weird for you right now but I know you’ll get used to it and we’re going to have a lot of fun together!”

Bethany then noticed that the camera app on Cait’s phone was still active, so she reached forward, removed the phone from her sister’s lifeless hand and set the self timer before returning the phone to the hand and quickly replicating her earlier pose and smile just in time for the picture to be taken.  The feelings and sensations of the transformation were one thing, helplessly watching her arm and hand transform was something else, but her first glimpse of her new face was something quite entirely different yet to Cait as the full gravity of the situation really hit her.  “That’s really me,” she thought to herself, “that painted face on my phone is mine.”


Bethany played with Cait nearly every day for the first few weeks.  Cait played along and pretended to enjoy it - not that she had much choice in the matter - hoping that her sister would eventually have her fill and reverse the spell.  Finally, the day she thought that might happen arrived.

“You’ve been really fun to play with,” Bethany said, “but it’s a little weird.”

“You think?”  Cait asked.  “You turned your sister into a mannequin and you think it’s weird playing with her with your dolls?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry,” Bethany said, “but I know what I need to do to not make it weird.”

“Turning me back into a living girl, right?”  Cait asked.

“No,” Bethany answered, “I don’t think I want to do that.”

“What do you mean?” Cait asked.

“You’re too big,” Bethany said.  “It’s weird.  It would be better if you were like all my other dolls.”

“Of course I’m too big,” Cait replied.  “It’s because I’m a real girl that you turned into plastic.  Please turn me back!”

“No, I’m going to make you smaller and bendable,” Bethany said as she began to mutter another spell.

“Oh great, not another one,” Cait started to think as she suddenly felt another change begin.  “Oh no!” she thought as she began to feel a falling sensation and Bethany and the room around her appeared to grow.  “Bethany, please, I’m begging you!  Stop this!” she cried.  Due to her rigid seated position on Bethany’s small rocking chair, Cait continued to move as the current spell acted out.  Eventually, it reached a point where she lost balance and tumbled over the front of the chair.  Cait lying on her back, still in a seated position and now less than a foot tall, Bethany picked her up.

“I think this will be more fun for both of us, don’t you think?” Bethany asked as she began posing Cait’s form.  Cait’s plastic skin was now rubberized, featuring seamless joints and her wig was now permanently reattached to her scalp.  Besides those changes, her outward appearance was substantially similar to her former mannequin form.

“I don’t think this is fun at all, so no,” Cait replied.

“I’m sorry you fell off the chair,” Bethany said.  “I should have set you on the floor first.”

“You know that’s not the reason!” Cait quipped.


Several days later, Bethany was playing with Cait and the rest of her dolls.  Cait was finding her new configuration to be especially demeaning and it was becoming more and more difficult for her to feign enjoyment.  Finally, she snapped.

“Bethany, seriously, change me back right now,” Cait said.  “I promise if you turn me back to normal I’ll play with your dolls with you.  Wouldn’t that be even more fun than this?”

“But you won’t,” Bethany answered.  “You won’t, and then you’ll be spending all your time with Nate again.  No.”

“But...,” Cait began before Bethany cut her off.

“It’s not very fun playing with a doll that constantly complains, either, you know,” Bethany said.

“Constantly?” Cait asked.  “I think I’ve put up with this quite well considering!”

“No you haven’t, but I have one more idea that I just know you’ll enjoy!” Bethany said as she began into another spell.

“I don’t understand how you expect to change me even more to make me fit whatever it is you’re trying to do.  Oh great, another spell.  Now what are you going to turn me into,” Cait grumbled.  “What are we going to play next?” she then asked excitedly.

“That’s better!” Bethany said.

“What’s better?” Cait giggled.

“Oh nothing,”  Bethany said.  “You’re still happy being my doll, right Cait?”

“Of course, what else could I be?” Cait answered.

As a result of this latest spell, Cait fully enjoyed being Bethany’s doll.  She would retain fuzzy memories of a life prior to being a doll and would occasionally experience fleeting longings to be human again, but for the most part she was fully accepting of being nothing more than a doll, an inanimate plaything whose sole purpose was to provide entertainment to a child or to be displayed on a collector’s shelf.  


A few years passed and Bethany’s interests gradually changed much as Cait’s had before.  Her interests in magic, princesses and dolls gradually gave way to things like clothes, makeup and boys.  Cait remained her favorite possession, however.  By now she was a little worn, but still very well taken care of.  Eventually, Bethany moved away for her freshman year of college while Cait remained at home.  Still remembering that Cait was once her sister, she regretted leaving her at home, but didn’t want to risk the uncertainties of moving to a new place.  She began to feel some remorse over what she had done and resolved to return Cait back to normal the next time she was home on break.

When she arrived home, Bethany had a mild panic when she could not find Cait.  Sometime during the semester, her mother had given many of her older toys and dolls to a local chain of thrift stores, Cait included.  Knowing that only she knew who, or what, Cait really was, she tried in vain to locate her.  The chain had several locations and there was no way for anybody to know which one Cait eventually ended up in, so she searched every store.  Her efforts were fruitless as Cait probably sold very quickly given her uncanny resemblance to a real girl.  She was wracked with guilt and resigned herself to knowing that Cait would in all likelihood spend the rest of her existence as a toy doll, but knew nobody would believe her if she were to tell them.


The times in donations processing and then in the store were strange ones for Cait.  Once on the shelf in that strange place, there were several times a girl would pick her up and play with her for a while.  The confusing part was that these girls wouldn’t respond to her when she asked who they were.  After only a week, she was picked up and purchased by an older woman and promptly wrapped up in what she thought to be wrapping paper.

After what felt like an eternity in her paper prison, Cait was finally unwrapped.  It was Christmas Day, and as she soon learned, her new owner was a pre-teen girl named Tracy.  Cait quickly acclimated herself to her new owner and surroundings and gradually accepted that she couldn’t communicate with her.  Tracy quickly fell in love with Cait, or Susie as she called her, and would play with and take care of her just as Bethany had done before.

Tracy’s older stepbrother by several years had graduated from college a couple of years ago and was back home visiting the family at the time she received Susie as a gift.  He didn’t outwardly show it for fear of embarrassment, but he was deeply intrigued by the doll.  He felt there was something unsettling about it.  It wasn’t necessarily because it looked so life-like, but that it bore an uncanny resemblance to a girl he had dated a few times several years ago.  He thought they had hit it off really well, but when she left for college he never heard from her again.  He would occasionally muse about showing her parents that there was a doll out there that looked exactly like their daughter, but realized what an awkward situation that might be.  For her part, while Cait fully enjoyed her time with Tracy, she was after all a doll who had once been a late teen girl - and she thought the brother, Nate, as she learned his name to be - was not only really cute but could also swear she knew him from some other time and place.  Many times when he visited he would quietly seek her out, and sometimes he would even pick her up for a closer look.  “I really like you,” she would think, “and I’ve never been played with by a boy.  Why do you always put me right back down?”

To be continued...