Good for a Little Gag

by ObjectifiedBeauty

Jordan’s boyfriend Tom could at times be a jerk but he was good to her and all-in-all they were happy together.  On her birthday one year while over at his house, he had given her a new cell phone.  Excited to try it out, she played around with some of the apps and features for a few minutes before she found one that she had never seen before.

“SolidSelfie,” she said, “what’s that?”

“Oh, I know how much you like snapping pictures of yourself to send to your friends,” said Tom with a suspicious grin.  He would often play little practical jokes on her and if her attention wasn’t fully occupied by the phone she might have noticed and braced herself - or maybe not; often he was able to pull them off because of her unsuspecting nature.  “Why don’t you try it out?” he asked.

“I think I will!” said Jordan with a slight giggle.  “Well, it’s pretty simple; not many options.  Here goes!”  She positioned the phone in front of her and tapped on the shutter button that was displayed on the screen.  The bright flash which followed momentarily blinded her, among other things.  As her eyes recovered, she realized that her movement was restricted but she could still talk - somewhat.

“What the...ummm, honey I feel kind of funny.  How could that happen because of the phone?” she asked.  “I can hardly move.  What happened to me?  Is this another one of your jokes?”

“I have to confess, yes,” said Tom.  “That’s not just any camera app, sweetie.  It did more than just take a picture of you.  You’re being turned you into a mannequin just like the ones in the stores.  Just stand there all pretty for me, ok?”

“H...howw diid youu knoww?” asked Jordan as speech became much more difficult.

Tom replied, “How did I know?  You know Jason, well his dad is a programmer and kind of a magician and we both thought it might be good for a little gag between us.  I thought we could have a little fun together with you like that and then he said we can have you turned back to normal.”

A hushed “Nnnnnnooo” was all Jordan could muster by this point.  Tom had completely misunderstood her question.  For as long as she could remember, she had a fetish of imagining herself being turned into a solid object, but she had never told anybody.  Now, just like that, it was actually happening, or so it seemed.  She didn’t really feel any different, not yet anyway; all she knew was that she couldn’t move any more.

Tom came a little closer and rubbed her hand slightly.  “Your skin still feels normal, but you’re as stiff as a board now.  Jason’s dad said it might take a minute for any noticeable changes to happen but when they do they’ll happen fast.  I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am!” he said.

“I can’t believe you did this to me,” Jordan thought.  “I hate you!”

Just then, Jordan forgot all that as her body began to transform.  The mix of anger and surprise she felt towards Tom quickly gave way to the quickly growing sense of arousal that had also been present from the start due to her fetish.  She could feel what felt like her body hollowing out and becoming lighter.  Then suddenly, she noticed that her outstretched arm and hand with the phone in it didn’t look like hers anymore - it quickly became smooth and shiny.  She could feel the transformation in her skin as well, as it transformed from warm, soft flesh to cool, hard plastic.  After a couple of minutes she wan’t able to sense any more changes.  “That was incredible,” she thought to herself.  “I think it’s done now.  I can’t believe I’m just a dummy now.  This is so cool!”

Judging by the look on his face, Tom thoroughly enjoyed watching his girlfriend turn into a plastic figure right in front of himself every bit as much as she enjoyed turning into one.  “I think it’s done now, baby,” he said as he reached out and rapped his fingernails on her chest.  The resulting click satisfied both of them.  “How does it feel being a store dummy?” he asked.  Jordan wished she could answer; just the slightest touch felt incredible.  Tom then picked her up and carried her downstairs into a room in the basement and placed her in front of a full-length mirror so she could fully take in her new appearance.  She could see that her skin was now entirely pale, shiny plastic.  Her lips were fixed in a big grin, revealing a flawless white painted veneer that just minutes ago had been her teeth and braces.  Looking at her eyes, she was a bit surprised she could still see, given that they too had taken on new painted forms of their own, staring blankly ahead.  In her fixation on her new appearance, she did not notice when Tom left the room.

Three days passed before Jordan saw Tom again.  She could hear him and his family elsewhere in the house during that time, but nobody seemed aware that she was down in the basement.  During this time, her initial excitement over her transformation gradually gave way to anxiety about her future.  Finally, on the fourth day Tom returned, accompanied by a man whom she had never seen before.  As Tom ran his hands over her stiff form and further complemented her on her appearance, Jordan’s anxiety was somewhat assuaged.  But what followed after that was more unpleasant than the preceding anxiety.  “Honey, I have something to tell you,” Tom started.  “I lied.  There is no way to return you back to life, and there never was.  You’re just going to have to get used to being just a mannequin from now on.”  Before that could even register in her mind, the strangest sensation began to occur.  As her viewpoint began to change, she realized that she was being disassembled!  It felt strangely pleasant, but she was too anxious to enjoy it.  The whole situation was just too much for her to handle and her mind blacked out.  Tom and the man fully disassembled and undressed the mannequin and carried its parts upstairs for packaging in a waiting crate.  When finished, the crate was loaded into a van which then took off.

It was during the ride in the van that Jordan’s mind finally came back, but her thoughts were scrambled every bit as much as her body was.  When she finally regained normal consciousness, she had no idea where she was.  It appeared to be some kind of warehouse.  “Where is this?” she thought.  “Where am I?  How long was I blacked out?”  She had been reassembled and was now standing naked in the middle of a department store stock room over five hundred miles from her original home.  As if she wasn’t anxious enough, the gravity of her fate fully hit her the following morning when a store employee dressed her in teenage apparel before carting her out onto the sales floor, where he lifted her up onto a pedestal with three other mannequins.  “Crap!  I’m really just a store display now?  Does anybody even know who I am?  Where is this place?” she thought to herself, thoughts that only served to amplify her growing terror.  Thoughts such as “How could Tom do this to me!  Why!?  Does my family know what happened to me?” were the most prominent in her mind, but she was also haunted by realizations of things she would now never be able to do or feel.  In a few months time she would slowly begin to accept her fate, but she would forever long to again be like the people she would see around her in the store every day - a longing which would never be fulfilled.

The End