Essence Container

by Monochrome

Disclaimer: This is a furry-fic, containing latex fetishism, body alterations, domination, and other grown-up stuff. If you are under-age, or find reading this kind of material offensive, go read something else.

This fic contains characters created by Sebastian Rubbermage, used with his permission. Go and see his site at Don't steal this without the express written permission of the writer, ie. me.


Two persons speak with each at the back-room of "Sebastian's magic shop". One of them is Sebastian himself and other one is young, and rather agitated bull-boy. In the table near them lies several empty wrappings, bearing logo of Sebastian's shop.

Pointing the stuff in the table, boy speaks to Sebastian in fierce voice. "Look I'm tellin' you, that you are behind All This."

Sebastian sighs. < These bulls are always same: hot-tempered, quick to jump conclusions, without bothering to explain things. >

Sebastian looks at the boy under his brows. Because this boy had insisted, he had agreed to hear him out. So far his ranting hasn't made much sense.

"Could you slow down, and tell me what exactly is this all about? I confess that these have contained my merchandise, but how it relates to you?"

"They have everything to do with this. They are the reason why my girlfriend is missing!" bull-boy continues with fierce tone.

Crossing his hands Sebastian sighs once more. "Calm down, How about if you could start from the beginning."

After taking deep breath (whitch is Very deep, because it's bull's chest after all), he begins to speak.

"I met nice girl while ago. Her name was, I mean IS, Mei Akai. We got along really well together, so we began to spend time with each other. She had just came to town, and was looking for a job. Maybe you had heard him?" -Boy asks hopefully.

Sebastian shakes his head. "No I haven't. But you could introduce yourself."

"Uh I did kinda forgot didn't I?" Bull-boy says, a little embarrassed. "My name is Tim Collins."

"Nice to meet you Tim. proceed with your story."

"Like I was saying we got really well together, but problem was that I was bit low on cash myself, so it made living bit difficult. So we exchanged numbers, and promised each other to see later with more savings. I worked like crazy for a while, for our future. Next thing, I get an invitation to a cafe. And not even any our regular places, just some cafe."

At this point, Tim falls silent. Patiently Sebastian waits until bull-boy gets himself back together.

"When I met her, she was cold and distant: completely different than what she used to be. She said she had gotten a job and wanted to get on in her life. For that reason we should stop seeing each other. She didn't answer any of my questions, and coldly refused to speak about the issue." A sense of disbelief is clear in Tim's voice. "I didn't believe she could change so much in so short of a period, so I followed her into some fancy private hospital. Imagine my astonishment when I went to ask what ward she worked, they flatly denied that any such person was on their payroll. When I insisted to see someone in charge, they called the cops. I was thrown out, but I didn't leave subject to that. I did some searching, and found those wrappings among the paper trash." Tim ends his story apparently pleased to himself.

Sebastian looks at the wrappings at table, and then the boy. < He seems clearly proud of his detectiving. Someone with a less stubborn character had given up, but bulls ARE bullheaded. AND, he seems to be telling the truth. >

Out loud he says: "These indeed are products from my shop, but what does that prove. All my customers are private people, I don't recollect selling anything to any hospital, private or otherwise."

Tim's previously brash behaviour suddenly vanishes. Meekly he responds. "I was hoping you could manage to arrange things so that I could see my girl; by your possible contacts, or... other ways."

The way Sebastian looks Tim, it's obvious he doesn't have a clue what Tim is talking about. Then Erica whispers something into Sebastian's ear. After this brief exchange of words, he looks again at Tim. "I think understand what you are implying. I have think about this, so I have to ask you to come back after we have closed for business. Erica will let you in from the back door, when you come."

*           *           *

When Tim later appears in the back door of Magic Shop, he acts in a more timid manner than earlier. Erica opens the door for him, asking him to follow her. Walkingbehind Erica towards back-room, Tim can't avoid looking at the lithe latex-clad feline body swaying in front of him. Erica looks back at him over her shoulder, fully aware what effect her curvy body has on Tim. Thankfully it's short trip, ending before any uncomfortable ideas take form in Tim's mind.

Once they get in the back-room, Erica blends into the back-round, leaving the stage to Sebastian. In between them is a table, and on that are several items.

Hands folded behind his back, Sebastian addresses Tim. "I have given some thought to these accusations of yours; and they seem plausible. However, if I go and accuse anyone in public, they can always deny everything. In such case, all I would get would be lot of bad PR."

Hearing this, Tim's face falls. Then he opens his mouth to object. Sebastian raises his hand to silence Tim's objections. "That would be what wold happen if I acted publicly. I don't like when my inventions are misused. I do have my own code of ethics."

"So what can we, or I for that matter, do?"

"Now we came to part that you hinted earlier today," smiles Sebastian. "If source of all this is in the hospital, you have to get inside."

Second thoughts harry Tim's mind. Coming to Sebasian's shop he thought he was prepared for this. But now when he is facing the subject...

"Hh - how can I be sure that they will hire me?"

Leaning back Sebastian says casually: "Based on what you told me, they probably have very active employment policy. Ultimately it is, of course, up to you. Or are you trying to tell me you're chickening out?"

Annoyed at Sebastian's remark, Tim snaps back: "of course not!"

Sebastian smiles inwardly. < This boy has backbone, just as I thought. >

Then, out loud in businesslike voice he continues: "Very well, then. But don't think I'm doing this for free. I expect to payment from my services."

Erica comes and leans into Sebastian's elbow. "He Will get his payment, one way or other, believe me."

Somehow Tim believes it. Erica's statement doesn't contain any malice, she's just stating a fact. "I uh, understand."

Then, more than little nervously, Tim asks: "So how do we continue from here?"

"By magic of course, how else?" Sebastian states. "Our unknown opponent seems familiar with my merchandise. But they are just items I created, whereas I am fully trained rubbermage."

He walks around Tim, inspecting his body, as he speaks. "Well, not bad start. Firstly I have to ask you undress."

"Here? Now?"

"Yes right here. This isn't time to start act like a prude." Sebastian says, a little irritated. "Besides my magic won't work otherwise."

When Tim undresses, the fact that he has hard-on, becomes plainly visible. Somewhat embarrassed, he turns away from Erica.

"There is now need to be ashamed of your body's natural responses. Besides Erica has seen her fair quota of male appendages." Sebastian says with friendly voice, at the same time when he lifts up Tim's both hands in vertical position. "Now, hold them there."

Sebastian backs up, and Erica comes with skein of shining metal-grey line. This she ties it under his arms, and begins to wind it over his chest. Then she wraps it all up over him, and them backs up, making way for Sebastian. Tim notes with relief that she leaves his erect cock at peace.

Sebastian concentrates and begins to move his hands in round movements over his chest. Slowly but surely, pair of breast begins to take shape out of the line covering his chest. Lastly Sebastian pinches both of them, twisting his hands at the same time, making pair of nipples appear. The whole act causes vague erotic feelings to rise in Tim's mind. When the breasts grow big enough to fill Sebastian's hands, that feeling intensifies. He can feel them as vividly as any other sensitive part of his body.

"You can lower your arms now," Sebastian says as he retreats little farther from Tim.

When he lowers his arms, it causes his new breasts to rise little higher. There's new tightness in around his armpits. Tim flexes his hands, and then gropes his newly acquired parts of body; softly at first, but them at heavier hand.

"Can I try too," Erica says quietly into his ear.

Startled, he turns his head, and sees smiling Erica. Her comment makes Tim blush; he didn't intent to use so much time in groping his breasts.

All this time Sebastian has patiently waited him to finish; he had clearly anticipated Tim's reaction to his new bodily measures. Then Sebastian turns and takes a box from table. From the box he takes small pink ball. He gives the rest of the box to Erica, who puts it back into the table. Holding it between thumb and index-finger, Sebastian shows it to Tim. "This is toy-ball pellet. Soft-air guns, used in toy-ball games, use them. Unlike full-size Toy-balls, these are able to change only a small part of a body."

Sebastian places the small ball at the root of her penis, which has a serious hard-on. Then he 'shoots' it with his finger. Instantly ball begins to spread quickly covering his penis. This too is very sexually stimulating; it feels like someone gently massaging his manhood. Slowly it spreads to cover his hips. The goo spreads, and along with it cool tingling feeling. As it spreads to her backside, he gets momentary shivers, as goo invades his asshole. It begins to flow into it, but then suddenly goo reverts it flow leaving his ass open. Tim hardly notices this, because he sees his manhood beginning to shrink like a deflating balloon into itself. Instead of vague erotic feeling he experienced earlier, this one is near-orgasmigal experience. Twinge of pain mix into it, as his penis continues to deflate. It sinks further into his pelvis, leaving a gap between his legs. But the feeling doesn't end, it continues, until churning between his legs produces shiny new clit to his crotch. Tim doesn't even need to look, he just knows it's there.

As Erica swipes sweat from his upper torso, Sebastian states with proud tone of voice: "Now you have basic trappings of a woman. To your own good, I blocked some of the more intense feelings caused by your transformation."

< More intense... if that wasn't intense, I don't know what is. >

"Also your other  hole is left free, so you can eat and don't have to starve to death."

Tim quickly banishes images that his words conjure in his head. He has lot to cope even without those kinds of thoughts.

Sebastian looks him once more to head to toes. "Your short brown hair will do nicely for a woman, and you also have nice well-built legs. Bit of make-up, and the boys will fight over you."

"And few girls too," Erica, adds eating his body with her eyes.

"Now I have done my part. Rest is girls-stuff, which I leave in the capable hands of my assistant Erica." And so saying Sebastian leaves the room.

Erica picks up a shaver from the table. She walks next to Tim and turns it on. "Now we have to some fine-tuning," Erica explains to Tim, as she began to shave his legs. "Girls have shorter and softer hair than men, so we start there."

Slowly she shaves his whole body, taking her time in quiet way. Once that is done, Erika runs her hand along his body. Tim finds the newly shaved, short hard stubble itching.

Erica notices that too. "Itches, no? Don't worry, it won't for long; because next we are going to soften up your fur."

She puts shaver away, and begins to spread milky-white thick ointment to a mitten in her other hand. She then wiggles the other mitten on single-handedly, because she has ointment in the other. Rubbing mittens together, she spreads ointment into both of them. Erica begins to rub ointment to Tim's fur, again beginning with legs.

"This will soften your fur," Erica says along the way, while applying the ointment. "It also slows considerably growth-rate of the fur; and as a side effect, it hides your furs original coloring."

The treatment makes practically his whole fur tingle, but Erica's seemingly capable hands make it bearable, almost comfortable experience.

Hands to her hips, Erica looks her handiwork: "Excellent. Now, all that is left is make-up."

Erica sets Tim beside table, and puts up mirror in front of his. From the mirror pale-furred, brunette cowgirl stares back. All maleness has utterly vanished as a result of Erica's treatment. Even her eyelashes seem longer.

"Now pay attention because you have to do this by yourself from now on, as long you stay as a woman."

Erica applies make-up, commanding Tim from time to time: Close your eye, squint your eye, now the other eye, purse your lips, etc...

When she's finished, whole lot different girl looks from mirror; as a man Tim would not need to ask twice to go out with girl in the mirror!

Erica looks over Tim's shoulder, hugging him. "Boy, you look good enough to eat."

"Now for the clothes."

Erica dresses Tim into relative low-heeled shoes, ("So you keep in your feet.") long leather skirt forcing Tim to take small steps, his old shirt, and a short brown leather-jacket. His breasts stretch shirt to its limits, showing clearly which sex his body represents.

One thing puzzles Tim: "Where'd you get the clothes?"

"Oh, they are items left at the store," Erica answers vaguely, while she arranges his new set of clothes. Because she apparently isn't going to give him any better answer, Tim drops the subject. Then Erica stands up. She looks Tim critically, walking around him.

"Wha - what's the matter?"

"I don't know, something amiss, something's..." Suddenly enlightenment fill Erica's face "Of course! Why didn't I notice it sooner!" She says, snapping her fingers. Erica takes small bottle from the table. "Open your mouth." Tim does so, and Erica sprays something into his mouth. Tim's palate and throat goes momentarily numb. Erica waits for a moment, before saying: "Now try to speak."

At first Tim can't get a word at his mouth, his voice wavers like boy who's voice is on the verge of breaking. When he finally gets something understandable out of his mouth, the pitch of his voice has raised almost an octave. Surprised, Tim blocks his mouth with both hands.

"Isn't it neat invention? This spray flexes your vocal-cords, so your voice adjusts accordingly." Erica grins at Tim in good-humored way. "You can't have a girl with low voice like yours."

Tim tries to speak again carefully. It doesn't hurt or anything, but the singsong voice sounds strange to his own ears. "I think that I have change my name too, to go with my new looks." Tim rolls several names at her tongue, trying to find one that sounds good to his ear: "Tabby, Tish, Trish, Trishia, Tammy... Tammy... Hmm... Yes, that sounds good: I will call myself Tammy."

"Well, Tammy, best of luck to you." Erica wishes, as she escorts Tim out of the back door. "And one more thing, Don't get too excited with your new body."

"Why's that?"

"Because you can't get an orgasm in your present state. Only Sebastian can grant it to you, by changing you back to you original state."

So saying Erica waves to Tim behind the back door, before closing it.

First time after committing himself into this task, Tim gets feeling that all might not be so easy, as he had imagined at first.

*           *           *

The very next morning, Tim goes to seek new apartment which he could rent in the name of his new personality. He finds nice already furnished two-room apartment from reasonable distance from hospital's neighborhood. For the rest of the day Tim spends becoming accustomed to his new outlook. There's lot to be taken in consideration; it takes a while that Tim won't blush just by taking a deep breath. But evening Tim feels that he has gotten accustomed his new body.

On the next day when Tim walks toward the hospital that presumably has his girlfriend, he still has difficulties in adjusting to outsiders reactions to his new body. The Hospital is located in fancy part of town, so residents here are sharp and good-looking. Despite this Tim's new body turns few heads, as he walks towards the hospital.

"I guess this is good sign," Tim thinks. "But I'm not used to this kind of attention."

Then finally he arrives at the Hospital's gates. The building is a well-kept, older structure, built in usual steel-n-glass-style od an office building. It stands in the back-end of equally well-kept park. Taking a deep breath, Tim steps under the sign that says: "Silvermane's Private Hospital." Park is very quiet; with the only visible persons being a couple gardeners mending the walkway. "Excuse me, would you show me where employment-office is?"

Female raccoon gardener, who's been sweeping the walkway, raises her head and looks Tim for a while. When she does that, Tim sees she's wearing tan vinyl face-mask. Then, without saying anything, she points the left-end of the hospital.

Thanking her, Tim walks in the direction of which she had shown. There, in the far corner of the house, is a door marked with the sign: "Employment".

"Well, here goes nothing," Tim says to himself, stepping inside.

'Inside' holds small room: in front of him is room-wide desk, right from him stands a stylish sofa and to his left is a door that is slightly ajar. Apart from a lone Bunny-girl in nurse's outfit sitting behind the recetption desk, the room is empty.

Hoping that he doesn't sound too nervous Tim asks: "I heard that this hospital has open vacancies. For work."

Bunny-girl raises her head, from something hidden unseen behind the desk. "Do you have appointment?" she asks chewing gum.

"No I don't."

"Then take this form, and go to that room to fill it out."

She points towards door that is ajar, and hands Tim the form and a pencil. After that she seems to forget his existence, turning to back what she was doing before he came in.

Tim takes form from nurse-bunny, and goes into side room. This room's only furniture is a table and two designer chairs. On the wall hangs couple od paintings about the hospital.

Tim sits down, and looks at the form. "Now I've had it! I don't have any kind of medical knowledge." So Tim chews the pencil, trying to invent way to get out this mess, when he suddenly becomes aware of presence of another person. He looks up, and sees a male dog with droopy ears standing there, hands in a doctors coat.

"Good day to you, young lady. Do you find form difficult to fill in?" Doctor says flashing shining smile to Tim at the same time. Tim sits there momentary stunned, but then remembers reason why he's here.

Batting his eyelashes Tim says in a coy voice: "Well, a little."

Looking him to a face Tim feels himself blushing involuntarily. < Even the guy does look quite handsome, Get a grip of yourself! > Tim mentally chides himself.

A little too friendly, the man takes Tim's both hands into his, raising himself up from chair. "Let me introduce myself: I am doctor Civil, and I'm charge of employment. Let's leave the paperwork for later, we can start with your physical examination."

Tim nods his agreement, and Doctor leads Tim out of room. Walking past the desk where bunny-nurse sits, they go through the well camouflaged door into the room that looks like regular consulting room.

The Doctor opens door to him, and they step into corridor that is bustling with activity. What little Tim can see about staff, seems to consist of good-looking females; He might has a chance to actually get in!

Before long they come to a door, with doctor Civil's name stenciled into a brass-plate. "Please step in," doctor says keeping the door open for Tim.

Nodding thanks, Tim enters the room. Inside is furnished as you would expect for doctor's appointment room: Examination table, filing cabinets, big writing desk, etc. Doctor closes door behind them, and takes closer look at Tim's female body.

"Now, would you please undress to bra and panties, so we can start the physical?"

Tim does so, and good doctor starts to groping his female body. Tim tries to moan in right places, and tries not to get too excited because Sebastian had warned him. He finds out that the new parts of his body were very acute to touch, and situation is getting out of Tim's control.

Luckily the good doctor stops before things go that far. Were this been normal examination, the doctor would surely had noticed some odd details in his body, but doctor Civil has clearly more that just academic interest in a lush female body.

"You seem to be in fit form, and very sensitive." Doctor Civil says to Tim after the medical exam. "When can you start?"

<"What? just like that?"> "Um, tomorrow."

"Fine, we will deal with paperwork later. Dress up, and I'll give you tour around our hospital."

When Tim was still dressing up, someone enters the room. He's in a dead angle behind the door, so newcomer doesn't see Tim right away. "I came to see if you could go to lunch with me, doctor dear," purred a friendly female voice says from behind the door. She shuts the door behind her, leaning her back into it. Then she sees Tim. Standing up, she continues in more regal tone of voice: "Oh I see. You have job interview going on here."

"Ms. Tammy, may I present Miss Silvermane; head nurse and member of an board of governors of this hospital."

"How do you do," Tim says in a way he hopes sounds respectful.

Ms. Silvermane just nods, and looks at Tim over her glasses. Under those deep gray eyes Tim barely notices Ms. Silvermane's silvery fur, or cobalt-blue ponytail swinging behind her. When she has inspected Tim enough, she turns toward doctor Civil, who leans casually to his desk.

The sexy voice of Ms. Silvermane rises into a neutral tone. "You seem to be busy, so I'll postpone our lunch to other time," she says, indicating towards Tim. "Since I'm here now, I might as well show new girl around. That is if you're finished here." Tim images he can hear slight tone of irony in her voice.

"Yes, we are quite finished here, you can do what you want with her," Doctor Civil says stroking his hand trough his hair.

"Then, shall we miss?" Says Ms. Silvermane, pointing toward the outer door. Her choice of their words in that exchange of words added to the fact that she had had plans to share her time with doctor, not him, are enough to make him a little nervous. So when Tim steps out of the door, which Ms. Silvermane keeps open to her, he keeps an eye on her. But she acts civil towards him during the tour. What he has to do as work, isn't anything very difficult; watching over patients of some special ward. Ms. Silvermane explains to him that patients there need extra privacy. The tour ends in the dressing room. Tim gets a locker for himself, and two fresh uniforms.

"You have quite large frame, but our hospital has large collection of sizes," she explains as wardrobe-nurse finds right size for him.

"Here, I think this one will fit you," wardrobe-nurse says.

When Tim accepts them from nurse, Ms. Silvermane asks if she would try it on, so they can see that it really fits.

< "Well, it can't hurt." > So Tim takes suit out of the box; its pale-blue in color, like others he has seen. What he hasn't been able to see, is that it's made of PVC plastic. "That is because PVC is durable and easy to kept clean," Wardrobe-nurse answers, when Tim asks about it. These aren't probably only reasons he suspects, but Tim doesn't press the issue under Ms. Silvermane's eyes.

Tim poses in his uniform for a while, checking the tight fit. After he had changed back to civil-clothes, Ms. Silvermane takes her to the Reception. There he gets temporary ID-card for the hospital.

"You get proper ID-card shortly. All personnel are required to wear one at all times, and losing one's card will lead to disciplinary actions, so be careful and don't lose yours," She warns him.

"I promise to keep good care of mine."

"See your tomorrow morning then." And with that she turns and walks away.

*           *           *

When Tim walks out of the Hospital's main door, he's thrilled. "I made it through, and got out in one piece."

When going back through the walkway, the park around the hospital is as silent as when he first came here earlier this morning. Just outside of the hospital-grounds he saw a feline girl standing there, dressed in red vinyl raincoat and large wide-brimmed vinyl hat. As she raises her head Tim recognizes her.

"Erica, what brings you here?"

"Hi there. Mind if I walk with you."

"Please do."

Erika grasps me by the arm, and we began to walk down the street. The fact that we are (or at least look) both girls, makes me bit uneasy. Apparently Erika senses me tensing up, because she looks up to me.

"Relax; there's nothing wrong two gals walking together," She assures me, smiling mischievously.

Trying to sound casual I ask: "So why the welcoming party? Are you going to collect your payment from my skin?"

Erika lets out small giggle. "No, silly, Sebastian send me to find out how your job-hunting went."

"Well I got outta there in one piece, and  I think I even managed to impress someone important. It might be useful to have contacts inside."

Erica nods her head. "Also I'm here to tell you that you don't need to tackle this all by yourself. If you run into problems let us hear from you."


"And watch your language," She says frowning her nose. "Nice gals don't speak like bulls straight from the stable."

They walk onwards making some idle chatter. Then coming into a crossing of two streets, Erika lets go Tim's arm.

"Now that I have delivered the words of wisdom, I must depart. Don't fret about the bill, Sebastian will arrange something." She throws a flying kiss towards Tim, raises collar of her raincoat, and vanishes into the roiling street-crowd.

*           *           *

In her first day of work, Tim comes to work late. Reason for this was getting his make-up right. It had seemed considerably easier when Erica had done it, but in the end he had made it through. Fortunately Hospital had sliding work hours.

Tim found his ward easily enough, and spend first day learning his duties. These were simple enough; keep the ward in order, and see that any unauthorized people don't wonder in. Far harder was to be used to being addressed as a woman. When he got over from initial nervousness of his little adventure, he was able to relax and get to know his colleagues.

His job was easy enough and, what he heard from others, so had others found in his level of work. Another thing that connected them was that most of them had outstanding looks, and only few had any medical knowledge. Job-wise this was an easy place; He had lot of free-time on her hands, and PC with net-connection to waste it with. For lazy People this would had been an ideal job. But for one in such position as Tim, it only made him feel uneasy. His mother hadn't raised him to be a slacker.

*           *           *

When first salary arrived, It felt surprisingly large, considering what little he did for it. Even so not much was left of it when Tim had paid the rent of his own flat, and the flat that he had rented as a Tammy Johnsson. He spend his time off in front of TV, drinking beer. Salary reminded that he had spent the better part of a month already, and in that time found out very little concerning his lost girlfriend.

So in the next day, he sets to work. Hospital staff had full access to the patient database in order to keep track of patients in their care. Using the password of other nurse, a trick he had learned from his previous job as a desk-clerk, he looked through the files for anything unusual. Nothing much out of the ordinary; Relatives of rich families had reserved bedsides, and paid the bills. Only thing was that all of them were quite young, and not age-old members of families, as one would expect them to be. That much he was he was able to put together in between the lines.

He then got into the staff-files, using the pretext that he wanted to check out his resumee, but that was a dead end too. All there was to say, was mention of her rejected job application. From his colleagues rumouring, he found out that just recently Ms. Silvermane had been in Very Close relations to certain nurse Marlene, even off-duty. Marlene has been somewhat shy and rather plain spaniel-girl, and some said that the signs of affection of Ms. Silvermane had shown had overawed her. Furthermore, rumours said that this relation had ended abruptly, in the disappearance of Marlene. As intriguing these rumors where, they didn't get him any closer to finding the whereabouts of his girlfriend. And this frustrated Tim.

Perhaps more direct course of action would get better reactions. If there was something fishy going on, they needed accomplices. All he had to do is find one of them, and put him in the wall. That way he might find something out. The only problem was to find such a person. So he decided to spend couple days to search for suitable victim Only that they found him first.

*           *           *

When I got into my shift, there was note waiting for me. According to it, in routine inspection, there was new kind of hospital virus found. As a precaution every member of teh staff will receive an extra vaccination. Then there was info about where and when. "I guess I have to go, if I'm going to keep my cover."

So Tim went at the given time to the room stated in the note. There were two peoplepresent: a nurse called Sandy, and Ms. Silvermane. Her presence was bit of a surprise to Tim, but Sandy worried him more. She was tigress, and like other of her kind, owned a quick temper and quite lot of muscle-power.

"Good morning Ms. Johnsson, and I apologize we have to meet in such unpleasant circumstances," Ms. Silvermane speaks to me. "If I could ask you to take this bed and lie down."

When I tried to sit into bed, and began to raise my sleeve, Sandy said far more rudely: "No, not like that. Take off your skirt, and lay there on your back, ass up." To emphasize her words Sandy slaps the bed with her hand.

I do as told, and settle in the bed into quite a humiliating position. Sandy slaps me a couple times in the ass, and then sticks a needle unceremoniously into it. "Stay there for a while, and let it spread," Sandy says, slapping my ass once more, keeping me still with her other hand.

I yell something in protest, but it went on dead ears. In position like this, she has the upper-arm, so I stayed still. Time passed, and I begin to feel relaxed. So relaxed in fact, that I barely had the strength to move my eyes.

She noticed this, and turns her head to speak to Ms. Silvermane, who'd been sitting in the back all this time. "Doctor, it's begin to take effect."

Doctor!? In all time I've had here, I had been unable to call her with that title. But now, that woman stands up and walks with slow steps where I am lying still.

"Good. Fetch the bed pan and then you can go."

Sandy puts bed pan between my legs, and then leaves the room. Purpose of it soon comes clear to me, as my rectal muscles loosen up, releasing their load in the bowl. Ms. Silvermane goes somewhere to dispose of it, and comes back. First, she wipes my ass and her hands. After that she settles me to my back in the bed. My whole body has gone numb, and I can't raise a single muscle against her. All I can do is look straight up to the ceiling, when she handles my body like a piece of meat. Lastly, she draws sheet of latex over me.

"Gowd, you're so obvious. I set you up, and you walked my trap eyes wide open." The haughty tone in her voice is evident. "What you got shot into you is a powerful and fast acting muscle relaxant. It paralyzes your voluntary muscles, but doesn't affect in-voluntary ones. Its effect wears off pretty fast, but it won't matter in this case."

Ms. Silvermane walks behind my back outside my line of sight, and begins to push my wheeled bed onwards.

So I look up as the slightly blurred ceiling goes by. She pushes me into a more dimly lighted corridor, where we stop. I can guess by the sounds, that we are waiting the elevator. And indeed it is one, but not one of these huge ones where you can fit three beds; side by side. Instead this is smaller one, just large enough for one bed.

*           *           *

There is no way I can say sure, but if this elevator isn't slower than others in this hospital, I'd say we are at the top floors now. Ms. Silvermane pulls my bed out of the elevator, and we proceed onward in the hallway that has a more ornate ceiling, and more intimate lighting compared to bright hospital halls. The sounds of her heels are muffled too, so there's mats probably covering the floor.

Then, from behind me, her face comes into my line of sight. "We are nearing the end of your investigations." She opens door, and wheels my body in. Ceiling of this room is bare, and I can again hear her heels clacking on the hard floor. When she begins to move my body, I catch a brief glance of some apparatus that lies next to my new bed, and another bed behind it.

She handles my body with clinical ease; obviously she does this often. Finally she folds off sheet that has been covering me, and pushed the wheeled bed off to a corner of the room, leaving me to stare at the ceiling again.

"This is one bad place you have gotten yourself into," I chide myself. "She got you like young calf by the nose-ring."

*           *           *

Ceiling is medium gray in color, and in the long run, very boring to look at. So when I at last find that I can close my eyelids, and turn my head, I feel greatly relieved. When that feeling fades, I realize that paralyzing effect is wearing off. For a brief time dare to dream that she had done some miscalculation, and I could escape. But then familiar steps, that I hear, crush my faint hope.

I open my eyes and see her walking towards me, with a syringe in one hand, a small pale-blue ball in the other. I also see her self-satisfied look, and realize she did this on purpose!

As she goes around behind my back, I hold myself against coming shot, that won't come; instead of that my toes began to tingle. < "This feels familiar, but from where?" > As that feeling spread to my feet, I remember; it felt like this when Sebastian molded my body into female form. With an effort I turn my head, and try to crane my neck to see what's happening my legs. To my surprise she helps me out, by supporting my head with her hand. What I see, is something unbelievable. My legs have swollen, and turning into pale-blue inflated latex.

"They say that the change is quite pleasurable," she says. "Too bad you're gonna miss most of it."

Then she presses a smelly cloth into my face. After short struggle I lose all consciousness.

*           *           *

I regain my consciousness in the form of a latex doll, leaning against the wall, spread-eagled, hands stretched to the sides. It seems that I'm still in the same room, or then there's more than one room with those weird twin-tables. I have plenty of time to get accustomed to my new body. I can't move apart from a slight wobbling, and can't utter a sound. As for my remaining senses, I find out that transformation has heightened them considerably: I can hear a clock on top of filing cabinet across the room, and see name-tags on it. I decide to stand still, because any movement sends erotic vibes down to my spine.

I must have gotten bored and dosed off, because I wake into the sound of a squeezing of latex and hissing of an air pump. As I focus my vision, I see brown-furred blond she-fox messing with another inflatable-doll similar to me, talking to the female form as it took shape. "... you said that somebody would come after you. Well, let me show to you your shining knight."

< "That voice, and the way she acts, She's certainly Ms. Silvermane." >

She walks to where I stand, and holds the doll in front of me.

< "Yes, those eyes are unmistakable, It's her." >

"Look at her. She's certainly shining, but not much a prince," Silvermane snickers.

I shift my attention to the doll in front of me. Our looks meet, and somehow I can detect a sign of intelligence behind those large unblinking eyes.

"Now that you two have finally met, it would be rude to separate you two," She says as she puts the other doll beside a wall, taking me with her. "So I'm going to unite you two, or more precisely your body and her essence."

So I got one more opportunity to inspect the ceiling above the two-seater bed. Soon I began to feel that something was pulling "me" out of this body. It's as if I'm being sucked into something or somewhere. Whatever it is it robs all my sensory input from me; I can't hear, see, touch, or smell anything at all. After some amount of time, I began again feel pulled into somewhere else. I can't sense any transition-phase, but suddenly I have body and senses again.

Touch, especially, comes back extremely acutely; just hands that are holding me are enough to give me the willies! As I get past that feeling, I find that my body proportions have changed. It seems shorter, and my legs are bent and my hands are in front of me, so I look like some begging doggie.

Then face of Ms. Silvermane appears in front of me.

"How's you like your new body," she asks smirking. "Youd better become used to it 'cause your going to spend time in it 'till I'll get bored." She has lost that cultured tone of voice she normally uses, sounding now more like the vixens in the red light-district.

She puts him under her arm, carrying him through the door into the next room. That room looks like a comfortable furnished office room. Unlike previous room this one, has large windows, where early evening light falls into the room.

Tim notices a furry spaniel-girl furry-doll, sitting stiffly in the large windowsill at the far side of room, leaning into cat girl-doll right next to it. Ms. Silvermane puts him down into the floor, right next to them.

"Sit tight, your lady friend will accompany you shortly," she says.

Leaving me there, she walks back to the room where we had come from. Not long after that, waves of ecstasy shoot through me from crotch up to spine. The only thing I can do is to try to endure it, hoping it will pass soon. I'm still swimming in the after-wave of this weird tele-orgasm, when Ms. Silvermane comes back carrying a doll that looks like my earlier body. She puts it leaning against the wall next to me, and kneels down to my level.

"You felt something like an orgasm, didn't you?"

She tickles the latex dolly between the legs, and I immediately feel something in my crotch too. Still looking my crotch, she says: "Nice thing about this technology is that when you transfer one's essence to another body, and then give stimulus to that body, that body's original owner feels it too. I tell this to you, so you know what to expect." Then apparently pleased, she gets up. "Now I've have to go an' play nurse. But doncha' worry, I will see you later."

*           *           *

I try not to worry overtly about her last words, because she clearly meant to provoke us. Then I try to settle into what obviously will be my fate, at least in near future; waiting her to come back.

After quick shower, she jumps almost immediately over me. Naked, just a towel wrapped around her head. Ms. Silvermane puts me into bed, and arranges me so that my legs are pointing over the edge. Kneeling down, to the level of my crotch, Ms. Silvermane says to me: "Now, lets see how yummy you taste." Without further words, my inflated penis gets a hungry treatment. Judging by the level of her enthusiasm, I think she practices recreational activity often. "For a woman in her distinguished position, she has kinda vulgar tastes," I think to myself as she expertly works with my organ.

*           *           *

As this goes on, I began to feel certain itch between my loins. Sebastian's warnings came to my mind. But there isn't anything I can do at this moment, so I grit my proverbial teeth. "Damn she's good! Such skillful workmanship. Somebody has schooled her, and probably not by any medical school."

Finally she seems to get enough. As she sets my member free, she states: "Mmmm, nice slick and yummy. Just what I like." She puts my back to the floor, and goes under the sheets herself. Judging from the motion under the covers, she masturbates herself to sleep. I myself try not to get any more aroused that I'm already.

*           *           *

When I rise from slumber next morning, she's gone. Yesterday night's sharp feelings have also gone. Somewhat duller back-round noise had replaced it. Glancing at the doll besides me, I can only imagine what she went through last night.

Ms. Silvermane doesn't come back until late afternoon. She has look of utter frustration and anger in her face. Kicking her shoes off, throwing her skirt-suit onto the floor she goes to shower. When she returns from there, she goes to the closet, and dresses in a similar PVC-dress that nurses use here.

"Board meetings are such boring occasions, but I have to attend them, because of appearances sakes. But now, let's have some fun." But before she can put her plans into action, a ringing phone interrupts us. Ms Silvermane curses, but goes to answer the phone anyway. She listens intently for a while; then she says sharply: "I see. In that case, I'll take care of 'em."

She hangs up the phone, and takes a weird looking gun from her desk drawer. "We are gonna have some company," She says with low conspiratorily voice. "But don't they say, that mores the merrier?"

After checking the gun, she sits at the corner of the desk to wait.

I hear before her, a noise from adjacent room. But when she hears it, she goes to the door. Grasping the doorknob with her other hand, she presses one ear to the door. Then, with one swift motion, she opens the door.

With my sensitive hearing I can tell easily what happens in the next room.

She: "All right, what are you doing here?"

Dramatic pause

Man's voice: "You have something that belongs to me."

She: "Is that so? Whatever it was, it's mine now. Inside, the pair of you."

Dialog makes me wince.

"Ugh, Ms. Silvermane acts like thug in bad movie."

When "the pair of you" enters they are, to my surprise, Sebastian and Erica!

Former is wearing doctors jacket, and has the latter dressed as a nurse.

As Ms. Silvermane herds them into the room, they both seem calm to me.

She closes the door behind her, and continues her gangster act: "I don't know how's you got past my guards, but this is end of the line for you and the bimbo." As a proof of her words, she brandishes her weapon.

A look of disdain rises in Sebastian's face.

"Oh, a gun; how original. I expected little more from somebody who's behind this plot."

"Shut up you," Ms Silvermane snaps to him. "I'll show you 'something original'."

Erica has been following their conversation, with apparent unconcern. Even when Ms. Silvermane takes and shoots Sebastian, who in turn begins to transform to a latex-statue, she doesn't as much as startle. Because she seems to be fond of her boss, I have feeling that she knows something, that Ms. Silvermane doesn't.

And indeed...

*           *           *

The latex-statue that was just a moment ago, Sebastian, begins to emit a strange greenish glow. As it slowly begins to melt, Sebastian appears unscathed underneath. Along with the latex pooling at his feet, withers Ms. Silvermane's smirk from her face.

"That's, that's impossible; how'd you did that?" Ms. Silvermane asks, awestruck. All haughty demeanor has fled from her speech.

Sebastian brushes some unseen dust from his shoulders. "You don't seem to understand what you have stumbled into. Otherwise you wouldn't had used that kind of weapon against a rubbermage."

"Rubber-mage?" her lips repeat wordlessly.

"Yes; that me," Says Sebastian. "Now you had your fun; now is my time to have mine." And he begins to chant something.

Trying to get herself together Ms. Silvermane says to him: "Can't we work out some kind of agreement? I mean, this stuff is used to dominate people."

Sebastian doesn't seem to hear her, but Erica buts into their conversation. "Well you see; there's enslaving, and then there's enslaving. And you have just crossed the line," She says in a light tone of voice. "As you will be taught to see very soon."

And waving to Silvermage for good-buys, she retreats little further towards the wall, where I sit on the floor watching all this. She turns to me and whispers to me hand behind her back: "Just little bit more, be patient."

*           *           *

Having been himself target of Sebastian's abilities, Tim is curious to see what will happen to Ms. Silvermane.

Ms. Silvermane too waits in almost equal anticipation, the results of Sebastian's chanting. < "Firstly I call you bluff, and then deal with all of you." > Then Sebastian finishes his spell. Just to be sure Ms. Silvermane waits a little more, but nothing seems to happen. < "Just as I thought, guy's bluffing; How their game's up." > "Hah. It seems that you mambo-jumbo didn't work! Now you're history."

Much to Ms Silvermane's irritation, Sebastian still doesn't bother to answer.

"I will sweep that smug look from your face," she says taking step towards Sebastian and Erica. As a result, she almost falls. Somehow her feet feel like two logs of wood. "What's wrong with my feet?" When Ms. Silvermane turns to look, she sees that her shoes have have reformed themselves as a pair of plastic boots. Moreover, plastic seems slowly climbing upwards on her legs. It is already at the height of her knees. "That's, that's impossible," Ms. Silvermane says half-aloud. "Make this stop!" She yells. But when Ms. Silvermane tries to raise her weapon arm, she realizes that her arm can't move! AND her jacket feels suddenly awfully tight. A glance down at her bosom confirms that her jacket is shrinking, and transmuting into a skintight plastic casing. The weapon drops from her hand, as she looks at how the sleeves grow and encase her long fingers, while her jacket turns into a seamless case of plastic. Reaching her pelvis, both parts melt together.

Then Sebastian does more gestures with his hands. He forms a circle with his left hand thumb and index-finger. With his right hands palm he 'pushes' something through the right hand's circle.

As a result Ms. Silvermane feels something pushing into her pussy, filling it to the limit. Unlike her clothes, this stuff doesn't harden; instead it forms itself into soft rubber. This rubber-dildo moves in response of her spasming vaginal muscles. She begins to feel how the arousal starts to build up inside her. "Ow god. My involuntary muscles will stimulate themselves, and that will cause more spasms... and if guess right, there's not enough stimuli to get me to cum, but enough to keep me continuous state of arousal."

*           *           *

Tim watched the transformation of Ms. Silvermane's clothes. His eyes would be at least as large as latex-doll that forms his current body, if they could move. "Even I'm witnessing this with my eyes; I can hardly believe it."

Sebastian waits for some time, and then turns towards Erica saying: "Nurse, give me the mask."

Erica takes something from the bag she's carrying. Copying Sebastian's overtly dramatic tone of voice he says; "Here you are, doctor."

When Sebastian gets firm hold of the object, Tim sees what exactly it is. The mask looks like plastic model of a fox's face. It has a pearl-white face, wide comical eyes, and two red dots in its cheeks. Sebastian takes a good hold of Ms. Silvermane's neck, and with other hand puts the mask on her face. She tries weakly resist at first, but then stops suddenly. Sebastian keeps the mask in place with his hand for a while. When he takes his hands off, the mask stays in Ms. Silvermane's face. Now she looks very much like a plastic mannequin with realistic hair.

*           *           *

When that cursed alley-cat comes near to her, putting the mask on her face, Ms. Silvermane tries to fight back. Then a new feeling stills her struggling; something from mask's mouth-area flows into her mouth. Desperately she tries to shut her mouth, but the stuff pries her jaws open, filling her mouth. Then it flows into her throat and down. "Is he trying to suffocate me? Was all that previous stuff just meant to humiliate and torture me?" She hardly notices when Sebastian releases her face. When she tries to squeeze the weird gag in her throat, it releases some fluid into her throat. Gagging at first she finds that she can, from some weird reason, breathe and swallow. But her throat muscles are about only she can move voluntarily. Besides that, she can only watch as that cursed tomcat goes to mess with her collectibles.

*           *           *

Having done his magics over Ms. Silvermane, Sebastian then turns his attention towards us. He kneels down, and puts a paw on the other doll's chest, concentrating for a while. Then he does same to me. When he does that, I get the feeling like someone touching me; not the dolls' latex skin, but 'real me'. "So there you are," Sebastian says without opening his eyes. "And that other soul is probably your girlfriend then." When he opens his eyes, Sebastian turns towards Erica; who's been standing there bent over him. "Give me one container, Erica."

Erica trusts her hand into bag of hers and takes out grayish small tube, giving it to Sebastian. "Here you are doctor; one container."

He checks it out, and then puts other end to my latex skin. Almost immediately something begins to pull 'me' towards itself. Soon I'm again in a sensory-deprived limbo. After what feels short period of time (It's hard to tell exactly) I feel that I have a body again. Because I can see my old body crouching on the floor next to me, I'm now inhibiting my own body (or at least a similar looking body). Giving the tube back to Erica, Sebastian rises up.

"You two keep each other company for a while. I have business elsewhere in this institute."

Erica waves for good-bye, when the two of them leave the room.

"I guess I've have to trust his word."

*           *           *

Left alone I get the feeling that I'm not alone. It's as if I can feel presence of another  soul, inside this body. I try to concentrate on that feeling, but still it comes to bit of a shock, when I feel someone's touch. Now that I have something a little more tangible to focus on, I can visualize her. Because she's a woman, or more precisely, my girlfriend!

She seems to recognise me as well, and we fall into each other's arm. (Or that's what it feels like; It's hard to tell, because I can only rely on touch.) A brief snuggle affirms what other senses can't; she is my girlfriend. I know how my girl's body feels.

Also something more primal surfaces up, and suddenly I am aware something else: That I have raging hard-on. I can also feel, and somewhat share, the rising sexual tension inside her. Ghostly fingers began to caress my erect cock. "I don't know about you, but I'm getting increasingly aroused," a whisper-like female voice says, hoarse from ardor. The fact that we have to rely only on touch, seems to heighten our feelings. "Oh hell with it." I decide: "Who needs other senses in a situation like this." Some small part of me wonders if this is such a good idea, when we throw each other into intense rutting, but our combined sexual desires trample over these last doubts. I just can't deal with it any more...


*           *           *


Vaguely I sense that someone comes near me, as suddenly some force grasps my girl from my ethereal arms. I barely notice when my body gets hit by spasmodic change; it feels as it (me?) will melt and flow away. As my body writhes and spasms, I experience Very intense, and physical, orgasm. It's over quickly, but then another one flows over me. In the midst of my orgasm, I suddenly realise that I can hear myself panting. Also I began to hear loud mooing beside me. It takes a considerable amount of willpower, but I manage to turn my head and look at the girl beside me.

Whatever she is experiencing, it must be way higher in scale than me. Juices flow from her like a fountain, from her high arched body. Her smell alone prolongs my now downgrading orgasm.

"I wonder if these are those 'intense feelings' that Sebastian mentioned to me when we first met," I wonder as I finish myself. As intense as our state is, eventually it's over. Tired from multiple orgasms, we just lay there, savoring in the afterglow.

"Let me apologise. I'm not usually this noisy, but the things that fox put me through were unbelievable..."

I would caress her if I had the strength to move a muscle "Believe me, I can relate how you must feel."

We lay there looking each other. "You look strangely familiar," She says.

"How so?"

"Funny, but I don't know. I don't know any drag queens."

Then I realise that I still have the 'tammy-look' on me. Even all latex (even those Sebastian did to me) must been melt away; I still have my make-up, high-voice and whitened fur.

"Had you fun, you two?" Female voice interrupts us. I turn to look, and see Erica's smiling face. Without waiting our answer she continues: "Because Sebastian finished his business in the other ward, and we're leaving."

As we rise from the bed, Erica looks and sniffs us, nostrils glaring. "...But first It would be good idea if you hit the shower."

We look each other, and blush. Cum and sweat glistens in my fur, as does Mei. So we ran into a shower, leaving Erica to smell after us. There's only one shower, but this proves not to be problem, quite the opposite...

We can't resist little snuggling, but manage to keep it short. 

*           *           *

I hadn't believe that I'll be thanking Ms. Silvermane about something. But she has installed a powerful dryer next to showers, one thing we both are thankful for.

When we emerge from showers fresh and clean, Mai finally recognizes me. "My god! Now I know you; You're my Tim." She falls into my neck "I did say to that bitch that you'd come after me, but I have to confess that I didn't expect that you'd really come." 

"Everything will be explained, I promise it to you. But trust me, this isn't right time or the place."

She draws me into a deep kiss; unluckily Sebastian interrupts us by coughing. "It took a shorter time than I anticipated." Words are Sebastians. Something in his look makes me squirm. If he notices it, it does not show in his face. Instead he points at the closet.  "Now if you both can dress up, we can finally blow this joint."

Is it me, or do I see look of disdain in his face, when he turns to fiddle over Ms. Silvermanes stiffened body, now sitting in the wheelchair.

"Like that, she's more easy to move," Erica says as an explanation. She herself has collected the two rag-dolls from windowsill. They are now in her arms.

When I look toward closet, I see that Mai is already examining its contents, frowning. The reason is that the closet contains mostly kinky bedroom-stuff. Aside from various garments made of latex, PVC, and leather; there is also whole lot other S/M-paraphelia. Not much to wear in public. Luckily there's one nurses outfit, and Ms. Silvermane's official dress-suit.

"You take the dress-suit, it fits better over your body," Mai states. She herself takes the nurse's outfit; even if it is bit small for her size.

There's no place to dress, and since we're already naked, we dress under Sebastian and Erica's eyes. (Latter one paying much more attention to us than former.) When we finish, Sebastian heads out the door, pushing the wheelchair in front of him. When we go through next room I notice the two-seater bed lies in a dismantled pile in the floor.

"That one was quite ingenious device," Sebastian says as an answer to our enquiries. "Of course can't leave a working one behind me, but I'm going to check it out later in my laboratory," He says pointing to the pile of junk.

"If I might be so rude, why are we making such a rush?" I ask Sebastian, as he hurries us onwards.

"I put delayed deflation spell into every member in that special ward of yours, and I want to be out of here before they wake up." He grins. "There's going to be quite show there when they woke up."

"What route are you planning to use then, if not through the hospital?" Mai asks.

"This one," says Sebastian stopping in front of the private elevator. "Erica, you have the keys."

"Here," she says jingling the key chain. Erica finds correct key after bit of trying, and orders the elevator up.

When we wait the elevator, Erica pats the unmoving Ms. Silvermane. "This is her private elevator, that goes right down to the parking hall. Isn't it a nice gift from her."

Once it gets up there, the elevator proves to be bit small for all of us, but we manage to fit in. In the elevator Mei glances down to my feet. I'm wearing high heels, as does she.

"I see you're learned something new," She says smiling.

"Well, I had couple months time to practice, and good motivation to learn," I say clicking my heels.

She smiles to her hand, and I suddenly find something interesting from roof of the elevator.

*           *           *

When we reach the garage, we see couple latex dolls leaning on the wall next to the elevator.

"I guess I have to revive these two too." After that; Sebastian leads us to large Mercedes. A sign on the wall in front of it says: "Reserved to Chairman". There Sebastian stops, and turns towards me.

"Mr. Collings, can you drive?" I nod for affirmative, so he says to Erica: "Good. You drive then. Erica, give Tim the keys."

So Mai and I go to the front seats, while Sebastian And Erica go to the backseat with Ms. Silvermane's encased body.

Feeling intense relief I drive out of the hospital grounds, towards Sebastian's shop.



Weeks later Mai and I are again in the Back rooms of Sebastian's shop. Sebsatian himself has invited us here, which I must admit worries me little, because the bill for his services is still open.

"I read at the papers that Hospital is under investigation, but both the Chairman and head of staff are missing."

Sebastian just nods as an answer. "You'd probably heard also that former chairman, who was presumably missing, has come out into the public."

Now is my turn to nod.

"But she's surprisingly silent about her whereabouts in that period."

"That's because she was hanging in the window," Erica blurts out.

Sebastian throws an angry glance in her direction, that makes Erica shut her mouth.

"You wanted to show us something," Mai asks.

Sebastian nods again. "Yes I have. But first, let me asks you something. How's been going with you two lately?"

I shrug. "We manage; I lost my normal job when I went after Mai. Neither of us haven't found full-time jobs yet, but my savings will last us for a little while."

Sebastian makes sympathetic noise. s"I found out that Ms. Silvermane had other love-nest beside that hospital-penthouse. Now that she isn't going to use them any longer, I will give the keys to you two to make your life little easier."

Stunned I look at the keys he puts in my hand. "You givin' these to us?"

"Why not? Me and Erica have already have place to live."

"How about giving 'em to Erica?" Mai's suggests.

Erica snuggles herself into Sebastian's side. "Erica lives where Sebastian lives."

So that settled then, and I'm owner of probably quite large apartment, with god knows what optional extras.

"And now, if you follow me I'll show you something."

Sebastian leads us to the shop proper. There in the display case has an interesting sight consisting two figures. "Don't worry, they can't see you," Sebastian says knocking the glass. "Windowpanes of this Display case are made of one-sided glass."  

Front one is a very dog-like male-furry. It's concentrating wholly about eating messily its food from dog-cup. Doggie is chained to the pole from the neck, but seems content. Same can't be said about female figure behind him: two pipes lead between doggie-boys legs, into mask in her face. Suit made of some thick matte fabric covers her entire body, beside her head. Breasts are ridiculously large, and over both equally ridiculous size nipples reads "milk". Her arms are bound behind her back, and her legs are bolted to the floor at the ankles. She stares angrily to nothingness somewhere in front of her, as a vibrator makes her squirm. Even with different hair color and mask covering half-a-face, those eyes are a dead giveaway. Mai recognizes them almost same time with me.

"Those eyes..."

"Is she, are they..."

"Yep, Ms. Silvermane and her lackey," Sebastian states, with obvious pleasure.

"What has happened to that man?" Mai asks pointing to him.

"They are eating doctored diet that changes them slowly to the state of animals. Ms. Silvermane more slowly than him."

As we look at this bizarre couple I ask from Sebastian: "When they had both undergone this change you mentioned, what are you going to do with them?"

Sebastian shrugs. "I will sell them to my customers to cut my expenses; I had already gotten inquires whether they are for sale." He looks over to me. "And speaking about expenses..."

"Uh, you know that I'm not exactly swimming in money..." I say, sounding more desperate than I would like.

Sebastian puts hand in my shoulder, and says, smiling thinly, "All right I understand. Alternatively you can come to my shop, and spend twice that amount here, over the period that will be undoubtedly shortest possible repayment.

Hastily we both agree with his payment plan.

"Well then we'll be waiting for you two, sometimes soon."

Before Erica leads us out, we assure that they will see us very soon.

As Erica waves her good-byes to us, we leave several unique experiences richer.



Authors' comments:

Even it took ridiculously long time; I've finished third Sebastian related fic. First I want to give big thanks to Felnaari, for his comments about this fic. Without him, outcome would had been entirely different.

I had few points that I wanted to include this fic:
-Rubber magic; after all Sebastian is well trained in this art.
-Male hero of unusual race
-The fact what happens when someone misuses Sebastians products.

How Erica and Sebastian react to any given situation, are my interpretations. Hope you liked it.

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