Dining with the Wizard: Afterword

by K

Out of the blue comes a new series from an established writer who hasn't posted recently.
Start at Part 1 by clicking here, read the story arc, and then think about how the story should continue - or end. Ed]


If you are reading this – and haven’t just skipped to the end – the chances are that you have enjoyed the first two stories.

You have probably also sussed that there ought to be three.  Therein lies the puzzle.

I started with Jane’s Story.  It was a short idea that took my fancy one afternoon: a simple concept, easily written.

Then came Sara.  Unlike Jane, ‘Sara’ is a real person.  Tall, slim, shy – and very drunk the day after Thanksgiving.  Surf the net enough, and  maybe you will talk to her.  As I did.  She liked Jane’s Story.  We played a little.  Tossed ideas back and forth.  And so came Sara’s Story.

It fills in the backplot a little: its longer, slightly more elaborate and not quite so in your face.  I like it.

But if you have been reading carefully, you may have noticed the omission.  Where is Meg’s Story? 

And the honest answer is: it isn’t written yet.  I don’t know what happened to Meg.  Perhaps you do.

After all… Jane refused to sleep with the wizard – and ended up as a love doll.

Sara wouldn’t dance – and now that is all she can do.

So what of Meg?  How did she give offence?  What is her fate to be?  And what was in the gift that gave her such alarm?



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